Best Keen Shoes of 2021 [Buying Guide]

Best Keen Shoes

If the great outdoors are a part of your being, your spirit, your life, then you probably will have a pretty good idea about what Keen shoes are.  Keen are a company that embody the outdoors and put you a step closer to it, all the while keeping you protected, supported, and best performing shoes on the market.  For this reason, many people consider them to be among the very best in the ‘travel’ shoes genre, meaning that you could do far worse than them.  Today, we are going to take a deep dive into the world of Keen shoes, all in a bid to help you familiarize yourself with them.  Our buying guide will break down all you need to know and will also include reviews so that you’ll have the best idea of where to begin your search for the best and most popular pairs.  So, hope you’re Keen on getting started!

Top Keen Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Keen Women’s Whisper SandalsSandalsPolyester$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Keen Men’s Newport H2 SandalsSandalsPolyester$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Keen Women’s Presidio ShoesShoesLeather$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Keen Men’s Austin ShoesShoesLeather$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Keen Women’s Voyageur Hiking ShoesShoesLeather & Mesh$$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Keen Men’s Voyageur Hiking ShoesShoesLeather & Mesh$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Keen Men’s Brixen Low Waterproof Insulated ShoesShoesLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Keen Men’s Portsmouth II ShoesShoesLeather$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Keen Men’s Targhee II Hiking ShoesShoesLeather$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking BootsBootsLeather$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Keen Men’s Oakridge ShoesShoesLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
12. Keen Utility Men’s Targhee Exp Wp Hiking ShoesShoesLeather & Textile$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
13. Keen Men’s Austin Casual Slip On LoafersShoesLeather $$$$Check Price On Amazon

Keen Shoes Buying Guide


Before we go too far, we should talk about the history of Keen so as to give you an idea about why they should be trusted and have earned their reputation at the ‘big boy’ table of outdoor shoes.  It’s a relatively recent one, too, with the company being founded only back in 2003 by its namesake, Martin Keen, and his partner Rory Fuerst.  Despite the company being founded that year, however, traces of its roots can be dated back to 1999 when its now famous Newport sandal was created by Keen.  Each year, it has expanded rapidly, and it has done so all the while helping out the rest of the world through various charitable programs.  They even opened up a factory in Portland, Oregon that is just five miles away from the company’s headquarters back in 2010, helping to underline how far they had come and how much of a commitment to good American products they have on tap.

Comfort + Protection= Innovation

One of the chief reasons Keen should be considered if you are hitting the outdoors is because of an immense attention to detail that they have shown from the get-go.  One of the things that first sandal, the Newport, did was blend both comfort with safety and protection.  Prior to 1999, very few, if any, sandals had ever been made for this.  Rather than just take a normal sandal and paint it up differently than what had typically been seen elsewhere, they actually equipped it with a toe guard.  This toe protection gave consumers the chance to not only feel free and comfortable, but it also allowed them to rest easier in the knowledge that they were now going to be taken care of more than ever before with a pair of sandals.  Since then, they have continued to expand upon their offerings.  While these shoes are made for the outdoors, in large part, many people find them so comfortable that they end up wearing them inside plenty, too.  They now offer all kinds of shoes, with something being out there for just about everyone.

More than Sandals

If you are like us, you have known about Keen for a long time.  However, also like us, you don’t really enjoy the prospect of wearing sandals.  Perhaps they just aren’t your style, or your feet are ugly, or you have some other reason.  All of those are valid and understandable.  The good news for you is that Keen doesn’t just offer sandals for you to wear.  Instead, they offer a range of different types of footwear.  Some are going to be more light and freeing on you, some will be more protective, and others will be more geared toward comfort than performance.  Regardless, there is something for everyone to turn to when you hit the outdoors.


Obviously, Keen offers sandals for you.  That’s very apparent as we have discussed so far, and it’s a great way to turn if you are interested in them.  That’s where they got their start, and many feel that’s where they are best served to help provide for those in the market.  Most of their sandals are going to take a step beyond what ordinary sandals are able to do, so you will have additional protection to keep you from getting harmed.  But be reasonable here.  They are still sandals, so you need to temper your expectations based on what activities you are going to be doing.


