11 Best Danner Hiking Boots in 2021

Best danner boots

Danner Boots is one of the best quality boot manufacturers.  The company was started in 1932 by Charles Danner.  His belief was that no matter how bad the economy was, that quality craftmanship was what mattered.  Even today, the Danner company believes that quality craftmanship matters for the products that they sell to their customers.  The Danner customers and other people that wear boots are looking for quality well-made boots, giving them the support and comfort that they need.  Many of these customers are hunters, hikers, and people who work out in the field that need the support and protection to their feet and ankles that they can only get from good quality boots.  Most of these people will pay more for a boot that they know offers quality construction and that will give them the support and protection that they need.  Finding the proper boot that fits their needs and budget is very important and is how most of these customers make their decision on which boot they will purchase.

Top Danner Boots Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialSizePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Danner Men’s Radical 452 Hiking BootsLeather & Fabric5.5"$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Danner Men’s 453 Gore-Tex Hiking BootLeather 5.5"$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Danner Men’s Kinetic 8 Inch GTX Uniform BootLeather/Nylon8”$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Inch BootsLeather, Nylon8''$$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8-Inch GTX Duty BootsLeather8''$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Danner Men’s Vital Insulated Hunting ShoesLeather & Textile7.25"$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side Zip Hunting BootLeather 15.5" $$$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Danner Women’s Mountain Hiking BootsLeather 5"$$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Danner Women’s High GroundLeather/Nylon8"$$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Danner Women’s Explorer 650 Hiking BootLeather & Textile6"$$$Check Price On Amazon

Danner Boots Buyers Guide

Deciding on which boot to purchase is a very important decision for many boot wearers.  Most people who wear boots do so for the protection and support of their feet and ankles.  There are many important factors that people look for such as quality, waterproofing, insulation, traction, support on their feet and ankles, comfort, and a properly designed and fitting arch support.  All these factors add up to be the best boot that the wearer can purchase.  When someone works outdoors, or hikes or hunts and they may encounter water or wet conditions they want a boot that will keep their feet dry.  When it is cold outdoors, they want insulation or a breathable liner that will help to keep the moisture on the outside from getting inside their boot.  They also will want a boot that the lining will help the moisture on the inside from their feet that can sweat that will build up to be able to escape and to dry quickly.  This will help to keep their feet warm and dry not allowing wet and soggy feet all day that they will have to work in or wear the rest of the day.  When a boot is properly designed it will offer a quality fit and give the support to your feet and ankles helping you to be able to wear them and be on your feet for extended periods of time without causing them to hurt.  There are many considerations to make when purchasing the proper boot to meet your needs and comforts.  Not everyone’s needs are the same and not everyone’s feet are made the same, so making the right choice for you and your feet is not going to always be the same as someone else’s.

Proper Fit

A proper fit for your boots would be one that your feet will fit inside comfortably matching up to all the important components inside of the boot.  Your foot must fit comfortably in length and width, while your arch support fits the midsole and the arch area of the boot, giving your foot the support that it needs.  The toe box area of the boot needs to give your toes ample room to move freely helping to keep your balance and allowing comfort to your toes and the front of your foot.  Making sure your new boot fits your feet properly will allow you to wear your new boots for an extended period allowing you a comfortable fit.  The length and width will allow your feet to sit comfortably and not allow your toes to rub the end of the boot or your heel to slide up and down either of these can cause blisters and pain to your feet.  The width must be comfortable but supportive and does not allow your feet to feel like they are being squished.


