Best Duck Boots (Men’s and Women’s) of 2021: Different Styles & Varieties Available

Duck Boots

There are times when people head to the woods for the big hunt and there comes the snow or the rain. When this happens, no one wants their day ruined by having wet and soggy feet all day. The duck boot was designed to endure the various elements of the weather for occasions just like this. There are a variety of different makes and styles and price ranges for this type of boot.  With a rubber type boot like these it is wise to decide whether you want insulation to help keep your feet warm or if you would prefer to count on your socks for warmth. Many of these boots are designed with a style and functional use. You may not be an avid hunter but someone who may need to go outdoors to walk the dog or shovel off your driveway or sidewalk. These boots will handle the job that you need them to handle. Many of them work well to commute back and forth to work or to wear when out running errands. Throw on a pair of jeans and your favorite warm top along with your duck boots and you are dressed for a trip out to the store or the library.

Top Duck Boots Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialShaft Height (in)PriceWhere to Buy?
London Fog Women’s Wonder Cold Weather Duck Boot$$$Check Price On Amazon
Women’s Waterproof Lace Up Duck Boot$Check Price On Amazon
Tongpu Women’s Waterproof Fashion Rain DuckPVC3.75$Check Price On Amazon
Avanti Women’s Cruze Duck BootsFabric & Synthetic4$$$Check Price On Amazon
Avanti Women’s Lined Duck Style Rain Boots7$$Check Price On Amazon
Natures Breeze Ladies Duck- 02 Waterproof Insulated BootsSynthetic7$Check Price On Amazon
Twisted Woman’s Becca Shairpa Cuff Insulated Duck BootSynthetic6$Check Price On Amazon
Alrisco Womens’ Lace Up Tall Duck BootVegan (man-made)10$$$Check Price On Amazon
London Fog Men’s Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boots7$$$Check Price On Amazon
Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck BootLeather7$$$Check Price On Amazon
TF Star Men’s Leather Waterproof Snow Duck BootsLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
Nevados Men’s Arkley Waterproof Duck Boots7$$Check Price On Amazon
Guide Gear Pull- On Insulated Men’s Duck Boots9$$Check Price On Amazon
Arctic Shield Men’s Durable Waterproof Duck Bean Boots$$Check Price On Amazon
Guide Gear Lace-Up Insulated Duck Boot$Check Price On Amazon
Northside Lewiston Men’s Waterproof Lace-Up Duck BootsLeather7$$Check Price On Amazon

Duck Boots Buying Guide

What are duck boots?  Duck boots are a shoe-like boot that has a lower section that is designed from rubber and an upper section is made from leather or a waterproof textile of some sort. This boot can be gotten with or without insulation.  This boot was made and created by an avid hunter, who got tired of long hunting trips in the snow. This hunter was known as L.L. Bean.  So this boot was also called a Bean Boot. The first pair was actually called the “Maine Hunting Shoe”. There are now many different styles and varieties of the boot available by various manufactures. They are designed in different styles with a variety of lacing enclosures and outer soles and even a variety of different insulations and linings.


Duck Boots are designed with rubber outer soles and bottoms to prevent water from getting inside of your boot in rain or snow.  This part of the boot can even be used to wade in puddles or to cross a shallow creek and your feet will still stay dry.  Once you get to the lacing area, there is a chance of moisture getting inside to your feet.  So the higher up on the boot that the rubber goes, the deeper water or snow that you will be able to walk in and still keep your feet dry.


Some duck boots have insulation in them while others do not.  The boots without insulation are designed to wear with heavy or wool socks or sometimes multiple pair to give you the comfort that you want for your feet.  The insulated ones as with all boots will come in a variety of different grams or amounts.  You will need to choose how much warmth that you want in your boots.  Some of the boots will be designed with different types of insulation and linings.  The insulation such as Thinsulate as one example is designed to be breathable.  When it is breathable, it will allow your feet to breathe and will help to let the moisture where your feet sweat to escape.  This will allow your feet to stay dry keeping them warmer and more comfortable.  Remember to try to avoid cotton socks which absorb moisture and help to keep your feet wet.  The best socks would be a wool type or a larger porous heavy sock that again will allow your feet to breathe and helps the moisture to dry faster.


