10 Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis 2021: Men’s & Women’s Options

Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, a great way to prevent your body from receiving any further damage is to invest in shoes of high quality that are made specifically for people who have the condition. There are many plantar fasciitis shoes out there, from running shoes to sandals to heels. If you’re attending an occasion where you need to dress up, or you need to look nice for work, you don’t need to worry; there are many fashionable dress shoes for plantar fasciitis that look great and do the job when it comes to alleviating pain, and you’ll have lots of options to choose from.

Many people suffer from conditions that cause pain and discomfort to their feet, including plantar fasciitis, obesity, high arches, flat feet, and heel pain. This discomfort can be caused by many things, such as training too hard, or it’s in your genes, but one of the top reasons why your feet hurt is simply because you’re wearing the wrong shoes. You should be careful to take care of your feet, and the earlier you begin this, the better, because as time goes on the pain you feel in your legs and feet is only going to worsen, especially if you have a job where you have to walk or be on your feet all day. Dealing with something such as plantar fasciitis is a long commitment that will take up much of your time, however, it is absolutely worth it in the long run and it’s essential that you stay dedicated to your wellbeing.

The good news is, if you have the right dedication and great footwear, the symptoms you feel from your plantar fasciitis can be relieved, if not taken away altogether. The only tool you need are shoes that are comfortable and supportive and have certain features that will soothe your sensitive feet. Keep in mind that you need this tool both during the day as you work, and at night as you’re relaxing at home. You definitely need shoes that are very supportive and extremely comfortable as you work during the day and take on all the tasks that come your way, but afterwards, you also need to relax and take care of yourself at home with soft and soothing flip flops or clogs. If you’re going out or would like to wear heels to work, you need comfort and support in this situation as well. Bottom line is–if you have pain in your feet, your shoes need to be working to soothe that pain, all the time.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis and How Can I Help Myself if I Have It?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that occurs once the plantar fascia, which are located in your feet, have been damaged. The plantar fascia is a thick part of tissue that’s in the shape of a band, and connects your heel to the ball of your foot. It supports the arch area of your foot and enables your entire foot to have stability. If this tissue is ever strained, torn, or irritated, this is what leads to plantar fasciitis.

Typically, you’ll realize you have plantar fasciitis when you begin to experience pain in your feet in the mornings. This pain will be either moderate or severe. As the day goes on, this pain will usually slowly diminish. This is because your foot warms up and the muscles get stretched. Other symptoms of this condition include:

  • Unusually tight muscles in your calf
  • Having trouble going up and down stairs
  • A tenderness or burning sensation along the sole (bottom) of your foot
  • Redness along your whole foot
  • Swelling along your whole foot
  • A lot of soreness and stiffness along your foot, especially in the arch area and on the heel

If you notice any of these symptoms and you have pain in the mornings, you should meet with your doctor, who will confirm whether or not you have plantar fasciitis. Treatment will usually begin with strengthening and stretching routines that you can do at home. If you experience any flare-ups, whether it’s pain, redness, or swelling, you can put ice onto your feet and elevate them for relief.

While it may be hard to completely cure your pain, you can find plantar fasciitis shoes that will soothe your feet temporarily and prevent any further damage from occurring. People who find the right shoes, wear them constantly, and complete appropriate strengthening and stretching routines, can find recovery from their mild symptoms of plantar fasciitis. People who have moderate symptoms can find relief as well, especially if they pursue further physical therapy and orthotics. If you have a severe case, surgery or another kind of interventional treatment may be required.

