7 Best Freebird Boots of 2021: Function and Fashion Meet  


With winter approaching, and many of us already well in the throws of it, a nice pair of boots sounds just like what you need.  That’s exactly what Freebird boots are, some of the nicest, most well-worked boots in the world.  The company has a number of styles that they put out every year, all made with high quality materials to suit your desires and needs.  On top of that, they are super fashionable and are bound to make the lady in your life very happy if you are to gift her a pair.

Today, we will be taking a closer look at Freebird boots and answering your questions about them.  We will then take a look at the most popular pairs currently for sell in our buying guide.

Top Freebird Boots Comparison Chart

ProductShaft TypePriceWhere to Buy?
Freebird Beau Riding BootKnee-High$$$Check on Amazon
Freebird Women’s Brew Ankle BootieBooties$$$Check on Amazon
Freebird Casey Ankle BootieBooties$$$Check on Amazon
Freebird Farah Winter BootBooties$$$Check on Amazon
Freebird Rodeo Western BootOver-The-Knees$$$Check on Amazon
Freebird Mayan Riding BootKnee-High$$$Check on Amazon
Freebird Hope Ankle BootBooties$$$Check on Amazon

Freebird Boots Buying Guide


Remarkably, Freebird boots have only been around about a decade now, showing just how high quality they really are.  A lot of companies have taken many years to reach a status where they are known and loved to this degree, but Freebird have managed to do it in a very short period of time.  Based out of Denver, Colorado, they originally launched just one product.  But the success of those boots have led to them releasing all sorts of looks and designs, from boots that cover up a large part of the leg to those that cover up just a little bit more than shoe would.

The Difference

There are many, many companies in the world that make boots, but what makes Freebird different from those?  For starters, they are both fashionable and known for their commitment to craftsmanship.  So many companies today have overlooked craftsmanship. and quality in order to pump out large volumes of shoes and boots.  Some of them can be good, but others can be bad.  None of them are truly unique, though, and that’s what is lost when you mass produce.

Freebird is different because they take the time to use the craftsmanship.  They use leather, and high caliber leather at that, to craft their products and give it that nice finish.  They do it in conjunction by doing metal work on the boots, which is extremely intricate and careful work.  The thing that the wearer will notice is different is that there are minor flaws on each boot.  This is because they do them individually and go back and stitch those flaws one at a time.  This makes them stand out even more, as if they weren’t already catching the eye enough!


One of the challenges in buying shoes is getting the proper sizing.  The wrong size can be a disaster for you to behold, and you will want to avoid that even more.  However, Freebird boots have a hugely different experience in regards to sizing because they are going to just about have to be bought online.  Because of that, you aren’t going to be able to try them on in a store and make sure.  This puts a lot of pressure upon you to do it right and to get the correct size because no one wants to have to deal with sending back a pair of awesome looking boots when you could be wearing them.  Here are a few things that will help you get the most out of them by picking the right size.

The first thing you need to do is to get your proper size.  Many people will already know this information, but some people just float by and don’t really know.  If you don’t know what size you generally need, or you feel like you have seen changes to your size as a result of growth or new challenges you face, then you need to go to a store and size yourself.  You can even get help at many places to make sure you’ve got the right fit.  I’d even suggest going in and trying on a few pairs of boots, too, because it just never hurts to have a full idea of what you need and how you like to feel.  Maybe you like the look of a low-cut but just hate the feel.  You won’t know that if you buy them online first and then decide you don’t want them for one reason or another.  Also, by doing this, you can sometimes get hints about the fit of them in online reviews and searches.  Shoppers love to compare how one boot fits and feels to the next, and this is a a good clue about how your Freebirds might fit.

As you fit yourself, you need to look for a few things.  First of all, make sure that you do this later in the day, as late as possible in fact.  While you won’t be running in these boots (I mean hopefully- they’re too nice for that), you will still want them to feel good after a while when you feet swell.  Then, make sure you have a thumb between your toe and the end of the boots.  If you don’t have this, then you’re probably going to be an unhappy camper.  Also, make sure the width is good for you.  Some people need wide shoes, others need just a regular toe box (or bed) in which they can rest their feet.  Checking for this might seem trivial in a pair of boots that aren’t Freebirds, but it can be valuable if you like to do comparison shopping, which is a smart strategy whenever you go online.

