10 Best Jordan Shoes Rated & Reviewed in 2021

Best Jordan Shoes

One word can be used to describe Jordan shoes.  Iconic.  But contrary to what those words might bring to the forefront of your mind, Jordan shoes aren’t a thing of the past.  They are still going strong today, continuing the legacy that was forged back in the 1980s by Michael Jordan.  If you want to capitalize on the best and brightest of today, or if you want to hearken back to the past, you can do so with a pair of Jordan shoes.  Today, we are going to be taking a look at the best and most popular ones in our reviews and our buying guide.  In the guide, we’ll break down all you need to know about them before we get to our top 11 list to help you figure out which is the best for you.  So, without further adieu, let’s get the ball in the air!

Top Jordan Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductLow or High TopMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Jordan Air Kids’ Air 12 Retro BGHigh TopLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Jordan Air Spike Forty Pe Men’s Basketball ShoesHigh TopMesh$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Jordan Air TE 2 LowLow TopSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Jordan Men’s Courtside 23 Basketball ShoesHigh TopLeather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 Men’s Basketball ShoesHigh TopFabric$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Jordan Men’s DNA LX Basketball ShoesHigh TopSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Nike Air Jordan Legacy 321 Men’s Fashion SneakersHigh TopSynthetic & Fabric$$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Air Jordan Men’s Generation 23 Basketball ShoesHigh TopSynthetic & Fabric$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Jordan Men’s Lift Off Synthetic TrainersHigh TopSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Jordan Men’s Flight Luxe Training ShoesHigh TopMesh$$Check Price On Amazon

Jordan Shoes Buying Guide

A Brief History of Jordans

It should come as no surprise to find out that the great Michael Jordan is the name by which Jordan shoes are named.  Jordan burst onto the scene as the third pick in the NBA Draft in 1984.  He had been a good college player, an outstanding one even, but no one foresaw what he would become as he won six NBA titles and six NBA Finals MVPs.  All the while, though, he touched off a craze the world over.  Prior to him signing with Nike, shoes were just shoes.  Sure, there was starting to become specialty shoes for various activities in the world of athletics, but there were no major brands.  Shoes cost less and weren’t as good on the whole.  But then the Air Jordan happened.  Under the Nike banner for a while, he was the first player to have a shoe specifically for him.  Due to the style of play, his dominance, and the appeal of the shoes themselves, it began a frenzy in which everyone wanted his shoes.  This started the era of big-time shoes, and it has helped us arrive in today.  In 1997, Nike made the call to have Jordan become essentially a ‘spin-off’ brand that could stand on its own.  Despite up and down popularity over the years, Jordans look to once again be on the upswing heading into the third decade of the 21st century.

Not Just Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes- or sneakers- are a massive part of the appeal about Jordan shoes.  Anyone with knowledge about either sports or business, maybe even neither, will know that’s the bread and butter of Jordan.  But that’s not to say that they only have found success there and that they only produce shoes for basketball.  While most of their shoes, even today, do revolve around a closed top sneaker look, not all are for basketball purposes.  Not only can you find shoes to shoot some hoops with, you can also find some very fashionable sneakers for casual wear.  Because of their aesthetics and the brand associated with them, they are considered to be among the coolest and best today- even if they are a throwback of sorts.  On top of this, you also can find some Jordans that emphasize their function over looks, seeking to give the wearer something that’s super comfortable and useful.  There are shoes made for lounging and working out in, not just shoes made for basketball only!

A Legacy of Evolution

One of the things that we find most appealing about Jordans is that they have always been at the front of change in the shoe industry.  While everyone knows and realizes their success in the brand arena, they have also forged a path forward by truly seeking to better the lives of the athlete.  The Air Jordan was the first example of a pair of shoes that were made with input of an athlete.  While this was made mainly for one man, it just goes to show how big of an evolution that was.  By proving that they were willing and able to listen to one man, the doors were soon opened up so that all of us could be heard.  From there Nike, and later Jordan, would start to make shoes for very specific individuals and activities.  Now, we are covered, and well, in a multitude of areas, all because they have evolved with the times and helped create a platform for us to succeed from.

Collectors Dreams

Another aspect of the Jordan craze is, of course, the will and need to collect them.  That seems like it’s something that wouldn’t go on today, but to the contrary it very much is still a thing.  And it’s not just the old school shoes, either, it’s the modern ones that are also being collected.  Such is their long-lasting love and appeal that they are still being collected.