Boots are manufactured in many different heights.  Depending upon the need of your boot is how you need to make this selection.  Many hiker type boots are lower cut and will only come up 6 to 8 inches in height.  These are still tall enough to give your ankles the needed support but will not come up on your legs very far.  Many hikers prefer this shorter topped boot for comfort and to help to keep their boots lighter in weight.  There are others, who maybe hunt or work outdoors that might encounter mud or snakes and want their boots to be taller giving their legs more protection.  There are medium height boots that will cover the calf area all the way up to knee boots that will give you more protection.  Many who work around livestock and work in the barnyard in the mud will select a taller more rubber waterproof boot that will allow them to keep their feet dry and not allow water, mud, and debris to get inside of the boot as it might in a shorter boot.  You would not want a short boot for snake protection, you would want a taller boot giving the protection on up your lower leg.  Make sure to consider why you are purchasing these boots and select the proper height for their use.  You can measure up on your leg if the boot says the top is 18 inches, you can measure that high up your legs to see how the boot will protect you.

Enclosure System

Unless a boot is a pull-on, meaning that it does not have laces or zippers that open the side or the front of the boot it will have an enclosure system.  The pull-on style only has an opening at the top of the boot that allows you to slip your foot into the boot and you can just pull the boot on.  The boots with enclosure systems normally will have a zipper or laces to close the enclosure so that you can put them on or to take them off.   The zipper on most boots are designed either on the front, side or occasionally in the back.  The zipper makes it easier for some wearers so that they do not have to lace up and tie the boot strings.  The zipper just unzips, giving the wearer a larger opening to put their foot in and pull the boot on and when their foot is in place all they must do is to zip the bootup.  Taking the boot off is just about as easy only just pull your foot out.  Some wearers stay away from this system because the zipper tends to break leaving the boot without an enclosure.  The lacing system seems to be the most popular type of system on many different types of boots.  The lacing system is designed of boot strings and hardware that is attached to the boot that the string runs through from the top of the foot to the top of the boot.  This allows a wearer to lace and pull the strings as tight or loose as they need to make the boot fit comfortable on their feet.  This system takes a little longer to put on or to take off but offers the most flexibility for the wearer.


This is a strap or fabric such as elastic or stretchy that is sometimes added to some boots usually sewn into a seam.   This can be elastic type loops that the boot strings run through allowing the loops to pull the boot together or making it looser on the top of a wearers foot.  There are also straps on some boots that manufacturers use to that may be in the heel area or near the top of a boot that will fasten into a buckle of sort to pull the boot tighter to make a more secure fit.  These are normally attached at the back of the boot.

Outer Sole

The outer soles of most boots are made from rubber or synthetic material that is like rubber.  They are designed with lugs to help with traction to keep the wearer from slipping on various surfaces.  Some boots have deeper lugs that are designed in multiple directions while others have lugs that are shaped pentagonal style.  Vibram outer soles are used on many Danner Boots and it has been created by an Italian company that started making them for Mountaineers in the beginning.  These have a special design and quality for traction on all types of surfaces and a special heat resistance quality to handle the hotter surfaces and still maintain their usefulness.  Vibram is also used to compare the manufacturing of many other outer soles on many different brands and styles of boots.


A footbed is the bottom of the inside of your boot, and may also be called inserts, insoles or inner soles.  They are designed to offer comfort and support to your boots.  Many are made removable so that as they wear out and lose their support and comfort, you can purchase new ones and put them into your boots.  On many Danner boots they are designed with porous polyurethane which is more durable and will allow the airflow through the bottom of your boot allowing the moisture inside of your boot to escape and dry quickly.  This helps to keep your feet dry and warm or also can help to keep your feet cool in warmer weather.

Vibram SPE Midsole

Most Danner hikers and many of their boots, have the Vibram SPE Midsole.  The SPE stands for Specialized Performance Elastomer.   This is created from a newer technology from a combination of co-polymer blend of natural synthetic rubber and EVA.   This design gives you more cushioning, durability and resiliency while keeping your boot lightweight.  This has also been engineered to give you more comfort and flexibility allowing more balance and less foot pain.

