11 Best Cole Haan Shoes 2021: Loafer, Oxfords & Casual Options

Cole Haan Shoes

Cole Haan is a global brand which makes both men and women’s shoes and accessories that was founded in Chicago USA in the year 1928.  They have their headquarters in New York City, New Hampshire and Greenland in the USA. The company was founded by partners Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan, who together geared their interest towards the production of footwear. To date, they have continued flashing their slogan to make (good goods and nothing but good goods). They have continued with the same tradition and are strongly getting inspired by the spirit of entrepreneurial and timeless vision they possess. Cole Haan’s original name was Cole, Rood & Haan and at the time, it was strictly manufacturing the men’s’ only brands. Today, included in their brands is a wide range of women wear, casual wear, haisery, handbags, hats, gloves, sunglasses, belts scarves, and outerwear.  Cole Haan brand has expanded, making it today’s leading distributors of a wide range of products after including other brands such as clothing and accessories to their brand.

Cole Haan Brief History

In 1975, Cole Haan was sold to a group of partners, which are headed by George Denney. Cole and Haan established foundation enabled the executives to work in transforming the label that later became one of the leading labels in the US footwear. In 1982, the duo launched a retail division comprising of over 40 stores globally with an accumulative annual sales of around &70 million in 1996.

On May 31, 2012, Nike Inc announced its intentions of removing its stake from Cole Haan to enable them to undertake other commitments to complement their other brands like Nike.  Apex partners bought Cole Haan in from Nike Inc in the year November 16, 2012.

Cole Haan headquarters were relocated to Scarborough from Yarmouth and in October 2013, they announced the relocation of their headquarters to Greenland and New Hampshire.

Cole Haan’s main products are retailed at Zappos, Lord & Taylor, Neiman, Nordstrom, Carnival Hudson’s Bay, and Marcus companies. They are also sold at other independent stores and departments worldwide as well as an independent online store like Amazon. Other countries whose shops sell Cole Haan products are Thailand, Peru, Philippines, Canada, China, Mexico, Indonesia, and Korea.

On February 2008, Cole Haan decided to stop using exotic animal skin and fur from animals like snakes, crocodiles, ostriches, alligators, and lizards from all its brands. The decision came after successful lobby animal rights, activist organization PETA citing the need to protect animal rights. PETA was able to convince Nike to by showing them video footage showing the cruelty and torture they were inflicting to these animals to obtain the skin. The video showed how snakes, lizards, and alligators were being hunted, caught and killed in a factory that was a bit crowded and very filthy, snakes were being pinned on a tree through their head, then killed and skinned while the lizard was caught by the noose by its tail and skinned alive. Alligators were clubbed until they became motionless, then the skin removed.

Nike was however not available when called to comment about the video but bowed to the pressure and urged Cole Haan to stop using these animal products immediately.

Cole Haan has been in collaboration with top athletes, designers, and tastemakers who include the men’s capsule footwear collection, nominated menswear designer Todd Snyder together with women has ballet flats, which are designed in partnership with dancers Sara Mearns, Megan Fairchild, Gretchen Smith, and New York City Ballet.

No matter the reasons why you want to get yourself a pair of this brand, the most important is to consider it as an essence of fashion.  Cole Haan shoes are a mixture of both modern and a classic types and their designers have worked tirelessly to ensure their customers get the best looks both at play or at work, they believe that sense of humor and style are the best complements to go by these shoes.

Cole Haan Company takes your comfort very seriously; it is at the forefront to ensure the best technology has been used to achieve their goals. It comes with several copyright names, which include Stitchlite, and ZeroGrand whose main purpose is to ensure maximum protection to all its customers is achieved. One of their innovations is the famous removable loafer Tassle, a brand that is also adapting some changes with the aim of meeting all their customers increasing demands.

Cole Haan Company currently:

We have seen how Cole Haan has evolved over the years, but the question is, what are they doing currently?

Cole Haan has unveiled their new collection of leather loafer and oxfords. These two brands are exclusively made in Maine in a small town known as Lewiston. The company has partners with five expert leather makers who are experienced enough to make each pair by their own hands, a process that takes a maximum of 24 hours. The company has its strategy of tapping into its history of artisan and craftsmanship.

There is a belief that most shoes can only be made in places like China, but unbelievably so, a country like the US is also known for its shoemaking business. Maine was busy with a workshop full of artisans making the world’s finest leather shoes in the world shoes back in the 1800s. Unfortunately, they were shuttered one by one after the forces of globalization shifted their manufacturing overseas.

