10 Best Hairdressers Shoes of 2021: Style, Substance, and Support


Are you a hair stylist? If so, then you know this job is demanding. After all, you have to take care of people’s hair. One mistake and you are in big trouble. As a result, you need to have the right shoes on your feet. You cannot risk any distractions from foot pain or a shoe that is too tight. Instead, need shoes with all the right features. But, how can you find the best hairdressers for shoes? Well, this buying guide has just what you need.

More often than not, hair stylists are fashionable and trendy. As a result, shopping is usually easier for a hairdresser. But, you still might need some help. There is no shame in this. After all, you should always want the best products and results. Luckily enough, this buying guide has a number of great shoes for hairdressers. Furthermore, there is helpful information on good features and qualities of the best shoes for hairdressers. Use these helpful tips to get the best hairdressers shoes today!

Top Hairdressers Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductHeel TypeUpper MaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
Sanuk Women’s Donna Crochet Loafer FlatFlatCrochet Textile$$Check on Amazon
Alegria Women’s Paloma FlatRaisedSynthetic Leather$$$Check on Amazon
Crocs Women’s Classic Slip-on ClogFlatSynthetic$Check on Amazon
Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0RaisedKnit Fabric$$Check on Amazon
Crocs Women’s Classic Fuzz Lined Clog ShoeFlatSynthetic$Check on Amazon
CLARKS Women’s Leisa Sadie ClogRaisedSynthetic Leather$$Check on Amazon
Vans Unisex Classic Slip-on BlackFlatCanvas$$Check on Amazon
Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking ShoeRaisedMesh Fabric$$Check on Amazon
Dansko Women’s Professional MuleRaisedLeather$$$Check on Amazon
Skechers Women’s Go Joy Walking ShoeRaisedTextile$$Check on Amazon

Hairdressers Shoes Buying Guide

Now, the best start on finding the best shoes for hairdresser involves factual information. You need to know what makes a good hairdresser shoe and what does not. Furthermore, you should even know about the shoe’s physical construction. That way, you become a shoe expert and can make an educated purchase. Read more below and move one step closer to some new shoes!

Important Qualities In The Best Hairdressers Shoes

Two key parts of the best hairdresser shoes involve the footbed and upper. The upper is the area of the shoe that covers your foot. So obviously the upper is incredibly important. On the other hand, the footed is right under your feet. This is all that separates your foot from the hard concrete or floor. As a result, you need a thin cushioned footbed for premium comfort. If not, a long day at work takes a toll on your feet.

The other important parts of the shoe involve the outsole, midsole, and insole. These are all different layers of the sole. The sole makes up the entire underpart of the shoe. Obviously, this includes the aforementioned footbed. As a matter of fact, the footbed is the insole of your shoe.

The midsole, insole, and outsole are responsible for the comfort and support. Without a good sole, you do not have a good shoe. Specifically, focus in on the outsole material. The outsole makes direct contact with the ground. Thus, it needs to be built to last. If not, it will definitely wear out quickly. Always pay attention to these qualities while shopping for the best hairdressers shoes.

What To Consider While Buying The Best Hairdressers Shoes

Now, shopping is only as difficult as you make. If you know how to shop, everything becomes easier. Inexperienced shoppers usually always struggle. However, finding the very best shoes is easier than you think. You do not need to spend hours scrolling through pages of shoes. Instead, there are a few simple factors to focus on. Use all of the criteria below to get the best hairdressers shoes on the market!


Now, you can handle price in less than ten minutes. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or pen. Sit down at a desk and get ready to create a budget. Basically, your budget should be a range of prices. This range of prices rests in between two specific price points. As a result, these two price points are the most important part of creating a budget!

You can start with either price point. These price points reflect the amount of money you want to spend. One price point is the maximum amount of money and the other price point is the minimum price point. Establish these two price points and everything becomes so easy. Are you struggling to create these prices? Well, here is a helpful tip for you!

Start with the most amount of money you want to spend. Take a really high number that is too high. Do not make it too crazy. Then, lower this number continuously. Do not stop until you find a price that is comfortable. You have a maximum price point. Then, think of a low number that is really low. Raise it until you think the number is reasonable. You have a minimum price point. Use this budget to buy the best hairdressers shoes.