Top Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialTypePriceWhere to Buy?
Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Dress ShoesLeatherDress Shoes$$Check Price On Amazon
Vionic Women’s Spark Minna Ballet FlatLeatherFlats$$$Check Price On Amazon
Vionic Men’s Preston LoaferLeatherLoafer$$Check Price On Amazon
Naturalizer Women’s Naomi Closed Toed Classic PumpsSyntheticPumps$$Check Price On Amazon
Vionic Men’s Eric Style ShoeLeatherLoafer$$Check Price On Amazon
Dr. Comfort Wing’s Men’s Therapeutic Dress ShoeLeatherDress Shoes$$Check Price On Amazon
Orthofeet Avery Island Men’s ShoesLeatherWalking Shoes$$Check Price On Amazon
Vionic Women’s Mabrey Pump ShoesEVA/Leather/MicrofiberPumps$$Check Price On Amazon
Naot Women’s Wedge SandalLeatherSandals$$Check Price On Amazon
Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap SandalLeatherSandals$$$Check Price On Amazon

Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Buying Guide

What Are the Best Kinds of Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

If you think you have plantar fasciitis but you’re not completely sure, you should always consult your doctor and not self-diagnose. Your doctor will look at your feet, discuss your symptoms, and make sure that you can alleviate your pain just by wearing certain shoes. Sometimes, cases have severe damage that need more than shoes to help and might require surgery or physical therapy. Once you’ve gone over things with your doctor, you can begin to look for shoes that will help, and you doctor might even know about certain brands that they can recommend.

Overall, to pick shoes that will alleviate some of the symptoms of your plantar fasciitis and bring soothing relief to your feet, you should look for shoes that have:

  • Great arch support
  • A base to the heel that’s very broad and great at absorbing shock
  • A lightweight design, because shoes that weigh you down won’t help your symptoms
  • Insoles you can remove, so you can put in your own orthopedic inserts if it’s required or recommended to do so
  • Support or straps to the back of your heel
  • A heel cup that’s very deep
  • Toe boxes that are wide and roomy
  • Footbeds that have excellent cushioning and which conform to the specific shape of your individual foot
  • Heels that are no longer than two to three inches (make sure you avoid stilettos or other such high heel shoes)
  • Technology that provides a rocking motion as you walk, so you can reduce pressure on your heel and the balls of your feet

Overall, you want a shoe that’s very well made and which provides great comfort and support to your entire foot, especially to your arches and heel. The material should also be lightweight, so you don’t end up with heavy shoes. The best shoes will also have insoles you can take out, so you can put in custom orthotics, and it should have great cushioning all around.

Ultimately, Find What Works Best For You

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis are ones that fit very well to your feet and which you find comfortable. You’ll need to find what works for you. Some people might give a shoe lots of good ratings, but it might not fit the same for you. It’s highly recommended that you spend a solid amount of time trying on many different shoes. Not only will this ensure you get a great fit, but you can also try out the comfort: if the shoe feels weird or is painful right away, don’t get it. If you walk around a little bit and your feet feel great, then you know you found the right pair.

You’ll also need to take into consideration some aspects about your life personally. What’s your job? Are you required to walk around or stand on your feet all day? Do your feet tend to have pain at the end of your shift, or do you think you have pain all day no matter what? Do you like to exercise, and really only need a walking or running shoe that provides support as you get out every day? Or, would you like to alleviate pain as you dress up for work or to go to a nice dinner?

Discovering your intentions behind why you’re looking for shoes that will alleviate pain is key to finding your best shoes for plantar fasciitis. Everyone is different, so you need to think hard about what you’d like the shoes to do for you, and when and where you will be wearing them.

You might also have to get a couple of different pairs, depending on your lifestyle and how often you think you’ll be wearing them. For example, if you need dress shoes for work, you should probably invest in more than one pair. If you’re looking for shoes that will keep your feet pain-free at a wedding or company party, then you would probably be okay with just one. By considering all of this, you can find the best shoes for you.

10 Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews

Now you fully understand what plantar fasciitis is, and which features to keep in mind as you shop for shoes that will help you deal with your foot pain. The good news is, if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you won’t be faced with just a couple boring options for shoes. There are many different kinds out there, and on this list of the ten best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis that are currently on the market, you’ll find flats, slip on shoes, and heels that both men and women can use for many occasions. With these shoes, you’ll get the best of both worlds: a cool and fashionable style, and soothing comfort and support that will help your pain.

