10 Best High Heel Inserts of 2021 [Review & Buying Guide]

Best High Heel Inserts

Ladies, we all know too well that some events call for high heels.  No matter how you might feel about that, you just end up biting the bullet and wearing them, no matter the level of discomfort they cause you to feel.  The deep, foreboding dread that washes over you, though, does not have to be there.  There can be another way, provided you take steps to rectify the problem.  Just wearing high heels over and over again without seeking a solution isn’t going to stop them from hurting… not the least bit.  But if you have the right things to help, such as high heel inserts, you may just be able to make them bearable.  That’s what we will be taking a closer look at today in our buying guide by delving into the world of high heels inserts so that we can inform you on all that you need to know.  Upon the completion of our guide, we will have a top ten list with inserts that will help give you a point to begin your search.  So, here we go!

Top High Heel Inserts Comparison Chart

ProductTypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. CHSTAR 6 Piece High Heel Cushion InsertsHeel Cushions$Check Price On Amazon
2. Walkize Ball of Foot Metatarsal PadsForefoot Pads$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Ballotte Extra Soft Metatarsal PadsBall of Foot$Check Price On Amazon
4. Brison Soft Gel Insole Metatarsal InsertsBall of Foot$Check Price On Amazon
5. iBesun 14 Pack High Heel PadsHeel Grips, Heel Cushion, Whole Inserts$Check Price On Amazon
6. Brlly Adhesive Gel Liners For Loose High HeelsHeel Grips, Heel Cushion$Check Price On Amazon
7. Kefee High Heel Forefoot Cushion InsertsHeel Grips, Heel Cushion, Whole Inserts$Check Price On Amazon
8. Beautulip Arch Support High Heel InsertsBall of Foot$$Check Price On Amazon
9. ERGOfoot Lady Gel-Velvety High Heel InsolesForefoot Pads$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Relief InsolesBall of Foot$Check Price On Amazon

High Heel Inserts Buying Guide

Why You Need an Insert

Some people will not necessarily need an insert for their high heels, but for those that do, it’s important to note why you might just need them.  One thing that doesn’t have to be said is that high heels put a lot of stress and strain upon the body.  Not only do they hurt your feet, but they also can pass on the aches and pains to other parts of the body.  Our bodies are connected and aren’t just singular beings that live apart.  So, your ankles, knees, hips, back, and neck are all effected.  Ever wondered why your neck might hurt after wearing high heels all day?  It may just be from them, rather than something else.  Inserts are needed because wearing high heels on a consistent basis is bad news for you.  It can create all sorts of conditions, from the minor to the ultra serious.  Hammertoes can form, calluses, bunions, the dreaded ingrown toenail, and even more.  Blisters and corns can result from not wearing shoes that are properly sized.  Inserts are also there to help correct any walking issues you might have.  Or if you have high arches or flat feet.  There are a ton of ailments that they can try and help, and along with good old fashioned common sense, you can really reduce your pain and get through the day much more comfortably.

What is a High Heel Insert?

A lot of us know what as insert is, but do we really know?  We know they can go into shoes in order to try and help fix an issue that we might be having, but apart from that, we usually don’t know much more unless we have owned a few pairs of them.  A high heel insert is unlike a lot of other types of inserts you will see out there.  For the majority of shoes, you will see inserts that are very long and made to run throughout the entirety of a shoe.  There are some out there that pinpoint the heel area only, so they run from the heels to the mid foot or thereabouts, depending on your size.  With high heels, though, an insert can be used to offer a solution to a bevy of problems.  It can be in the heel, the ball, or even between the toes.  That’s the beauty of an insert for high heels.  You actually get specific help for whatever ailment you may find yourself facing!

Removable Inserts

If you find yourself to be a shoe connoisseur and can never get enough shoes (and heels, too!) then you will most likely want to make a commitment to buying a pair of removable inserts.  Not all inserts are made to be removed, so this is a special kind that will allow you to take them from one pair to the next without too much of a fuss.  In regular pairs of inserts, you will see adhesives used in order to keep them in place.  This is not present with removable inserts.  There are some really good ones out there that can be removed, but you should know that not all of them are up for the job.  This is because some will not stick in one place when you are walking.  They can bunch up and become a real headache in doing so.  This is to be avoided, obviously, unless you just really like to be annoyed.  This is all to say that not all removable ones are created equal and that you have to watch out for it!