Keen also offers ‘regular’ shoes for use, and within that category there is a ton to cover.  Whether it’s you looking for a nice hiking shoe, or you just want to find something casual that is easy to slip on and off, then they have it available to you.  Some of the items they have on sale are going to be for heavy duty usage, while others will be for a more casual experience.  Regardless of that, you should know that they all still hold up outside and will do you quite well as long as you tailor your activity to meet them.


Lastly, Keen also offers boots in their line of items, meaning you can also find products that are made to give you much more rigidity and support.  While the shoes and sandals are going to go well beyond what most ordinary pairs will be able to do, boots are made for someone who is going to be going through the most serious of journeys and needs to be equipped very well.  Boots rise up higher on your ankles, meaning that anyone that has had injuries will be supported more.  They also are heavier and offer more support and protection.  They can weigh you down if you are trying to make a short, quick journey or a super long haul, but sometimes you just need something like them to keep you going rather than a lighter pair of shoes or some sandals.


Any guide about shoes would be amiss to not discuss the importance of materials at all.  So here is where we are going to do just that.  A lot of Keen shoes have common traits to them, but not all of them are the same seeing as how some are sandals, some are boots, and some are just ‘regular’ shoes.  Depending on which you have, you could have different things on foot.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the materials you’ll be seeing.


Leather, as you probably know by now, is the original shoe material.  At least as far as we know.  It was used because it was super strong, able to hold up well, and it was soft and had some breathability to it.  All of those traits made it great.  However, a lot of leathers have issues as far as being costly and not being able to withstand the most difficult of circumstances, so that ended up seeing them phased out by some companies and brands. With that said, leather is still very useful and can be found in many Keen products.


Synthetics were devised as a way to take leathers and improve upon them, essentially.  The reason this was done was in order to cut down the cost of leather shoes greatly.  They have done that to a large degree, and they have also made it much easier to take care of your shoes.  Leather can take a lot of time to maintain, so you just don’t have to go through that with synthetics.  Where they once were quite difficult to break in and mold to your feet, they are now flexible and easy to wear, an ideal combination to be sure.


This type of material that can be found on the upper is great because it allows you a ton of flexibility, breathability, and it does so at a lightweight, which is becoming a must have in today’s shoe market.  Mesh is pretty much defined as a bunch of tiny holes that allow air to flow in and out of the shoes.  This is great to have, and in shoes like those made from Keen and others in this area, you also get the added bonus of not having to contend with them letting in unnecessary and unwanted debris.  With mesh, you can go overboard at times if there is too much, but when paired with the right materials around it, it can do an absolutely wonderful job.


EVA is a material that is found most commonly in the midsole of a pair of shoes- the part that is invisible to you.  This area is located, as you can guess, between the upper and the soles.  This material is tremendous at what it does because it is both light and super supportive.  It’s become the norm over recent years due to having so much versatility in all sorts of shoes, so if you see it you should rejoice!


Rubber is another one of those materials that just can’t be overlooked.  Rubber is great because it allows you to keep a great grip, all the while also staying protected.  With Keen they double up with it, using it on both the soles, as just about everyone does and should, and in the toe ‘cap’ area.  This thick protective measure ensures that you can hit your toe a bit and not end up with injuries, and quite possibly be able to cope after something falls on your feet as well.


Before you can even think about hitting the trail for a hike, you are going to first come up with a pair of shoes or boots that will fulfill your needs.  Prior to that, though, you are going to have to make sure that those shoes fit appropriately.  Failure to do so can create a bevy of problems for you.  Shoes that are too big are going to slide up and down as you walk.  They can either come flying off as you walk down the trail, or they can cause you to start self correcting your gait.  This puts untold pressure upon the back, hips, and knees, which can create long term health problems you might not have thought of.  Shoes that are too small can rub up against you and cause blisters.  Blisters don’t sound that bad, but once they get bad enough it takes you out of the mood to get on your feet and go do something.  So, finding the right size is just what the doctor ordered and a real must-have for you to go through.  Here are some tips to ensure that you are doing that.

– Don’t assume your ‘size’ is always going to be your size.  Sizing can and will change with footwear, that’s just how it is and how it will always be.  Plants change, models change, and the materials used to make them change, too.  Most of the time you are safe within the same model, but it’s always a wise policy to check over reviews or try on pairs before you buy them.

– As we said above, you need to check reviews and see what other people have to say.  If everyone is saying that shoe ‘X’ runs big, then you are probably going to find it to be a little large as well.  With that kind of knowledge, you can adjust to account for that.  Looking at sizing charts provided by the brand in question is also very important to the cause.  If those are put out there, make sure to take a look.  Some brands and models fully admit to running slightly ‘off’ from ‘standard,’ so that may be the clue you need.

