10 Best Kitchen Shoes for Chefs 2021: Anti Slip & Style

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Since chefs and other kitchen workers are required to be on their feet throughout their entire shift, having good, comfortable shoes is imperative when it comes to working in the restaurant business. You don’t necessarily need to get heavy-duty work boots; if you get heavy shoes, these will only weigh you down, and they may end up being less durable than a lightweight sneaker or slip-on shoe. However, you will need something that’s supportive, lightweight, protective, and non-slip. Safety and comfort are perhaps the two most important features in great kitchen shoes.

As you work in a kitchen, there are a lot of hazards you’ll probably come across, such as water and oil on the floor, heavy kitchen tools, sharp kitchen tools, and hot or boiling food and liquids. All of these hazards may lead to serious accidents or slips that lead to falls. Having the right type of shoe can prevent a lot of these from occurring, so ensuring that your foot is protected and safe is imperative.

Long hours and entire shifts spent on your feet are factors that make comfort important, as well. As you consider which shoes will be best for your work, whether you’re a chef or other type of kitchen worker, both the outsoles and insoles of the shoe should be very comfortable. Many styles and brands that are currently available have the same type of comfort, but vary with their insoles. You may also choose to replace the insole with a customized one or orthopedic one, to help your feet and knee or back pain even more. All you have to do is replace the insole, and this extends the durability of your shoe overall.

Look for breathability, as well; since you’re working so much, are on your feet, and operate in an environment that tends to get very hot, you’ll need to make sure that your feet will be able to breathe as well. Airflow through the footwear will help to evaporate sweat, and will make the shoes more comfortable to have on for a long period of time (as well as make your feet less stinky when you finally take your shoes off).

Chefs and other kitchen workers absolutely need the best footwear possible that keeps them comfortable and safe as they work. Ultimately, the best shoes for you will come down to protection, support, and your personal preference as to whether you like clogs, lace-ups, or slip-ons. Whichever you choose, aim for the greatest comfort, best fit, and ultimate protection.

Top Kitchen Shoes for Chefs Comparison Chart

1. Skechers Work Soft StrideMen$$$$
2. Dansko Women’s Professional MuleWomen$$
3. Crocs Classic ClogUnisex$$$
4. Sketchers for Work Flex AdvantageWomen$$
5. Merrell Jungle Moc
6. Merrell Encore GustWomen$$$$
7. Skechers for Work Men’s FeltonMen$$$
8. Crocs Specialist Vent ClogUnisex$$$$
9. Skechers Soft Stride Work BootUnisex$$
10. Skechers Rockland SystemicUnisex$$$

Kitchen Shoes Buying Guide

Three Basic Styles of Chef Shoes

Anyone who works in a kitchen needs to have shoes that are specifically designed to be non-slip. Not only is it nice to have non-slip shoes in this profession, it’s actually a must-have. Many safety regulations that are set in place by the EH and OSHA concern footwear: your shoes should be non-slip, water resistant, close-toed, have support and stability for your feet, and protect against heat and falling objects.

The best types of chef shoes will be very comfortable and safe for you, on top of being very functional and durable. There are three main types of chef shoes that fit all of these requirements:


These kinds of shoes are very popular among chefs and other kitchen workers, because they’re very comfortable, yet very easy to slip off and on again. Since they don’t have any laces, there is no tripping hazard as you work, and this is regarded as a bonus. An extra benefit to no laces is that no one has to pause their work and tie up loose laces; not only does this waste time, but in the kitchen, you’d have to wash your hands every time you touch or lace up your shoes, so it prevents this as well. As you browse slip-on shoes, you should understand that the most important feature for this type of shoe is that the fit is very secure and snug, so the shoe won’t come off. Many slip-ons will have elastic at the opening that will fit tightly around your heels. They should also be very comfortable.

Lace-ups, or closures

Lace-ups are perhaps the least favorite style in this list, given the fact that laces can easily becomes loose, and if they aren’t tied the right way, they can become pretty restrictive. However, lace-ups often are extremely durable, and the only part that will need replacing sometimes should be the lacing. They’ll also provide you all the same benefits as slip-ons when it comes to comfort, traction, and style. Also, lace-ups tend to be pretty heavy duty work shoes, and they can be heavier than the other kitchen styles, especially if they have steel toes or other such features. The best benefit to these shoes is that they provide great fit, great support for your feet, and due to the secure lace closure, they will stay on your feet at all times and you never have to worry about them accidentally coming off.