The insole inside of your duck boot, needs to be comfortable for your feet.  There are a variety of these put into the various boots.  Some of them are removable, which is nice, because if you do not like the ones that are in there they can easily be replaced.  Some of us seem to wear our insides out faster than other people do.  With the removable ones, they can be replaced when they start to wear, which will keep your boot comfortable longer.  Uncomfortable boots, can lead to foot pain and fatigue, leg and back pain.  This can make for a long uncomfortable day if you have to wear them all day long.

Outer Sole

Most of the outer soles are made from rubber.  They are grooved in one design or another with what the industry calls lugs.  These lugs or grooves as most of us call them come in various designs, depending upon the manufacture.  These help to grip the snow to prevent slipping.  They also work well in wet weather on most surfaces and can still be worn when the ground is dry.  There are also bottoms of the shoes or soles, which have special manufacturer’s trademarks, such as a design that appears to be waves on the bottom of your boot or patches that help to grip to keep you from slipping and maybe even falling.  Some outer soles even have flexibility added to them to help them flex with your feet for more stability.

Lacing System

The lacing system is designed similar but different on most duck boots.  Their job is to help secure the boot in place on your leg, creating a better fit.  On some duck boots, the tongue is held in place with the shoe laces, helping to create a more protective and secure fit.  These laces are ran through inlaid eyelets, grommets, or other types of enclosures that hold them in place to allow the wearer to pull them tight as they are needed.  A securely laced boot helps to give the wearer more control when they are walking and it helps to keep out moisture and debris from coming in the top of the boot.  The laces themselves can be made from cotton, nylon, leather or many other types of materials.


The tops of the duck boots comes in many different heights, ranging from just around the ankle to higher up on a person’s leg.  To determine which is best for you, you will need to figure out your main use for them.  If it snows a lot in your area and you are wearing them out to shovel the driveway, it is best to get a pair that is going to be taller than your average snowfall amount.  If you are an avid hunter, and you go out sometimes in the snow, but a taller boot might be too bulky to walk around in all day, that would be another consideration.  If you plan on wading water that can be deeper, you would want a boot with the waterproof rubber to come higher up than some.  There are many uses for these boots and what you plan on using them for would be a big consideration for the choice that you make when you purchase your next pair of duck boots.

Cleaning Up Your Duck Boots

Like all boots, cleaning your duck boots will help them to last longer.  With the duck boots they are normally easy to clean.  If they are full of mud and muck from your day, the outside can be washed off.  To keep from getting them too wet, you could also wipe them off with a wet cloth.  I would say that that could depend upon how much mud is actually on your boots.  The bottom of the soles might hold mud or even rocks.  The grooves in the bottom of the boots also need to be cleaned out.  Probably for the life of your boot, this is the most important part to clean.  When the mud dries or there is a rock in one of the grooves, as you start walking on them it will put pressure on the grooves, possibly causing them to crack or to break off a lug.  Check with your manufacturer or your shoe salesperson, if your boots are leather on the top, it might help the longevity of them to put some type of conditioner on the leather such as mink oil or something that is recommended to work on the type of material for your boot.  Also it is wise to keep an extra pair of laces for your boot on hand.  If your laces break during the day, it will not keep a tight fit and would be uncomfortable for you and could cause damage to your boot.

Best Women’s Duck Boots Reviews

  1. London Fog Women’s Wonder Cold Weather Duck Boot

This women’s duck boot is waterproof with a man made outer sole.  The inside has a steel shank to keep things from poking through the sole of the boot.  The interior is lined with insulation and a lining to help to keep your feet warm and comfortable.  It is designed with grommets and eyelets up the front to form a solid lacing system to keep the boot securely fastened.  This boot has been rather popular among the ladies that spend time outdoors in the cold and snow.  It has been constructed with a quality build and designed with comfort to support your feet for a trip out into the cold.  When you wade through the snow or the shallow water this boot keeps your feet dry and gives you the support that you need.  The man made outer sole gives you the traction that you need to keep your footing in the snow and in the water on the slippery rocks.