From there, you can then go to order online and after doing your research (which hopefully I’ve been able to help you with a ton).  In general, you will want to either go with your usual size or a half a size up with the Freebirds.  When we get to our reviews, we will make sure to mention if a shoe runs large or small to try and help you to adjust, but most of the time you will be safe ordering a pair at the size you are used to wearing and shouldn’t be too concerned about a poorly fitting boot.  If you are unsure and on the fence, just go a half size up.  Because these aren’t meant for exercise, you will be a lot happier that way.  You won’t have your foot sliding around all that much in the boot and you will be so happy you didn’t have to have your toes resting in a crinkled up manner for hours on end.  You can be safe in knowing that the leather will stretch, albeit slowly, so even if you aren’t the most comfortable to begin with they can come around and get better and better over time.

Features Freebird Boots Need To Have

There are certain things that all good boots need to have, and Freebird boots also have features to them that need to be present in order for them to be fully effective.  Here is a look at some of the things that have to be considered when you are making a purchasing decision.

The Design

This has to be included on the list, and though it’s not always the most important thing, it is a big part of the reason why ladies love to buy and wear Freebird boots.  Therefore, we are going to talk about this first.  One of the awesome things that you have to be thankful for with a Freebird boot is the fact that they have taken that commitment to craftsmanship. and parlayed it into a brand that emphasizes both fashion and function.  So many times you see companies come out with something that looks good and then just feels terrible on your feet or tears apart, or maybe they just don’t actually do a job in cold weather to keep you very warm.  Even expensive models can end up experiencing this, so you aren’t always safe paying that larger amount of money.  However, with Freebirds you can rest assured that you will be getting both function and really nice fashion to go along with it.

Some factors that you have to consider when thinking about the look you want include what length of boot you want.  Closely related to this is going to have to be an honest admission of your own body.  For example, if you want to wear a boot that is a ‘knee-high’- pretty self explanatory- you will most likely need to be on the curvier side of the spectrum.  If you want an over the knee style, you’ll most likely want to be a little bit more slender or petite looking to get the full effect.  You know best what you want and need, but sometimes those two things don’t parallel and lead to a very good match, so it is important to not just assume everything is going to look great on you.  I’d love to be able to wear squared glasses, but I just can’t because my face doesn’t line up.  It’s the same principle at work.

As far as the actual shoe is concerned, it will almost always be composed of fully leather material.  Leather is a super fine material that gives a premium feel and it stretches over time.  This stretching is a good thing, in moderation, because it will make you more comfortable over time.  There are other materials that can be used to make the boots, such as suede or even synthetic leathers (man made products like polyester or Nylon) count.  These, though, are usually seen in boots that are a shorter length, so just keep that in mind.  The reason why leather is used on the longer lengths is because the boots will have to fit over a number of areas.  Since it is the most amiable material, it just makes sense that they would use it because of its stretching properties.

Other things to consider include zippers, fur, buckles, laces, and the such.  Sometimes, you’ll absolutely love and adore these things, other times you will just not want them.  They can really add or take away, and it really is simply down to personal preference and what you need out of them that will help determine what you want in this area.


We’ve already talked a little bit about materials, but more can be said about them as it relates to the all-around boot instead of just regarding style.  Materials also will determine how much, or how little comfort, you are able to take from the footwear, and thus they can be crucial in deciding whether you love or hate your shoes.  Another thing that they do is help you remain either warm or cool.  If a boot isn’t doing either, chances are the materials are lacking a little and you will not be too happy with them.

One of the other major reasons why you see leather used so much in Freebird boots is because of the time of year they are meant to be worn: winter and fall.  It should go without saying that the weather has turned frightful and that you have got to get something to keep you warm.  Insulation becomes king because without it, you will lose your natural body heat.  Leather is so good at insulating that it is an easy go-to material for crafters and cobblers all over.

Obviously it makes sense because we don’t see most animals freezing to death in normal temperatures, thus leather is good enough for us, too.  Rubber could also be used for this, however, it doesn’t give nearly as much flexibility as leather, like we talked about earlier.  Fabrics can also look very pretty, but their issue is that they aren’t practical in winter because they just let too much heat escape from you.  Other things are also very good for allowing you to get air in, like velvet, satin, and other materials, but those things aren’t good ideas for a winter shoe because insulation is highly coveted.

The sole of the shoe is also a thing that cannot and should not be overlooked.  Too many people take this for granted, and it ends up leaving them scratching their heads.  No matter how cute or trendy the upper, a poor sole of the shoe will leave your feet hurting or possibly leave you on the ground in a heap.  In most cases, the sole will be made of rubber or some synthetic material.  The effect of this is very good for the pocketbook because it lowers the price drastically and is also able to give you a lot of comfort.  In the old days, synthetics were not very comfortable, but over time they have worked them into being quite comfy and moldable to the individual.