Size & Fit

Buying shoes online makes size really difficult. After all, it is not at all like buying shoes in person. You can try shoes on while in a store. As a matter of fact, you can even take a few steps as well. But, you cannot do this buying shoes online. So what can you do? The best advice is to focus on buying the right size. Now, this is certainly easier said than done. So here a few helpful tips on size!

Use the Amazon size chart provided on their site. Furthermore, use Amazon reviews as well. The wrong shoe size makes customers unhappy. Unhappy customers leave negative reviews. Always look through negative reviews to see if shoes run large or run small. This language is easy to dissect!

Shoes that run large are bigger than the standard shoe size. As a result, you should buy a smaller size than normal. If you wear a size 6 then order a size 5. If not, your shoe will be too big. However, shoes that run small are smaller than usual. If you wear a size 6 then order a size 7. If not, your shoes will be too small. Use this information to help guide you to the best hairdressers shoes.

Support & Stability

Support and stability truly matter on the job. You need the right type of support during a long day at work. Especially if you are a hairdresser. After all, a hairdresser is usually either always standing or walking. Support usually comes from the sole area. Again, this is the only part of the shoe between you and foot. As a result, this is the part of the shoe constantly rubbing against the ground. The best hairdressers shoes must be as supportive and stable as possible!

Now, do you want a soft insole or not? This is a tough question to answer. A softer insole is much comfier. However, a soft insole is not stable and wears out swiftly. The midsole is built to provide both shock absorption and cushioning. Now, you do not need as much shock absorption as an athlete. But, flat feet do indeed require shock absorption. Keep this in mind while you shop for the best shoes.

Finally, you should simply avoid shoes with arch support or heel support. However, be wary of a raised heel. Do not stress out your muscles on the job. Instead, treat your feet right during a long day on the job. Make sure that you get the best hairdressers shoes for your lifestyle and preferences.


Comfortability is the last essential factor to focus on. You need comfortable shoes no matter what. Bottom line, uncomfortable shoes make daily life awful. Especially if you stand and walk all day. Therefore, uncomfortable shoes are an absolute no go. Always keep an eye out for extra cushioning. This guarantees you at least get some type of soft comfort. Cushioning helps you relax after standing up for five hours straight or more!

The footbed, or insole, is key to comfort. First and foremost, look for insoles with memory foams. Memory foam is a premier type of cushioning that keeps you cozy. As a result, the best hairdressers shoes definitely have some type of extra foam cushioning. Furthermore, look out for removable footbed as well. This allows enough room for an orthotic. Orthotics help enhance your already comfortable shoe!

Finally, always pay attention to the toe box. Now, this seems silly at first. However, anyone can notice the difference between extra toe room and no toe room. As a matter of fact, you notice immediately. A tight toe box cramps up your toes and is incredibly comfortable. Make sure that you get a good shoe with roomy toe space. Then, enjoy the best hairdresser shoes each and every day!


The final three factors are all subjective. Basically, every customer must decide what matters and what does not. The two most common materials are both leather and mesh. However, these materials are completely different and provide a different appearance. Leather is best for professionals. You can look experienced and competent from the feet up. But, leather comes with detractors in the best hairdressers shoes.

Leather is a heavier material than mesh. Thus, the shoes are usually heavier than mesh shoes. Furthermore, leather can be stiff and is not flexible. Therefore, it does not move with you like mesh material. Clearly, the mesh is better for constant movement. So you need to decide what you value more. Do you want to look professional or feel comfortable on the job?

Mesh material is breathable and soft. As a result, it does not constrict your movement. You move around freely and let air alleviate sweat. This lets you stay as cool and calm as possible on the job. Get the best hairdressers shoes with the right material for you. No two customers are the same. Therefore, no two customers want the same material!


Style is in the eye of the customer. As previously stated, not everyone is the same. As a result, not everyone has the same sense of style. Stick to what you like in shoes. After all, you are the one wearing this shoe. Thus, it should be a shoe that you think looks good!

Do you value comfortability and support more than style? There is nothing wrong with this idea. Instead, it actually makes sense. Stylists should definitely look fashionable. But, your shoes are only your shoes. Furthermore, how many customers take the time to fully inspect your shoes. So you need to take into consideration whether or not style matters. Then, move forward and get the best hairdressers shoes for your preferences. Style or not, you will be happy with the results.