Product #1: Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Dress Shoes

Orthofeet is one of the top brands for shoes that help relieve plantar fasciitis, and for good reason. Their shoes feature the Orthofeet comfort system with a premium insole that’s orthotic, conforms to the shape of your unique foot, and contains support for the arch and a heel pad that cushions well. Every Orthofeet shoe provides comfort and alleviates pain all throughout your feet and legs. They come with the Ortho-Cushion System, which involves a light sole that has air cushioning and is engineered to help your natural foot motion and aid in stability. The company also provides everything you need for comfortable shoes: an extra depth design, a wide toe box, padding, and protection that’s designed for sensitive feet. Orthofeet also values outfitting its customers in style and combining fashion with great performance. Their dress shoes for men take things to a new level in both comfort and style. These shoes will soothe your pains and aches, and you’ll look great.

However, each shoe on this list does have some negative aspects to it, and Orthofeet’s well-made, fashionable shoes are no exception. Since the shoe does have an orthotic insole, you will need to get a size bigger than what you’re used to in order to accommodate this. However, despite ordering up, some people found they still had difficulty with getting their feet in the shoe and with how it fit. Because the shoe has the orthotic insole, it has a naturally bigger and more bulky design, and some people disliked this. A lot of customers also found that after a couple of weeks, their dress shoes began to squeak, and they couldn’t get rid of the squeaking, which may be annoying. Overall, these may be great shoes to wear every once in a while, but not all the time.


  • Design is non-binding so it relieves points of pressure
  • Designed to reduce pain and discomfort in the feet
  • Very lightweight
  • Orthofeet Cushion System provides comfort and support
  • Easy gait construction to aid with your natural steps


  • Tend to fit very tightly because of the orthotic insert; may lead to further discomfort or pain
  • Shoe may be too big and bulky for some tastes
  • Tend to start squeaking after a couple of weeks of wear
  • May run small
  • Some people found these shoes are great for infrequent use, but not frequent use

Product #2: Vionic Women’s Spark Minna Ballet Flat

Vionic is another well-known brand that is a favorite among many people for their wide range of stylish yet comfortable shoes. The company creates shoes for both men and women that are designed specifically to help with plantar fasciitis and heel pain, and it makes orthotic boots, sandals, flats, heels, and other orthotic dress shoes. Vionic is especially known for its flats, sandals, and heels for women. The Spark Minna Ballet Flat is a great choice on this list for women who love dressing up but dislike heels. It’s one of the few flats on the market that were made specifically for people who have foot issues, and it has a cushioned footbed that conforms to your feet but which you can also take out if need be. The footbed is actually made from microfiber EVA material. The flat has a biomechanic design that hugs your arches, so even though it’s a “flat” shoe, it gives your arches the support they need. These flats are also certified by the APMA, the American Podiatric Medical Association, so it’s a shoe that has been approved for the way that it supports and comforts your feet if you have plantar fasciitis.

However, there are some downsides to this shoe as well. Despite the fact that the shoes do provide great support, they are in fact ballet flats, which tend to have certain problems, such as rubbing at the heels. Some people got blisters or further pain in the heel area by wearing these. They also do not have a roomy toe box and are actually very tight in the toes, which can lead to further pain and discomfort for people who have plantar fasciitis. These flats are also not breathable, and it’s hard to air out your feet. As ballet flats, these shoes are also not very durable and may not last very long.


  • Come in many fun styles and designs
  • Removable footbed
  • Footbed is EVA and covered in microfiber material
  • Certified by the APMA
  • Designed biomechanically to support the arches


  • Rub at the heels and may cause abrasions
  • May cause blisters
  • Very tight in the toe area
  • Doesn’t have very good breathability; feet will be sweaty
  • Not durable; come apart and take damage quickly

Product #3: Vionic Men’s Preston Loafer

Vionic delivers again, this time with a loafer shoe for men who have plantar fasciitis. No matter what kind of pain you’re in or what type of feet you have, the Preston shoes are designed by podiatrists and were made to alleviate your problems from a wide variety of leg and foot problems. These loafers are great for sensitive feet with an upper made from premium leather and a top line that’s padded for comfort. A rubber outsole gives the shoe durability, and the footbed provides great stability. The midsole is made of flexible and lightweight EVA material so you get excellent shock absorption, and it’s all certified with the APMA’s Seal of Acceptance. A heel cup that’s deep allows for foot realignment, and the whole shoe is very light. These loafers are a great form of support and protection for your feet, whether you’re hanging out at home or heading out for the day.