  • Totally waterproof
  • Good traction on the outer sole bottom to help keep your footing
  • Roomy enough for most to add a pair of wool socks for added dryness and warmth


  • A bit bulky
  • Customers complained about being tight
  • Seem a bit uncomfortable
  1. Women’s Waterproof Lace Up Duck Boot

This women’s duck boot has been designed as a rain boot.  This allows many hours of outdoor use in the rain or the snow and allows the wearer’s feet to stay dry.  It is designed with a durable waterproof shell and a rounded toe to give more comfort and room for your feet even with a heavier sock.  It is fully lined on the inside to help with comfort and warmth.  It has a durable outer sole that not only offers waterproof protection, but it also adds to the traction of the boot to keep the wearer from slipping on wet or snow covered surfaces.  The lacing systems for these boots are inlaid eyelets and allow the boot to be laced up to the top for the wearers comfort.  The cushioned collar has been added to help support the ankle and to keep the boot from rubbing on the ankle area.  When ordering these boots, refer to the size chart for proper USA sizes.  These boots are designed to be tough and rugged and are a great addition to any outdoor gear.  The price is very reasonable for what these boots offer.


  • Waterproof for rain or snow
  • Adds comfort to a cold winter day
  • Has a quality outer sole to help with the traction


  • The outer sole seemed to appear to be flimsy and cheap made for some customers
  • The boot seems to be a cheap boot
  • Sizing seems to run a little small
  1. Tongpu Women’s Waterproof Fashion Rain Duck

These women’s waterproof duck boots only measure 3.75 inches from the shaft.  They are design to be worn all day as a shoe but yet still do the waterproof job of a duck boot.  They are designed to wear in light rain or in snow where the snow has been removed such as streets or sidewalks.  The high traction rubber sole has been designed with deeper lugs to give more traction in the snow or on the ice.  These boots are quality for most wearers and the waterproofing does its job.  They are not bulky and too big to wear all day if the need arises.  Most customers have found these waterproof duck boots to be comfortable and affordable.  For the most part these have been found to be worth their price.


  • Waterproof
  • Can be worn for all day comfort
  • Has good traction on most surfaces


  • Shoe eyelets can come lose
  • The size runs big
  • Not a very comfortable fit for some wearers
  1. Avanti Women’s Cruze Duck Boots

This boot is designed with a waterproof upper fabric and a rubber lower.   The outer soles have an anti slip traction for various surfaces.  There are a set of 5 laces to lace the boot to its top for a more secure and stable fit.  This boot covers about 4 inches from the heel to the top for a comfortable fit.  The colors of this boot add a style and cuteness all of its own.  This boot is comfortable and waterproof, and with its shorter top, works well to wear as you commute to the store or the office.  It can be worn all day without being too bulky or heavy.  This boot offers comfort to most of its customers and is well worth the price that is sells for.


  • Comes in a variety of colors to match most any outfit
  • Waterproof and comfortable
  • Laces up for a supportive fit


  • Size was too small for some customers
  • Comfort was not right
  • Outer sole was not sturdy enough
  1. Avanti Women’s Lined Duck Style Rain Boots

These duck boots are designed to fight the water in the winter weather be it the snow or having to walk through a water puddle, this boot offers a waterproof excursion.   The top of this boot stands 7” tall and has inlaid eyelets that allow you to lace the boot up to the top for comfort and warmth.  This height helps to keep the snow out of the top of the boot which also helps to keep your feet dryer.   The interior is lined with a faux Sherpa to add extra warmth and padding to your feet.  The outer sole is oversized with anti slip resistance and added flexibility for support and extra traction and waterproof.  This boot appears to be constructed with quality and added comfort.  These stylish boots can help add to your style it does not matter if it is a pair of jeans or a casual dress.  These have been a favorite for many customers as they are well worth the cost for these quality duck boots.


  • Waterproof
  • Faux Sherpa helps with the warmth and adds some breathability
  • The anti slip oversized outer sole offers a good traction


  • Boot appears to run smaller than a normal size for some customers
  • Appears uncomfortable to some wearers
  • Some wearers might want to add an insert for their comfort preference
  1. Natures Breeze Ladies Duck- 02 Waterproof Insulated Boots

