9 Best Fuzzy Socks of 2021

Best Fuzzy Socks

As far as gift giving goes, there are a whole lot of things you can do.  No matter the time of year, however, there is one way you can never really go wrong: giving the gift of warmth.  One way to do that is by buying someone near and dear to you a pair of fuzzy socks.  Nothing says that you care more without paying a whole bundle of cash like buying a very specific item for a person that is special to you and your life.  By purchasing something customized and tailored to them, you can literally knock that other pair of socks right off of them!  Today, we are going to be delving into the world of fuzzy socks as we attempt to inform you about all you need to know.  We’ll also be concluding our buying guide with some reviews of the top items out there, all we try to get you the best info and selections in one single place.  So, let’s get started!

Top Fuzzy Socks Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Loritta 5 Pack Wool Winter Crew Socks35% Wool + 29% Cotton + 36% Polyester$$Check Price On Amazon
2. BambooMN Super Soft Animal Face Socks1% spandex, 99% Polyester$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Zando Women’s Microfiber Winter Fuzzy SocksFabric$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Tipi Toe Women’s 3 Pair Fuzzy Crew Socks98% Polyester 2% Spandex$Check Price On Amazon
5. Dr. Scholl’s Low Cut Soothing Spa 2 Pack Socks99% Polyester, 1% Spandex$Check Price On Amazon
6. Azue Fuzzy Microfiber SocksPolyester & Spandex$$Check Price On Amazon
7. SK Hat Shop 6 Pair Winter Fuzzy SocksMicrofiber$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Ugg Women’s Cozy Chenille Socks98% Polyester, 2% Spandex$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Amazon Essentials Women’s 4 Pack Fuzzy Socks99% Polyester, 1% Elastane$$Check Price On Amazon

Fuzzy Socks Buying Guide

Benefits of Fuzzy Socks

Before we get too far along, we need to discuss the features and benefits that a pair of fuzzy socks bring to the table.  Why are they just such an awesome gift idea that can’t be passed up upon?  In this section, we’re going to break it all down for you so that you’ll know you’re justified in your thinking in this area, at least!


As we talked about in the opener, one of the things that is going to come along with a pair of fuzzy socks is going to be warmth.  The better and thicker a material is, the more warmth that is to be expected to come with it.  It’s really that simple.  Virtually any pair of fuzzy socks is going to be better at keeping those little ‘piggies’ warm than a regular pair of socks.  While there are going to be various factors that determine whether or not the socks in question are best for inside or outside use, there is little denying that they are a great idea for someone that is always having issues keeping warm.


Another aspect that we have yet to touch on here is that of comfort.  Comfort is always huge with any piece of clothing, and it’s even more paramount when we start talking about footwear of any kind.  With fuzzy socks, you’re almost guaranteed to be super comfy.  Warmth is nice to have, but it’s just one tiny part of being comfortable.  Because fuzzy socks are almost always super soft to the touch, they will be easy to wear and will not dig into you like so many ordinary socks do.  It may not seem to be a huge deal, but it’s really quite the feat to pull off.


The other thing that we will point out here is going to have to do with a person’s individual sense of style.  Style and looks, like comfort, are must haves with footwear.  You could create the perfect pair of shoes or socks, but if a person doesn’t like how they look, chances are they will not be wearing them very often.  That’s just how we operate as human beings!  So, to get around this, you should always aim to match up the looks of a pair of fuzzy socks with a person’s personality.  If they like animals, then there are choices for that.  There are also plenty of them out there with winter themes, which so many of us just love as the weather gets cooler.  If you don’t want to go that in-depth, you can also just pick out a pair that has their favorite color included.  Anything to make you, or the person you are buying for, feel a little bit more special and cared for is a great thing!


Another big plus of a pair of fuzzy socks is that they are relatively inexpensive on almost all occasions.  There are going to be times where the socks cost more than what you’d think, but those are pretty rare.  Even the upper echelon of cost on our list today is not all that much when compared to a pair of medium priced shoes or to much more expensive gifts that you could end up giving to someone for Christmas or a birthday.  With a pair of fuzzy socks, you have the real opportunity to give a nice, thoughtful present to someone that will not break the bank, all the while impressing them with how much attention you have paid to them.  A lot of times, even, you will find exceptional deals abounding with them.  You might find multiple pairs for a very low price, making it even more worth your time and money to buy them!