Clogs, or mule style

Clogs are perhaps the most popular style of shoe among both male and female chefs. They’re very comfortable to wear, and were designed specifically to be worn by people whose jobs require them to spend a lot of time on their feet. The only downside to considering a clog or mule style shoe is the safety features to it. Some of these shoes, depending on what you’re looking at, don’t comply with safety standards, especially when it comes to having a closed toe to protect from hot liquids, other spills, and falling objects. They also tend to come off very easily, and may not stay on your feet very well. However, they are worth it to many chefs for the comfort, especially if you can find a clog that does have a closed toe and complete heel.

Whichever type of chef shoe you choose, take into consideration your personal preferences and style, and make sure that you purchase a shoe that has great support, stability, and ultimate comfort. As long as they’re non-slip and waterproof, as well as durable and great-fitting, you will be fine.


What Features Should You Look For In A Kitchen Shoe?

Since you’ll be on your feet your entire shift (which could easily be the entire day, or all night), your shoe is one of the most essential aspects to both your uniform and your work. As you pick out the shoe you want to use, you should be careful and take your time; you don’t want sore feet, knee pain, or back pain at the end of your shift. You’ll also need to avoid unnecessary accidents that can lead to harm, such as loose shoelaces, open toes, or slippery soles.

These are the main aspects to consider as you’re shopping for kitchen shoes:

Arch Support

If you suffer from feet that are very flat (little to no arch), you’re more likely to turn your ankle inward as you walk. This puts a lot of stress onto your feet, knees, and ankles, which can lead to pain and injury. A good arch is important, as it makes sure you land properly on your feet as you walk and that your foot is comfortable and supported completely. Shoes that will help to stabilize your feet and give you support within the area of pronation is essential. This is an aspect where replaceable insoles are also important.

This is one of the most important features if you have flat feet. You’ll need to find shoes that provide extra support so that your arch is comfortable. The best types to look for are ones that contain inner soles that are shock absorbing, or shoes that give a slight lift to your arch. You can also find insole inserts that may help your heels or your feet, for extra comfort.


Arguably, how comfortable your shoe is may potentially be the most important aspect to a good kitchen shoe. Your feet should be comfortable and stable all day long, and this includes all parts of your foot, like your arch, heel, toes, and ankle area. The footwear should provide ample arch support, and help prevent damage to your feet. Typically, when people have to stand for long periods of time, they suffer from discomfort or bad posture.

People who work in kitchen environments also tend to have muscle pains, back pain, joint pain, and bone pain, especially over time if they make a career out of being a chef or other kitchen worker. Good, comfortable shoes will allow any kitchen worker, whether you’re the cook, cleaner, dish washer, or chef, to focus on their work instead of suffering from their sore feet. Orthopedic inserts will especially help you to maintain good posture, and will aid with other aches and pains.

Motion control

Shoes that have motion control will contain a harder foam that’s located below the medial side of the arch, and occasionally all along the heel. This makes the shoe extra supportive, and will also enable you to control the way you land and walk on your feet. This way, you can limit landing at an angle, and limit pronation. This is an especially great feature for people who have flat feet. Shoes that lace up are the best, because they’ll provide great support and stability, and many of them will be able to also contain motion control.

Shoe Material

While it may not seem like it at first, the material of the shoe you pick out is actually very important, as it’s a leading factor in the breathability, support, and durability of the shoe, and may determine these aspects in the end. As you work in a kitchen, your footwear will suffer from a large amount of wear and tear. You’ll need material that can withstand the pressure, especially over time. Breathability is very vital, as well; kitchens can be extremely hot environments, and your feet will definitely be sweating as you work. No matter how stylish or comfortable your shoes may be, they should have at least a little breathability, so your feet won’t swell up or stink up. Water resistant material is also imperative, typically for safety reasons, as spills are a daily occurrence in the kitchen. Sometimes, it’s hot, boiling water, hot oil, or hot food that spills. You’ll need shoes that will prevent you from getting burns, and which will protect your toes, ankle, and top of the foot whenever this happens.


Grip is extremely important, because accidents that occur in a kitchen tend to come from slips, falls, and skids. Whether you’re holding something heavy or hot or risk spilling, you never want to fall due to your shoes. Having shoes that are slip resistant or non-slip completely will help you avoid any of these types of accidents. It’ll also ensure your safety as you walk on surfaces that could possibly have grease, oil, or water on them, and this is pretty typical in kitchens.