These ladies duck boots are made with a synthetic waterproof material.  The Top is about 7” tall to be able to handle the deeper snows and to help keep your feet warmer and dryer.  The interior offers a fleece lining that helps to keep your feet warm and to let the moisture from the sweat of your feet escape.  This boot offers a quality non slip sole with good traction to help keep your footing on wet or slicker surfaces.  This boot may seem a little tight in the beginning but if you plan on wearing thicker socks it is recommended to order at least a half of a size larger.  After being worn for a while, the boot seems to loosen up and does not appear to be quite as tight and is a lot more comfortable. This boot design offers a lace up system with inlaid eyelets but also offers a zipper for an easier on and off experience.  The lining folds over the top, for a fashion statement and for comfort so the top of the boot does not rub your leg.  Most customers are happy with this boot and say they are a great deal for the lower price.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and comfortable for most wearer
  • Fleece lining to help keep feet warm and dry


  • Seam rubbed the heal too much for some customers
  • May not keep your feet warm enough on a cold winter day
  • Some wearers may need to add an insert for additional comfort
  1. Twisted Woman’s Becca Shairpa Cuff Insulated Duck Boot

This ladies duck boot is designed with a rubber lower section and a synthetic upper section.  It is waterproof and fitted with a non skid outer sole for good traction.  The interior is lined with a soft plaid lining for warmth and comfort.  The top of this boot reaches up 6 inches from the arch.  It is secured with inlaid eyelets for an easy lace up.  The top is fitted with a shairpa cuff for looks and comfort.  This cuff will help to protect the top of the boot from rubbing on the leg and it adds fashion to this ladies boot. This boot wears well with jeans for style and function.  Wear this boot into town while running errands or shopping and still be in style while keeping your feet dry and warm.  These boots are lightweight and very flexible, making them easy to walk in and control.  The lining inside is plush and warm.  This boot is a good deal for its price and offers comfort and warmth for many customers.


  • Low priced
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • Outer sole is very thin and you can feel a rock if you step on it
  • Sizing is off most complaints are that they are too small
  • Traction on the snow could be better
  1. Alrisco Womens’ Lace Up Tall Duck Boot

This lady’s duck boot measures 10 inches tall to help with warmth and to keep your feet dry in a deeper snow.  This boot is made from man-made materials and a synthetic rubber sole.  This 10 inch tall top is laced up to the top with inlaid eyelets for warmth and comfort.  This tall top is designed with a sweater collar to add style and comfort on a cold winter day.  The tongue also has the sweater look at the top of the tongue to help accent the boot and provide comfort.  The padding in these boots is designed for comfort for a long day out.  This boot offers a slight incline at the heels to help to elongate your legs.  They look great with jeans or your favorite snow gear outfit.  The outer sole is designed from rubber with a non skid bottom to keep you from slipping and sliding around town.   This boot is different from many with its taller top and sweater comfort accents giving wearers a style of their own.   The design and style makes this boot worth its price and makes you ready for a fun day out in the winter snow.


  • 10 inch top with a sweater lining
  • Plush lining to keep your feet warm and comfortable
  • Non slip bottom to keep your traction in the snow


  • Might be too tall for some wearers
  • An additional insole could make some wearers more comfortable
  • Could seem a little tight to some customer

Best Men’s Duck Boots Reviews

  1. London Fog Men’s Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boots

These men’s duck boots have been designed with a waterproof and rubber shell to keep the water out of the inside.  This boot top is 7” tall and has a collar added at the top for more comfort and to keep out the snow and debris from your outdoor adventure.   The inside is insulated with 200 grams of Thinsulate to help to keep your feet warm and dry.  The Thinsulate is a breathable insulation so that it can help to let the moisture to evaporate or escape from your feet.  This boot has a lacing system that is designed with inlaid eyelets that will lace the boots to the top holding the padded tongue in place to keep out the cold air and moisture.  This boot has been made with the London Fog technology that has been deemed as number 1 for outerwear in the United States.  With the quality and comfort, most of the customers for these duck boots know that these boots are worth the price that they had to pay.


  • Quality built and waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and Rugged


  • Insulation might be too thin for colder weather
  • These boots might be enhanced with a Thinsulate insole to increase comfort and warmth
  • These boots might feel heavy or clunky to some wearers
  1. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Avenue Duck Boot

This duck boot is waterproof and designed with quality and durability.  The top is 7” tall with a padded area at the top to add comfort and durability.  This boot has a synthetic sole a wellington rubber, designed as non marking and with lugs and molded waves to keep traction on any surface, including the roughest terrain.  The interior offers a cushioned foot bed and a thermal lining that goes all the way to the top.  The boot is enclosed with inlaid eyelets and a couple of loops at the top to help secure the laces and allows the wearer to make the boot secure for more control.  This boot has been seam sealed to help ensure the waterproof and to keep your feet dry.  The design and quality of this boot has made it durable and ready to hit even the roughest terrain on the trail.  The popularity of this boot has made many customers know that this boot is worth its price as it adds comfort on the long day ahead.