Since its foundation 1928, America was still famous for its shoemaking skill, Cole Haan then shifted its base to Maine where its main aim was to tap the local experts with an effort to bring the company’s history back to the limelight.

Cole Haan Company has been focusing more on innovation over the past few years, which shoe it open a global innovation center, which was packed with 3D modeling machines and high-tech testing machine. Its expert teams include biomechanics, industrial designers, material scientist, and engineering teams with the aim of improving the shoemaking business. Their efforts brought positive results when they were able to launch the GrandRevolution line, which saw the introduction of the women’s pump, and Oxford means technologies, which are mainly found in sneakers,  they possess the following qualities flexibility, lightness, cushioning, and breathability.

This technology has been evolving very fast, but Cole Haan has been keeping their pace to preserve their quality services at all times. The company has a team of experts working for them for over 30 years, which saw the birth of made in Maine initiative bringing more experts to the brand.

Taking out the Nike Air from Cole Haan shoes

Nike successfully sold off its casual footwear brand Cole Haan; now the next question is whether Cole Haan will be able to remove them fully from Nike. The company was sold to a private equity firm Apax partners for approximately $570 million.

The intention to sell its casual footwear brand was first announced in Washington by the county’s footwear maker alongside the soccer brand Umbro citing the reasons of wanting to focus their interests in their other brands which majors in athletic and apparel brands like Nike, Converse, Hurry Brands and Jordan whom they saw the highest potential for growth.

Top Cole Haan Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypePriceWhere to Buy?
Stitch like Cole Haan ShoesOxford $$$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan Grand Chukka ShoesChukka$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan MaxfieldShootie$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan TuckerLoafer$$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan TaliFlat$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan JulianaPump$$$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan Pinch TasselSlip-on$$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Haan AbbotBoot$$Check Price On Amazon
The Cole Haan GrandPro shoesSneaker$$Check Price On Amazon
Cole Vans Grand WedgeWedge$$$$Check Price On Amazon

Cole Haan Shoes Buying Guide

What are the best Cole Haan shoes that we have in the market?

After learning how the Cole Haan company came into existence, it is the high time for you to across down these varieties of their brands to check the best model that appeals to you  and one that will suit your daily activities wherever you at any given time and the one that will last longer to serve you better.

Best Cole Haan Shoes Reviews

  1. Stitch like Cole Haan Shoes

The Stitchlite Cole Haan shoe resembles an oxford that is made of Jersey knit. At the same time, it is more than that. The upper side is made of stretch knit material, which comes with a Grand.OS technology, which is important for the cushioning of the brand. For skid and traction resistance, the heel and forefront come fitted with rubber pods. If you have spent most of your time with sneakers, it is time to take a break and get yourself a pair of this shoe, which is special for its dress top.

Key features include the following:


The Stitchlite shoe is fitted with a contoured foam sock liner cushions that are ideal in supporting the weight distributed evenly over the shoe surface. This technology makes the shoe more comfortable to resist.

The Stretch Knit

The Stitchlite shoe is made of a woven material with assists in promoting airflow and acts as a cooling effect around your foot. On the top line area, you find the jersey stick that is technologically finished to offer ease of entry. In addition to these features, the shoe enjoys a tight knitting finish to the forefront whose main aim is to improve the lateral stability in every step you make.

Value and Cost

The Stitchlite is the Cole Haan trademark brands. It is irresistible and tops as one of the most sought shoe globally. The shoe is original a factor that makes it sell and especially to those who value original things. Based on these factors we can say that the shoe is a bit pricey but all the same worth every coin.

Pros and cons:


  • It is easy to wear
  • It is fitted with material that allows literal stability
  • It has a special feature that allows collapsing and airflow
  • It has an EVA midsole
  • It is made of a rubber outsole


  • Its durability is a bit questionable
  1. Cole Haan Grand Chukka Shoes

Grand Chukka is a classic knee-high boot which is combined with some engineering brands trademark touches.  It is made of leather and has features such as open lacing closure, which is fitted with two pairs of eyelets. The sole and heel are constructed and filled with Grand.OS technology that gives the classic and timeless look something that enables the wearer to enjoy the maximum comfort.  They are very comfortable and owing to the elegance, the pebble grain texture that makes it ideal for dressing either as dressy or casual.

The main features include the following:

The upper is made of leather

Grand Chukka has benefited from the use of natural leather to make it is durable and supple. The leather used for the upper allows the foot to take form over time making the shoe the most comfortable one of all times.