Gender Specific Options

It may seem like common sense, but taking care to select footwear that is gender specific can really make a lot of difference. Men’s and women’s footwear is completely different for many features. Depending on your gender, you will need stability and support in different areas of the foot. A main factor is the type of fit: men’s feet tend to be much wider, while women’s feet tend to be smaller and more narrow, so the shoe will be designed to be able to accommodate this. In order to get maximum comfort and the greatest fit, you should choose a shoe that matches your gender.

Shoe Weight

Although it may not seem like it at first, how much the shoe weighs is actually very important. In order for a shoe to be comfortable and flexible, it’s imperative that it’s lightweight; you don’t want your shoes weighing you down all day as you work. A lighter shoe will allow you to move very easily, and will also reduce how much wear and tear your shoes will have to go through. All of this lends to better durability over time.

Overall, there are a few features you need to look for in your shoe, in order to wear it effectively and comfortably in a kitchen environment. Style, stability, support, comfort, and great grip are all important, as well as having something that’s lightweight. In the end, your shoes need to support you as you’re on your feet for hours.


Best Kitchen Shoes for Chefs Reviews

Now that you understand why shoes are so important if you are a chef or otherwise work in a kitchen, and you’re familiar with all of the features you should look for, these are the best kitchen shoes currently on the market.


Skechers Work Soft Stride

Skechers are a well-known brand, especially when it comes to kitchen shoes. Many people enjoy these shoes for their look and style, as well as the great comfort and protection they offer. A perforated paneling along the top provides great airflow, and the soles are Mark II for slip resistance. There’s a tread pattern along the bottom, which is what provides the great grip. The outsole is removable, so it can be replaced. The inside is very supportive with a PU insole that molds to your foot, and which is also removable, so you can extend the life of the shoe. Skechers are also known for the pull tab located along the heel of their shoes, so it’s easy to put these on. With stylish detailed stitching, breathability, and optimal comfort, these work shoes are great for kitchen environments, as they’re also OSHA compliant and ensure you’re protected from slips, hot liquids, and other hazards.


Although these are the top shoes and are very popular, just as with any product, there are downsides that some users have reported for this shoe. They tend to run small, and even people who buy a size up find that the shoes fit painfully. The top of the shoe may rub against your ankle, and some people experienced blisters. Make sure yours fit comfortably and don’t rub against your skin.



  • PU insole that is replaceable
  • The lace-up design ensures the shoe stays tight on your foot
  • Very breathable
  • Extremely lightweight; won’t weigh your feet down
  • Outsole is removable, so you can give your shoes an even longer life



  • Design of the top of the shoe where the ankle meets may rub against some ankles painfully and cause discomfort
  • Tend to run small
  • Many people find they offer little support
  • Not very durable or long-lasting
  • Can cause blisters



Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

Dansko ensures that those long hours on your feet aren’t torturous and has designed a classic mule that is perfect for kitchen work. Protective and comfortable shoes are essential in the kitchen environment, and so these shoes were created with a leather upper that is not just supportive, but also waterproof.  The mule style has a round-toe and rocker bottom to help prevent fatigue, and a padded instep collar and unique leather sockliner together bring maximum comfort. Airflow is encouraged by the PU foam footbed, which is also open-cell. The shoe is also designed for safety at work, with a non-slip rubber sole that prevents falling or slipping, and the reinforced toe box protects from falling objects or hot spills. Overall, you get ultimate protection, traction, and comfort.


That said, it does take a while to break in these shoes, and many people find them to be very tight in the toe area, probably due to the toe box that’s reinforced for extra protection. Mules also tend to fit very snugly around your foot at the top so they can stay on, and this tightness may cause discomfort for some people. Mules also tend to run large, so as you make a purchase, it’s recommended that you buy a size smaller than normal.



  • Has a leather upper
  • Reinforced toe box, with round toe
  • Collar includes a padded instep
  • Contains leather sockliner along the inside for extra comfort
  • Best seller



  • Long break-in period
  • Tend to be tight along the toes
  • Tend to run large
  • Fake grain wood style is off-putting to some people
  • Tightness along the top of the shoe may cause discomfort or pain



Crocs Classic Clog

Many people are already very familiar with Crocs. This shoe brings you Crocs’ most classic and comfortable style that is perfect for kitchen duties. Crocs became immensely popular due to their comfort and breathability; they are ideal for hot or steamy conditions, and due to the dark color, they will adhere to uniform standards. These are a favorite among chefs and other kitchen workers, and there’s a good reason why. Your feet will be kept fresh in shoes that are non-slip given their rubber material, and which are also extremely easy to clean, which are bonus factors for a kitchen environment. Despite the fact they weren’t originally designed for kitchens, their comfortable fit, grip, flexibility, and rubber material make them perfect.