  • Quality built and waterproof
  • Added rubber toe to prevent water seepage
  • Quality outer sole for traction on wet and dry surfaces


  • Boots seem to run big for some
  • Some wearers may need to add an insole for comfort
  • The seams may not be as waterproof as they claim to be
  1. TF Star Men’s Leather Waterproof Snow Duck Boots

These duck boots have been designed to keep the wearers feet warm and dry.  This boot has a handcrafted waterproof vulcanized TPR shell.  The outsole is designed with herringbone and vulcanized rubber to enhance the traction.  The interior is insulated with 3M Thinsulate for a temperature rating of -20 degrees.  The Thinsulate insulation has been proven to be breathable which helps to keep the moisture off of your feet, helping to keep them dryer and more comfortable.  There is an added felt collar at the top to add additional warmth and to help to keep out the moisture.  This design has been made to keep your feet dry in rain or snow and to keep your feet warm and comfortable.  With the special design of the outsole the slip resistance helps to keep your footing on most any surface.  Not only does this boot seem to be functional, it is also stylish and adds fashion to most any outing.  The well designed construction of these duck boots has made it affordable in its price range.


  • Waterproof with a special TPR overlay
  • Special non slip outer sole
  • Insulated to handle -20 degree temperatures


  • Could be a bit bulky
  1. Nevados Men’s Arkley Waterproof Duck Boots

This duck boot has a 7 inch top to help to keep snow and the cold out.  It has been designed to be waterproof for your outdoor adventures in the rain or snow.  Whether you have work to do outside such as shovel your driveway or if you are just enjoying the snow this boot will keep your feet dry.  It is lined with 200 grams of insulation to help keep your feet warm and comforted.  They are designed to be comfortable for your feet and to help with fatigue and leg pain when you have to wear them for an extended period of time.  This boot has been designed to be durable on the rougher terrain.  The design has been created to make this boot look fashionable for the wearer.  With all of this boot’s qualities, it has been deemed to be worth its price.


  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • 7 inch top


  • The heels on these boots might seem thin
  • If it is cold outside you might need to wear a pair of wool or heavy socks
  1. Guide Gear Pull- On Insulated Men’s Duck Boots

This duck boot is a combination of waterproof and comfort for their wearers.  The top reaches 9 inches tall and the inside is lined with 400g of Thinsulate insulation.  The Thinsulate insulation is breathable so that will help the sweat from your feet to escape and keep your feet dry and warm.  The bottom is lined with an air cushioned insole for support and comfort.  The waterproof rubber shell keeps out the rain and snow for a dry feet outing.  The outer sole is designed with directional lugs and cleat like lugs to provide traction on the wet surfaces.  This easy on and off pull on duck boot has a rear pull on tabs and front gore stretchy panels to make it easier.  This boot has been constructed with quality and ruggedness for long lasting use.  The boot is very reasonably priced for its durability and good qualities.


  • 400 g of insulation is more than most
  • Outer sole offers a good traction
  • Lined with a removable air cushioned sole


  • Boots seems to run a little small for its size
  • Hard for some users to put their feet in the top
  1. Arctic Shield Men’s Durable Waterproof Duck Bean Boots

These rugged and quality boots are designed to be waterproof to keep your feet dry in the rain or snow.  The outer soles protect against the elements outdoors such as the mud and slush with a quality rubber soles designed with patches of anti slip resistant for better traction on most surfaces.   The inside is lined with an arctic shield patent retain technology that will retain 90% of your bodies heat inside of your boots to keep your feet warm and comfortable.   Also added to the inside, are removable EVA insoles that can be taken out and replaced for your comfort.  This allows the wearer to choose another insole if this one starts wearing thin.  This duck boot has been designed for durability and comfort.  Among others in its class, this boot is a good buy for the money.