– Try to balance your width and length out.  Most of us do a great job of getting the length of our footwear right.  If that was not the case, we’d wager that you wouldn’t be wearing shoes all that often. But when width comes into play, that’s where things go for a bit of a loop.  Everyone wants the exact perfect fit, and we don’t blame you, but you also have to keep in mind that it’s not always going to be just perfect and dandy.  You need to make sure that you have both enough width AND length, without one being prioritized over the other.  If you can do that, you will be set to go and much more comfortable.

– Keen shoes, luckily for most of us, tend to run much wider than other types of shoes out there.  This means that you don’t have to, in many cases, order a size ‘E’  to ensure you’ve got enough width to them.  So that’s some good news for you and should solve any issues you may have had.

– While we don’t really recommend this, some people would be interested in doing this, so we will include it.  Per Keen, they state that if you are a woman and want a wider size, then you can possibly go to a men’s size.  The way you would accomplish this would be to take your size and subtract by two.  So if you wear a women’s eight, you would be a men’s six.  This would give you a slightly wider fit, though you might be less than thrilled with the style choices on offer.

– We realize that trying on shoes is not as common in 2019, due to online shopping, but we still find it paramount to you that you try on shoes.  Whether this is before you buy them or after they have came to you via the mail or whatever means, you need to try them on and see how they feel.  To do this properly, though, you have to take a few steps to make sure they are going to fit correctly:

– Wear the same socks you will wear while hiking or whatever activity it is you are doing.  By      wearing the same socks, you will have an idea of how they feel as they swell up.

– Also, wear your shoes for the first time when you are ‘warm.’  You can do some exercise            beforehand, or you can wait until later in the day to go so.  As you exercise, your feet will swell.        If you don’t factor this into the equation, you might just find yourself getting more and more    uncomfortable as the day goes on.

– We also recommend that you try and break your shoes in slowly.  Some shoes are tremendous right out of the box, so to speak, but others take a lot of time to break in.  Your own personal needs do affect this, so you should be wise and try and give you feet time to adjust.  Oftentimes it’s not so much about ‘breaking in’ shoes as it is that your feet need to get used to wearing those particular shoes.  As you get more and more acquainted to them, you will feel better.  You can start by wearing them for short bursts in the house, and then you can wear them longer and longer until you’re ready to hike or go out with them.  Moderation is smart at first, and then you can go crazy.


We went over the different types of footwear offered by Keen earlier, but this section is more about your own personal style.  Let’s be totally honest here.  Even if you are an outdoorsy type of person, sometimes you will feel a little bit let down by how some outdoor clothing looks.  With Keen, you may not always like the look presented to you, but you can rest assured that there are options available to you that you will end up coming around on.  Some will look more casual, some more protective, and others will look almost like tennis shoes.  One caveat is they all have the toe protection, so you can go to a ton of different places and be relatively safe and secure.  Colors are another thing to note.  As with all outdoor clothing, there do tend to be a ton of earthy tones with them.  However, there are other choices, too, so you can keep your eyes out for them and find a model that you really enjoy if you just stick with it and search hard enough.

The Top 13 Keen Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Keen Women’s Whisper Sandals

Our list begins here with an essential part of a lot of ladies’ wardrobes. The Whisper, while not the original Keen, are very similar to them, in that they have the protection for the toes and are still a pair of sandals. As if sandals weren’t already going to be cooling enough on warm days, they have even thrown in mesh linings that have the additional bonus of withstanding water through having hydrophobic properties attached to them. That’s superb and ensures a ton of comfort and cooling, too.  The closure is interesting as it’s a bungee cord, which is certainly very unique as most sandals are slip ons.  What this does is make sure you have a lot of adjustability, which you just don’t get when you slip your sandals on as per the usual.  The footbed has an anatomical fit to them and features arch support, too, which is vital for you as you go on long expeditions.