When it comes to socks, you are always going to see a whole lot of wiggle room.  There are going to be pairs that are great at lasting for a long time, and then there will be pairs that are going to be super comfortable.  More often than not, you will only see a pair meet one of those two niches, rather than both.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t get both comfort and durability, mind you, it’s just that it is harder to find that.  When it comes to the problem of durability, what you need to look at is the materials that are used and the craftsmanship that has been put into effect.  The best materials, in terms of durability, are going to be ones that are thicker and fuller.  This will allow the be more firm.  Synthetics are the best choice as far as this goes, as they have been engineered by humans to be stronger and to resist tearing.

Materials are huge, obviously, but you can have the very best out there and then have them come undone by poor design.  If there are zippers or buttons that don’t work, what good are they to you, after all?  So, you need to look at everything, such as the seams and the inner linings.  Some pairs are going to be better than others.

How you use your fuzzy socks is also going to determine how much use you ultimately are going to be able to get from them as well.  A general principle to keep in mind is that the harder the wear is, the less time you will get out of it.  Let’s take a pair of shoes, for example.  If you were to have three people wear the same shoes, who would last the longest: a person that ran in theirs every day, a person that only walked, or a person that simply sat?  It’s the latter.  The harsher the treatment, the less durability you get.  That’s not to say that you should do nothing in your socks, but it does goes to say that you should only use them for what they are made for.  Most fuzzy socks are made so that you can lounge around and be lazy in.  There are some exceptions to the rule, but this is just the way it usually is.  Using your socks in the right scenario is going to play a pivotal rule in how long they last.


Another big contributing factor when it comes to any pair of socks is going to be how flexible- or inflexible- they are.  If you have a pair of socks that you can’t get on your feet, after all, you’re going to have a whole lot of problems.  What you need to do is make sure that you have a pair of socks that will flex some.  However, you don’t want too much of that.  Socks that are made with too much spandex like material, or poor materials, will sag too much and that will cause them to slip and crumple up as you walk.  This can cause you to fall, create blisters, or just be annoying.  So, it should go without saying that this is a central part of picking out a good pair of socks and you should avoid going with a pair that does not bend at all or does so too much.


One thing you may not be thinking about much with fuzzy socks is whether they will cause slips or not.  Let’s just look at the objective truth here.  You are going to be wearing fuzzy socks, most of the time, by themselves in the house as you ‘chill.’  You’re not going to wear them with shoes, and if you do, it’s not going to be for long.  So that means you need to make sure that you aren’t going to end up injuring yourself while wearing them.  The best way to be protected from the floor is to make sure that you have grips on them.  Not all of the pairs out there have this, and it might not be needed in your case, but it’s nice to have.  If you are buying for someone that is older, has had recent injuries, or is just generally clumsy, this can be nice to have.  It’s a feature that never hurts, either, so it’s not like you’ll lose any points by going with a non-slip selection.

Taking Care of Fuzzy Socks

Just as is the case with shoes and all sorts of clothing, you are going to have to take special steps to ensue that your fuzzy socks stay in as good a shape as possible.  Some people are simply more savvy when it comes to taking care of items, so it’s a good idea for us to break down just what you should do and what you shouldn’t do.

When it comes to washing fuzzy socks, there are going to be plenty of questions and concerns out there.  With that said, the answer to the age old question is “no, you shouldn’t wash them in the washer.”  While there is a chance, in theory, that you could get away with it, depending on the material, doing so is not very smart.  You could end up compromising the quality or durability of them, so you should really be sticking to hand washing them only.

As far as everything else goes, it’s also worth noting that you need to be treating your socks well.  This sounds like good old fashion common sense, and realistically, it is.  You want to make sure that you are not being harsh with your socks.  If you wear them all of the time, they will wear out quicker than those that wear them less.  Wearing them for the correct purpose is also nice.  If you wear them harshly and are too rough on them, they will tear.  It’s not hard to understand this point, but it does deserve a mention nonetheless!

Pay Careful Attention To Sizing

Before we get into our reviews, one very important tip we have is to pay really close attention to the sizes that are offered for a pair of fuzzy socks.  Fuzzy socks, just like shoes and all other footwear types out there, can vary a lot in regards to their size.  One good tip that we can give is to try and size yourself up a little bit with fuzzy socks.  As we discussed earlier, you want to be comfortable while wearing them.  The only issue with this, though, is that you have to take into account how big- or small- the socks generally run.  If 90% of the people agree on them being big or small, or whatever, then there is a high likelihood they are that way and that you need to adjust.  To make sure you make the right decision, make sure to look over sizing charts, any info provided by the seller, and reviews as well.  By doing so, you will have a much more complete and thorough outlook of what you need to buy and how to size yourself accordingly.