Inner Lining

The inner lining goes inside of the boot to help to make your boot more comfortable.  It will help the materials to keep from rubbing against your skin and causing skin irritations.   When you select a lining that is breathable, that means that it is made from porous materials that will allow airflow through the lining.  This helps the moisture inside of your boots to escape and helps to keep your feet dry.  It also helps to control the temperature of the inside of your boots, helping to keep them warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.  The lining is important for the comfort of your feet while inside of your boot.  Most Danner boots use a Gore-Tex lining, which is a quality lining that has been created with extremely small pours that will stop the rain from getting inside of your boots but will allow the moisture on the inside to escape.


The insulation in a boot is normally installed between the exterior and the inner lining.  Most Danner boots that are designed to have insulation will have Thinsulate.  Thinsulate is quality insulation that has been manufactured by the 3M company.  This insulation is breathable helping to keep your feet cool and dry.   Even though this insulation is breathable the pores are designed small enough to help keep the outside moisture out and allow the inside moisture to escape.  It is available in a variety of different thicknesses.  This is measured by numbers the higher the number, the warmer the boots will be.  For example, a 200-gram thinsulate will not offer as much warmth as a 1000-gram thinsulate.  So, when making your selection, consider the climate and how cold it will be so that you can select the proper boot with the proper insulation level.

Best Danner Boots Reviews

  1. Danner Men’s Radical 452 Hiking Boots

This 5.5-inch hiking boot has been designed from nubuck leather and 1000 Denier Nylon to create a sturdy and quality hiking boot.  An abrasive protection toe cap has been added to help with durability and protection.  The outer sole is created from a lightweight platform made from synthetic materials and measures an inch tall allowing added stability.  The heel measures 1.5 inches in height to help with stability and traction.  The bottom of the outer sole is designed with multi-directional lugs to help with traction even when hiking on rougher terrain.  The inside lining of the boot is a Gore-Tex breathable lining helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.   The insole or footbed has an EVA cushioned comfort to help to support your feet all day.  Padded collar at the back of the boot along with a padded tongue behind the lacing system will help to protect you from rubbing and from debris getting inside of your boot.  The back of the boot at the top offers a quality pull on loop that makes putting the boot on easier.  These boots have been designed to be lightweight with each boot only weighing only 23 ounces.  This helps to keep them durable and flexible, making walking outdoors easier and more comfortable.  This boot is worth its cost for a long day of outdoor adventure.


  • Quality and durable
  • Offers great traction for walking outdoors
  • Waterproof and comfortable


  • Soles seem to wear out quickly for some customers
  • Some customers say that they take a while to break in too stiff in the beginning
  • The top of the boot and the tongue seems to be too rough on some wearers skin
  1. Danner Men’s 453 Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

This 5.5-inch men’s hiking boot has been rated a “Best Buy” by Backpackers Magazine.  It has been designed from 100% full-grain Nubuck Leather.   The outer sole has been designed from rubber with multi-directional lugs to help with traction and flexibility.  A cushioned fatigue fighter footbed has been added to help comfort and support your long-wear outdoors.  The mid-sole has been designed with a cushioned EVA comfort to help to keep your feet energized.  A Gore-Tex breathable lining lines the inside of the boot, allowing the moisture on the inside to escape to keep your feet warm and dry.  A thermoplastic shank has been added to help with stability and flexibility.  This boot can be ordered in 5 different colors so that it can match the style of each wearer.   This boot offers a speed lacing system making them easier to put on and take off.  This boot seems to be worth the price for all the comfort and benefits that it offers.


  • Quality constructed and designed
  • The rubber outer sole offers quality traction
  • Offers a Gore-Tex waterproof breathable lining


  • Dye from the boot color keeps fading onto some customers socks and skin
  • Take a bit to break in
  • Ankle support seems to be weak
  1. Danner Men’s Kinetic 8 Inch GTX Uniform Boot

This men’s 8-inch leather uniform boot has been designed from leather and nylon.  These boots have been designed to be durable and long lasting.  It displays a polished full grain leather upper with ballistic nylon.  These boots are waterproof with a Gore-Tex waterproofing.  The front is enclosed with a full lace up system allowing you to lace up the boot as tightly as you need for a comfortable fit.   The outer sole has been created from rubber.  The sole style is created with multidirectional low lugs to help create a secure and gripping step.  On the inside, the foot bed was cushioned for support and comfort.  A polyurethane midsole and a nylon shank has been added for additional support and flexibility.  These boots have a dressy appearance but the durability and comfort for an everyday work style boot.  These boots are worth their price for their wearing options and quality.