  • Great for warm days
  • Easily adjusts
  • Very supportive
  1. Keen Men’s Newport H2 Sandals

This is where the journey began for Keen, so it only makes sense for this these to feature prominently on the list. These men’s sandals are much like the Whisper, but they have a few traits that are different. They have a TPU shank in them to help increase stability and support, all the while the use of EVA is prevalent in them.  EVA works well to reduce the overall weight, which is a must if you are going to wear sandals in the first place, while still adding support that is crucial to the way you feel throughout the day.  The lugs placed on them are positioned to point in various directions, helping you to stay on your feet regardless of where you are.  With a protective toe, like the Whisper, and a bungee cord, too, that helps you make quick and simple adjustments, and strong Polyester to hold it all together, it’s going to be quite hard to ever imagine these sandals being phased out for something totally new.


  • The original inspiration
  • Light and supportive
  • Adjustable and durable
  1. Keen Women’s Presidio Shoes

Coming in next is another pair of shoes for the ladies, but this pair is not a pair of sandals and will be geared toward a different set of goals. These shoes are made out of full grain leather and Nubuck, helping them to be strong and resilient without causing the price to go up drastically. The laces look conventional, but a lot of work has been done in that area as they are strategically positioned to be more supportive.  With a cushioned footbed and collar, they take a beating well all the while keeping you comfortable and up on your feet.  They have nice, generous foot protection to them as well, just as you would hope and expect from them.  They even have odor control on the inside that will help fight off any bacterial growth that causes that to begin.  With absolutely awesome grip, you can find yourself wearing these almost anywhere and feeling secure.  One thing that should be noted is that they do have very understated- and possibly plain looks- so that could be viewed as a negative.


  • Cushy footbed and collar
  • Controls odors
  • Tremendous level of grip


  • A little plain in the looks department
  1. Keen Men’s Austin Shoes

The Austin, like the Presidio, is another one of those placed on the market by Keen to serve those that are looking for a versatile footing option. In essence, these shoes are an Oxford shoe combined with a hiking shoe, giving you the ability to look good in a casual setting, while in the outdoors, or even in a more business capacity. The laces look like those on an Oxford, though it’s clear they are not as they have toe protection to them and ample grip to ensure that you don’t slide anywhere you don’t want to slide at.  They are made up of full grain leather and Nubuck once again, but this time they are fully waterproof.  This means you could find yourself in a number of situations that could be dicey yet come out relatively unscathed as far as being wet is concerned.  They’ve got the arch support that you need for both the city and countryside, while also features moisture wicking linings to keep you cool and dry.


  • Extreme versatility
  • Protective and waterproof
  • Very durable yet flexible
  1. Keen Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoes

Next up is a more conventional hiking shoes, though they can double for other things as well if you choose. These are great in a lot of scenarios, but they are best served for long hikes in the warmer months. At first glance, they may not appear to be best for that, but they are due to the heavy use of mesh in them.  This allows them to breathe out well, something you’re definitely going to be thankful for during the summer as you go through the day.  The upper is made to out of leather, combining with the mesh nicely, and it’s also waterproof to help make sure you can go through the rains and storms.  With a strong protective toe that’s become customary and a bit of a platform to them, you’ll be supported by being thrust off the ground so that you don’t have all that pressure being placed on your heels.  Watch out as these have been a little small for some people, meaning you may need to make an adjustment.


  • Super breathable
  • Will not let water in
  • Helps alleviate heel pain and pressure


  • Can run a bit small
  1. Keen Men’s Voyageur Hiking Shoes

Much like the one above, the men’s version of the Voyageur is also going to be your ticket to a good day in which you are going for a long hike in the warmth. These shoes also have a ton of mesh supplied, making doubly sure you’re taken care of as far as breathability is concerned. When it comes to waterproofing, that’s also a box that gets checked off.  With lugs that are placed facing multiple directions and a contoured heel that locks you in, you’ll be comfy, supported, and remain on your feet thanks to superior traction compound.  The footbed is also anatomically fit to your foot, helping to ‘remember’ you, while they are raised off the ground ever so slightly to alleviate pressure and pain in the heels.  It’s not as pronounced as the women’s version, but it’s a nice touch to see nonetheless and experience for yourself.  They’re strong, sturdy, and comfy, just what you need during those spring and summer outings.