Not Settling For the Past

One of the things that keep Jordans fresh and in the mind of modern fans and wearers is the fact that they continue to recruit new athletes to wear their gear.  The latest name to join the Jordan brand is that of Zion Williamson, the #1 pick in this year’s NBA Draft out of Duke.  With him signed on now, it just goes to show that Jordans are not a thing of the past and will just keep on chugging into the future.

Figuring Out Your Use

Trying to decide how you will use your shoes and what purpose they will serve will be your ticket to success in finding Jordans.  Without nailing down what kind of use, you will end up being very lost in your search.  First and foremost, you have to decide if you are a collector or not.  If you are collecting, then there is not going to be any use of them.  Instead, you will be trying to put them up into storage.  If you are someone that just wants to use the shoes more casually, then you can also do that.  Just realize that some of the shoes are more geared toward this, while some others are made for performance.  Lastly, there are performance shoes.  Most of these are going to be made for basketball since that’s how Jordans began in the first place, but they can be used for other things as well.  It never hurts to look!

How To Collect

If you are a collector, you will know plenty about doing just that and probably won’t need these helpful tips and hints.  But if you are new to the game and want to start, then here are some things you will want to be doing to make sure you keep your Jordans in pristine shape.  First, you want the shoes to remain as they originally were.  If they become faded, as they will do over time if exposed, then they lose a big part of their appeal and their value.  This is why you should store them in cooler, dark places.  That way the shoes don’t lose their color and start to turn all yellow.  If you’ve ever see old newspapers, that is what could end up happening to them.  Outside of that, you can do whatever you feel like doing.  Just remember that it’s important to preserve them as they were if you plan to resell them and retain their value.

Design Isn’t Just Looks

Outside of collecting and wearing just for fashion’s sake, you are going to want to look for a pair of shoes that are able to meet your needs.  The design of a shoe sounds like something you would bring up when looking at the color and style, but it’s about a whole lot more than just that.  To see if a pair of shoes is going to be good for you and if they are built to last, the design is crucial.  The looks and colors will only do so much for you, so if you’re looking for performance, speed, agility, and support, then you will look past just those things and toward the overall design.  Below, we are going to look at a few things to help you make up your mind!

Old vs New

One of the age old debates in the Jordan arena, if you will, is going to be about old vs new.  There are merits to both, and it ultimately comes down to what it is you value the most.  The older shoes are icons and are extremely well known all over the world.  Many of them have been seen as good examples of basketball shoes, while others have been deemed to be very comfortable and useful.  Plus, a lot of people find them to be ideal nowadays since they are cheaper and more durable and the newer models are much more expensive.  This gives you a bit of a conundrum for you to work out in your head.  Which do you prefer depends on what you believe is best.  The newer shoes have the latest technologies in them and are oftentimes much more breathable and flexible than their older counterparts.  So, while the older ones may seem to be comfier on the outset, it’s the newer ones that truly are.  It’s up to you, of course, but as far as technology goes, you would definitely be best served to stand by something newer.


One of the biggest evolutions in the world of shoes over the years has to be the introduction of breathable materials.  In older times, this was nothing but a pipe dream, pie in the sky thought- a mere hope.  Shoes were made out of leather, most of the time, and though it was not the least breathable thing out there, it was still far from ideal.  Especially when you were playing a sport.  It was hot and sticky, with you getting no relief at all.  Then came the birth of mesh.  This change was massive because it was able to air out that sweaty, keeping you cooler and lighter at the same time.  This did cause shoes to be a bit less durable, at least in the uppers, but it was still seen as a vast improvement by most.  Today, you can get a good, breathable shoe that is also durable due to reinforcements made to the uppers and better construction, so they have perfected it to to a large degree.


The other thing that mesh is able to provide to the wearer is flexibility.  Formerly, leather was super restrictive and wouldn’t let you move around a ton.  It was better than a lot of other materials were, but it was not the best call.  So, the arrival of synthetic materials and mesh was a welcome sight for many to cast their eyes upon.  Shoes weren’t this flexible at first when synthetics came to the fore, but after a while they began to hone their craft, working their way into being flexible so that you can move the foot around.  Jordans, like many other brands, have gone through this transition, with many of their shoes now being breathable and flexible, in direct opposition to the shoes that were their forerunners.