Another option for the sole is leather, though it does come with its own downside. The downside of a leather sole is the sheer cost of it, which can get quite high.  However, you do get a lot of benefits from it, chiefly that they mold around the foot better than synthetics can.  Even the best synthetics are going to crumble against leather in regards to how they feel on the foot.  You will also see straps and buckles, or sometimes even laces made out of leather because it allows you to bend and fit much more comfortably and easily into them.


One of the many reasons the Freebird has become so popular has to do with the durability of the boots.  Some people might think that they look a little bit too ‘rugged’ or ‘hard’ or ‘scruffy,’ or something of the like, but there is a good reason why some of them do.  In addition to fashion, it is a commitment to use the best materials possible.  This means the strongest leathers.  This is done so that they can last a long time without wearing out.

Leather is a fine material, no doubt about it, but without using the finest of materials, it, too, is going to wear out over time.  In fact, leather is typically not preferred anymore in many athletic shoes because the durability just isn’t that good.  Thankfully for you, you won’t be doing calisthenics in your boots and they use the best leathers possible.  The leather they use is able to go through the cold temperatures and remain in the line of service.

One reason you might be happy to find out there is a zipper on the boot is if you happen to live in a damp environment.  Cold and wet is one of the most miserable combinations there is, and there isn’t much worse than getting your foot wet when it’s super cold.  A zipper can prevent that.  Not only that, but it also helps the material last much longer when it doesn’t seep in and start to erode the material from the inside.

Stitching is also done at a degree that will make you quite thankful and glad you went with Freebird.  The way they bring the synthetic and leather together is very strong and thus helps them to withstand the pressures of the cold and the wet, too.  Another way they do this is to layer leather so that it’s not just one singular line of defense against those harsh elements.  Some Freebird boots are water resistant and others even have resistance to scratches built in, making them even more of a commodity.

The Shaft

The shaft of a boot is the area of it that goes from your ankle all the way up to the ending point, which could be up to your thigh on certain boots.  So it has to composed of a good material!  This is the area that the vast majority of people will complain about most in regards to a poor fit. Not the part where your foot goes in but this, so it’s very important to carefully consider this aspect.  One way to do that is to measure your calves if you are looking at that kind of footwear.  Some people might have tiny feet and big calves, or vice versa, and it will just not make for a good combination.  One thing that you can be lucky for and be glad to know is that leather is quite stretchable and should help a lot of the time.

But that’s just assuming it is made of leather.  There are a few ways the boots let you in.  Some have no way of expanding themselves, but most Freebirds will have either a zipper, strap, or buckle to help you adjust as best you can.  If you are ever unsure about being able to wear one, it will always be best to make sure you buy a pair with some adjustability and versatility to it, else you will be let with a boot you might not be able to fully fit into.

There are five main categories that the shaft will be called: booties, mid-calf, knee-high, over the knee, and thigh-high.  Most of the time, they will be referred to as these names, but they may also be attributed a number.  Here is a cheat sheet to help you know how they correlate if you have just been given a number (in inches).

Booties: 3-8 in.

Mid-calf: 8-14 in.

Knee-high: 14-18 in.

Over the knees: 18-22 in.

Thigh-highs: 22+ in.

If you are unsure, then you can consult that or even look through reviews and the ‘questions’ section.  If they happen to be listed in another measurement, then you can simply look it up on Google and convert accordingly.

One last tip is that goring can be a major helper in getting your boots.  Goring, also known as elastic, can be built into the shaft.  Elastics (think yoga pants or rubber bands) expands and makes it easier to get into something.  This could be a major helper to getting you in (and out) of your boots!

Best Freebird Boots Reviews

1. Freebird Beau Riding Boot

If you are looking for a pair of boots that will get up to your knees and look great, this is the place to start. The Beau Riding Boots are a perfect blend of fashion and function for someone that wants to look stunning in a number of ways. As if the knee high look wasn’t enough to catch attention, these boots also come with a three inch high heel as well to make you look even taller and stand out even more.  The entire upper and the shaft is made out of leather, which will help you fit into them over time more and more.  The shaft measures 17 in.

One of the major things to point out about them that is different from a lot of other Freebirds is that the zipper is on the outer side of the shoe as opposed to the inner side.  This is just a stylistic change but it will keep people guessing and could wow a few of your friends in the process along the way.  All of the boots in this style have a rustic finish to them, meaning they look stained (or “distressed”) which adds to the touch the brand gives off.