Now, you may be able to get the best of both worlds. For instance, there are multiple Croc clogs on this list. These are not the best looking shoes. However, the ventilation holes allow for stylish charm accessories. As a result, you can take unattractive shoes and make them look great. Remember this as you shop for the best hairdressers shoes.

Brand Name

Finally, brand name is definitely the most subjective factor. Customers may care about a brand name more than anything else. However, customers may also think that a brand name means next to nothing. Treat the brand name as you like. After all, a brand name does not always guarantee the best results. If you like brand name products then buy brand name shoes. If not, then just find the best hairdressers shoes for your particular needs!

You can use brand name information to get the best hairdressers shoes. For instance, there are certain brands that make really comfortable shoes. The best examples are Skechers and Crocs. Skechers aims to make really cozy slip-on shoes. The same can be said for Crocs. As a result, these two brands have plenty of the best hairdressers shoes.

Best Hairdressers Shoes Reviews

The job of a hairdresser is incredibly difficult. After all, you are responsible for someone else’s hair. You cannot be off of your game. As a result, you need to get the best possible shoes for your feet. Focus on all of the previous factors and important qualities. Use these factors to pick one of the following ten shoe options We guarantee that you will find something great out of this bunch. Then, you can go to work wearing the best hairdressers shoes.

1. Sanuk Women’s Donna Crochet Loafer Flat

Look no further if you want the best hairdressers shoes on the market. The Donna Crochet Loafer Flat from Sanuk truly does it all. You get premier comfort, a great design, and slip-on convenience all at a great price. Do not hesitate to buy these shoes today. You will not regret it. The soft canvas lining is great for long hours on your feet. As a result, this is one of the best shoes for hairdressers.

A rubber sole is built for traction and grip. All the while, a Happy U rubber sponge outsole is built to last. Furthermore, this Happy U rubber sponge outsole is soft and comfy. This combines together with the 100% fabric design. The soft touch comes in handy after a long and stressful day. Get the proper relief that you need for your feet. Best of all, the slip-on design lets you get in and out in a jiffy. This is great when you want to kick back and relax on break!

Finally, the last highlight is the premium, molded EVA footbed. This footbed comes with an antimicrobial additive designed to decrease the spread of bacteria. Bacteria is the source of all bad foot odor. So you can buy the best hairdressers shoes and get rid of any bad smells. Long days become so much better with this pair of shoes!



  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Soft Material
  • Slip-on Convenience



  • Shoes Run Small


2. Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat

Now, these shoes are expensive. Thus, shoppers on a budget should look elsewhere. You do not need to reach out of your budget for shoes. There are plenty of affordable options below. But, stop right here if you want to spend some serious cash. These are the best hairdressers shoes for a premium price. Spend more money for more style and a high-quality pair of shoes.

You can pick from a number of different stylish materials. This includes patent leather and suede. Both of these materials are comfortable but incredibly sleek. Furthermore, the materials look very professional as well. Impress your boss and show off to other coworkers. Best of all, you get premier support and comfort at all times. Take the pressure off of your feet all throughout the workday.

The hook-and-loop design guarantees the very best possible fit. Take time to properly adjust the closure. Get your preferred fit and nothing else. All the while, the PU outsole is built to prevent heel pressure. This feature is for anyone with Plantar Fasciitis. Now, these shoes may come with sizing issues. Be sure to read through reviews to get the proper information. That way, you get the best hairdressers shoes in the correct size!



  • Stylish Appearance
  • Professional Shoe
  • Hook-And-Loop Closure


  • Expensive Price Tag
  • Issues With Size


3. Crocs Women’s Classic Slip-on Clog

Do you want to save money without sacrificing value? If so, then you want the most valuable hairdressers shoes. Well, you are in luck. Crocs make some of the cheapest and most comfortable clogs on the market. Therefore, they obviously make some of the best hairdressers shoes available. Now, these are not the most stylish shoes. But, you get the best performance and convenience!