The Top 9 Fuzzy Socks of 2019 Reviews

  1. Loritta 5 Pack Wool Winter Crew Socks

If you want a great ‘wintry mix’ of socks, then look no further than these fuzzies here. At a low price- for five pairs- you are sure to get top notch value from them. With wool, cotton, and polyester making them up, they will strong yet will be soft and breathable as well, which is not something you’d expect to hear from a pair of fuzzy socks at all.  With nice elastics to them to help keep them on your feet, you won’t be losing them or seeing them come flying off at inopportune times.  They also come with a risk free guarantee that promises to make things right if you have any issues with them.  Not too many people have had those, so that’s a very big part of why they are here at the top of our list!


  • Great value
  • Multiple pairs
  • Lots of breathability and warmth
  1. BambooMN Super Soft Animal Face Socks

Coming in at #2 is another pair that is sure to make someone super happy with them. With a range of animals on them, these socks are designed with one goal in mind: making you stand out all the while being warm and comfy. Made from mostly polyester (99%, in fact), they are going to be very strong yet will air out well so you don’t go over baked, if you will.  On top of that, they have a non slip grip to them on the bottom that will make sure you can run through the house on those slick floors without sliding and being harmed!  This makes them a great idea for someone in the hospital, in addition to just general house wear.  Like the first offering, these have great value, with a low price getting you three pairs.  It’s hard to go wrong with these, they are just that nice!


  • Awesome animal designs
  • Non slip grip
  • Very tough yet breathable
  1. Zando Women’s Microfiber Winter Fuzzy Socks

Up next is yet another example of company that gives you a ton of value for your dollar. With five pairs coming in at a very manageable price, it’s hard to overlook these. These are not as flashy as some of the others, with just a one tone color being used, but they are by no means ugly or a detriment to fashion in anyway.  Made to be super plush and soft to the touch, they also are made to stretch without doing so too much.  Some fuzzy socks don’t stretch well at all, so it’s nice to see that these do have some of that while not allowing them to bend and break too much, if you will.  The nice thing, among others, about them is that they are also breathable in addition to being able to give you warmth.  This is going to allow you to stay bundled in or be on the move just a bit better than what you’re accustomed to for sure!


  • Extreme value
  • Will match with virtually any color
  • Stretches but doesn’t sag
  1. Tipi Toe Women’s 3 Pair Fuzzy Crew Socks

If you are looking for a lot of variety in terms of colors, then look no further than these here. These have all sorts of patterns and designs to help you stand out in the crowd and make those around you happier than you can imagine. Made from polyester and spandex, these are tough and durable, all the while being able to stretch just the right amount without sagging like so many of those other pairs you have laying around the house do.  Like the others we have seen so far, they come in at a very impressive value, giving you three pairs once again for quite a low price.  With silicone grips on the bottom of them, too, they will not slip regardless if you are wearing them solely or are using them in conjunction with shoes.  One of the best things with the fashion here is that they have some very outlandish styles and also some understated ones, which will help you key in on the perfect gift!


  • All kinds of styles and looks
  • Stretches just the right amount
  • Has non slip grips on the bottom
  1. Dr. Scholl’s Low Cut Soothing Spa 2 Pack Socks

Dr. Scholl’s is mostly known for their inserts and orthotics, but they come into the list here with a pair of socks that will serve a purpose you may not have known you needed or wanted. These ‘spa’ socks are infused with Vitamin E and are intended to help soothe your feet in order to moisturize them. On top of that, they are designed to make sure that irritations happen at a minimum, ensuring that if you have sensitive feet you will be taken care of.  One of the main things that are different with these ‘fuzzies’ is also going to be their low cut nature.  Most of them are crew socks and come up quite high, so this is a nice change up from that.  They even have grippers on the bottom to help you on wooden floors or on tile, helping you to stay safe.  They can even be washed in the washer, which is different, too, making them stand out even more.


  • Moisturizes your feet
  • Won’t ride up as high as others
  • Can be machine washed
  1. Azue Fuzzy Microfiber Socks

If you are looking for maximum value, then this is probably the best way to go. Even on a list where we have a ton of value, this one stands out as you can get as many as seven pairs for a low, super affordable price point. Made from polyester and spandex, these are super soft to the touch, yet fairly durable and functional as well.  With multiple design types, featuring solids and other patterns, you’ll be sure to find something you love to wear that keeps you warm without restricting you all that much.  Just remember that you do get what you pay for.  These are not the same high quality as many out there, and they are also going to run quite small as well.  So you will need to take those facts into account before going ahead and placing an order.


