10 Best Cycling Shoes 2021: Indoor, Road, Clip In, Men & Womens Options

outdoor cycling clears shoes reviews

Cycling is a great way to have fun and get some exercise while you’re at it. It can be considered a sport or a leisure activity depending on your goals. It’s also a great way to squeeze some cardio or relaxation into your daily routine. This is an activity you can do inside or outside. The most popular ways to participate are indoor spinning, road cycling, and mountain cycling.

This activity is a fantastic way to get some health benefits and improve your overall well-being. Cycling will keep you healthy and may even prevent certain diseases or lessen the side effects of them. There are shoes designed specifically for cycling, these shoes will enhance your experience while riding. Purchasing shoes for the activity can be either a serious or simple decision.

Professional riders usually go all out and get really good shoes while others may get a cheaper less beneficial shoe because they won’t be using them as much. A good pair of cycling shoes offers support and comfort that regular sneakers will not provide. A good cycling shoe should have a secure and easy closure system, a good cleat compatibility, and should be designed to maximize the amount of power transferred from your foot to the pedal. these shoes are designed specifically for cycling and they won’t be good to use for other activities. There are many assorted brands and styles available for purchase and some are better than others.

Top Cycling Shoes Comparison Chart

1. Tommaso Strada 100 Cycling ShoeAll Season$$$
2. Lake CX301 ShoeAll Season$$$$
3. Lake MXZ303 Winter Cycling BootsWInter$$
4. Gavin Elite Road Cycling ShoeAll Season$$
5. Shimano SHRP1 Cycling ShoeAll Season$$$
6. Shimano SH-ME2 Mountain Enduro Cycling ShoeAll Season$$$
7. Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe
All Season$$$
8. Zol Predator Mountain Indoor Cycling Shoe
All Season$$$
9. Five Ten Freerider Black ShoesAll Season$$$
10. Giro Jacket 2 Cycling ShoeAll Season$$$

Cycling Shoes Buying Guide


Indoor and Outdoor Cycling

Indoor cycling can be done from the comfort of your own home. If done at home, it can be as intense as you want. Exercise bikes can be purchased for at home use, but they are on the expensive side. The major benefit of using an exercise bike at home is that it is available for use whenever you find the time to get a quick session in.

Spin Classes

Another type of indoor cycling you can do is spin classes. Spin classes are available at almost any gym. They are usually guided by an instructor from the gym. The instructor is there to push you hard and these classes are usually much more intense than any other form of cycling. The biggest downfall of spin classes is that you’ll have to be a member of the gym or if you’re not you’ll have to pay on a day-to-day basis to participate.

Outdoor Cycling

Outdoor cycling is the sport or activity of riding a bike outside. Many people participate in cycling to have fun and exercise. There are several types of outdoor cycling.

Road Cycling

Road cycling is by far the most popular. Anyone can do it, it doesn’t take any skill or training. The road provides an easy, flat terrain. The road can be scenic if you take different routes each time or switch it up occasionally. It takes less effort than other cycling types. You can walk out of your house and begin riding, you don’t have to travel to a trail or mountain. You can even use it as a form of transportation. Most roadways have rules and regulations to keep cyclists safe, but still, beware of traffic and stay vigilant!

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking provides a great work-out and a rush of adrenaline. You’ll be climbing and descending a rough terrain. This type of cycling is very scenic and there are trails all over the place that can be explored. You’ll need some skill and endurance for mountain cycling. The terrain is much rougher than road cycling and you’ll need to learn how to position your body and move with your bike to avoid accidents.


BMX is probably the most fun kind of cycling. BMX can be done inside or outside. A BMX cyclist will participate in stunts, ramps, and obstacles. Short bursts of energy get a BMX rider from one ramp or obstacle to the next quickly. BMX is popular with teens and younger adults.


Cyclocross is a combination of road cycling and mountain cycling. The terrain is a mix of easy and rough terrains and may even include obstacles. It can be challenging. This type of cycling will work all your muscles. You’ll need to supply most of the power from your leg muscles.