Types of High Heel Inserts

There are more than one or two kinds of high heel inserts out there, so here is a look at each of the types that you can find.  Rather than just one giant pad, like you see with most normal shoes, you can get all kinds of different looks that actively work to help you.  Here’s a look:

Ball of the Foot

The ball of the foot is an area that takes a ton of beating when you are wearing heels, but that is a major issue when you have a pointed toe in question.  Pointed toes look really great and are super classy, but they represent a big problem.  They crumple up most ladies’ feet, making it impossible to feel good.  Underneath that, though, is the ball of the foot.  This area has a lot of pressure placed upon it because you are forced to walk further forward when you have high heels on.  This type of insert can help alleviate some of that pressure as you go about your day a little more comfortably.

Heel Cushions

Another contender for the most pain in your feet when wearing heels is, of course, the heels.  This area is forced to be up much, much higher than with regular shoes, and as a result, it can be quite painful.  If you are active on a regular basis, whether it’s through work or some type of athletics, this can be made all the worse when you wear heels because of the pain of shocks you’ve been made to endure to them.  In regular shoes, so much of the brunt of abuse is put on the heels, depending on your walking stride, and that can carry over to high heels, making them a pain to wear at all.

Heel Grips

There is another type that seeks to correct an issue with the heels as well, and that comes in the form of the heel grip.  This type is there to help you fix a number of possible problems you might be having.  If your feet are not quite big enough for the size of the shoe on hand, you will see your feet sliding back and forth.  As if it wasn’t already dreadful enough, you start to form blisters.  This is due to the constant rubbing back and forth of the heels on the shoes.  Instead of going through that torment, a heel grip can act as a pad up against the backing of the heel- in what we would call the ‘heel counter’ in athletic shoes- so that you have a padding and also so that the shoes naturally expand just a bit.  This can be useful if the heels are slightly too big for you, or if you just find that blistering occurs and you want to stop that from taking root.

Forefoot Pads

A further type that you might see and come to know and love is that of the forefoot pad.  Like we discussed earlier with the pads that only come up to a certain point, these also cover just a small space.  However, they run from the middle of the foot up to the toes.  A lot of times these are made to help those that have flat feet get some much needed arch support.  Those with flat feet are prone to all sorts of problems already, and walking on heels that have no support in so many cases only seems to make matters worse for them.  This type not only is good for helping that problem but it also takes a load off the toes as well.  So, a good, general answer there.

Whole Inserts

While they are not the most popular type of them all with high heels, you can still find inserts that run throughout the entire foot.  This type is going to be a little bit harder to get into the shoes and will take some adjusting to, but it’s going to give the bottom of the foot a break entirely.  This useful to anyone that is having a ton of foot pain with heels and can’t seem to pinpoint just one spot where they most need relief at.

Toe Guards and Spreaders

Lastly, there is another type, and they work in the toe areas to give you much more freedom and comfort there.  These toe guards and or spreaders work by trying to give your feet the exact right alignment that they are supposed to have without heels on.  They can keep you from getting those awful corns and bunions if worn properly and are usually placed between the big toe and the second largest toe.  This type is not difficult to find, per se, but it’s not super popular and won’t be seen on our list.  Still yet, it’s there if you need it!

Figuring Out Your Feet

A big part of any pair of shoes is going to revolve around knowing what you need and want.  Your proper size is massive, but so many ladies out there don’t give this much thought if they see something they love.  They’ll just grab it and make it work.  That has caused some of the issues and ailments that you are here trying to correct.  To keep you from having similar issues, you need to identify what it is you need help with.  Determining if you have flat feet, neutral feet, or high arches are very important.  Also, the way in which you walk can be vital as well.  Do you walk on the front of your feet or are you a heel striker?  If you know the answers to these questions, you can definitely find a solution or two above to help you start to fix them.  If you don’t know the answers, then you may want to go to a shoe store or a foot specialist and see if you can get some help.  A lot of super smart, helpful people can help you zero in on what it is you need and then you can work on producing that feeling you have been craving.

Don’t Be Tempted, Please

There is going to be that temptation there to buy that nice pair of shoes you see on the shelf that are a size 8.  They are just perfect.  Classy, functional, well they look functional, and they can be worn in a number of places.  You desire them so badly.  Only problem is that you are a size 9.  And a half.  See the problem here?  Even if those ran big, you’d be squeezing your feet into them.  This happens so often that it does create problems when you slip on your high heels.  While this can be fixed to a degree, it’s just generally a very bad practice and one that can have long lasting damage on your body if you are not careful.