  • Supreme value
  • Super soft
  • Stretchy and warm


  • Runs quite small
  1. SK Hat Shop 6 Pair Winter Fuzzy Socks

Coming up next is another listing that is going to give you, you guessed it, a lot of value. They do so, in large part, because they are not going to go up as high as others do. They aren’t low cut like the Dr. Scholl’s offering was, but they are in between them and the ‘normal’ ones out there, helping to give you some options to pick from.  With solid colors, it must be said that these are a little bit plain when compared to the others out there.  That may not be a deal breaker for you, but for some it will be, without a doubt.  These are not as thick and fluffy as many out there, which helps the price be driven down.  With that said, they do have a lot of comfort built into them, so that’s not going to hurt you too much there.  Quality control is also an issue, so there may not be perfection as far as they go when they arrive to you.


  • Very good price
  • In between length
  • Quite comfy


  • QC problems occasionally
  • Plain looking to some
  1. Ugg Women’s Cozy Chenille Socks

Up next is going to be our premium choice on the list, coming to you from Ugg. We all know Ugg, so you know what to expect here. For the price you have seen many pairs on the list so far, you get just one pair.  That’s the downside with Ugg.  On the plus side, though, you get top notch quality thanks to a combination of polyester and spandex.  These two ‘ingredients’ work well to make them last longer and make them stretchy enough to easily be worn.  They have a pull on closure and can be washed in a machine, making them quite desirable and easy to deal with on laundry day.  They are made out fleece, too, which makes them ultra warm when compared to others.  If you can get around the price, then the warmth and extreme comfort are well worth paying for!


  • Super warm
  • Flexible and durable
  • Well known and trusted brand


  • High price point
  1. Amazon Essentials Women’s 4 Pack Fuzzy Socks

Rounding out our list today is a pair from Amazon’s own group. With this choice, you get four pairs of socks for a low value, yet they will have decent quality to them to make you happy enough with your selection. With designs that range from the plain Jane look to the Christmas season style, you will have a little of everything.  These utilize polyester and spandex, helping give you a bit of flexibility without going overboard.  They’ve also got a decent level of durability to them as well, as you would expect from them.  One thing to keep in mind is that they don’t have a closure, so that’s something to take note of and account for.  They are not as thick as some others, but that seems to suit a lot of consumers that have issues with sweaty feet, so it’s a net gain!


  • Great value
  • Flexible and durable
  • All kinds of styles


  • No closure

Conclusion And Final Fuzzy Socks Recommendations

It may seem a little silly at first glance to have an entire article dedicated to fuzzy socks.  But when you look at the facts, it actually makes sense.  The sock market is a massive market, and there are unfathomable amounts of money being spent every year on socks.  Rather than buying something that you or another person hates, you can take your time and pick out something that actually lives up to what you want them to do.  There is a whole lot more to fuzzy socks than just looking neat and keeping the wearer warm, though those are definitely two of the best things about them.  At any rate, after our guide today you’ll now be in a much better position to go out and make the best decision for you and your needs!

FAQ’s About Fuzzy Socks

Why Is It Difficult To Find Men’s Fuzzy Socks?

Well, when you look at the numbers of shoes and socks out there and who buys them, in general, it’s easy to see why.  Women overwhelmingly buy the most shoes, so it’s extremely reasonable to think that they will also be purchasing the most socks of anyone.  Furthermore, when you get into the nitty gritty of fuzzy socks, it just makes sense that there will be more on offer for women.  Women like prettier things with patterns on them, while men don’t care as much and will just wear whatever if left to their own devices.  This is not to say that there isn’t a time and place for men to want or to wear them.  It’s just how it is and how the market works itself out!

Should Brand Be Paid Attention To?

The answer here is that it’s really just up to you.  Most of the time you are not going to have heard of a company that is making socks.  That’s just the way it is, regardless of the type you are buying.  There are exceptions to the rule, those always exist, mind you, but usually you are going to see this being the case.  With brands, it does sometimes help to know who you are dealing with, but it’s also nice to go outside of the box and get something different.  With certain styles, you have to do this, rendering the whole brand thing obsolete, effectively.

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