  • Dressy but durable
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Offer a Gore-Tex waterproofing


  • Seem kind of heavy for some wearers
  • Seems to run narrow and does not offer a lot of toe room
  • Bottom of sole split for a few customers
  1. Danner Men’s High Ground 8 Inch Boots

These men’s Danner boots are designed for comfort and quality.  They have been created from an ultra-durable oiled nubuck leather and a 900-denier nylon backed with foam.  This creation has made these boots lightweight for easy walking abilities.  The inside is lined with a breathable Gore-Tex liner helping to keep your feet warm and dry.  The boot is also lined with 1000 grams of thinsulate insulation to add extra warmth for cold weather.  The footbed has been designed with an antimicrobial polyurethane with open cell construction that allows airflow to circulate through helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  The antimicrobial has added benefits that will help to kill the bacteria that develops in your boots, that can cause strong odors and bacterial issues to your feet.  This boot offers waterproof protection to keep the outside moisture from coming inside of your boot.  The outer sole has been designed from synthetic materials that help to keep the water from the outside out of your boots.  The bottom of the outer sole has been designed with lugs to help offer quality traction and flexibility making your hike outdoors safer and more comfortable.  This boot has been designed with quality and comfort in mind and seems to worth the price that it is offered for.


  • Quality and durable
  • Offers an insulation of 1000 grams of thinsulate
  • Waterproofed with quality craftsmanship to keep your feet dry


  • Stitching came loose on some units
  • Waterproofing could be better for some wearers
  • Some feel the boots were too cold and didn’t offer enough insulation
  1. Danner Men’s Tachyon 8-Inch GTX Duty Boots

These boots have been created to be lightweight and durable on the rugged training fields.  They have been crafted with Danner quality craftmanship but remain comfortable and supportive of your feet.  This boot has been designed from 100% full-grain leather and 500 denier nylon.  The shaft measures 9 inches from the arch giving you a quality boot to the top.  The quick lacing system is supported by brass hardware fixture to securely hold the laces in place.  This offers the ability to tighten or loosen the laces as needed for a proper fit.  It offers waterproofing that will block the water from the outside from coming inside making your feet wet.  The inside is lined with a breathable Gore-Tex lining that will allow the moisture from the inside to dry fast, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.   The footbed that is designed from polyurethane offers comfort and protection to your feet, from the shock that happens when your boot hits the ground.  There is also an additional layer of open-cell material that has been added to allow the bottom of your boot to breath and keeping it dry also.  The outer sole of this boot has been designed with a rubber bottom with pentagonal lugs for superior grip and exceptional traction on rougher terrain and other various surfaces.  These Danner boots have been designed with quality and durability and are worth the price for many satisfied wearers.


  • High quality and comfortable
  • Quality waterproofed
  • Lined with a Gore-Tex breathable lining


  • Stitching in the seams started coming apart
  • Boot liner comes loose from the boot and is more like a sock
  • The boot does not offer the support and comfort that many wearers expected
  1. Danner Men’s Vital Insulated Hunting Shoes

This men’s hunting shoe has been designed from leather and textile.  The shaft measures approximately 7.25 inches from the arch.  This boot offers the Danner Dry waterproof protection.  These boots offer a multi-density foam to help to protect your feet from rubbing and pinching of your skin.  The insulation that has been added to this boot is a 400 g of thinsulate to help to keep your feet warm in the winter but helps to keep them from being too hot during the warmer months.  The footbed has been designed from a molded open-cell polyurethane allowing airflow through the boot helping to keep your feet cool and dry.  The lacing system is a lace and lock system allowing the lacing on the top of the boot to stretch for a better foot.  The shaft up the leg can be laced to be tighter or looser for a proper fit.  These boots can be purchased in a brown or a Mossy Oak Break Up Country to match your hunting gear.  The Vital has been designed to handle the unexpected and the unknown.  They are lightweight and durable to help you get through the woods and the rough terrain.  These are worth the price that many wearers pay for all the quality that they offer.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Top measures 7.25 inches from the arch
  • Offers a 400 g thinsulate quality insulation