Cycling Benefits 

We’ve all ridden a bike at some point in our life, right? It’s one of the first things we learn how to do as a child. Riding a bike is fun right? For most, it’s a skill we’ll carry with us even into adulthood. Cycling is a great way to exercise or to just simply ease your mind. It doesn’t require a prominent level of skill and there are far fewer injuries than contact sports or weightlifting.


Whether you’re cycling for fun or exercise the activity provides great benefits for your health life. Cycling is fun inside or outside. Outside you get to enjoy different routes, trails, and scenery. Many cyclists use cycling to explore, gain muscle, and lose weight. Cycling provides a great muscle work out that increases strength and stamina. It is also said to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It is a great way to get some of that dreaded cardio into your workout regimen. One of the best parts about cycling is that the activity can be as intense or not as intense as you wish, the decision is up to you.


Cycling can also reduce your risk of some diseases or aid with disease management. Cycling is great for cardiovascular illnesses such as stroke, high blood pressure, or heart attacks. Your heart muscles will strengthen as well as the rest of your muscles. Your lung and circulation will also become stronger. If you’re overweight or obese cycling can help reduce your body fat and aid in weight loss. It is a fantastic way to exercise especially if you are just beginning to develop a work-out routine, it allows you to determine the pace and how often you participate. There isn’t much stress on joints which makes this an ideal form of exercise for anyone including elders or those with arthritis. Lack of physical activity is one of the leading causes of some diseases.


Another major benefit you’ll get from cycling is that cycling can be a mode of transportation. You can ride a bike to work in the morning or maybe ride it for a quick trip to the store later in the day. Cycling is one of the best ways to squeeze some physical activity into your busy schedule!


The Importance of Wearing the Correct Shoes for Cycling

Whether you’re cycling indoors or outdoors you’ll need to be equipped with the correct, comfortable shoes for the activity. There are shoes designed specifically for cycling. These shoes will provide you with the comfort and support you need to have an efficient cycling session. Of course, you can ride a bike with any kind of shoes but cycling shoes are designed to create an overall, better cycling experience.

Efficient Pedaling Techniques

Cycling is all about the energy transfer from your feet to the pedal. The energy transfer between your shoe and pedal create the motion of the bike. The more energy transfer received will lessen the amount of work being put on your feet to make the bike go. Hard, stiff soles will be found on almost all cycling shoes. The quality of the sole contributes to the energy transfer.

The harder and stiffer the sole, the higher amount of energy transfer you’ll have. Fatigue and cramps will be reduced by the amount of energy transfer. Cycling shoes make cycling safer. Accidents will always happen but it’s important to take any preventative measures to possibly minimize the occurrences. Cycling shoes are usually made of mesh material which provides a breathable material to keep your feet comfortable while riding. They have built-in vents that keep air circulating. It’s very important that you buy shoes that are compatible with your pedals. The wrong type of shoe will won’t connect with your pedal.

Do some research and read the descriptions available about different types of shoes and what to expect from your cycling shoes. The correct shoes will avoid injuries and provide comfort and a more pleasant experience while riding.


Overall Advantages and Disadvantages of Cycling Shoes

Every type of shoe has advantages and disadvantages, cycling shoes are no different. You may be wondering if cycling shoes are worth the investment, if you’re thinking about seriously cycling a pair of cycling shoes will benefit the experience.


  • Firm connection to pedals
  • Maximum power transfer
  • No sliding
  • No laces or covered laces
  • Rigid sole
  • Good angles


A shoe designed for cycling will offer a firm connection to your pedal, but make sure you get one that is compatible. It’s very important to know which cleat is compatible with the type of pedal you’re using, if it’s not compatible it will not connect. The angle where your shoe and pedal meet is also important. Cycling shoes will provide a good angle of connection which in turn will make it easier to build leg muscle.