Support is a very big thing to have in any pair of shoes that you will be consistently wearing.  Support keeps you upright and it keeps you from wanting to throw your shoes off the instant you get home and sit down for the day.  With that said, there are a ton of ideas that make up the concept of support.  You need to have good, overall support, not just one tiny thing in one small spot.  With basketball shoes, this is most certainly the case.  Basketball is not like running.  Running and walking shoes are made with one goal in mind: to get you forward as quickly as possible.  They are not made to go side to side.  Basketball shoes, at least the good ones, are made to do this.  Lateral support is not only recommended but it is paramount and essential to have.  Without it, you will risk your ankles getting injured, and that’s not something anyone is willing to put on the line and risk.  So in addition to just having your usual arch support, you also need to have something that keeps your ankles in place and will allow you to go from one sideline to the other.  If you are someone that has very flat feet or has high arches, or if you have suffered from injuries and pains in the past, then you need support that goes above and beyond.  Not all shoes can hold up to that need, so you must take a long, hard look and then decide what you go with.


An issue related to support that is also massive for a basketball player- but less so for someone that’s going to wear Jordans casually- is that of cushioning.  There is no secret that basketball is taxing on the body.  The knees, ankles, and hips take quite a beating from running up and down the floor, but that’s not even factoring in all of the jumping you do.  This is why cushioning is so vital.  You have to have something to break those falls.  Cushioning is what does that.  Think of it as a sponge.  It’s going to give a little in order to absorb those shocks but it will bounce right back up.  Without this give and take, you don’t have cushioning.  Shoes that are flat have little to no real cushioning to them, and those are not good for basketball whatsoever.  The Air Jordans were one of the earliest examples of shoes that had cushioning in them, using the Air component.  If you are looking for the most protection, having a pair of shoes with cushioning is the only choice you will settle for.

High or Low (Tops)?

One of the biggest debates being waged in sports shoes at the moment is over the use of high tops.  The use of them used to be prevalent in most sports, including basketball.  There were very few players that would fathom playing a game without wearing a pair of high tops on.  They protected the ankles very well and made sure they didn’t roll over as best as you could hope for.  But things have changed dramatically in the past ten years or so, with NBA players looking to change all of that.  The low top is en vogue currently, and more and more players- both professional and amateur- are moving toward them now.  The vast majority of Jordans are still being made as high tops, but this trend is going to be challenged soon if this all keeps up.  If you want more freedom of movement and less weight, then a low top is the choice for you to go with.  But if you want to protect yourself well, particularly if you are a bigger individual, then you will still very much appreciate the need for a high top.

Talking About Fits

No, we don’t mean someone throwing a temper tantrum because they didn’t get the pair of Jordans they wanted.  That’s a possibility, but this is all about getting the right fit for you.  With any pair of shoes, this is the best way to make sure you have both comfort and the performance that you crave.  Here’s some things that you should be keeping in mind as you seek to get the correct fit for you:

– All shoes are different, no matter how minuscule the differences may be.  This includes Jordans, and it means that you need to check them out.  Most Jordans made for basketball will be made a certain way, but those made for other activities will differ, so you need to make sure to not assume you will be getting the same thing.

– In order to prevent blisters and other hot spots of irritation, you need to look at all aspects of sizing: length, width, and the height.  Most of us will know full well about the length.  We need to have room between our big toe and the ends of the shoes.  The width is another big concern that’s sometimes overlooked, but for most of us we will have knowledge.  The height, though, is one that will confuse a few.  This is the space between the upper and the top of the foot.  There are just some shoes that don’t afford you much space there, and this can cause all sorts of problems.  So don’t forget this as well.

– Find a nice blend.  Everyone wants the perfect fit, but the truth is that some shoes just will not fit you well in a comprehensive way.  You might find the width to be right but the length is off, or vice versa. Adjusting one or the other might make you squeeze into them, but it also runs the risk of you being uncomfortable and deciding not to wear them very much.

– Seek out sizing charts.  This one is a very big tip for those that will be doing their shopping online. Since so few of us want to go try on shoes anymore, it can be tough, especially when we don’t know how shoes fit due to being unfamiliar to them.  When this is the case, you need to be super careful and make sure to look over all sizing information that comes with the shoes.  If you see that all of the reviews are indicating that a pair run small, then you need to probably account for that.