Aside from the few ‘imperfections’ they let take affect and the zipper, there isn’t much else to them, which makes them pretty minimalistic in nature.  The sole is made of leather, so that can be a plus or minus for you.  It will feel comfy on firm and solid ground, but if you are outside it will be tougher on you because you will feel rocks and things as you step.

The other issue that you might not like is that they have a narrow shaft compared to most and also have a pointed toe.  This is not preferable to some in the toe box because it cuts down on the amount of room you have available.



  • Actual high heel
  • All leather in sole and upper
  • Zipper on the inside is different



  • Leather sole not conducive to outside use
  • Shaft is narrow for some
  • Toe bed is pointed


2. Freebird Women’s Brew Ankle Bootie

This particular option, the Brew Ankle Bootie, is just about the exact opposite of the Beau Riding Boot in every way, except for the fact that they are made from the same company and are technically both boots. This pair is much shorter in length, rising to shaft height of just 6 inches. However, they are paired with a 2.75 in heel, which somehow has made them stick out and look as if they are actually much taller through illusion.

Another noticeable change from the Beau is that they have a lot going on.  The Beau is very minimal in design, while the Brew has a whole lot about it with a strap and buckle across the middle, that looks exquisite I might add, and two straps and buckles up at the very top of the shoe, too.  When compared to the Beau it’s definitely a very busy shoe that could match up well for any busy girl out there!

There are also zippers included on both sides of them, which helps decrease the chances of having any problems getting them on to just about zero.  The shaft is only 9.5 inches around, so that probably explains why they have built that in to them for people that will have a harder time getting them off and on.  The way they are designed, with the heel and with the pointed toe space makes them look sexy, but they can also cramp you up a little bit in that region as well.

Another thing that is different to the Beau is that they don’t have the staining to them that they much larger boots do.  However, they come in darker colors only, so you don’t lose out on that look.



  • Sexy looking bootie
  • Appears higher than they are
  • Very easy to get on



  • Shaft is rather narrow
  • Pointed toe space might lead to some problems


3. Freebird Casey Ankle Bootie

If you want something that is more of a mix between the two styles above, then the Casey Ankle Bootie is one to take a look at. Using a more minimal looking style than the earlier bootie, like the Beau, but still giving you the bootie feel and look is what this pair of boots does.

Unlike the prior offering on the list, these boots only have a heel of two inches and don’t appear to make you nearly as tall as the others did.  But that’s not that big of an issue because they look great and much more rugged and offer a much wider shift opening at 12 inches.  With both a leather upper and a leather sole, the boots offer a premium touch and feel and come in three different colors.  The black is the most plain look of the three, but the other two really stick out and come to life.

The upper of the boot doesn’t have all that much to it, and the only couple of places where you really stick out a lot is in the strings that run around the back and loop toward the front and in the very back.  The back has a different texture to it, which not only makes you look unique but also gives you a better feel in terms of overall comfort.

One big problem a lot of people have ran into is that they run small, which can make sizing very difficult with this particular pair.  The insole also has some issues with creasing at times, which makes it feel like you are wearing socks that crinkled up.



  • Simplistic look and design
  • Strings can be loosened to help get a better fit
  • All leather



  • Creases appear in the insole sometimes
  • Runs small and makes ordering tough


4. Freebird Farah Winter Boot

If you’re looking for something a little bit less rugged and a little more elegant, then the Farah is a good option to go with. It’s a little bit of a betweener from what we have looked at so far with it measuring 7.25 inches tall and thus falling under the mid-calf category. The thing that most likely is going to stand out is the suede look, which is very elegant and modern compared to most of the Freebird line.  They also have the tassels in the back that hearken back to a time where cowboys roamed much more prevalently.

On the bottom, there is a platform which also differentiates them from many of the other selections you see from Freebird.  The platform measures an inch and it is very noticeable, making the toe splay upward.  The platform, as well as the heel, which measure in at three inches, are wooden, making for a totally different kind of look than we have seen so far.  The opening of the boot is at 12 inches, which makes it versatile and not too big of a problem to fit into.

Despite the suede look, these are still 100% leather and will feel great and stretch over time for you if there are some problems there.  Because of the wood mentioned earlier, the shoe fits like a clog and is almost a slip on with a lot of style due to that influence.  The shoes, though, do have a couple of issues to be aware of.  One of them is the lack of comfort involved, chiefly in the toe area, which seems to be a common theme so far.  The other is that they tend to run small, which also makes sizing tough to do online.