It’s safe to ride a bike with regular tennis shoes on but to get the maximum amount of power from your leg muscle to the pedal, you’ll need shoes designed to help. Cycling shoes will offer the maximum amount of power transfer. The rigid soles assist with power transfer. They make pedaling easier on your feet. Another important advantage is cycling shoes don’t usually have laces or if they do they’re hidden, they use velcro or buckles for closure. You don’t want laces getting caught in your chain or pedal causing mayhem.



  • Short life
  • Hard to walk in
  • Expensive
  • Hard to put on


Cycling shoes are expensive and it sucks because you won’t be able to wear them for anything else. They are also hard to walk around in due to the rigid bottom and shape. If you’re going to wear cycling shoes you should probably carry another, more comfortable pair of shoes to walk around in. The shoes wear easy, especially if you’re doing anything other than cycling in them. They can also be hard to put on and close.


Types of Cycling Shoes

Now you know about outdoor and indoor cycling and the advantages and disadvantages of cycling shoes. It’s time to look at the type of cycling shoes available. The decision on what kind of cycling shoe to purchase should be based on what kind of cycling you will be doing and what you’d like to gain from the activity. There are different shoe designs for different types of cycling.

Road Shoes

Road shoes are made of nylon material. They are ventilated and breathable. Road shoes usually have a velcro or buckle closure. They offer stiff soles that protrude from the shoe. These are the kind of soles that will make walking hard. There are certain cleat types that you can purchase to make walking a bit easier.

Off Road

Off road shoes are stiff and minimum flexibility is offered. These shoes have stiff soles with aggressive tread for walking and riding on rough terrain. Velcro, buckles, or laces be the closure system. If they have laces, the laces will be hidden by a padded tongue, so they don’t interfere with your ride. Off road shoes will provide a good power transfer to easily travel the rough land or trails.


Casual cycling shoes are more like regular tennis shoes. They are made for the casual cyclist, who may not be very serious or adventurous with their cycling. Casual shoes pay closer attention to comfort rather than power transfer or angles. These will be easier to walk in. They are flexible with softer soles.



Factors to Look for:


Your cycle shoes must be compatible with the cleats and pedals you’ll be using. There are many clipless systems available. The soles of the shoes you’re looking at should be designed for the kind of cycling you’re doing. The sole may be rigid or smooth. All soles for cycling shoes will be hard and stiff. The sole will provide a smooth connection and power transfer to your pedal.

Fastening System

The type of fastening system the pair of shoes offers should also be considered. Laces aren’t the best for cycling. Good cycling shoes will have a closure or fastening system made up of velcro, buckles, or dials. When your shoe is closed, it shouldn’t feel too tight. A shoe that is too tight will lead to excessive pressure on the tops of your feet. When closing your shoe, you don’t want the shoe to fold, you only want it to close completely. Laces are what’s normal for shoes, but laces can get caught on your bike which could possibly lead to you getting hurt.

Foot Support

The shoe should offer support for your foot as well as for your cycling experience. These shoes should be snug. Try your shoes and make sure they fit. Cycling shoes will fit different than regular sneakers. They should be tight. To ensure you’re choosing shoes that fit you, check and see if you can fit any fingers in the back around the heel area. If you’re fingers fit, you should find a smaller shoe. You don’t want much room for wiggling or sliding around.

Cleats aren’t included with cycling shoes, but you will need to purchase them separately. The cleat you purchase should be based on your pedal type. If the cleat and pedal aren’t compatible the connection will not work.


How Should Cycling Shoes Fit

Cleat Positioning

Most cycling shoes have holes in them for where the cleat will be placed. The correct placement for a cleat should be between the first and second metatarsal of the foot, or in other words kind of in the area of where your toes bend. The power source is determined by where the cleat is placed. If the cleat is in the wrong area your lower leg muscles will strain and you won’t get as much power transfer.

