10 Best Elevator Shoes of 2021: Height Increasing Shoes

Best Elevator Shoes

Guys, we have all heard it.  Maybe girls have, too, but especially so with guys.  There are just some things you can’t change.  How quickly you begin to go bald or your hair starts to turn gray is one of them.  The other is how tall you are.  While there are certain exercises you can to do to stretch the neck, there is really not much you can do to make a permanent, lasting change to your height.  If you’re in a tough spot then, what are you to do?  One potential solution is to turn to so-called elevator shoes.  This option is going to allow you to be a bit taller, and it will do so without anyone having an idea of it.  If you’re at a last resort, this could be just what you need to literally put you over the top.  Today, in our buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the ins and outs of elevator shoes and reviewing some of the top pairs on the market.  So, let’s get right to it!

Top Elevator Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductHeight (inches)PriceWhere to Buy?
1. AilishaBroy Men’s Invisible Elevator Shoes2.36$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Calto Men’s Invisible Elevator Fashion Sneakers2.6$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Calto Men’s Invisible Elevator Slip On Loafers3.2$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Chamaripa Men’s Elevator Sports Shoes2.76$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Calden Men’s Invisible Elevator Black Leather Slip Ons3$$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Cerythrina Men’s Cowhide Leather Elevator Shoes2.36$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Mendez Premium Height Increase Insoles1.5$Check Price On Amazon

Elevator Shoes Buying Guide

Reasons To Boost Yourself Up

If you are here, you’ve either come because you are convinced you need to buy elevator shoes, or you are looking for confirmation it’s a good idea.  So, what better way to do that than for us to take a look at some valid reasons why you would want them.  Not all of these reasons will seem like real or valid ones to you, but they may seem to be necessary to you.

– You have a date.  It might seem goofy to some people, but making a first impression can be a big deal. Maybe your date is super tall, and you’re not.  You might not be able to size up to her, or him, but perhaps a couple of inches or so will give you the boost you need to get you just a bit closer to them.

– You want to be placed on a pedestal.  Let’s face it.  Taller people just get attention over shorter people. It’s something we have all seen in practice.  If you’ve ever been out in public, then you know all too well how it is.  Even if it doesn’t seem like a big deal, you can really make a good first impression by being a little bit taller than others.  Maybe if you are in a public setting where you are giving a speech or meeting people, it would be a good choice, provided you need the boost, after all.

– Better posture. Studies actually show that your can improve your posture by wearing them. Furthermore, you can put a little bit more pep in your step by being able to push off just a little bit more while wearing them due to the way they are constructed.

– Confidence is gained.  It might be a silly thing to suggest, but confidence can be gained by wearing them since so many people tie their physical look to how they think and feel about themselves.  While you can always work on other things, it’s hard to work on height, so you will want to possibly consider going with elevator shoes.

– There aren’t many other options.  There’s very little that you can do besides wearing elevator shoes in order to grow a bit.  You can cross your fingers and hope you hit a growth spurt, but unless you are still maturing that seems very unreasonable and unlikely.

‘Stealth Mode’

Now that we know why you should be buying a pair of elevator shoes, we should take a look at how exactly companies are able to disguise the fact that you are wearing them.  There are four main ideas here to help that occur, all bidding to make sure you don’t get ‘caught’ by someone and making it obvious that you are wearing something that is lifting you up a little.

Curved Heel

One way to mask it is by using a curve in the heel of the shoes.  What this does is play tricks with the mind, fooling it due to what it is use to seeing.  It does this by looking very similar to a normal heel, thus lessening possible suspicion.


Sometimes, the way that shoes are put together- through seams or stitches- can lead you to a nice, normal experience in a pair of lifts.  With elevator shoes, the best way to use this is to make it appear as if this extra stitching is there for design, that way the level of suspicion is drawn down.

Smooth Rise

One method that is also common in this sphere is taking the shape of the shoe and making it so that it rises- only you make sure that it’s a smooth one, rather than a sudden, dramatic one.  This gradual ‘rise’ is also conducive to healthier foot care, so it’s very much necessary if you want to be able to walk the same way and not get caught walking differently, leading to certain questions to be asked.