  • Very classy look
  • Wood platform sticks out
  • Fits like a slip on would



  • Toe space can cramp a little
  • Runs small on most people


5. Freebird Rodeo Western Boot

If you want a totally different look from that of the Farah, then the Rodeo is a good start to make. Like the name implies, it gets back to Western roots with a look that reminds of the good ‘ol days.

The first thing you notice is that they are knee-highs for sure with a measurement of 22 inches tall from the arch.  The second thing you see is the staining of the leather, which is done in a nice way to try and show off the ‘imperfection’ of it as style.  Furthermore, the stitching on them is quite obvious to see and further helps the boot to stick out.

The zipper is located on the outside of the shoe and goes about ¾ of the way up them, which is different from a lot of designs where they go all the way up.  If you want a heel in the boot, then this one has them and they measure at three inches tall.  Down at the bottom part of the boot are built in strap designs that run across them and tiny indentions that set them apart from other models falling under the Freebird name.  These are just meant for looks and don’t really do anything in terms of giving you a better fit.

There is a platform to them, but it is not nearly as pronounced as the Farah and is only at a quarter of an inch, but that will have your toe sticking in the air a bit.  The calf size is hard to judge on these, so if you have bigger calves it will be tough for you due to a lack of adjustability.  In extreme cases, the stitches can come apart at the seams if you are trying to force it to be a fit.  The linings can crease inside as well, leading you to think your socks are folding up beneath you.



  • Traditional boot look
  • Has the heel included
  • Great for bike rides



  • Not much room for adjusting
  • Stitches can bust if not the proper size
  • Creasing can take place in the insole


6. Freebird Mayan Riding Boot

Here is a knee-high boot for you that will both make you look and feel good at the same time. The Mayan has that suede look that we have seen earlier and in both colors, they pop out at you and make you really want them. The fabric looks soft to the touch, yet you can see slight differences in color around it just on the screen alone.

As far the boots go, the adjustability comes in at the back of the very top with a series of strings that not only look awesome but also help you to get them on and off easier.  Down below, a buckle look is present, much like that of a cowboy with a number sewn on straps that run across the bottom and midfoot.  These helps make the boots stand out, which is a big reason why Freebirds are so desirable.  They just do a good job of making every pair unique from the last.

On the bottoms you have a heel that is lower than some at 2.25 inches and they have a slight platform that is only at a quarter of an inch, so it’s not that big of a factor while wearing them.  The toe box is quite roomy and they have been shown to be easy to get into for everyone while also giving support to those that have smaller calves, which means they don’t droop down in the back.

They do take some to break in and make comfortable, so be ready to go through a bit of a process to get to the best feel you can get.



  • Stunning colors
  • Heel but not too tall of one
  • Straps on the back are extremely stylish



  • Takes work to get them to break in


7. Freebird Hope Ankle Boot

Here’s an option that differs drastically from the ones that we have seen so far because it is open and will display your foot, unlike all of the choices beforehand. The Hope Ankle Boot has several straps, all of which have gaps in them that will show your feet, an obvious difference that either will make them more desirable to you or make them a total turn off. The top strap has a buckle, augmented with a gold color, that you can adjust to your needs.

The heel used in this part of boots is just at 1.5 inches, the lowest of any that we have looked at and reviewed today.  In the back of the boot is even more adjustability with a zipper there to give you even more of a special look than you already had.  The wood look to the heels and platform area is unique and makes them stand out even more, making them look trendy and rugged at the same time.

Something to be cautious about is the sizing, which is contrary to the others so far because they tend to run large.  Another thing is that they will take a little while to get to break in, meaning they won’t be at their very best right off the bat. The straps do rub a little as well, making it a tough sell for those looking for the utmost in comfort. Overall, these are an option for you to wear in the summer, and that has seen them being included in the list as a result.



  • Good summer bootie
  • Zipper in the back is easy to hide and functional
  • Very unique look and design



  • Runs large and needs to be sized down
  • Straps rub and irritate some


Conclusion and Final Freebird Boots Recommendations

Freebird has become one of the leaders on the market for women’s boots, and with the combination of flexibility, functionality, and style, it is easy to see why.  When those tough, colder months hit and you have to get out and about, you will be safe in the knowledge that these boots meet all of the criteria you will need to conquer your day.  Whether you are just looking for something cute or you need something that will help you accomplish tasks, you can rest assured that the money you paid for Freebirds will be worth it in the long haul.