– Trying on shoes for the first time is wisest when you are close to being at a ‘competitive’ level.  If you are going to be using your shoes for basketball or another sport, you need to make sure that you’re trying them on with the game in mind.  This means that you need to be wearing the same socks as you would for the game and the same orthotics should also be used if you have any of those.  On top of that, the best fit is only possible if you have done some exercise beforehand to allow your feet to swell. When you are playing, it will only be a matter of time before this sets in, and if you don’t think about that, you will end up with sore feet when you finished playing.  Don’t make this regrettable and common mistake!

– Breaking in your new shoes might take some time, so be prepared to have to exercise some patience. Put them on and wear them for a little while at home, and then you can start to wear them more and more.  You can go shoot, gently, for a bit, letting them get broke in, and then you can start to use them more and more. Even if you have a hundred and one pairs of a certain type, you shouldn’t ever break out a brand new pair and just start playing without a little bit of time.  Some will claim to be great right out of the box, but it’s just a big risk that can cause you a whole lot of foot pain.

Don’t Forget Comfort

No one, and we repeat, no one is going to play with or wear a pair of shoes that are not comfortable to them.  We have talked about support and cushioning already, and those are both things that contribute to overall comfort.  But they are not the only things that create true, lasting comfort.  Comfort is also about how the shoes feel when they are on your feet.  Here’s a few things to look for to make sure you feel good in yours:

Heel Counters

This is an often overlooked issue for players, but it’s one you should think about nonetheless.  The heel counter is the place where your heels rest.  This area has been engineered to be super plush in many modern pairs of shoes, but it’s still an issue for others.  That’s because some high tops just don’t take this into account.  If the material back there is hard or coarse and rough, it can scratch you and cause all sorts of trouble.  No one wants blisters or to feel like they are being poked and prodded all of the time.


The insoles are often the thing that make people buy or refuse to buy a pair of shoes, but they are not the first or most important thing.  Nevertheless, you have to make sure you can stand them in order to purchase a pair and find comfort.  Shoes that have cushy insoles might be comfortable, but make sure they don’t give way too much.  Also, don’t forget that it’s about more than just the insert.  The lining around you while inside them is also vital to your comfort.  If the lining is not smooth, it can create blisters or other areas of discomfort.

Tongue and Laces

The last thing we will mention in regards to comfort is going to be the tongue area.  This is a place where there is a whole lot of ability for diversity to be had.  You can have a lot of different looks, and that gives you more options.  You want a nice plush, tongue, but you don’t want one that is overdone, either.  Some brands overdo it and they are too big and burdensome.  Laces are also worth considering.  Can you tie the shoes easily and adjust them to your needs as you go, or are they too difficult to use?  Some Jordans are going to have straps that run across, and this can either help or hinder in your search for the right comfort.  This is not their sole purpose, but it can be a big help to you on your quest to run the game and rule the court.

The Top 10 Jordan Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Jordan Air Kids’ Air 12 Retro BG

Jordans aren’t only for adults, their for kids, too, and this pair is sure to light up any young baller’s day. One of the first things you’ll notice is a bootie design. While this might not be the most stable form of locking you in, it is very comfortable and most importantly, super easy to get into.  This makes them a good choice so your worries are much less than they would have been.  The rest of the looks are super nice, too, using a suede upper that has a mudguard with it to protect from getting them too dirty.  While they are not the most supportive out there, they would do decently at both normal wear and for play, making them a good choice for school wear.  They also come in an array of colors, sure to make any youngster happy with them.


  • Bootie increases comfort
  • Good for casual and decent for play
  • Protected against mud and dirt
  1. Jordan Air Spike Forty Pe Men’s Basketball Shoes

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes to play in, and play well, then these are certainly a viable contender to make your game and you look much better. In addition to being super stylish, these shoes come with a full Zoom Air unit that runs throughout the midsoles. This gives you great cushioning from all of the running and jumping you’ll be doing, but it’s also responsive and able to help you keep moving without being too thick and cumbersome.  There is mesh used all over them, on the sides toward the ankles and in the front of the foot, helping them to be more breathable and lightweight without sacrificing durability.  That’s able to be achieved thanks to being tightly woven, allowing for less tears to occur.  These are not the lightest pair of Jordans out there by any means, so if you want a more agile pair this isn’t it.  That said, these are much more heavy duty as a result and will withstand harder use as a result.