A downside is that you are paying for the brand; many people find these Crocs to be very expensive, especially considering the wear and tear they will endure as you work. While the holes provide breathability and air flow, they also unfortunately are a health risk, as anything that drips could hit your foot and cause pain or injury. They also slip off easily due to the fact that they aren’t secured by anything except a strap in the back. Overall, however, Crocs classic clogs are popular among kitchen workers.



  • Very easy to clean
  • Quick dry with either water or oil spills
  • Non-marking outsole that also has great grip
  • Flexible due to rubber material
  • Specialized 360-degree comfort



  • Tend to run small
  • Holes along the top of the shoe may pose a health risk; hot oil, water, or food may drip and injure your foot
  • Can slip off easily
  • Not very durable; tend to wear down quickly
  • Strap may cause blisters



Sketchers for Work Flex Advantage

Skechers is very well-known, partly for its work shoes that are of high quality and have lots of traction. Skechers’ Work Flex Advantage is a great example of these features as it offers everything kitchen workers need. The slip-on style makes it very easy to take the shoe on and off, and the mesh material to the upper makes them very breathable and vulnerable to air flow. Elastic side gores along the opening make sure the shoes stay on your feet, and a padded collar and memory foam insole both contribute to optimal comfort. Since safety is essential in a kitchen environment, the Flex shoe was designed to meet ASTM EH requirements. The outsoles have been tested and received Mark II ratings, and the shoe is popular due to its great slip resistance. It’s also very lightweight, so you won’t feel weighed down, but the toe is steel-enforced so you’ll be protected from injury.


While this shoe is popular, many people have troubles with the heel and the back of the shoe. There isn’t much heel to the Flex, so you may have to adjust your gait, and the back of the shoe tends to collapse very easily. The shoes also aren’t very durable, and may not last long.



  • Slip on very easily
  • Breathability with gores along the sides of the opening
  • Ultimate comfort provided by the padded collar
  • Contain insoles made from memory foam material
  • Great non-slip sole



  • Not great durability; outsole tends to come apart quickly
  • Very little heel; many people have difficulty walking in them at first and have to adjust
  • Back of shoe collapses easily
  • Better suited for standing or office work rather than constant movement
  • Besides the opening, breathability and air flow is not ideal



Merrell Jungle Moc

Many people love Merrell Jungle Moc for its great look and style. It’s made from suede leather and a simple but durable design. They easily slip on, and the lining is treating with Aegis antimicrobials, which ensure that both your shoes and your feet will retain their freshness no matter how long you work for. You’ll also get ultimate comfort with the Merrell Air Cushion heel. The shoe also has an EVA contoured footbed, EVA footframe, and nylon arch shank that molds to your foot so you get the best comfort and shock absorption. Mesh lining also ensures breathability, and there is great traction along the soles with a 3mm lug depth. Overall, these are great and stylish shoes to wear as you work in the kitchen.


As you purchase these shoes, keep in mind that they tend to run small, so you should order a size up. The toe part of the shoe is also very uncomfortable to some people, so as you try them on, walk around in them and try to flex your toes to see if it will be comfortable enough for you.



  • Lining that is antimicrobial-treated
  • EVA contoured footbed
  • Arch is made from molded nylon
  • 3mm lug depth provides great traction
  • Heel that has Merrell Air Cushion



  • Tend to run small
  • Metal bars along the toes can cause discomfort and pain
  • Can be uncomfortable
  • Toe box very narrow
  • Soles are not non-slip



Merrell Encore Gust

These slip-on shoes for men are exemplary of Merrell’s standards of safety and comfort. High grain leather uppers provide you with the best protection. The shoe is easy to clean, and it also brings a sense of professionalism and longevity to your kitchen shoes; you’ll look professional, and can have the shoes for a long time. The inside of the shoe is made from an Ortholite footbed and compression-molded EVA footframe for ultimate comfort. A mesh lining helps your feet breathe as you work in a steamy, hot kitchen environment, and helps to lessen odors. The lining was designed to help wick away moisture, as well. Overall, this shoe brings you style, stability, and comfort as you work.