Tight, but not a Restrictive Fit

Your cycling shoes should fit tightly. You don’t want extra toe space or room for your feet to move around. The most common error when buying cycling shoes is consumers tend to purchase sizes that are too large because they’re used to the fit of regular sneakers. Remember, extra space in cycling shoes is not a good thing.

Avoiding Foot Problems

Cycling shoes that don’t fit may result in foot problems.  Aches and pains may happen if your shoe doesn’t fit right. In some cases, the strain from the power transfer can cause your foot arch to drop if it isn’t getting enough support. It may be necessary to purchase a custom foot bed if you can’t find a supportive, comfortable shoe.

If this is your first time purchasing cycling shoes, you may not have a good understanding of what you need to find. It is recommended that you go into a sporting or cycling store. If you go into a store the associates will be able to assist with your shoe purchase. Associates are there to answer your questions and give you guidance. If you’re shopping online make sure you read some reviews to see what other people are saying about the shoe you’re considering.


Best Cycling Shoe Reviews

 When looking into cycling shoes whether it’s a new brand or your first time purchasing these shoes. The following are some of the top selling shoes of 2019.


Tommaso Strada 100 Cycling Shoe

The Tommaso Strada 100’s are the top-selling cycling shoe on Amazon. This cycling shoe is great for multiple cycling styles and uses. They can be used for road, mountain, and spin classes. These are often used a beginner cycling shoe for cyclists just starting to look into using a clipless pedal system. They are compatible with almost all two or three bolt cleats, which makes them very versatile.

The shoe features breathable liners, mesh inserts, and a ventilated tongue to provide moisture prevention and allow your feet to breath while riding. The toe area is sturdy and offers firm protection. The triple velcro closure system makes these shoes easy to put on and take off. The non-skid bottoms assist with a smooth and firm pedal connection. Wearing the Tommaso Strada’s, you’ll get maximum comfort and power transfer.

These shoes are often true to size which makes the ordering or purchasing process very easy. Your feet will stay comfortable for long and short rides. Multiple cleat compatibility makes these a very good beginners shoe. They are affordable and worth the price. The tread may not last very long or in some cases, may be messed up at the time of purchase. If your feet are wide you may have to look for a wider version of shoes because the fit is very snug and narrow. Some consumers have complained about the shoes and cleats being noisy and clicking a lot while in use.



  • True to size
  • Maximum comfort
  • Multiple cleat compatibility



  • Noisy
  • Narrow fit
  • Weak tread system


Overall, the Tommaso Strada’s are a great cycling shoe for a really fair price. They are very popular on Amazon and they will make your cycling experience better. You’ll get a very good power transfer without letting go of the comfort factor you want your shoes to have.


Lake CX301 Shoe

The Lake CX301’s are a more expensive cycling shoe. These are recommended for professional, high mileage, and frequent riders who need all the offered by a cycling shoe. These are a lightweight, high tech shoe that is stylish and will contribute to your cycling experience. It fits snug and glove like to stop any unneeded foot movement. The heel cup in tight and the toe space is narrow.

The tight fit prevents hot spots and pain. These style shoes are great for indoor spinning or outside road cycling. The stiff soles lead to a highly efficient power transfer. Two dials close these shoes and make adjusting the tightness very easy. They offer a three-bolt cleat system which makes them compatible with many different cleat brands and styles.

The lightweight and breathability of these style cycling shoes increases power transfer and makes pedaling so much easier. The cycling experience will be easy and efficient wearing these shoes. The dual closure system allows maximum security with minimal effort and allows different levels of closure and pressure.

The closure system allows you to have them closed as tightly or loosely as you want. The Lake CX301’s are a great cycling shoe but they are so thin they aren’t great for cold weather. These shoes also fit tightly and narrowly which may make them seriously uncomfortable if you have wider feet. They work best for cyclists with narrow or skinny feet.



  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Dual closure system


  • Thin material
  • Narrow fit
  • Expensive


The price will be worth the investment if you are a hardcore biker. If you’re just beginning riding these may look far too expensive for something you may or may not continue doing. These shoes will help create an easy, power efficient cycling experience.