  • Super durable
  • Zoom Air for cushioning
  • Responsive and breathable


  • Not their lightest offering
  1. Jordan Air TE 2 Low

One of the few Jordans that you will find out there that is not a high top, this ‘low’ top is more of a mid top, in all honesty. It’s just that it’s lower than the usual that makes it a ‘low.’ At any rate, this helps them to be lighter, and to give you more freedom when wearing them.  For a long time, this pair of shoes was the choice of many, many NBA players, featuring a full length Air Sole cushioning unit and their brilliant Phylon midsole that helped keep them light but supportive.  The upper is made out of a combination of synthetics and full-grain leather, which is an interesting combo that doesn’t give you much breathability.  They are, though, quite a bit more durable than many that use over the top amounts of mesh.  They don’t have a ton of colors and they are not up to date, but many like them for work and casual use since they are just so comfortable to wear.  They may not be the most perfect for today’s game, but they still have a lot of miles left in the tank.


  • One of the all-time best
  • Very supportive shoes
  • Durable thanks to leather and synthetic makeup


  • Not the most modern look or feel
  1. Jordan Men’s Courtside 23 Basketball Shoes

If you want a pair of shoes that are a little bit more modern but have a style that is reminiscent of the glory days, then these can do you well, both on and off the court. These shoes come with a visible Air unit bubble in the back that is laced with foam to help aid your heels with the cushioning they desperately need. The tongue is super plush here, utilizing very soft polyester and some snake skin to give you comfort to a very high degree.  Still yet, these are much like the shoes of yesteryear, mainly using leather to tie them all together, meaning they will be more durable.  The issue with that will be that they don’t stretch as much as you are used to and that they won’t breathe out as well.  This can be forgiven by many, but if you are super serious and pushing the limits of your game, these might not be the instrument to use for that.


  • Air for cushioning
  • Super comfortable and soft
  • Durable upper compound


  • Not very modern
  1. Jordan Men’s Flyknit Elevation 23 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Next up is a pair of shoes that will be super modern while on the court, which is sure to brighten up your day if you are looking to up your game. These shoes are made to stand out, using a ton of mesh to give you an abundance of breathability throughout the foot. On top of that, they are in a bootie design, which is going to make comfort a priority for them.  So, you get plushness, flexibility, and breathability all in one.  Beneath you is the Air Sole unit that will be there to help you cut corners while keeping you feet and being supported at all times.  The soles they have used are great on a number of different surface types, too, helping you to get the most on the court, wherever it may be.  They even have some extremely unique colorways, too, that will help you mix and match if you decide to just wear them off court.


  • Very stylish and unique
  • Comfort is king
  • Great for playing b-ball and off-court wear
  1. Jordan Men’s DNA LX Basketball Shoes

Here is another great example of a modern pair of basketball shoes that will do you well on the court. The DNA LX uses a mixture of synthetic leather and mesh to give you plenty of breathability and flexibility in the upper so you don’t get overheated or feel stuck in one place. Their lacing system does a good job at both staying put and giving you maximum security and lock down inside, while the use of a pull tab in the heel makes them easy to put on and take off in a moment’s notice.  They do have cushioning to them, but there is no major amount within in them, so that is a bit of a strike against them if you need more than the average person.  The other negative is that they run pretty narrow, so if you have wide feet it will be tough.


  • Awesome looks
  • Very flexible and breathable
  • Great stability


  • Runs narrow
  • Not overly cushioned
  1. Nike Air Jordan Legacy 321 Men’s Fashion Sneakers

If off the court endeavors are what you seek out, then there are hardly any better than these. These are the shoes that many think of when you talk about Jordans, next to the ones the man himself wore in the 80s and 90s as he lit up opposition players. These shoes are not just great looking, though. They also offer incredible comfort as a result of the Air unit that runs beneath.  That makes them much easier to stand and walk in than many others that are made for more casual usage.  These are a throwback, so that’s why they have both the Nike Swoosh and the Air Jordan logo, so don’t be alarmed; they’re still Jordans!  With a strap running across the middle part of the upper foot, you get a lot of style and a modicum of support.  Still not enough to play in mind you, but good for a casual shoe to wear around.