Frequently Asked Questions About Freebird Boots

When Is The Best Time to Wear Freebird Boots?

Chances are you are a pretty fashionable person, or you are at least trying to be, by wearing these shoes. So this is an important question.  While you can technically wear them all times of the year, the best and most ‘acceptable’ time will be in the fall and winter months when it’s getting cold outside.  Boots just look better, and they match the falling leaves and the dreary outlook of winter that much better.  They can also be passable when it is raining during the summer and hotter parts of spring.  However, it’s not encouraged to wear them on those sweltering days, unless you just really want to bring out your inner hipster and rebel a little bit.

How Do I Maintain My Freebird Boots?

Luckily for you, there is no special maintenance to be done with Freebird boots.  Just like any other leather based product you have, these aren’t that big of a deal to worry about.  A simple way to clean the dirt off is to a take a damp wash rag or towel and wipe them off.  This keeps you from having to polish them all of the time, which let’s face it, would look a little bit dorky when they are supposed to have a slightly rugged look to them anyways.

Do They Make Freebirds in Other Materials?

If you are looking for a pair of Freebirds that don’t use leather, then you can find them, but they are not as prevalent as those that are made with leather, for obvious reasons.  There are also pairs made from cork and even artificial leather (also known as synthetic leather) that can mimic the features of leather while also giving you a great look and not forcing you to sacrifice on your beliefs at all.  You just will have to do your research and make sure that they are clearly marked as non-animal skin before you make your purchase and find out that wasn’t really the case at all.

Should I Go With Zippers or Laces?

The answer to this one is going to be taken care of you in most instances and it’s going to be a zipper.  Laces aren’t much of a fashion statement in 2018, and the ease of which they can be used is far lesser than that of zippers. With a zipper, you can just bend down, pull them up, and go.  With laces, it can take longer and then you have to worry about them coming untied, which can make anyone look silly.

Some Freebirds are made with laces, and they look great, but just be aware that most of the ones you find will have a zipper to them instead of the laces.  It really just depends on what you want to have in your boots at the end of the day.  Some laces do a better job than others at making your life easier, so you might not even care that they have laces.  But some are just plain annoying and will leave you regretting buying them after a few uses.

What Do They Cost?

Cost is something you will have to be willing to overlook with Freebird boots.  If you really want an exceptional pair of boots, then this is what you will be looking at.  The price is not cheap on any of them and there are few bargains to be had, so if this is not the kind of thing you are looking for, you might want to look elsewhere.  These boots take function and style and bring them together in a nearly flawless manner, and price does not play much of a factor.  There are other boots out there that offer a decent fit for a lower price, but these are premium and come with a premium price tag.

How Do I Break In My Boots?

There are a number of ways to break in your boots and make them more comfortable.  One thing that must be said is that leather is going to break in over time anyway.  Sometimes you can be still and have your solution come to you.  You can also choose to wear them around the house.  This is suggested for just about any pair of shoes. The first step should be to wear them when there is no pressure upon you just in normal, everyday life.  Once you have done that, then you can start wearing them more and more over time.  Leather conditioner is another idea to help you break them in.

Leather conditioner helps to soften what is typically a stiff material and thus allows them to stretch out more for you to squeeze into.  A couple of other things you could possibly do is to apply heat and to bend them.  In order for this to work, they need to be fully leather, though, so as not to melt them.  Make sure you are wearing thick socks so you don’t burn yourself.  If you’re worried about the potential dangers you could unleash, bending and twisting is a rather simple idea, too.  You can gently- very gently- in conjunction with wearing them in the house, bend them and twist them so that they loosen up a little bit more.

Lastly, you can use a shoe stretcher, which many people use on a regular basis for a number of ill-fitting shoes.  If all of that fails, you can always go to a professional if none of these ideas are helping all that much.  If you have any problems with blisters or cuts, then it would be a good idea to use band-aids or some sort of wrapping to prevent the occurrence of those things, that way you can wear the boots, even if a little tight, and still not have to deal with the consequences nearly as much.

Do They Run Large or Small?

This really just depends on your own foot and the specific style that you are looking at buying.  Most of the styles that we have gone through have shown that Freebirds tend to run a little small.  But that is not always the case, and some could run either large or fit just right.  Doing your own research is a good way to make sure you don’t end up being disappointed with the size that you get.

If you have found yourself consistently needing more space, then you might even negate some of the research and go ahead and order a size up.  Other people might need to size down for a firmer and closer fit.  It’s just a matter of what you like really, and that is the only way to help guide you.

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