  • Size seems to run narrow for many wearers
  • Boots do not seem to be waterproof for many wearers
  • Insulation does not seem to be warm for cold weather
  1. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side Zip Hunting Boot

This boot is made from 100% rubber and 1000 denier nylon.  It has a shaft that goes 15.5 inches from the arch.  The heel measures approximately 1.5 inches while the platform measures 0.5 inches.  This boot has been designed with no insulation, leaving you the ability to add your own warmth with the socks of your choice.  The design of this boot makes it 100% waterproof.  Gore-Tex liners are installed and are waterproof and breathable helping to keep the water out and the moisture inside of your boot to escape.  A flexible snake-proof lining has been applied between the liner and the exterior of the boot protecting you from your toes to the top of the boot from snake bites.  The speed lace-up system has been designed with quality hardware allowing you to tighten up your laces with one tug from the toe to the top of the boot.  A side zipper is also installed making it easier to put on and to take off.  The design also offers a bigger toe box allowing your toes room to move and giving your foot more stability.  This boot is worth its price to help to keep your feet dry and safe from snakes and thorns as you make your way through the woods.  The qualities and flexibility of this boot make it worth the price for many wearers.


  • Offers quality snake protection
  • Quality waterproofing
  • Easy to put it on or to take off with the zipper and the laces


  • Zipper has broken on the side for some customers
  • Ankle area is not supported and feels like hard plastic pushing into them
  • These boots do not offer comfort for many wearers
  1. Danner Women’s Mountain Hiking Boots

These women’s hikers are designed out of leather.  The shaft reaches 5 inches from the arch.  The uppers are full-grain waterproof leather.  This boot offers the Danner Dry waterproof protection.  The outer soles are a Vibram, allowing a nonskid step on a variety of different surfaces.  The front lacing system allows you to lace and unlace these boots allowing the top to open wider to make them easier to put on and off.  This system allows you to lace the boots as tight as necessary to make fit properly and to where they are comfortable for you.  The interior has added cushioning with a polyurethane Ortholite footbed.  The midsole offers the Vibram SPE for comfort and support.  Overall this boot has been designed to be lightweight and durable.  It offers support for your feet and overall traction on smooth or rough surfaces.  This hiker boot is worth its price for its overall comfort and quality design.


  • Quality constructed
  • 100% waterproofed to keep your feet dry
  • Polyurethane Ortholite footbed


  • Sizing may seem to run small for some wearers
  • A little stiff when first out of box
  • Ankle area may need a little more support
  1. Danner Women’s High Ground

This women’s hunting boot is approximately 8 inches tall.  It has been designed from oiled nubuck leather and abrasion-resistant leather for the high wear areas, along with 900 denier nylon.  Behind the leather and nylon is a foam backing to help to make this boot more comfortable and protective to keep the exterior from rubbing against your skin.   The Gore-Tex breathable lining has been added to help keep this boot waterproof and breathable allowing the moisture on the inside to escape and keep your feet dry.  The footbed has been designed with porous polyurethane that allows the airflow through the bottom of the boot keeping your feet cool and dry.  The inside also offers insulation of thinsulate which offers quality insulation for your boots.   An antibacterial treatment has been used to help to kill the bacteria that causes foot odors and bacteria.  The lacing system has added ghillies across the top of the foot to allow for a more quality fit.  The rest of the load and lock lacing system will allow you to tighten the laces as you need to give this boot a proper fitting.  This boot has been designed for quality and comfort.  The outer sole has been designed from rubber, helping your feet to stay dry.  The bottom has lugs that are designed to help with traction and secure footing as you walk through the woods or the rougher terrain.  This boot is worth the price for all the comfort and quality construction that it offers.