  • Super stylish throwback
  • Air unit cushions and comforts
  • Straps adds to their allure


  • Not for play
  1. Air Jordan Men’s Generation 23 Basketball Shoes

If you’re seeking out a very modern style and feel, then these are certainly the ones for you. There are some ‘futurama’ offerings out there, and this is one of them, using some advanced technology and space-age looks to make them stand out to anyone passing by. With a bootie design, these are unique due to having a strap that runs on both sides, connecting the tongue to them, which gives you more ability to adjust while giving you incredible comfort and support at the same time, since you are able to make changes as you go.  There’s also a strap in the mid foot, covering up the laces, that will help them stay tied and will also lock you in better, helping you up and down the court with a gusto.  Then, you have that silver and gold contrast, helping to further accentuate the style.  These are hard to overlook in the aesthetics department, that much is for sure.


  • Futuristic look
  • Straps for support
  • Comfy and adjustable
  1. Jordan Men’s Lift Off Synthetic Trainers

If you are looking for a good general use pair of Jordans, then you can’t really go wrong with these. These ‘trainers’ are made to give you range of options for various activities. You can workout, play basketball, or just go to work in them, depending on what you want to do and what you are allowed to have on.  They are made from synthetics, so they are made to be super strong in the upper without giving a ton of breathability.  The bootie is a nice touch, and it’s something that is rarely seen on the market in a casual shoe, so that’s good to see and will make you more comfortable.  They have an Air unit in the bottoms, too, to give you plenty of cushioning, while the insoles have a lot of softness to them as well.  They do run small and narrow, so be aware of that.


  • Very versatile
  • Comfy effort
  • Durable


  • Not much breathability
  • Runs small and narrow
  1. Jordan Men’s Flight Luxe Training Shoes

If you’re hitting the gym, or you just want to really stand out socially, then these shoes can do the job for you. They look very, very unique, with Flywire cables all around them for support and a bootie to give you more comfort than ever. With their Lunarlon cushioning, you’ll get plenty of spring put into your step, all while feeling as if you just have an extension of a sock on your feet.  There is no tongue whatsoever to these, so it makes pulling them on and off so much easier than others out there.  For super serious cardio and jumping around, these might not do the job, but for a more steady workout, or for casual use, you can definitely see how these would be ideal to use.  The materials use and the design is just so innovative and fresh that you just have to give them a try, even if they don’t hold up as well as you’d like.


  • Good for gym or hang out time
  • Slips on and off with no hassles
  • Tons of cushioning


  • Might slip off if you push too hard during workouts

Conclusion And Final Jordan Shoes Recommendations 

Prior to this guide, you may have thought that the Jordan brand was a thing of the past. A relic that had been pushed aside and forgotten.  That, though, is far from the truth.  Jordan is still running strong, recruiting new athletes to help move them into the next generation, all the while working on shoes that are unique to the brand and distinct from Nike.  Jordan shoes aren’t just sneakers, either, even if they may appear to be so at first glance.  Rather, they have all sorts of shoes that can help you meet your personal comfort and athletic goals.  After our guide and our reviews today, you’ll be much better informed and prepared to make a good purchase decision on your newest pair of Jordan shoes!

FAQ’s About Jordan Shoes

Are Jordans better for the court or for fashion?

The answer is up in the air and really just depends on the wearer.  Some people will buy Jordans simply because they are looking to collect them or to wear them casually, while others will also seek to wear them to play basketball or do something else in.  They can be very apt at doing both things, so it’s just going to depend on what you find to be more useful.

How do you keep Jordans clean?

Keeping your shoes clean can not only make them look brand new but can also make them last longer, too.  To do so, you should regularly clean them.  You can do this by using a wet wash cloth and some mild soap and wiping them down.  By doing this every so often, you will eliminate having to do a ton of meticulous and tedious work.

Are Jordans still relevant?

Yes, the Jordan brand is still very much relevant in the game of basketball and in fashion as well.  They recently signed Zion Williamson to a deal and keep on releasing new products.  They do have a line of older ones, too, but it’s not just those that they work on.  So you can rest assured that you can find both new and old school options!

How much do Jordans cost?

The cost of a pair of Jordans is going to vary wildly on what the purpose of them are, how old they are, and how desirable they are on the market.  If you are collecting an older pair that is very sought after, you could be looking at thousands of dollars.  If you are looking for a new pair of shoes that will help you on the court or that you can wear out on the town, then you can expect to pay from the mid double-digits up to three digits and beyond.  There is a huge gap in price, and it just depends on the color you choose, the model, and the materials they used in them.  Newer technology costs you more, so that’s also something you’ve got to keep in the back of your mind.

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