There are some negative aspects to this shoe, including that they are more designed for people who have narrow feet. If you have wide feet, you may find discomfort with these loafers or will need to order a size up. Some people found that the stitching along the leather is poorly done, and a common problem with this shoe is that after a few days, they give off an odd odor. There is a product available to help combat this problem, but you will have to buy it separately. The shoes also can be tight in the toe area, and it will take you a while to fully break them in.


  • Premium leather material
  • Proven clinically to relieve plantar fasciitis
  • Very lightweight
  • EVA midsole for shock absorption
  • APMA seal of approval


  • Are more suitable for people who have narrow feet
  • Stitching along the leather may be poorly done
  • Shoes can cause an odd odor
  • Long break-in period
  • Can be tight in the toe area

Product #4: Naturalizer Women’s Naomi Closed Toed Classic Pumps

While heels may seem counterintuitive if you have plantar fasciitis, heels that are shorter are still wearable, won’t cause a lot of pain, and in some cases can actually help, especially if you have the type of job where you’re required to wear heels. These shoes, created by Naturalizer which is a brand very well-known for its comfortable shoes, have a solid base and wide support for the heel. The heel itself is in a block style, rather than stiletto style, so you’ll have lots of support that takes pressure off the balls of your feet. The toe box is roomy and is in a round shape rather than a pointy shape like many high heels are; pointy shoes can worsen your pain. The Naomi also has Naturalizer’s patented N5 Comfort technology, which provides great shock absorption through extra cushioning that distributes pressure. The entire shoe is designed to provide a stable and secure fit. If you enjoy wearing heels or need to wear heels, don’t worry; these shoes are created so that you can wear this type of footwear without any pain or discomfort.

There are some downsides to this comfortable heel, however. They tend to run narrow and may be difficult for people who have wider feet. Some people also did not like the aesthetic look to the shoe given the low and boxy heel, and felt as if they were wearing clunky footwear despite the shoe being lightweight. You can also expect to take a long time to break in the shoes, and during this break in period, you may receive blisters or experience other kinds of skin abrasions.


  • Block-style heel only about two inches in height
  • Synthetic leather material makes a lightweight shoe that’s easy to clean
  • Contains Naturalizer’s N5 Comfort technology for shock absorption
  • Stable design and secure fit
  • Rounded toe box 


  • Tend to run narrow
  • Long break in period
  • May rub at the skin and cause blisters during break in period
  • Block heel make some people feel as if they’re wearing clunky footwear
  • Tend to also run small

Product #5: Vionic Men’s Eric Style Shoe

Vionic continues to uphold its best selling brand with these basic leather shoes that are a great match for all kinds of business and casual styles and can provide pain relief from plantar fasciitis whether you’re at work, hanging out with friends, or relaxing at home. They’re very comfortable and you can slip them on and slip them off. Made with real leather, the shoes are very soft, and you still get some breathability so your feet aren’t sweating all day. Vionic especially designs its shoes to be supportive, stable, and shock-absorbing, so that it helps to alleviate pain both in your feet and in your knees; many people found they felt much better after wearing these for a couple of weeks. The shoe has a wide heel and roomy toe box, which provide comfort and support to your toes and your heels, and the insole adapts to your foot’s shape so you receive arch support as well.  They also come in brown and black options, so you can choose a shoe that fits well with many of your outfits, and are perfect for any occasion you need to dress up for.