Croc shoes are actually very popular amongst nurses. For the same reason, these shoes are great for hairdressers. Hair and other dirt will wash right off of this croc. Best of all, the ventilation holes offer the most breathability. You will never sweat too much during a long shift. Plus, you can slide these clogs right off whenever you need to!

The lightweight design provides great mobility. Move around the workplace with little to no effort. Enjoy the supportive and fully molded Crocs Croslite material. This provides you with some of the best comfort available. However, you do not have to empty out your wallet. Look no further if you want to save some money on the best hairdressers shoes.



  • Croslite Support
  • Heel Strap Design
  • Wide Shoes
  • Easy To Clean


  • No Style
  • Size Issues


4. Skechers Women’s Flex Appeal 2.0

Forget everything you know about Skechers. As mentioned earlier, their aim is comfort and convenience. Thus, they have a few of the best hairdressers shoes on the market. Specifically, this Flex Appeal 2.0 is top of the line. The lace-up closure is great for support and a tight fit. All the while, synthetic material is flexible and moves with you. You can move freely without constraint. This lets you focus in on your job!

A knit fabric upper is breathable and incredibly comfortable. Also, it is built for movement and durability. The FlexSole 2.0 lightweight shock absorbing midsole is good for flat feet. Take the pressure off of your feet at work. Get the best pain relief that you need from some of the best hairdressers shoes. Long days require supportive and protective features for your feet.

The air-cooled memory foam cushioned insole is made for comfort. You get to stand on one of the best insoles on the market. All the while, the rubber outsole provides a great grip. But, it does not sacrifice flexibility and versatility. Also, a smooth synthetic overlay covers the laces panel. This overlay enhances the durability of your shoes. Buy yourself some of the best hairdressers shoes today!



  • Premier Comfort
  • Skechers Brand Name
  • Attractive Shoes
  • Lightweight



  • Shoelaces Are Subpar
  • Shoes Run Small


5. Crocs Women’s Classic Fuzz Lined Clog Shoe

First and foremost, this Croc Clog is considered an Amazon #1 Best Seller. Basically, this is an incredibly popular shoe. Customers buy this shoe frequently and are always happy. As a result, you can get some of the best hairdressers shoes in an instant. The heel strap provides a tight and secure fit. However, you can move this strap out of the way for a looser fit. Get the most comfortable shoes for your job!

The Croslite material in the midsole is lightweight but provides the best comfort and cushioning. Buy this clog if you need any type of extra support. Also, the non-marking outsole never scuffs the floor. All the while, you enjoy some exceptional comfort. Ventilation clogs are made for more than just breathability. Pin Jibbitz charms into the holes for personalization. As a result, you get a shoe that fits your personality.

Now, this is not a good looking shoe. But, what it gives up in style it makes up in comfort. Especially with the synthetic fleece lining. This is ideal for anyone that has cold feet or lives in a cold area. Do not waste time at work without a comfortable pair of shoes. Get some of the best hairdressers shoes on the market!



  • Sustain Shape Over Time
  • Great Durability
  • Very Comfortable
  • Excellent Support



  • Narrow Shoe
  • Shoes Run Small


6. CLARKS Women’s Leisa Sadie Clog

Looking for a professional looking shoe? Well, you are in luck. This Leisa Sadie Clog from CLARKS is a great pick. A 100% leather design is both attractive and also serious. Let your boss know that you are professional and clean. All the while, you do not sacrifice comfortability or support. Furthermore, you get a simple and convenient slide-on design. Get out of the door in a jiffy in the morning with this slip-on design.

The soft cushion feels good during a long day of work. Also, the rubber sole provides good grip and traction. This is ideal for the floor surfaces inside of a hair salon. Plus, the classic mule design comes with some truly soft interior material. This soft touch relaxes you if you begin to stress out during work. However, the best part is the supportive ortholite footbed.

The footbed is one of the most important parts of the shoe. After all, this is what separates your foot from the ground. Now, there are some detractors with the Leisa Sadie Clog. For instance, leather material may be too stiff for some. Also, this shoe may potentially run large as well. Be sure to look out for reviews. Furthermore, think about what matters the most in your hairdresser shoes. That way, you buy the best hairdressers shoes available.