Common Features Found in High Heel Inserts

Not all high heel inserts are the same, as you can tell already, but a lot of them have characteristics that are similar.  These things, even if they are not present in yours, might be helpful to you down the line, so it’s good to know what you need to look out for.  This section dives into greater detail about this.

Memory Foam

Since the first cushioning systems were introduced in shoes, the entire game has changed.  The industry has forever been changed by it because it has allowed people more comfort and stability.  Not only that, but as time has gone on, the technology has gotten to the point where the shoes are capable of being so much lighter than they were before.  It was previously hard to imagine being comfy in certain shoes, but it is now.  Foam built up cushioning, but the successor to foam has been memory foam.  Memory foam has been a hit in a variety of shoes simply because they are capable of retaining the impressions of your feet.  Contrary to what the name implies, you do not typically get to take the shoes off and then have the shape be retained, but while you are in them, they do ‘remember’ you and give you a more plush feeling.  This shouldn’t be confused with support, mind you.  You can still be quite comfortable, at first, and lack that.


Most of the inserts that you out there are going to need to be held into place one way or another.  Some of them will use inertia, your natural pressure that you put upon it.  Or it will have some combination of that and a suction system.  This works OK, but it’s not always the best.  Most, instead, turn to the use of adhesives to make the material stick.  It should be noted that adhesives can’t be peeled off and reused, so if you do have multiple pairs you will want to go with something a little less ‘sticky.’  Examining the strength of the adhesive is going to be paramount to you and the success at which your shoes find.  A pair of inserts that lack a strong glue or tape are not going to remain in one spot, and you will suffer from a lack of durability.  Some companies will try to make up for a lack of strength here by offering you multi packs, but that still isn’t a major helper if you have just went through one and don’t have another one hand at the moment.

Invisible Inserts

Another optional choice, though entirely appropriate for some, will be that of the invisible insert.  This is a choice that you need to make, in all likelihood, if you are going to be wearing shoes that have open toes to them that do not blend in with the inserts you have found or match them like for like.  If the shoes are the same color, then you don’t really have a problem at all.  But if they are not the same color, you may want to go with something that is see through and clear so that it doesn’t stand out too much.  This is especially the case in the event of a formal gathering.  Or even work, where you don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons.

Quick Facts To Be Aware Of

Other features that you should take heed of and plan accordingly for include the following:

  • Some pieces of tape will stick out, so make sure you trim them down and try them on before leaving to avoid potential embarrassment.
  • Inserts that are typically made for shoes that have open toes to them are going usually have a thinner line of cushioning.  This might affect you, so you may or may not want to steer clear of those types of heels.
  • Closed toe heels, and not just the pointed toe variety, are going to give you a much wider range of options than their open toed sisters.

Price and Value

Some shoes are super cheap.  Some inserts are also super cheap.  However, that does not equate to true value, so this is something you should keep in mind.  If you paid $8 for a pair of heels and have an insert for the same price or thereabout and can only use them on that one pair, then you are not getting the best value.  So, shopping with an eye on relative price to one another is just as important as looking at the overall price.  Also, looking to see whether or not the inserts come in multi packs can also be helpful.  Some of them will come with a few, that way you have some ability to change out your old ones or to use them in conjunction with other heels you might have in your wardrobe.  Here are a few things to also keep in mind in regards to price, value, and durability:

  • Cheaper inserts simply will not last as long.  If you don’t pay enough, you may not have them last.  In some cases, it’s better to pay $7 for a good product rather than pay $4 for something that breaks only to have to buy it all over again.
  • Cheap inserts are a good idea to go with if you have to absolutely have them but don’t plan on wearing the shoes all that often.  This way, you don’t feel like you have shot yourself in the foot in terms of value.
  • Longer lasting inserts are going to end up costing you more money, but they will pay off for you if you wear your heels quite a lot.
  • Super heavy duty inserts will cost more, but once again you will have the ability to continually wear them for a much longer period than those with a short expectancy.