Like many of the other shoes on this list, Vionic’s Eric Style shoe does tend to run small. Many people found that while the support is great and the shoe is made well overall, unfortunately the sole of the shoe has poor quality and material and tends to come apart from the rest of the shoe within two to three months. The toe area might actually be too roomy as well, and people found there was a lot of space around their toes which led to some sliding and was not as secure of a fit. The arch support may also not be all that different from what you’d find in ordinary shoes, and the leather looked and felt fake to some people.


  • Leather is soft and breathable
  • Comfortable slip-on design
  • Alleviates pain in the feet and the knees
  • Comes in black and brown colors
  • Wide heel and roomy toe box 


  • Arch support is not significantly better than ordinary shoes
  • Some people found the leather has an artificial and fake look and feel
  • Toe area may actually be a bit too roomy
  • Soles tend to come apart from the rest of the shoe very quickly
  • Tend to run small

Product #6: Dr. Comfort Wing’s Men’s Therapeutic Dress Shoe

Dr. Comfort is another excellent brand that provides high quality shoes designed for people who struggle with daily pain in their feet. Dr. Comfort is especially known for their classic styles and sophisticated craftsmanship which results in great-looking shoes that you can wear to impress. Not only are they stylish, but these shoes are also very therapeutic, so they have all the features you need to provide your feet with ultimate protection and comfort. These features include a Dr. Comfort gel insert that’s included with the shoe, a moccasin style toe that provides lots of room, and some leather lining that’s padded so as you’re breaking them in, you won’t suffer from any friction or blisters. It’s also fully breathable, so your feet won’t sweat or swell up at all throughout the day. The leather is polished and sleek, and the stitching is so small it’s almost invisible. The Wing Tip style is a great classic. With a lace enclosure and leather material construction, these shoes are lightweight and make the perfect dress shoes for any occasion. Simply pair them with dress pants, and you’re good to go.

Like any shoe, however, there are some negative aspects to Dr. Comfort’s men’s therapeutic dress shoes. Some people say that the shoe is not as well made as it claims to be, and that you might be able to see glue along the linings of the shoe. The heel also tends to be very narrow and can dig into your foot, which leads to a lot of irritation and redness and won’t help with your pain. The inside of the shoe in particular is not very durable, as the liner especially will wear down very quickly. The outside of the heel tends to wear down very quickly as well. These dress shoes also surprisingly tend to run large, so rather than getting a tight fit, you may get a loose fit and it’s recommended that you order a size smaller than normal.


  • Comfort Gel insert that’s included provides superior comfort
  • Easy on-and-off and adjustment with laces and velcro
  • Leather lining is padded so you don’t suffer from any friction
  • Soft and lightweight leather construction
  • Fully breathable


  • Glue may be visible
  • Heel may dig in and cause redness and irritation
  • Inside liner tends to take some wear and tear very quickly
  • Tend to run large; fit may be loose
  • Heel is not very durable

Product #7: Orthofeet Avery Island Men’s Shoes

Orthofeet delivers with another great dress shoe, this time in the Avery Island design. These leather shoes go well with any outfit, whether you’re getting ready for work or getting ready to hit the town with your friends. Like other Orthofeet shoes, these come with an orthotic support that provides anatomical support for your arch and a cushioning pad to the heel. All of this comes together to conform to the exact shape of your foot. This can relieve pain not only in your heels and feet, but in your knees, lower back, and hips as well. The lightweight sole provides air cushioning, and you’ll have a spring to your step and an easy gait with the Ortho-Cushion System. This system is engineered biomechanically so any stress and pain is alleviated as you get enhanced stability and motion. The shoe also has a soft upper that contains extra depth and a wide toe box so your feet have plenty of room to move around and there’s no pressure. The interior is also soft and is padded with extra foam. Overall, the Avery Island dress shoes are great footwear solutions for any kind of pain you have, especially if you have sensitive feet.