Lake MXZ303 Winter Cycling Boots

The Lake MXZ303’s being the same brand as the #2 best shoe are also on the more expensive side. These are best used for winter cycling because they are a heavy-duty, boot style shoe. They are made of leather and offer great insulation and even thermal soles to keep your feet warm while being out in the harsh, chilly weather. Not only do they offer a great amount of power transfer, they also offer a great amount of protection from the outside elements. They are water resistant and the rigid soles make it easy to transition from riding to walking. These cycling shoes are a great option for road and mountain cycling.

Unlike many other cycling shoes, these are a great option for the colder seasons. Most cycling shoes are lightweight and breathable, but these are heavy and durable offering protection from the weather and anything else your foot may hit. These are a stylish boot, they’re simple and black and will look good with any cycling gear. The durability of this shoe also plays into the long lifespan you’ll get with purchase. These, like most other cycling shoes, are in European sizes which makes it hard to pinpoint your size. Size charts are usually available to make the purchase easier. The shoes do fit narrow and tight most of the time.



  • Good for winter weather
  • Stylish
  • Long lifespan


  • European size make selection hard
  • Narrow shoe fit
  • Expensive


If you’ll still be outside cycling in the snowy winter these boots are the best option for you. They won’t be the best to cycle in year-round, but they will maximize comfort during the colder seasons. You can use these for the colder months and keep another pair of cycling shoes to wear during the warmer months.


Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoe (Best Road Cycling Shoe Option)

These shoes are made with breathable leather and mesh which makes them very comfortable for cycling. They are highly ventilated and offer a good amount of air flow to keep any sweating to a minimum. The closure system on these shoes is buckles.

The buckles offer a secure and comfortable closure. The Gavin Elite cycling shoes can only be used with certain cleats. The cleat styles that are compatible with these shoes are SPD, SPD-R, and SPD-SL. These shoes focus more on comfort than riding experience. The soles are stiff and offer good support and power transfer. They’re great for indoor and outdoor cycling. These are a great option for those who are entry-level cyclists.

The Elites are an affordable cycling shoe which is part of the reason they are great for beginners. They are designed to easily put on, take off, and fasten. You’ll want to go for a ride all the time due to the comfort these provide. The fastener may have a short lifespan and may not be durable enough. It is possible that they will break overtime or if used too often. The buckle is also longer than usual, and it gives the area a bulky look. These shoes can run small so it’s best to try them on or order a size larger than usual.



  • Affordable
  • Easy use
  • Maximum comfort


  • Runs small
  • Long, bulky buckle
  • Not durable


This shoe is a fair value for the price. You’ll feel like you’re getting a bargain. Your bicycle rides will be smooth, comfortable, and pain-free.


Shimano SHRP1 Cycling Shoe

The Shimano SHRP1 is an upgrade to the 2017 version R065. These are lightweight and very breathable. They are stylish with a matte black finish. They also offer a reflective back heel for safety. The reflective heel makes them great for safety while on the road. They usually fit very well and offer a lot of security around the foot. These are a great cycling shoe for inside or outside activities.

These shoes are compatible with two or three bolt cleat systems. The best cleats options are SPD and SPD-SL. The closure system is made of wide, dual clips that provide a comfortable but secure closure. The Shimano SHRP1’s are great for entry-level or professional level cyclists.

These are one of the more stylish cycle shoe options. They look good on any bike and with any biking gear. The soles offer a very high power transfer making the ride easy and enjoyable. They are easy to put on, take off, and fasten. The sizing may be off, you should use a sizing chart or make sure you try the shoes on before purchasing. Amazon reviews will be able to help you make a size decision based on what others have experienced when ordering this product. These are also a narrow fitting shoe and you won’t get much wiggle room. The cleat compatibility of these shoes isn’t a very wide variety. You’ll have to use the cleats they determine.