  • Quality design and comfortable
  • Gore-Tex breathable lining to help keep your feet warm and dry
  • Added lace and lock lacing system with ghillies to help with a proper fit


  • Boots seemed to fit at first but then seemed to stretch out too much
  • Insulation didn’t seem very warm for some wearers
  • Not enough cushion and support in them for some wearers
  1. Danner Women’s Explorer 650 Hiking Boot

These women’s hiking boots stand 6 inches tall and has been designed from smooth full-grain suede leather and nylon.  The heel measures 1.5 inches and the platform measures .075 inches.  This boot has Danner Dry waterproof protection making it a great hiker to keep your feet warm and dry.  The footbed has an open-cell polyurethane Ortholite cushion which offers comfort and airflow helping to keep your feet dry and cool.   The midsole offers the Vibram SPE for added support and comfort.  The outer sole is the Custom Vibram Escape with mega grip technology allowing a good grip on any surface, wet or dry.  These boots are designed to be lightweight and durable.  The comfort will help to support your feet all day as you continue your journey.  The quality of this design and the comfort makes it worth the price.


  • Quality made
  • Offers Ortholite footbed for comfort and support
  • The traction on the bottom of the sole is designed for wet and dry surfaces


  • Rubs the heel area on some wearers
  • Caused blisters on some wearer’s toes
  • Size seemed to run a bit large for some wearers

Conclusion And Final Danner Boots Recommendations

When purchasing your next pair of Danner boots the first question that you need to ask yourself; would be what type of boot are you looking for?   Are you looking for a boot with a taller top or you looking for a hiker boot?  Hiker boots are designed with shorter tops normally between 6 and 8 inches.  No matter what type of boot that you are looking for, it is important to make sure you find the proper size, one with the inside support that you need, and the proper traction on the outer sole.  It is also important to consider the insulation and the type of closure that you need such as a zipper or the lacing system.  Another important factor would be if the boot was waterproof, especially if you are out hunting or working on your ranch or in any situation that you might be in contact with water or weather conditions that create moisture.  Once you select the proper boot that you think would fit your need, check the reviews on this boot and see what other customers have to say about it.  You can also check with the location that is selling the boot or the manufacturer if you have any questions.  Make sure this purchase will fit into your budget, having a quality boot is very important to many, but being able to afford your selection is also very important.  If I were someone that would be going outdoors and hunting a lot, I would probably consider the Danner High Ground 8-inch boot.  This boot has been designed in a men’s and a women’s style.  It offers an Ortholite footbed with breathability and quality support.  The bottom of the boot has been designed for traction on wet and dry surfaces, making a smoother walking surface even on rougher terrains.  The inside lining is designed from Gore-Tex allowing more breathability, warmth and waterproof protection.  This boot seems to work well for both the men and women customers that are using this boot.  Selecting the proper boot that meets your needs and gives you the comfort and support that you need in selecting the best boot for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Danner Boots

Is a hiking boot better than a hiking shoe?

A quality hiking shoe will have a strong and solid sole that will help protect the bottom of your feet and give you’re the comfort to help prevent shocks to your body on some easier walking areas.  Many hiking shoes also will allow more airflow, allowing your feet to stay cool and dry quickly if you get them wet.  Selecting a hiking boot will give your feet more support and comfort.  The outer soles on most hiking boots are designed to be sturdier.  They will help you with traction even on rougher terrain and offer more help to keep you from slipping and sliding.  If you are carrying a backpack on your hike and it carries a weight of above 30 pounds it will add more weight and you will have more benefits from a sturdier pair of boots.  You can also find hiking boots such as Danner’s that will offer you waterproofing on the outside and again in the Gore-Tex liners that most of them are designed with.  A hiking boot will also give you more support on your ankles helping to keep you from turning your ankle on the rougher terrain.   Most hiking boots will offer around an inch to an inch and a half platform, which will offer protection and support to your feet and body.