Merrell’s Encore Gust is a very high-quality shoe, and quality materials mean that it may run expensive for some people. People have also found that the toe box is too tight, which may lead to blisters along the toes or other pain. It is also one of the few shoes that may potentially leave black marks on certain flooring. The shoe also tends to run large, so as you make a purchase, ensure you order a size or two bigger than you normally would.



  • 2 inch heels
  • Full grain leather upper
  • Compression molded EVA footframe
  • Ortholite footbed
  • Outsole provides excellent grip



  • Tends to run large
  • Toe box fits very snugly, to the point it may pinch or cause pain
  • The hard rubber soles may be loud
  • Footbed tends to wear down; arch support decreases
  • May leave black marks on floors and carpets



Skechers for Work Men’s Felton

Skechers brings another great kitchen shoe with its Felton design, created specifically for use in work environments. It sports a lace-up vamp for people who like the traditional lace-up style for their kitchen shoes. You’ll also get comfort that lasts throughout your entire shift with the padded tongue and collar. A shock-absorbing midsole ensures that your feet won’t be sore at the end of the day. The outsoles, which are made out of nitrile, are actually compliant with OSHA standards, so you don’t even need to check in with your supervisor about this one; they’re guaranteed to fit the regulations that have been set for your work environment. These nitrile outsoles also provide great grip and protect you from falls.


The main complaint with these popular shoes is that they tend to run narrow, even though they’re made for men. People who have wider feet may experience discomfort and pain, and it’s recommended to order a size larger than you normally would to accommodate.





  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Lace-up vamp
  • Nitrile Outsole that’s OSHA compliant
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Great comfort



  • Are very narrow; not ideal for people who have wide feet
  • Soles tend to come apart and separate after a short period of time
  • Cushioning in the footbed may wear down, which can cause pain in the heels
  • Doesn’t provide great breathability
  • Tough to get the odors out of the shoe



Crocs Specialist Vent Clog

This clog is a classic from Crocs that retains Crocs’ well-known style with extra breathability and comfort. The Specialist Vent Clog will support you throughout your entire work day. Uniquely, Crocs provides a massage footbed that contains standard circulation nobs; you won’t have to worry about ever losing circulation in your ankles and feet with these. Crocs’ patented croslite insole also is very soft, and molds completely to your foot, so you’re comfortable at all times. It provides extra protection as well, with a dense vamp area around the top and toe, and a dual function strap that safely secures the shoe to your foot. This shoe’s specialized vented side panels allow for great airflow, meaning your feet are cool and fresh, even at the end of your long shift. The roomy fit accommodates feet that swell up so you always have great comfort, and the material to the shoe makes it extremely easy to sterilize and clean thoroughly.


Given that these Crocs were made with extra room, they may be big, so you should order a size smaller than what you normally would as you make a purchase. Many people have found that this room causes problems, and the massaging nobs may lead to discomfort.



  • Convenient to clean
  • Ultimate comfort provided by a roomy fit
  • Great airflow with vented side panels
  • Footbed contains standard circulation nobs, which massage the foot
  • Dense vamp area for protection



  • Tend to run large
  • Are very wide; not ideal for those who have narrow feet
  • Nobs in the footbed may cause some discomfort
  • Soles do not provide protection against slipping; no grip
  • Since they are roomy, may fall off more easily



Skechers Soft Stride Work Boot

Skecher’s Soft Stride work boot is perfect for many work environments, especially kitchen ones. They’re very popular for chefs and other kitchen workers, due to the great combination of cool style and a comfortable fit. Perforated accents along both sides of the shoe provide great breathability and allow your feet to breathe, so your feet will be odor-free when you get home from your long shift. They are also very durable and help you look as good as you feel while you work. A great non-slip sole protects you from floors that have water, oil, and soap on them. They’re also made from soft leather that’s very durable and flexible, and a contoured PU insole that’s removable provides even further comfort.


Skecher’s work boots are very popular, however, they are not known for their arch support and in fact have very little cushioning for the arch part of the foot. They also require a long break-in period, and the heel may wear out quickly.