  • Stylish
  • Reflective safety
  • High power transfer


  • Sizing off
  • Narrow or tight fit
  • Not compatible for many cleats


If you’ve previously owned the 2017 version or any other Shimano shoe and loved them these are an excellent choice for you. You’ll get a great biking experience and experience less fatigue because of the efficient power transfer you’ll get from wearing these!


Shimano SH-ME2 Mountain Enduro Cycling Shoe

The Shimano SH-ME2’s are a durable, man-made cycling shoe that are great for mountain use. These shoes are man-made out of leather and mesh which makes them flexible, durable, and breathable all at the same time. The rigid, rubber tread on the outsole makes it easy to transfer power. This shoe is more versatile than some of the others we’ve seen. The flexible insole is designed to fit a broad range of foot types and sizes. The closure system is three velcro straps which offer comfort as well as a low-pressure closure.

These are a reasonably priced shoe from a high-quality brand. Shimano is a popular name in the cycling shoe industry. This brand has been proven to be successful for years. These are cycling shoes that will look great on your feet. They are well made and stylish. This set of cycling shoes will have a long lifespan even if they are used very often. The cleat connection is usually strong and trustworthy. The sizing may be off so it’s important to keep that in mind while shopping. They fit narrow and tight, cycling shoes are supposed to be snug, but you don’t want them to be very uncomfortable. Although mountain cycling shoes are usually easier to walk in these still tend to make walking a bit of a bother.



  • Stylish
  • Strong cleat connection
  • Long lifespan


  • Sizing off
  • Narrow fit
  • Hard to walk in


Shimano is a highly recommended brand of cycling shoes. This specific style is reasonably priced and well worth the money spent. They will make mountain biking as effortless as can be.


Giro Rumble VR Cycling Shoe

The Giro Rumble VR is a more expensive cycling shoe. This shoe can be worn for inside or outdoor cycling. They are good for road and mountain cycling. They offer an EVA midsole which maximizes the comfort received. The shoe is designed with breathable mesh fabric to provide good ventilation and prevent moisture build-up. The closure on this shoe is lace.

Lace closures can be a little undesirable in cycling shoes because the laces could get stuck in the chain or pedals leading to accidents and mishaps. These shoes are SPD compatible. Giro Rumble VR’s aren’t too hard to walk in, the outsole is thick rubber which makes the traction on land just as good as on your pedals.

These can be purchased in larger, less common sizes. If you have big feet it can be difficult to find companies that offer your size. The shoes offer flexibility, so walking isn’t so hard. They are also lightweight and breathable. This shoe, like many others, runs smaller than normal. You’ll need to look a size chart or physically try the shoes on before purchasing. The workmanship of the shoe could use some more care and attention. The shoe has a kind of sloppily put together look and the cleat connection may not be as solid as you need it to be.



  • Easy to walk in
  • Variety of sizes offered
  • Lightweight


  • Sizing off
  • Weak cleat connection
  • Poor workmanship


This shoe isn’t exactly the best cycling shoe, but it is still a very good option. You’ll receive a good power transfer and comfort while wearing these. If you have large feet these shoes will probably offer your size when many others don’t.


Zol Predator Mountain Indoor Cycling Shoe (Best Indoor Cycling Shoe Option)

The Zol Predator is a lightweight, breathable cycling shoe created with mesh and leather. They are great for all kinds of cycling. These shoes offer a lot of comfort which makes them a desirable choice for long or short rides. They’ll even hold up on a rough mountain trail. The closure system is made of buckles. The closure system offers maximum security and very little pressure. They are designed with a two-bolt cleat system making them compatible with two bolt cleat types and styles. The rigid bottom makes it somewhat easy to walk around when you step off your bike.

The Zol Predators are usually true to size which makes the ordering or purchasing process very easy. They are made to be very ventilated for warm weather and for quick drying if they by chance get wet. These are also one of the most affordable cycling shoes on this list. Some consumers have complained about a weak cleat connection. A weak cleat connection will likely mean you’ll have to replace them often. The tread may not grip as well as some of the other shoes listed. Indoor cycling isn’t the best activity for these shoes. The shoes may be better for outside and off-road cycling.