  • Waterproof for most outdoor elements
  • Special insulation to keep your feet warm
  • Removable insoles for added comfort


  • Boot could be a bit bulky like most duck boots
  1. Guide Gear Lace-Up Insulated Duck Boot

This boot has been constructed to meet the sportsman guide expectations.  It has that design of durability and ruggedness that most sportsmen are looking for.  This boot has the style to wear on your trips to town walking on the slushy sidewalks to the quality to take off to the wood trudging through the snow looking for your prize deer.  The rubber shell on the bottom keeps the water out of your boots and meets the durable water resistant leather tops.  The outer soles are designed with cleats and rubber lugs for traction in the snow or other wet surfaces.  The interior has 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation that is breathable to help whisk away any inside moisture to keep your feet warm and dry.  It also offers an air cushioned insole that is removable for the added comfort and support.  This boot comes with the Guide Gear guarantee and is sure to satisfy the most rugged outdoorsmen.  This boot is worth its price and is known to be popular with the hunters.


  • Gear Guide guarantee
  • Durable and functional
  • Has 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation


  • Size runs big for some wearers
  • Seem bulky to some customers
  • Seem like they are a wide width
  1. Northside Lewiston Men’s Waterproof Lace-Up Duck Boots

This duck boot has a rubber shell bottom with a 100% leather top.  This boot totes a 7 inch height from the arch.  This boot has 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation on the inside and an EVA insole with a Sherpa lining to add warmth and comfort.  The breathable Thinsulate helps to keep your feet dry on the inside which helps with the warmth and comfort.  The rubber sole with its grooved design has been designed for traction to help keep your balance on most surfaces.  The lacing system has inlaid eyelets for the quick lace up system.  These boots are known to durable and rugged and are priced in the midrange of their quality of similar boots.


  • Waterproof
  • Thinsulate breathable insulation
  • Quick lace system


  • The rubber on some of these boots have had an issue with cracking
  • The size did not seem quite right for some customers
  • The boots might not be the comfort that some customers are looking for

Conclusion And Final Duck Boots Recommendations

Selecting the best duck boot takes some research and consideration.  The best way to begin is to pick out some that would fit your needs.  Check your budget and see what you can afford to pay for a pair that fits your needs.  There are a wide variety and styles to choose from.  There are the pull-on types that work well for some people so they do not have to worry about the laces.  These sometimes have more rubber that goes farther up the boot that makes them more waterproof for deeper water or snow.  If you are a rancher, that has to go out in the snow and feed your cattle and when the snow melts, you are left dealing with the mud and muck that is left behind, you would probably want a pair that the rubber would go higher up on the boot.  You would also want a pair that might have bigger lugs for a better traction to keep you from sliding in the snow or the mud.  The larger lugs will dig deeper in the snow or mud to give you a better foot hold, so you don’t fall.  The London Fog Men’s Ashford Waterproof and Insulated Duck Boot might be a good choice for this job.  This boot has been built to be tough and rugged and sells for a reasonably good price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Duck Boots

I am sure that there are still some questions about duck boots that could be answered:

As a woman, I like my duck boots, but there are times I need them to be cuter, is there any way that I can dress them up?

One way would be to purchase a pair of plain classic looking type of duck boot; it would probably give you the most versatility.  With your jeans, you can wear them on the outside of your boots, but add a sweater or a sporty type jacket for a relaxed but casual look.  Especially in cold weather, get a pair of tights or leggings that are heavier or lined.  Select socks that are warm and comfortable.  Tuck your leggings inside of your boots and add that special cute shirt and jacket for a sporty look.  Keeping your boots exposed wear a pair of longer socks and take them and scrunch them to the top of the boots.  Another thing that you could do is to either purchase a pair of duck boots with fur at the top, or find a fur that suits your style and if nothing else use something like Velcro to attach it to the top of your boot and add your shirt and accessories that also match your style.

Why are duck boots so popular?