  • Professional Appearance
  • Sleek Design
  • Great Material
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Nice Price



  • Shoes Run Large
  • Not Wide


7. Vans Unisex Classic Slip-on Black

Do you value style more than anything else? If so, the Vans Classic Black slip-ons are best for your feet. Now, you may not think that Vans are a manufacturer of professional shoes. But, these are some sharp shoes. Thus, you can pull off a stylish and stern outfit in the workplace. The black on black design is one of the many color combinations as well. So you can pick from a number of different colors to match your personality. Due to this, the Vans Classic slip-ons are some of the bets hairdressers shoes.

The canvas upper is built to protect your feet. Canvas material is strong and durable. Plus, there is a good rubber sole built for premier traction and grip This traction is handy on wood surfaces inside of a hair salon. Best of all, the slip-on design is ridiculously convenient. Get in and out of these shoes in a few seconds. This is great after a long day at work when you walk through your front door!

Now, the Vans Classic is amongst the best hairdressers shoes available. But, there are some detractors. Customers note sizing issues in the reviews on Amazon. Use these reviews to your advantage. It will help you order the proper size and avoid the pesky return policy. Also, these shoes are a bit narrow in the toe. Keep this in mind while shipping for your hairdresser shoes!



  • Stylish Shoe
  • Great Grip & Traction
  • Slip-on Design



  • Narrow Toe
  • Lack Of Support


8. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

As previously mentioned, Skechers makes some of the best slip-on shoes available. Therefore, the Go Walk 3 shoes are certainly amongst the best hairdressers shoes on the market. You can rely on the rubber sole for premier traction. Get around the hair salon with great grip. You will not slip, fall, or stumble at work! All the while, the Goga pillars technology on the missile and outsole are super comfortable. As a result, you do not deal with pain at work!

The lightweight design is ideal for moving around at work. Thus, this slip-on shoe is built with high-performance FitKnit mesh material. Best of all, this material actively cools you on the job. Your feet will not overheat even during the hot summer season. Furthermore, the memory form fit design comes with memory foam padding all around the heel. Thus, you get a very personal fit for your heel. Relieve any potential heel pressure or pain with this shoe.

The integrated Goga Pillars are smart and provide the best flexibility. As a result, you enjoy a responsive walking experience. All the while, that memory foam keeps you cozy. Now, these are not the most stylish shoes on the market. So do not buy the Go Walk 3 shoes if you want something good looking. Instead, these are the best hairdressers shoes for comfort and support!



  • Superior Support
  • High-Quality Comfort
  • Responsive Walking Experience



  • Potential Durability Issues
  • Sizing Problems


9. Dansko Women’s Professional Mule

The Mule is definitely the most professional hairdresser shoes available. Keep this in mind while shopping for the best hairdressers shoes. All the while, you get plenty of support and protection. Best of all, Mule shoes are built with a slip-on design. You can slide these shoes on while heading to work. Slide these shoes right off after a long day of work. You enjoy premier convenience no matter what!

The 100% leather design looks sleek and stunning. The firm foot and arch support is great for extra relief. A contoured midsole is built for optimal comfortability. This is a key quality in any shoe for a hairdresser. After all, you need some comfortable shoes o your feet. Especially during a long 8-hour shift! However, the shock absorption is definitely the real star here!

The impact of your foot landing on the ground creates pressure and an impact shock. As a result, shock absorption material is used to lessen the impact. That way, there is little to not stress and pain on your feet. Instead, you simply walk without hindering foot pain! Now, this is a very expensive shoe. Do not go out of your comfort zone if you have a budget. Also, the shoes are man-made. The sizing is incredibly specific. Be careful so that you get the proper size with the bets hairdressers shoes!



  • Handmade Shoes
  • Professional Styling
  • Slip-on Design


  • Handmade Shoe Size
  • Expensive


10. Skechers Women’s Go Joy Walking Shoe

This is the previous generation of the earlier Go Joy 3 Walking Shoe. While it is older, it is still a great shoe. The 100% textile design enables natural movement. Plus, the synthetic sole is built for the best possible traction. You need a good grip while inside of a hair salon. That way, you can move around without slipping on hair and more. Best of all, this is one of the best hairdressers shoes at a very low price!