Lastly, sometimes the way that the shoes are made to look, much like with the stitching example, can lead you to not having your cover blown.  Only in this case, the idea is to take the focus off the back of the heels and put it on something else.  So it can literally be anything that stands out to the naked eye.  Maybe it’s going to be the leather makeup of them, or it could be some fairly outlandish or super stylish addition to the shoes.  Either way, the basic idea is the same: to take the eyes off the area that could raise eyebrows.  If that can be accomplished, then you’re basically home free.

Finding The Right Fit

While elevator shoes are quite similar to regular shoes, there are some definite nuances that need to be looked at if you want to find the best ones for you and remain comfortable.  It’s easy to find a pair that make you appear taller, but it’s much, much more difficult to find ones that feel good on you.  As we always try to point out to people, you really need to ensure you have a pair of shoes that feel good on you.  If they don’t fit well, you’re not going to wear them much.  It just will not happen.  Below are a few ideas for you to take a gander at to make double sure you’re going to get the right fit and be nice and comfy.

Don’t assume sizes will be the same.  It’s easy to do, and we’ve all done it from time to time.  You go online and search for shoes and you automatically assume, most of the time correctly, that the sizes will align with your current shoes.  Usually, you have decent luck at this and won’t be disappointed.  But with elevator shoes, you need to be very careful not to do this.  Reading reviews is imperative because they can tell you what you need to know.  Also, looking at any sizing charts will be massive for you. Failure to do so is much more likely to cause you issues than blindly ordering a pair of  ‘normal’ shoes from the internet.

– Width is not going to be uniform, either.  So many people forget to look over width, but it’s a major part of the process.  Unfortunately for us, it’s hard to measure this when we are online shopping.  The best solution to this problem is to read over what others are saying.  If 90% of the people claim they are too narrow, then you need to very seriously consider them as being too narrow.  The length might indeed be perfect for you, but if the width is thrown off, as many in this category are, then you’re going to be in a world of trouble and will be hurting very badly.  Lots of bad things, from blisters to bunions, and even stress fractures can occur from frequent poor use and abuse, so take it seriously.

– Don’t be afraid to send a pair back if they don’t’ fit you well.  Another unfortunate part of this is that elevator shoes aren’t readily available in store, so it’s hard for us to suggest you go and try them on at one.  Because of this, you’re best bet is going to be for you to try them on right away when they are delivered to you.  It may be a pain to send them back and do that entire process, but it sure beats developing problems later on.  It may be a harsh reality, but it is a reality nonetheless.


As with all shoes, support is also a central topic that has to be discussed.  Elevator shoes are not likely to be shoes in which you plan to be super active in, but you still need to have a modicum of support and safety when you go about your day.  One area in which this is paramount is in the middle of the foot.  A lot of times, like we discussed with the width in the toes, this area is forsaken and overlooked by manufacturers.  What you desperately need is to find a pair that have plenty of room to let you splay out your feet some.  If you feel untold amounts of pressure in there, you’re going to be hurting in no time.  If you don’t believe us, ask a woman who wears high heels a lot.  A ton of pressure is relocated into the middle of the foot and the toes, so you need to try and keep that away if at all possible, especially seeing as how you’re probably much less used to dealing with those potential pitfalls.

The other major thing you need to be on the lookout for is in the heel and ankle area.  This is an area of massive importance when it comes to normal shoes, but it’s even more essential when you are discussing shoes that are made to elevate you.  Inferior shoe types will leave you floundering because they will make you unstable and thus put you off your balance while wearing them.  Not only is this is a sure fire way to be found out, but it’s also a good way to end up getting injured.  Obviously, no one wants either of those two things to play out.  The best elevator shoes are going to have support systems that include a very firm heel box that keeps your heels locked into place firmly.  Shoes that have rubber soles are also helpful, since they give you much more give than other materials do.  They absorb shocks as you walk, and stand, leading to a whole lot less pressure and fatigue as well.


One of the nice things that you get to see with elevator shoes is that you are not confined to just one particular style of shoe.  In the old days if you looked for a shoe that had added height, you’d probably find yourself stuck with one or maybe two choices.  You’re in the proverbial spot in the creek without a paddle, such is the plight you face.  In today’s world, though, you have a lot more options.  This, as we talked about before, is very helpful in helping throw off any possible suspicions that you may be wearing them.  You have options to go sporty with tennis shoe types of looks or with fashionable looking sneakers.  You can also go dressy, with either Oxford or other kinds of shoes that go well with slacks and more formal attire.  There are options for you to go with slip ons or laces, there is really a ton of choices for you.  One thing that is a bit of a limitation, though, is that there are not very many specific brands making them today.  This is one area where you are a little limited, so that is something that might disappoint you but is still something to keep in mind.