  • Contoured PU insole
  • Soft and flexible leather material
  • Great breathability with perforated accents along the sides
  • Are compliant with OSHA rules and regulations
  • Sneaker style and fit



  • Little to no arch support
  • Tend to pinch, which may lead to circulation issues
  • Very stiff at first; long break-in time
  • Heel part of the shoe is very narrow, which may cause pain
  • Padding in the heel wears out very quickly



Skechers Rockland Systemic

Skechers Work Men’s Rockland Systemic is a very well known non-slip work shoe, and one of the best in the Skecher collection. It’s an Oxford style, casual shoe that has a low-profile rubber outsole and a lace-up closer, and while they’re great for work, you’ll also look casual and stylish. There are leather uppers and a leather overlay, which provides extra durability, and are very comfortable for long days of working. The grip is outstanding with a distinctive tread pattern, and it meets both Mark II standards for non-slip grip and EH standards for safety. You know you’ll be comfortable and safe as you work.


However, as with any shoe, there are downsides to Skechers Rockland Systemic. They tend to wear down easily, and can give people blisters along the ankle. A long break-in period may be necessary, and be aware that they run large.



  • Meets EH standards for safety
  • Lace-up closure is very stylish
  • Casual look
  • Mark II non-slip standards
  • Rubber outsole extends to entire shoe for extra grip



  • Short-term durability; tend to break apart quickly and easily
  • Run large
  • May cause blisters
  • Stiff material; long break-in period
  • Stiff sole does not mold to your feet




Conclusion & Recommendations About Kitchen Shoes

Chefs and other kitchen workers spend their entire shifts standing on their feet. Given this factor, it’s essential that you’re able to find shoes that will not only support you as you’re working, but which will prevent any soreness or injury after your shift is over. Shoes that aren’t comfortable or supportive can lead to back, leg, hip, and knee pain. If you’re looking for new kitchen shoes, try ones that have great arch support or are known to be very comfortable.

Several other factors are important to consider as you shop kitchen shoes. Make sure they have breathability, since you’ll be working in a hot environment and need to be able to let your feet air out. Your toes and heels also need to be completely protected against spills or dropped objects, and every outsole should be non-slip and have great grip so you don’t fall on any oil or water along the floor. Kitchens can be dangerous work environments, and a great shoe will ensure you’re protected against all potential hazards.

Many employers have specific standards that your shoe must meet, and they are considered to be part of your uniform. Check in with your boss or supervisor to discuss which types of shoes are acceptable in your specific kitchen. Then, check out the top ten kitchen shoes listed above, to discover the best kitchen shoe for you, whether it’s a lace-on Skecher, stylish Merrell mule, or a Jungle Moc.



Frequently Asked Questions About Kitchen Shoes for Chefs


What exactly are kitchen-safe shoes?

Any shoe that covers your toes (or has a protective toe box) and is anti-skid or slip resistant is considered to be safe for kitchens. Good grip and protection are the two most important factors for safety.


How do I clean my kitchen shoes?

You can either lightly clean your kitchen shoes, or give them a deeper cleaning. To lightly clean them, rinse them with water to remove debris and dirt, and wipe them down with a cloth. For a deeper clean, you can mix a couple drops of detergent with hot water in your sink or a bucket, then let the shoes soak for a while. Remove the laces before you clean your shoes, and if the material is real leather, you’ll need to buy a leather-cleaning kit. Typically, shoes that were made for your work in the kitchen will be easy to clean.


Are Crocs safe for the kitchen?

Not only are Crocs perfectly fine shoes for kitchen work, but they’re very popular. However, not all Crocs are the same, and you should make sure the Crocs you purchase were designed to work in.


How do I know for sure my kitchen shoes are appropriate?

Some shoes follow public, national regulations, such as OSHA regulations. With these shoes, you will be fine. You should also check in with your employer or supervisor and show them your shoes, if you’re concerned that yours aren’t safe or adapted enough for the kitchen environment.


I’ve heard of shoes that are restaurant-grade. What are those?

Restaurant-grade shoes are shoes that are designed specifically to meet the requirements of a kitchen environment, and were made for chefs or other kitchen workers. You don’t necessarily have to buy these, as many sneakers and clogs are safe for kitchens, but you should check in with your workplace to make sure your shoes meet regulations.


How do I get rid of the smell from my kitchen shoes if simply washing them isn’t enough?

If you want to get rid of the smell, you can sprinkle a teaspoon’s worth of salt or baking soda along the inside of your shoes each night when you get back from work. This will help to absorb any odors. Crumpled newspaper that’s tucked inside your shoe can also help to absorb any leftover moisture.

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