The Top Ten High Heel Inserts of 2019 Reviews

  1. CHSTAR 6 Piece High Heel Cushion Inserts

Leading off our list here is an awesome option for the ball of the foot. These come with six in a pack, all at a very, very reasonable price, so you will be able to use them in more than just one pair. Made with an ergonomic design, they fit to the front of the foot in order to help increase your comfort while giving you added support in that pressured packed area.  These do use adhesives, but they use a strong type to ensure they don’t slide while you are wearing your heels.  It not only keeps annoyances to a low but also protects the integrity of your favorite shoes, too.  With a 100% satisfaction guarantee to go with them, there are very few that will find a way to do a better job for the balls of your feet.


  • Will not slip
  • Ergonomic design fits your feet
  • Guaranteed to satisfy
  1. Walkize Ball of Foot Metatarsal Pads

This pair is going to cover the same area of the foot, the balls, but it does so with just two pair and is slightly more expensive, so that puts these at #2. unlike the CHSTAR, though, these come in a beige color, so that could either be a blessing or a curse depending on the color of your shoes. These are really great for making sure you don’t slip inside an are also going to be backed up by a full refund guarantee as well, ensuring you get the quality that you want and deserve to have.  These utilize gel and are super soft with cloth covering them, making them feel like an extension of your shoes all the while providing that so essential support you need and ache for. They are also absorbent to sweat, so that helps greatly too!


  • Absorbs sweat
  • Money back guarantee
  • Super soft use of gel and cloth
  1. Ballotte Extra Soft Metatarsal Pads

Another brand well known for giving you quick relief for the balls of the feet are Ballotte, and they bring four pieces to the table here with these inserts. Made to be very durable, in spite of their reasonable price, they pay close attention to details to win you over. Coming with a wipe that is there so you can wipe the insoles of the shoe before placing, they make doubly sure you are able to have the best stick possible and not have any riding up or bunching.  These are invisible, so you can wear them with practically any color, too, all while being slim and as small as they can be.  By using medical grade polyurethane, they are soft to the touch and are made out of gel that conforms to you and supports you with each and every step you take.


  • Wipe included
  • Invisible and practical
  • Very durable yet inexpensive
  1. Brison Soft Gel Insole Metatarsal Inserts

Like the other three so far have been, these, too, are made for the ball of the foot, an area that has a ton of pressure packed on it. With the use of Eco friendly silicone gel, these are going to be great for people with a wide swath of ailments that need to be corrected. They are thicker than a lot of the products found in similar areas of the web and are still at a very good price nonetheless.  With a cushion that absorbs sweat and suppresses the bad smells away, they will be made all the more comfortable and functional based on just that alone.  There are six pieces here, giving you the chance to make them last in three pairs and helping you get over the hump of a long, tough day.


  • Eco friendly gel a plus for some
  • Suppresses sweat and smells
  • Thicker than others
  1. iBesun 14 Pack High Heel Pads

We continue on here with a variety pack of sorts, sure to help you out in one place or multiple places should you have problems there. They come at a very low price as well, so if you need something quick and won’t need it for long, this could be the way to go. With heel grips, heel pads, and pads for the front of the feet as well, these are made with an adhesive to get them to stick into place and an elastic gel that is soft and absorbent.  On top of that, they are made out of skin friendly materials, making sure you don’t develop blisters that you might just be trying to treat anyway! They are capable of being washed and are reusable, too, or so they claim.  This seems unlikely, but you can give it a try!


  • Very low price
  • Tons of versatility
  • Soft and absorbent.


  • Not the utmost durability
  1. Brlly Adhesive Gel Liners For Loose High Heels

If you find yourself needing full cushion and coverage in your heels, then these gel liners will do the job for you. With the backing to go between you and the end of the heels and then a pad to go underneath your foot, too, you get plenty of protection to help make up for shoes that are too large on you. This can cut down on all sorts of blisters and cuts, and it can help those of you that have flat feet and just can’t handle wearing heels for very long at all.  They are beige and come in five pairs, so they are fairly easy to disguise and also are plentiful for the price at which you can get them.  They have moderate levels of thickness, so they won’t be overbearing or be too little for you.


  • Full padding for heels
  • Reduces blisters
  • Moderate thickness
  1. Kefee High Heel Forefoot Cushion Inserts

Here is another of the huge multi packs on offer, chalked full of inserts for the heels and the forefoot and then ever more as well. With a really awesome price and two color choices, you can make them blend in easily and effectively while giving your feet the reinforcements they do desperately are crying out for. They have plenty of cushions to take impacts out of your strides, all the while helping to reduce blisters by making sure you aren’t rubbing up against places you shouldn’t be.  The adhesive does a good job as well, but don’t be surprised if the durability isn’t the greatest since you get so much for such a small amount of money.  Something has to go and often times its the lifespan.