Duck boots are popular because they are well designed and quality constructed.  They keep your feet dry and some have insulation for warmth and others give you the opportunity to add your own warmth to your feet with wool socks or other socks to keep your feet warm.  They are a classic that has been around for a while and they do not seem to go out of style.  They last a long time for most people and are usually very reasonable priced.  There are duck boots for men, women and children and are enjoyed by all.  They are good for all seasons from the rain and mud in the spring to the snow and slush in the winter.  When a boot like this was introduced its main purpose was to keep your feet dry and was a very popular hunting boot.  With its rugged design and its functional ways, this boot will probably be around for many more years to come.  The soles of these boots are also designed to give traction in the various weather conditions to keep their wearers from slipping and falling.  With all of its positive qualities and its abilities to be functional, duck boots have earned their popularity.

Are duck boots better to use in the rain or snow?

I do not think anyone would have to make a choice.  The duck boot has been designed to handle all types of adverse weather.  Their main job is to keep your feet dry.  Duck boots are designed with a rubber lower that will 100% keep the water out of your boot.  There are different styles that have the rubber going higher up the boot than others.  The duck boots that are made from other materials above the rubber use various methods to keep the boot waterproof.  A few of the ways are with a waterproof overlays, chemical treatments to waterproof the fabric, they use of materials that have very small pores to not allow the water to come through the fabric.  There can be a lot of technology put into waterproofing.  There are also duck boots that are handmade and these are probably some of the best quality ones but also needless to say the most expensive.  So if you are caught in the snow or the rain the duck boots are ready to protect your feet and keep them dry.

Can I wade in the water with my duck boots?

Duck boots are waterproof especially where the rubber area is constructed.  The taller the rubber of the boot is, the more waterproof it is.  So yes, you may wade in the water in your duck boots at least up to where the rubber stops.  This area of your duck boot is designed to be waterproof.  There are some that yes you can totally wade in water with them, so check your manufacture information on the boot you are interested in so you know you are buying a boot that fits the needs you are looking to fill.  When duck hunting or fishing, there are many times that you might need to step into the water, which is one of the reasons that this boot was designed.  Stepping in the edge of the water up to the top of the rubber and keeping your feet dry is one of the reasons this boot became popular.  Some of the duck boots that have a lacing system, I would check the reviews from other customers.  Some companies use the technology and make sure all areas are waterproof, but apparently not all companies have access to the same technology.

Are duck boots good in cold weather such as zero or below?

Duck boots come in a variety of types of insulation and linings.  Some come with no insulation at all.  There are some that have a very good insulation and work well in cold weather.  Here is my suggestion, pick out an insulation factor that you are comfortable with.  Order a pair a little larger than you normally wear and get some foot warmers or purchase some wool or heavy socks that are designed with larger pores.  With the extra room inside of your boot, you can add one or more pair of heavy socks before you put your boot on for extra warmth.  The reason I suggest a wool sock or a sock with larger pores, is that the wool socks have fibers that will absorb the moisture when your feet sweat that will pull the sweat away from your feet.  The same thing happens with the heavier socks with larger pores, they allow your feet to breathe better and the sweat is absorbed into the sock.  With the fibers or the larger pores they will dry faster and this helps to keep the moisture out of the inside of your boots, keeping your feet warmer.   Avoid using cotton socks in the cold weather, cotton has a tendency to absorb moisture and holds it, not drying very fast.  When the weather is not as cold and you need to take up that extra space, get an insole to slip inside to take up that extra space and adds to the comfort of your boot, so make sure you get one that is comfortable and fits your foot properly.  You do not want your boot being too big because this will make you unsteady on your feet and you will not have the control that you need when you walk.

Are you really able to wear duck boots outside all day and still be comfortable?

There are many styles and designs of duck boots.  These are made by a variety of manufacturers who all have their own style and technology on their boots.  Some are made with removable foot beds where others have air cushioned foot beds.  Some are designed with thick linings in the bottom to make them plush and cushiony for comfort and warmth.  Each of us has a different comfort level when it comes to most things.  Duck boots have been designed to tolerate the outdoors in rough and adverse weather and temperatures.  Their original design was created by an avid hunter who spent long days out in the weather and in the woods, who got tired of coming home with wet feet.  This tells me in the original design there was a lot of thought and planning that went into them.  There are still manufacturers today that would try to keep this line of thinking.  The insoles are designed for comfort and many people will be totally satisfied with a good pair of duck boots.  Some will not be totally comfortable and might consider adding an insole of their choice that they can purchase from a shoe store or a retailer.  A proper fitting pair of insoles to line the bottom of your duck boot can make a big difference in the comfort for many people.

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