  • Affordable
  • True to size
  • Highly ventilated


  • Cleat connection weak
  • Slippery tread
  • Not good for indoor cycling


These shoes are a good investment for the price but remember you get what you pay for so this shoe might not be as good as the shoes listed before them.


Five Ten Freerider Black Shoes

The Five Ten Freerider is a more stylish shoe. They look more like sneakers or skate shoes and are offered in a variety of assorted color schemes. The Freeriders are like skate shoes but they offer a much stiffer sole. If you’re familiar with skate shoes, you’ll notice the difference in the sole right away. These are a lightweight shoe with a protective toe bed. They are water and weather resistant.

These are created with EVA midsoles and a removable sock liner which will make them very comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. These are a good shoe choice for all different riders and activities. They can be worn for BMX, spinning, or mountain cycling. The sole is very stiff and has a very strong grip. The Freeriders are best used with flat pedals. Using them with flat pedals will ensure the strong grip.

These shoes provide some of the best traction. When you put them on you’ll notice there are no weaknesses with the traction, some consumers have said the traction is too strong. You may experience a little difficulty trying to get the shoes to not stick to surfaces. If you’re into style these are probably one of the best options for you because the Freeriders don’t have the futuristic look like other cycling shoes. These shoes aren’t made of breathable fabric, they are made to be more sturdy and protective. The sizing may be off so take extra precautions and do some research if you’re considering purchasing them.



  • High Traction
  • Strong grip
  • Stylish


  • Grip too tight
  • Hard to disconnect from the pedal
  • Runs small


Overall, this is an excellent choice shoe for cycling. They are more popular with BMX riders than mountain or road cyclists. These are also a good option for spinning. If you’re into style these are an excellent choice for you and they are offered at a fair price.


Giro Jacket 2 Cycling Shoe

The Giro Jacket 2 is like the Freeriders, they are styled more as a regular sneaker or skate shoe. They are offered in a few assorted colors and they are put together well. These are a cheaper, more reasonably priced cycling shoe and they are good for beginners.

The material is  water and weather resistant. The closure system is lace, but it is protected by the tongue of the shoe to avoid the laces becoming loose. These shoes, like the Freeriders, are good for use with flat pedals. Flat pedals offer the best connection and power transfer. The Giro Jacket 2’s are a durable shoe good for all types of cycling. The inside is made from EVA foam material making it extra cushiony and comfortable.

These shoes should be your choice if you’re looking for something durable and can take a little bit of a beating. They are great for beginners and they’re stylish. The grip is very strong, so you’ll get the feeling of a clipless pedal system. These shoes are at the bottom of the list because they have a short tread life. Although the grip is strong at first it wears down rather quickly which may lead to replacing them frequently. Walking in them too often will help wear down the tread.



  • Durable
  • Strong grip
  • Stylish


  • Short tread life
  • Walking contributes to the wear and tear
  • Few color options


These are a good shoe for beginners because they are affordable compared to some other options. If you’re just starting out these shoes will be an appropriate choice for you to use to get your feet in the game. The grip is strong but if you’re looking at something for long-term cycling you should consider an option that doesn’t wear and tear so easily.

Final Thoughts & Cycling Shoe Recommendations

Pay attention to your feet. Often, people tend to overlook their foot health. Your feet get the most wear and tear out of all your body. It is important to take care of them and take your foot health seriously. You’ll benefit greatly, now and in the future, when you start making decisions that will take care of your body. Purchasing a good pair of shoes designed for cycling is one of the first steps towards a future with better foot health.

Whether you’re cycling for fun, for your health, or professionally you’ll benefit in many ways from a pair of cycling shoes. Cycling shoes provide comfort, an effective power transfer, and firm stability you won’t get from a regular sneaker or tennis shoe. Cycling shoes may be expensive but purchasing them will be one of the best decisions you’ll make. You’ll notice a difference while cycling immediately.