Of course, these shoes do come with their downsides as well. Many people found they don’t have long-lasting durability, and that the shoe tends to wear down very quickly, even within the first two or three months of wear. The sizing also may be tricky; some people found the shoes were too large, some found they were too small and tight. Many customers had to choose a size that was not their normal size and try several pairs before finding a good fit, so keep this in mind, especially if you are ordering online. The leather is also stiff and may require a long break in period. Many people also found that the shoes was very uncomfortable, and in some cases, it worsened their pain.


  • Orthotic insole
  • Relieves pain in the feet, heels, knees, hips, and lower back
  • Innovative comfort features
  • Lightweight
  • Air cushioning


  • Tend to wear out very quickly
  • Many people found difficulty in sizing
  • Leather material can be stiff
  • Heel especially wears down quickly
  • Not comfortable and can potentially worsen pain

Product #8: Vionic Women’s Mabrey Pump Shoes

If you’re looking for a great way to spruce up your wardrobe and need to make considerations for your painful feet, look no further than Vionic’s pump shoes. These shoes, made with Orthaheel Technology, are great to wear to work or to wear out with your friends. The heel comes in at only 2.5 inches and is officially part of Vionic’s Heel+Wedge Collection. All of the shoes in this collection contain a forefoot contour in the footbed that has been enhanced for ultimate comfort. The Mabrey also has an EVA microfiber midsole, and the toe is rounded so you won’t feel any pressure or pain. This is one of the few heels on the market that is a complete orthotic and has arch support, is breathable, and will support your feet all day with ultimate comfort and stabilization. All of this comes together to fit perfectly to your foot.

While these are great pumps, especially if you have plantar fasciitis or other problems with your feet, the biggest problem that people encountered with these is that they tend to be too big in the heel, and will slip off your foot very easily. A lot of people struggled with getting them to stay on as they walked in them, no matter what size they ordered. This may be because the shoes tend to run large, so you should order a size or two smaller than what you’re used to. Many people also found that the footbed was much harder than they would have expected, and due to the blocky style of the heel, the shoe can look and feel clunky. Overall, the shoe also did not last very long and wasn’t very durable.


  • Orthoheel technology
  • 5 inch heel
  • Forefoot contour for ultimate heel comfort
  • EVA microfiber midsole
  • Has arch support


  • Tend to slip off very easily at the heel
  • Tend to run large
  • Footbed is very hard and not comfortable
  • Clunky feel and look
  • Wear down quickly; not great durability

Product #9: Naot Women’s Wedge Sandal

This sandal allows you to look good at work during the hotter summer months and go to the beach with your family, while still wrapping your feet in the comfort and support they need as you deal with your plantar fasciitis. Naot’s Madison Wedge Sandal is the perfect, comfortable sandal for many occasions. The heel is only 1.25” high, and gives your legs a safe boost. The shoes will also stay on your feet, guaranteed, with two hook and loop straps that encircle your skin. You’ll find great comfort with a sole that’s made from EVA material and is 1.5” thick, a back that’s padded, a footbed that conforms completely to your food, and cushioning side panels. The cork material to the wedge also is great at absorbing shock. The sandal overall is made of 100% leather, so it’s easy to clean, and the footbed is made of a mix of latex, cork, and suede materials. With Nato’s, you’ll walk in full, breathable comfort.

Like all shoes, however, these great wedges do have some downsides to them. The straps, although effective, can rub and cause blisters, and lead to a long break-in period. Unlike many shoes that are designed to help with foot pain, the insoles of these are not removable, and it’s very difficult to put your own customized orthotics in, which was problematic for some people. People also had problems with getting a very secure fit, because it’s not possible to adjust the back strap. The shoe also tends to run narrow.