The responsive 5Gen cushioning is absolutely wondrous. Your feet feel like they are on clouds. Plus, the Goga Max high rebound insole is bouncy and supportive. Best of all, the breathable upper mesh is cool and moves with you. Do not sweat profusely while on the job. Instead, get relief from the hot weather and feel good at all times. The best hairdressers shoes should make your day so much easier. If not, then they are not the best shoes for you!

A soft fabric lining and padded collar work together. As a result, they create a soft feeling for your feet. All the while, the lightweight design does not wear on your feet. You can move freely with absolutely no problems! Also, the slip-on design is great for life on the go. Get yourself some of the best hairdressers shoes on the market. You will love your new shoes!



  • Comfortable For Foot Problems
  • Perfect Work Shoes
  • Attractive Price Tag
  • Great Value



  • Durability Issues


Conclusion and Final Hairdressers Shoes Recommendations

Hopefully, this list has helped you learn about good shoes for hairdressers. There are plenty of important qualities in the best shoes for hairdressers. You need to navigate these factors to get the best possible shoe. Whether you want style, comfort, or support, get the best shoes for you. Furthermore, customers should adhere to some type of budget. That way, you do not spend too much money on shoes!

Below are a number of specific recommendations for customers. Do you want the best shoes overall for hairdressers? Looking to spend as much money possible for the best value possible? Or do you like to save money on a good deal? The recommendations below have all the answers you need. Use them to buy yourself the best hairdressers shoes on the market!

Best Hairdressers Shoes Overall: Sanuk Women’s Donna Crochet Loafer Flat


If you want the best shoes overall then you want the best of everything. You want comfort, style, support, stability, and a good price tag. Luckily, the Donna Crochet Loafer Flat from Sanuk is just for you. The slip-on design is incredibly convenient. Plus, the Happy U rubber sponge outsole is built for premier comfort. Best of all, you save plenty of money in the process. Get yourself some great, new shoes today!


Best Hairdressers Shoes at a Premium Price: Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat


Want to spend a bunch of money on your hairdresser shoes? If so, then the Alegria Paloma Flat is the best shoe for you. The leather design looks stern and serious. As a result, you look like an experienced professional every single day. Get the best comfort, support, and appearance. But, remember that this is an expensive shoe.


Best Hairdressers Shoes for Value: Crocs Women’s Classic Slip On Clog


Clogs are the most valuable shoes for hairdressers on the market. You can spend less money than usual and get more quality than usual. All the while, you still great convenience and comfort. Remember that this shoe is not good looking though. If you care about style or appearance then look elsewhere!


Frequently Asked Questions About Hairdressers Shoes

Should I Go For A Professional Appearance Or For Comfort?

This depends on your work environment. Professional outfits are best for upscale and ritzy salons. However, these are far few between. Generally speaking, you can get away with sneakers at most hair salons. As a result, you can get away with clogs and slip-on shoes as well. Make sure you look at coworkers shoes for a good frame of reference. Also, just ask your boss if you are unsure!

Are Slip-on Shoes The Best Option?

For the most part yes. Slip-on shoes provide more convenience than any other shoe. All you do is slide the shoe on and slide the shoe off. It is handy when you are running late or in a rush. Always remember what matters most to you. That will give you the best results while shopping for shoes.

What If I Need Support For Flat Feet?

Now, if you have flat feet then schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. A podiatrist is basically a foot doctor. They can inspect and evaluate the status of your foot. Simply put, flat feet enhance the pain of impact shock. Impact shock is when your foot lands while walking or running. Flat feet need shock absorption more than anything else. Also, a cushioned footbed is another incredibly helpful feature!

What Is The Most Important Feature For The Best Hairdressers Shoes?

The key feature will definitely be some type of comfortable cushioning. The footbed is all that separates your foot from the ground. A paper-thin footbed is not going to provide any protection. As a result, your feet take a beating from the ground. Instead, get shoes with a thick cushioned footbed. It helps you enjoy more comfort while hard at work!

Can I Just Wear Comfortable Running Shoes?

This all depends on the workplace environment. Some hair salons may allow informal shoes such as this. However, other salons may not allow for this type of shoe. As mentioned early, survey other coworkers outfits and clothing. Also, just take a moment to ask your boss. They will surely provide you with guidelines and recommendations!

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