Pedaling will be effortless and foot pain will be less likely. Choosing a cycling shoe may be tricky, you’ll have to look at everything the shoe offers and compare that to what you need to do the activity. You’ll also have to ensure you purchase a pair of cleats because cleats are not included with the shoe purchase. Make sure the shoe and the cleat are compatible with your pedal system.

When it’s time to purchase your pair of cycling shoes make sure you understand how they’re supposed to fit so you don’t purchase a pair that is too big. These shoes are supposed to be tight and narrow, you don’t want your feet sliding around in them. A common mistake people make is buying a size that is too big because they’re used to how regular sneakers fit. If this is your first time buying cycling shoes, you should visit a sporting or shoe store to make the purchase. You’ll need to get an idea of what you’re looking for before you try to find them online. An in-person purchase will eliminate any unnecessary returns and exchanges.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cycling Shoes


Are cycling shoes necessary?

No, cycling shoes are not necessary. They are recommended though. If you want to get the best experience out of cycling specific shoes will help you get it. Wearing the correct shoes will keep your feet healthy. Regular sneakers aren’t designed to give the support needed for this activity. If you wear regular sneakers more pressure will be put on the ball of your foot which can lead to pain and discomfort.


What is a cycling cleat?

A cleat is part of a clipless pedal system. A clipless pedal system is a pedal and cleat used to enhance the cycling experience. The pedal, of course, attaches to your bike and the cleat is the part that attaches to the bottom of your shoe to connect to pedal. There are different cleats and pedal systems, so it is important to get a pair that attach to each other. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use them.


Do you need cleats for cycling shoes?

Yes, cleats are needed for cycling shoes. The cleats are what attach to the pedal. The shoe will not be effective without having cleats to attach the shoe to the pedal. For example, if you’re taking a spin class at your gym and you buy cycling shoes for the class you won’t be able to attach your foot to the pedal unless you also purchase a compatible cleat. It’s important to purchase a cleat that will be compatible with your shoe and pedal so make sure you know what you’re buying.


Do most cycling shoes come with cleats?

No, not unless you’re buying some type of bundle deal. You’ll need to order your cycling shoes and your cleats separate. Cleats do not come already on the shoe. Make sure whichever cleats you buy are compatible with your shoes and pedals.


Are all clipless pedals and shoes compatible?

No, they are not. The shoe you buy will have a two or three bolt cleat system. You’ll have to buy cleats that attach to the kind of bolt system you have and from there you’ll determine whether or not the shoes and cleats are compatible with your pedals.


Can I wear cycling shoes without a clipless pedal system?

No, cycling shoes are not designed to be used on regular bike pedals. Regular pedals won’t provide any connection area to the shoe. If you’re going to use regular pedals just wear regular sneakers. Cycling shoes will slip off regular pedals which could cause you harm.


What is the best closure system to have?

Cycling shoes have many important aspects a lace, buckle, velcro, or dial closure system. Laces are iffy because they can become caught in the chain or on your pedals. It could be dangerous. If your cycling shoes have laces they’ll most likely have some type of coverage over them to prevent accidents. Buckle closures are bulky, but they are secure. Velcro closures are the cheapest, but they are also secure. Dial closures are the best because they can be altered and tightened in different areas, but they are also the most expensive. Each closure system will benefit you in some way, you’ll just have to base the decision off what you need.


Will I need different cycling shoes as the seasons change?

It’s up to you. Most cycling shoes are made thin and have a lot of ventilation to prevent moisture build up and to keep your feet cool and comfortable while riding. Most shoes won’t offer protection from colder weather because they are too thin. You can buy shoes that are made to keep your feet warm during inclement weather. For your comfort, I suggest buying a thicker pair to wear during the winter if you’ll be riding outside and a thin pair for warm weather.

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