  • Strong and durable
  • Protective and supportive
  • Contours to feet and locks in heels
  1. Keen Men’s Brixen Low Waterproof Insulated Shoes

If you are looking for something that is possibly a little bit more casual yet can do a lot of extra work that you are not accustomed to, then look no further than these ‘Brixen’ shoes. These shoes are slip ons, meaning they emphasize ease of wear. They go on easily and come off easily, too, all the while still making sure that you have a ton of insulation.  They do this by featuring 200g Keen Warm insulation, a wool and felt lining that will keep you super duper warm.  In addition to that, they are also waterproof, meaning you can go out and deal with some truly awful, harsh conditions and get by with them on your feet.  With a ‘shellback’ support for the heels, you’re never going to have to worry about not being locked into place and comfortable, too.  Made from 100% leather, they are also fairly breathable all things considered and will last quite a while.  They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they sure are useful in a lot of cases.


  • Easy on and off
  • Very, very warm option
  • Heels stay locked in extremely well
  1. Keen Men’s Portsmouth II Shoes

Another pretty ‘tame’ looking pair of shoes come in here with one that could also be labeled as a bit ‘casual.’ These shoes, though, are still plenty capable of going into the wilderness thanks to the ample toe protection provided and the grip beneath them. On top of that, they have a very breathable leather lining to them and an oiled Nubuck and leather upper that makes for a comfortable and flexible fit while being premium in nature.  Without strings, these are basically another example of a slip on, meaning those that have issues getting shoes off and on would be happy to have these.  This is much more of a city and work type of shoe, but it’s still one that can achieve a whole lot in a short amount of time due to the features they have poured into it.  The looks may not be for everyone, but then again style is subjective and in the eye of the beholder.


  • Great for city and inside work wear
  • Flexible and comfy
  • Slips on and off with ease
  1. Keen Men’s Targhee II Hiking Shoes

Coming up next is the Targhee, a long tradition of Keen that symbolizes a more rugged approach to hiking. These shoes are composed of 100% leather, first and foremost and have the toe cap on the end to keep you protected wherever you may find yourself traveling to. The leather used is top notch, so it’s going to last a long time and look great relatively speaking when you compare them to others out there.  Thanks to a heel that is thick and rises about two inches, you get some pressure taken off the heel area, a spot that gives many people issues after a long day on your feet.  With a pull tab on the tongue and on the heel, they are easy to get on and off, all the while the mesh used helps you breathe and ensures you don’t get doused with water thanks to being hydrophobic.  With a padded tongue and collar and lugs that face in all directions, you’re going to have comfort as you remain well and truly up and about on your feet.


  • Great looking and durable leather
  • Breathes and is waterproof
  • Easy on and off and supportive
  1. Keen Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boots

Up next is a spin off, if you will, of the Targhee we saw above. These, though, for the first time on our list, are actual boots meant to give you more protection and support. These mid boots are a nice blend between giving you more of that and still making sure you have plenty of ability to move around so that you don’t feel locked into place and ‘stuck.’  By using waterproof Nubuck, these look great and feel good, too, all the while keeping you warm and reasonably breathable.  On thing to not is that there is not an abundance of mesh to these, so these will be more of a pair that are meant for use in the cooler months.  With a pull on heel tab and a bootie like design, they are easy to get on and stand out a bit from the normal boots that you typically see out there for sale on the market.  You’ll also be quite happy that it’s just about impossible to get any sort of debris in there, such is their fortress like design that has been molded for you.


  • Warm and breathable to a degree
  • All year boots
  • Super protective and supportive without being too heavy


  • Not for the warmest of months for most folks
  1. Keen Men’s Oakridge Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of Keen’s because you recognize they are great and useful but you don’t want to stray too far from a tennis shoe type of look, then this is just the choice for you. When you first peer at them, you’ll think that they are a pair of tennis shoes. With that said, though, these are actually a versatile pair that can act in a number of settings extremely well. They have the protective rubber toe cap and a generous amount of mesh to them in both the upper and the lining to keep you breathing well.  With loops to pull upon in the front and back, they are easy to get on, all the while the traditional shoestrings are included to give you maximum adjustability.  Thanks to the use of hydrophobic mesh, you also don’t have to worry about a ton of water pouring in and ruining your day out.  While these may not look like your traditional outdoor shoe, they certainly will have a special place in the heart of many simply due to their classy looks.