As always, there are going to be certain features of shoes that you will be looking for.  Comfort and style are must-haves, but there are some things that contribute to both of them that may or may not be present with them.  Here’s a look over some of the things you should look for in your shoes.


The upper part of the shoe is the part you see when you look straight down, and it’s composed of various materials.  Leather, synthetics, and mesh are the most common today, though synthetics and mesh are very much in vogue in just about everything outside of more luxury and expensive dress shoes.  Leather is great because it does exude class and the like, but it’s hard to maintain and is not great in adverse conditions.  Synthetics are flexible, cheaper, and look great.  Mesh, meanwhile, is nice to give you some breathability.  When paired with synthetics, it really works well since it has some reinforcement.


Comfort is about size and support, but the padding on offer is also going to be pivotal to you.  If it’s just your foot rubbing up against hard, grainy material, you’re going to have a hard time and not be that comfy.  So, to stop that, look for padding to be located in strategic areas, giving you ample room for comfort and a ‘buffer’ zone of sorts.


Lastly, you need to think about the insoles you have in the shoes you are buying.  Some of us need more support than others, so you may want to bring your own insert to the table.  If that’s the case, you’ve got to make sure those shoes can have theirs removed.  If they can’t, then you will need to make sure you have an insole you can either tolerate or love, or you’ll be unhappy fairly soon after.

The Top Eight Elevator Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. AilishaBroy Men’s Invisible Elevator Shoes

If you want to give yourself a couple of inches of boost and you want to look cool and sporty at the same time, then look no further. These shoes are a nice combination between Oxfords and flats, but they don’t go too far overboard with trying to look overly classy. Instead, they are very casual, yet stick out and make you happy.  All the while, you can barely tell they have lifts in them, which is one of the main goals you’ll have had anyway.  With a rubber sole that has many grooves, they will absorb well and give you excellent traction, too.  The upper is made out of canvas, which is one of the more breathable materials out there.  It’s also easy to clean, too, which is sure to make you happy since you can get a whole ton of usage from them.  If you want lightweight and a lift, it’s going to be hard to defeat this pair!


  • Classy and sporty look
  • Breathable and easy to clean
  • Very lightweight choice
  1. Calto Men’s Invisible Elevator Fashion Sneakers

Next up is a nice pair of fashion ‘kick’s from Calto, a very popular brand in this niche of the shoe market. These shoes are made to resemble the cooler version of the athletic sneakers, though they are not intended at all for the court. With a chic, smooth look with vertical laces, the eyes will be firmly planted there rather than on the heels where the magic is really being done.  With a padded collar on them, they will be nice and comfy when on your feet.  Made from a soft Nubuck leather, they look nice and are also going to be very, very durable, though you will not want to be too harsh on them at all.  You can wear these along with pants or shorts, giving you untold of versatility and options, which are your goal in any fashion scenario.  One thing you must keep in mind is that they are quite heavy on your feet, so that might take some time to get used to.


  • Versatile sneakers
  • Soft and nice looking Nubuck leather
  • Padded collar and nice laces


  • Quite heavy on the feet
  1. Calto Men’s Invisible Elevator Slip On Loafers

Calto quickly follows up their first offering with yet another, though this one takes a much different shape as it is a slip on ‘boat’ loafer. Boat shoes are known for being stylish yet casual in their wear, all the while giving you a whole lot comfort without sacrificing how you feel to get it. These shoes, while still being heavy relative to most normal shoes, are much less heavy than the ones above.  And that makes sense, seeing as how they are closer to the ground and not designed to be high tops in the traditional sense.  With elastic goring to them, they are flexible and able to give to make sure you’ve got plenty of ability to move around in them, all the while the inner sole is made to be durable and support you from any of the issues that lesser companies have brought to them.  As a final note, these can give you 3.2 inches more, so that’s really something that should make you happy.