  • Tons of versatility
  • Very cushy for shocks
  • Cuts down on blisters


  • Not very durable
  1. Beautulip Arch Support High Heel Inserts

If you want to cover the balls of the feet but want to do so by covering up more of the forefoot area, then this is a good way to do so. These run from the middle portion of the foot up to the toes, giving you a wider base of support to alleviate pressure off the toes that take such a tremendous beating. This helps the arches and the fronts as well, a win-win for sure. The fabric they have gone with is nice and soft, and it’s going to absorb sweat instead of taking it in unlike those that are made with a straight gel design.  They have a great money back guarantee, come at a low price, and have a very strong adhesive to them, making sure you’re covered all the way around.


  • Immense arch support
  • Won’t take on sweat
  • Great customer service
  1. ERGOfoot Lady Gel-Velvety High Heel Insoles

It says it all in the name, doesn’t it? These inserts aren’t just inserts, they are full on replacement insoles, made to suit your entire feet in one go, rather than piece mealing it out one by one. These are made out of a velvet like surface to make it more plush and also allow sweat absorbance to take place, all the while they are thin and slim enough to be used in a multitude of heels.  Made with an ergonomic approach in mind, they will conform to your individual feet, not just look to force you into one fit and feel.  They come at a very good price, especially if you go with the two pack, too, so that’s a big help on the checkbook!  Some didn’t like the comfort level as they felt it wasn’t quite enough for them.


  • Wicks sweat
  • All in one insole
  • Great price


  • Not ultra comfy
  1. Dr. Scholl’s High Heel Relief Insoles

Rounding our our list is Dr. Scholl’s high heel relief, the latest of their many insoles and inserts. Like the previous offering, these are also a full foot option, though they are of the clear variety, opening you up to be able to use them with more colors as a result. With that said, they are made to mainly address the ball of the foot and to provide arch support, so that may be a slight knock on them. They do not extend to under the toes, though, so that does open you up for a bit more room and a little more freedom along with it.  They offer a 90 day money back guarantee to drive up your confidence in them.  These are not best for those with high arches, so be aware and adjust to that accordingly.


  • Full foot protection
  • Roomy in the toes
  • Great for balls and arches


  • Not so good for high arches

Conclusion And Final High Heel Inserts Recommendations

Finding inserts are not the easiest things in the world to do, and finding quality ones that actually work for you is even harder.  Going to stores and looking for them can be a disaster.  You often see very high prices attached to them, and you just never know if they will even help.  Furthermore, those are made for general pairs of shoes and for very general cases.  They certainly aren’t, at least typically, made for high heels.  That’s something that we have sought to help with today by giving you an opportunity to learn about high heel inserts and to get a good look at some products that attempt to correct the ills you might be facing.  We’ve done that all in one place so that you can hit the ground running next time without a hitch and have a good night without tons of aches and pains!

FAQ’s About High Heel Inserts

How Else Can High Heels Be Made Comfortable?

This is a question posed all over the internet.  One simple, common sense answer is to limit the use of high heels as much as you can do.  They are not recommended to be used for more than three hours at a time, and it’s also a suggestion that you not wear them for two or three days between uses.  Also, looking for a wider shoe, without the classy yet cramped pointed toe can go a very long way to increasing comfort.  With a pointed toe, you just don’t get the room you truly need, and that can lead to you experiencing all sorts of pain.  A wide heel in the back is also very helpful because shoes with a wider surface spread out the weight much more evenly than shoes that are narrow.

How Do You Clean Inserts?

Cleaning inserts is a big deal, but you should be very mindful of doing this.  You need to check with any instructions that came with the packaging because each pair is unique and is going to need to be attended to differently.  One pair might be able to be soaked in water while another pair may not.  So, really the best way to clean them is to follow the directions given, unless you want them to fade away into obscurity much quicker.

How Long Will Inserts Last?

This question all depends up on the way the inserts are constructed, the brand that has made them, and the price they are sold at.  It’s also going to depend greatly on how often you wear the inserts and just how rough you are with them.  If you’re someone that wears out shoes, for whatever reason, yours will not last as long as someone that has been able to manage the life of their shoes for years and years.  The lower the price you pay, the less durability you can expect.  There are outliers out there, of course, but you should be wary of super cheap options.

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