  • Tennis shoe look is pure class
  • Tons of protection and support
  • Lots of mesh inside and out
  1. Keen Utility Men’s Targhee Exp Wp Hiking Shoes

If you are looking to go above and beyond the norm, then you may not want to look too much further than these here. The final Targhee off shoot on the list, these ‘Utility’ Keens are a great choice for anyone that is going to be hitting the trail ultra frequently. With a Keen dry waterproof membrane that also works well to give you a lot of breathability and a leather mud ‘shield,’ they have some of the more resilient durability of any shoe on the market, including other Keen’s.  The laces can be adjusted very easily, with speed hooks that make it quick and painless to get them on and off with a fit that is just right for you.  Included with an EVA footbed that has two layers and is removable, these shoes are a great choice if you just can’t stay off the trails.  With a look that is similar to a tennis shoe in one color and like a hiking shoe in another, you also get to change it up and find your perfect style.  These are a bit pricey compared to others, so that’s a potential strike against them to be aware of.


  • Breathable and waterproof upper
  • Very rugged and resilient
  • Double layers of EVA
  1. Keen Men’s Austin Casual Slip On Loafers

Rounding out our list today is an iteration of the Austin that we took a look at earlier, only this pair is a slip on style of loafers that is meant to be even more casual. While the originals, if you will, are meant to be versatile, and these are to a certain degree, these are made with more of an inside sort of work in mind. They have very generous amounts of EVA in the midsole, which is great to provide you with cushioning and support.  They will mold to your feet as well, helping to lock you in and give you the perfect feel possible.  With a full grain leather makeup, they are flexible and super nice to look at.  So while you can impress your bosses on the job, you can also be protected thanks to the rubber toe cap that watches out for you and the awesome grip that’s going to be underneath you.  The slip on factor makes them easy to get on and off and ensures you’ll be happy lounging or working.


  • Easy on and off
  • Great for lounging or working in
  • Protection and comfort

Conclusion And Final Keen Shoes Recommendations

Finding a pair of shoes on the market in 2019 is not quite as easy as you might imagine.  Sure, you no longer have to go to the store and wait forever to look at a limited number of items.  However, that’s created a bit of a conundrum in that you now have the internet that has vast numbers of selections, all of which can either help or hinder your search.  Today, we have looked at some of the top shoes that are out there for sale, and on top of that have also helped you key in on what is the best through our buying guide.  By combining the two, you should have a much better understanding of what you need, and you will be able to move forward secure in that knowledge.

FAQ’s About Keen Shoes

What Is the Difference Between Waterproof, Water Resistant, and Water Repellent?

These three concepts take up a lot of space online and confuse and confound a ton of people like you may not believe.  They are not all the same, so don’t assume they are all meaning the same thing.  Waterproof means that water cannot break through them.  You can trudge through the worst of conditions with them on and not be affected.  Water resistant is going to mean that they are able to resist water getting through them to a degree but not completely.  This means if you are traversing through a ton of water consistently that you will eventually end up with some seeping in.  Water repellent means that the shoes have been treated with some sort of coating to make them withstand water better.  They are not going to be fully waterproof, by any means, but they will be much harder to penetrate that ordinary shoes or those that are just resistant to water.

How Do I Wash Keen Shoes?

All shoes are different, even within the realm of Keen, but here are some tips.  For the sandals, the good news is that all of them can be washed in the washing machine.  All yo have to do is use a small amount of a mild detergent, and then wash on gentle.  Leave them out under a fan to air dry, and they will be good to go in no time!

Will My Own Insoles Work If I Bring Them To Use?

For the most part, the answer here is a definite yes.  Most of the Keen offerings allow you to remove their insole and place your own in.  The good news is that most of their insoles have great arch support, so the majority of people will not need to do this.  With that being said, there are certain groups that need something more customized to them, thus the need to bring their own insoles to the mix.

Does Keen Make ‘Vegan’ Shoes?

According to the horse’s mouth itself, Keen do not offer any shoes that are totally Vegan.  There are a whole lot of moving parts and materials with shoes, and because of that, they have no way to be sure that 100% of them are made using a process that is Vegan friendly.  Some parts, like leather and wool, are not fine for Vegans to use, for example, so they can’t endorse all of the products for sure and don’t as a result.  Some of their products will be better for you than others in this area.

How Do You Maintain Leather?

Maintaining leather can be a course and article all of its own, but let’s just say that it takes time and effort.  You can buy all sorts of products that will help you get them looking back in tip-top shape.  Leather conditioner, brushes, and a number of other items can help you achieve the look that you want.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking time and periodically cleaning them to get them restored back to normal.  Even taking super good care of them is going to mean that you have to clean them every so often.

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