  • Big three inch boost
  • Flexible thanks to elastic
  • Stylish, casual, and not as heavy
  1. Chamaripa Men’s Elevator Sports Shoes

If you want a sporty look, but you don’t want a fashion sneaker, then the way to go is with a sneaker that is more like those actually worn on the court. That’s what this pair from Chamaripa is able to bring to the table. Using soft leather, a bit of a surprise for sure, these are very nice and flexible, all the while, providing you with nearly three extra inches of height.  With a rubber sole that prevents slippage as well, you might just be able to get away with going for a jog or playing a quick game of hoops or two as well.  Due to the looks in the front, which are very nice it must be said for this category, you won’t have any eyes wandering toward the rear of the shoes.  These do a great job at conforming to the individual foot, too, so they won’t be a one size fits all mess.  Be aware that they do run very small, so you will have to size yourself accordingly to make sure you don’t end up squeezing in and hating your life.


  • Won’t allow you to slip
  • Soft leather is a nice touch
  • Flexible and delivers added height you need


  • Runs quite small
  1. Calden Men’s Invisible Elevator Black Leather Slip Ons

Calden is another of the major players in this area of the market for shoes, so they come onto the list here with a pair of shoes that would look exquisite on a night out or on a business trip. These slip on loafers are made out of leather, helping you to get the best of both worlds. They are easy to get on and take off, all the while exuding the class and status of leather with their shiny look.  With a raised heel in the back, they are a little more obvious than most in this kind of niche, but they still have a lot of upside.  They are not as heavy as most in the elevator game at, all the while the sizes run pretty much true, helping you to decipher what you need.  They do have a square toe in the front, so some people will find that to be mildly infuriating, while others will welcome it as a nice style change up, if you will.


  • Slips ons for easy on and off
  • Leather is pure class
  • Runs true to size


  • Square toe could be frustrating
  1. Cerythrina Men’s Cowhide Leather Elevator Shoes

If you are looking for a very sporty but still casual look and need a hand to boost you up the ladder a bit, then this is another good choice for you. Unlike our top pick today, these are made out of cowhide leather, which is going to be just as durable but will give you a different look and feel to them. That is nice in and of itself, but it also works in your favor to cover up the fact you have lifts on, too.  The heel is slightly higher than most, but you also have the lifts to help boost you up to the heavens a bit, giving you over two inches more of height.  The lining is breathable and the insoles are made to resist bacteria, while the outsoles are made from rubber to help add durability and flexibility, giving you a perfect blend of materials to set you on your way.


  • Outside of the box looks
  • Flexible and durable
  • Breathes well and won’t smell

Honorable Mention: Mendez Premium Height Increase Insoles

This is not exactly a pair of elevator shoes, so it’s going to make our list as an honorable mention as a result.  At any rate, these can be bought to boost your height in a number of different shoes, rather than buying just one pair.  These highly rated lifts are designed to fit your specific foot, all the while making sure you have plenty of comfort as you go about your long day.  Instead of being a full length insert, these are ¾ length, which helps to make sure there is no crumpling up in your foot to cause great discomfort like so many others insoles give.  This option is also a nice one for you because it will be lighter on you than going with some of these shoes, so if you need a ton of versatility rather than a single pair, then this is something that might be worth your while.

Conclusion And Final Elevator Shoes Recommendations

Finding real, lasting solutions for your height is far from the easiest thing to do.  There are not many choices that will give you the extra height you need.  One such answer is going to be elevator shoes, since they are such a sneaky choice.  This is the way to go if you don’t want to be spotted, unless it’s with the most keen of eyes, and it’s also a brilliant selection if you want to look stylish and feel good while doing so.  Taking ridiculous measures to cover up your height or to try and grow an inch or two can cause you great pain, but this is not going to have any of the side effects.  If you are serious about giving yourself a literal boost, then look no further than the classic elevator shoes!

FAQ’s About Elevator Shoes

Are They Really “Invisible?”

It depends upon the crowd you are in and also the model that you have turned to.  Some people will be able to spot them, perhaps because they are intuitive or maybe just because they know what they look like when they are on someone else’s feet.  Also, the model and the brand that make them matters.  They might stand out to them, and not look ‘normal,’ leading them to conclude they are elevator shoes or something of the like.  In most cases, you won’t be found out, however, so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

How Long Will Elevator Shoes Last?

Luckily for you, elevator shoes and their durability is just like that or ordinary shoes.  If the shoes are made from good, strong materials, the construction is good, and you wear them properly, then they will last longer.  If you mistreat them, then you will find it much harder to get a lot of wear from them.  It’s not uncommon to see a pair of these last over a year while wearing them frequently.  It just depends on how well you are able to treat them and clean them, too.  If you clean them well, then you can be sure that they will look better for a longer stretch of time.

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