Why do I hear that hiking boots are normally an overkill especially quality boots like Danner?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  From what I have read most people who say this, normally go on shorter hikes and use trails, while not carrying a lot of weight.  It is a personal opinion and preference.  If you prefer the heavier soles to protect your feet from rocks and other projectile items that might be on the trail or on rougher terrain, then hiking boots such as Danner is the way to go.  Hiking boots are made to be sturdier, to give you more support and protection.  The thicker soles on the hiking boots will also help to keep thorns, glass, and items like that from coming through the thinner soles.   Most quality hiking boots have added support to the inside such as padding to keep the top from rubbing on the skin.  The footbeds are normally designed with quality arch support and shock absorbing midsole.  They are designed to help to give your feet comfort, keeping them from being tired quickly and giving you the energy to complete your longer hikes.  When you are carrying a backpack with added weight to your body, this also adds additional weight to your shoes that they will need to support.  A quality boot has been designed just for that, offering you the support that can handle the weight of both you and your pack.  So, to fairly answer this question, it honestly depends on what type of hiking that you plan on doing and how much protection that you want to give to your feet and legs while on your hike.

How do I know what is a good insulation factor for my new boots?

Research can help you to learn a lot about insulation.  In my research that I have done, I am rather impressed with thinsulate.  Thinsulate is made by 3M and seems to work quite well if you do your research on the proper number of grams that you will need for the cold weather that you will be outdoors in.  The boot that has a thinsulate factor of 200 grams will probably not be warm enough for being outdoors in the winter temperatures of near zero.  You would want to look for a boot that offers a thinsulate factor of 1000 grams.  Then my suggestion would be to add a pair of wool socks, which help to keep your feet dry and warm.   It is much more comfortable being outdoors in the cold if you can keep your feet warm and dry.  The wool socks are porous allowing the moisture that comes off your feet to dry quickly and help to keep your feet warm.  Cotton socks are known to absorb the moisture which will make your feet feel colder no matter how much insulation you have in your boot.  So, make sure that you are prepared no matter how much of an insulation that your boot offers.

How can I keep my hunting boots waterproof?

Waterproofing is very important when you are outdoors hunting in the cold weather.  For starters purchase a pair of boots that are made to be waterproof.  Then check with the manufacturers’ recommendations for products that can be used on the material that your boot is made from.  Some boots can be cleaned on the outside and once they are good and dry, can be sprayed with a waterproofing spray that will help to maintain their waterproofing.  Make sure all stitching and seams are coated well because many times if a boot is going to lose its waterproofing that is where it will happen.  A quality waterproof boot has been designed with the materials to keep the water out from the outside and have a lining on the inside that is also waterproof.  The inside lining such as Gore-Tex has been designed with small pores to keep the outside water out but allows the inside water to escape.  This helps to keep your feet dry along with the inside of your boots.   The material that the boot is made of will make a difference of how if anything can be done to help to keep the waterproofing effective.  Some materials will never need to have waterproofing reapplied and will remain waterproof for the life of the boot.

How do I know what type of boot that I should purchase?

There are many different styles and types of boots that are available for purchase.  The main thing that you need to answer for yourself, is what is the purpose of purchasing your boots.  There are lower cut boots that are like hiking boots, there are hunting boots and work boots and uniform boots that are designed to be more of a dressier boot.  If you are looking for a boot to just help to protect your feet and help to keep them warm in the winter, I would recommend maybe a hunting style boot.  The main thing is to decide if you want one that is waterproofed.  Then do you need one that is insulated, or do you want one that is not insulated?  No matter which one you choose I would recommend one with a breathable lining and one that has been designed to offer comfort and support to your feet.  It is important so that you are not disappointed in your choice to make sure you know what you expect from your selection.  Making a purchase that will fit the needs and expectations that you are looking for will make your selection the best one for you.

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