  • Secure fit provided by two loop and hook straps
  • Extra support with the Madison style panels
  • Customized wear; footbed conforms to your foot
  • Cork material absorbs shock
  • 25” heel and 1.5” footbed made from EVA material


  • The insole is not removable, so you can’t put in your own orthotics
  • Straps can cause rubbing and blisters
  • Takes a lengthy period of time to break in
  • Tend to run narrow
  • Back strap not adjustable

Product #10: Vionic Noble Laurie Backstrap Sandal

Vionic delivers on its own version of a sandal that you can wear during the summertime or to the beach. These leather, strappy sandals have an enhanced contour for your forefoot, a heel cup that’s deeper to help alleviate pain, and an EVA midsole for ultimate comfort. The leather material is lightweight, very breathable, and easy to clean, so you can wear these shoes anywhere without a worry. The EVA midsole is also very lightweight, and it’s flexible as it provides soft, supple comfort. Leather straps ensure that the foot stays tightly to your foot, and they’re easy to tighten and buckle so you can get a perfect fit. The shoe itself is designed to help absorb shock, so you don’t experience any stress or pain on your ankles, feet, or even knees. All together, this creates a great summer sandal in a style that’s timeless.

The negative aspects to this shoe are that it is not recommended for people who have any type of bunion pain, and in fact can make this pain worse. Perhaps due to the leather material, these shoes also tend to develop an odd odor that people had a hard time getting rid of. Like the other sandals on this list, the straps can rub at your feet can cause blisters. A lot of people also found that their feet will slide around in this shoe, which leads to their toes hanging off the edge. Many also found that the shoe is uncomfortable, and does not offer much support or comfort in the arch or toe areas, areas that are important if you have plantar fasciitis or other foot pain.


  • Contour to the forefoot is enhanced
  • Heel cup was designed deeper to help alleviate pain
  • EVA midsole is flexible and lightweight
  • Reduces stress and absorbs shock from the feet up to the knees
  • 25” heel height


  • Not recommended for people who have bunions
  • Develop a weird odor
  • Straps can cause blisters
  • Feet slide around a lot
  • Can be uncomfortable especially in the toes and the arch

Conclusion And Final Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Recommendations

People who have ever experienced plantar fasciitis understand that not only is the foot condition very painful, but that it can also be very difficult to find shoes that fit well and don’t worsen this pain. In fact, wearing shoes that don’t provide you with great comfort or arch support can lead to your development of the condition in the first place.

If you have any type of pain in your feet, it’s essential that you find shoes that are comfortable and supportive. Luckily, you’re not resigned only to sneakers or running shoes; you’ll have a wide variety of dress shoes, sandals, low-heeled pumps, and others to choose from that will help you stick with your excellent style. Take a look at the shoes above for a great start to discovering the best dress shoes that will help with your plantar fasciitis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

What is plantar fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the tissue that connects your heel to your toes, which is known as the plantar fascia, tears. You will feel a lot of pain, especially in the mornings when you first wake up, and this pain will mainly be located along the arch area of your foot, or in the midfoot.

How can shoes help the pain go away?

Shoes that are stable, comfortable, and provide the support that your arch and toes need can help alleviate the pain from plantar fasciitis. Your shoe should conform to your foot, and feel very comfortable with no danger of slipping off. While plantar fasciitis definitely needs time to heal, the right shoes can help to alleviate pain within a few days. Sometimes, shoes that have no arch support and lead to flat feet can be the cause of your plantar fasciitis in the first place. This is why it’s important to have comfortable, supportive shoes.

Do I need custom orthotics, or orthotic inserts?

That depends; if your pain is severe, you may need orthotic inserts or other types of orthotics. However, you usually will be able to manage your pain with regular shoes. Your doctor may be able to help you find a great pair of shoes, or you can conduct research to ensure the shoes you are thinking of purchasing will help with your pain.

How do I find dress shoes if I have plantar fasciitis?

The good news is, shoes that help with this common foot condition come in all styles and fashions, including dress shoes. Whether you need to look good for a special event, a night out, or it’s required that you wear heels or flats to work, you’ll be able to find cushioning, comfortable, and supportive dress shoes, for both men and women.

Can I wear heels if I have plantar fasciitis?

Yes, as long as that heel is 2” or less. There are many sandals and platform wedges that accomodate this, and you can look good without suffering the pain that comes from wearing higher heels or stilettos.

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