It has a cored outsole

The primary purpose for these boots is to be worn during the extreme weather.  Extreme weather includes rain, snow, mud and much more.  The grand Chukka is made specially to accommodate allow them to survive all weather conditions; the cored outsole prevents slipping and is ideal for increased traction.

The value and cost implications

The price of this shoe is neither low nor expensive; it lies somewhere in between. Some factors characterize this. Its elegant look, the comfort, and the sturdiness are the main determinants when it comes to pricing. Based on this, the shoe deserves the price tag.

Pros and cons:


  • It has a cored outsole
  • The upper is made of leather
  • It has Grand.OS Cushioning
  • It is lightweight and very flexible
  • Its top is made of canvas


  • Its fitting is a bit loose
  1. Cole Haan Maxfield

The Cole Haan Maxfield is a gorgeous shootie that has its upper made up of either leather or suede with is combined with some fur. The maxfied shoe is popularly known for its stylish and elegant pointed toe and wrapped with a three-inch heel; it is best worn in skirt, dresses, or a pair of jeans. On the sides, it is fitted with dual gore panels, soft cushioning, and a soft leather-lining ideal for adding comfort and light cushioning. The Maxfield is a sturdy shoe with a sexy look, it is a modern brand for women who understand class, and it helps keep your foot away from any harm.

The main features include the following:

It has a textured outsole

The Maxfield shoe’s outsole is made up of rubber that is textured and very durable. The texture is ideal for the stability and can prevent slipping. The heel is a three-inch tall, which is relatively low to some wearers. It a friendly shoe to anyone who decides to walk in it.

It has a pull on construction

The pull on constructed in this shoe is a perfect you those who always seem to be in a hurry to get to their destinations. It has a special feature of having dual gore panels fitted on the sides that ensures easy slip in and out any given time.

The cost and value

This is one of Cole Haan least expensive shoe. It can be dressed up or down, a feature that makes it very versatile, it comes handy regardless on the occasion that you are planning to attend, it a comfortable shoe to walk with and yet very attractive and stylish. The price tag attached to it is worth it in every aspect.

Pros and cons:


  • It is easy to wear
  • The upper is made up of leather or suede
  • It has a three-inch heel
  • It has a textured outsole
  • It has a light cushioning


  • It is not ideal for wide feet
  • The toe is a bit narrow and not fit for ladies with a wider foot
  1. Cole Haan Tucker

Tucker is a luxurious loafer shoe that is meant for casual wear; the upper is made from sophisticated leather with a construction that is flexible and designed with a sports perspective in mind. Tucker is refined and possess some vintage look is also engineered with twin gore panels, together with a rubber outsole and a fully padded sock liner. It can be worn every day wear or when one wants a breath of being off formal whether in a special occasion either casual or classy.

The main features include the following:

It has gore panels

Apart from the perfect fit that comes with it, the tucker shoe has twin gores that enable you to slip in and out without having any challenges. It has some elastic bands that cater even for those with a wider foot; whether wide or narrow the shoe adjusts for a perfect fit.

It has a flexible durability

The secret behind the success of the Tucker shoe is the inspiration of its silhouette by the sports shoes, something that made the designers go for the lightweight material that is also flexible enough. The brand maintains its high quality which makes it more durable owing to the advantage of the full rubber soles.

The cost and value

The designers of the Tucker shoe had the customers comfort in their minds. They designed a shoe that fits, and they used only the finest material during construction. The shoe is within the mid-range and is very classy though with casual look ideal for walking along the beach. Therefore, the price is determined by those features, and without anything more, it is worth the price tag.

Pros and cons:


  • It is designed for easy slip on
  • It contains the twin gore panel
  • It has full leather lined
  • It has a good arch support
  • It has a textured rubber outsole


  • It is reliable regarding the size
  • It needs some breaking in
  1. Cole Haan Tali

Tali Ballet is a pair of flat shoes that are cuter than all the other shoes in our list. It is a feminine shoe whose silhouette is decorated with a bow. The upper leather bears the brands signature hardware, which tightly secures the bow. This shoe has a sole that is an about half inch micro wedge, which doesn’t make it completely flat but forms a foot bed that is padded with Grand.OS technology. The shoe can be worn with a blouse or a slim fit trouser when going for work or can be worn casually with skinny jeans blended with a soft knit sweater.

The main features include the following:

It is very comfortable

The Tali Ballet flat shoe contains the breathability and flexibility as well the cushioning of Grand.OS technology as its special features. It has a fully padded leather sock liner and is made of smooth leather on its upper side.

It has a PU midsole

The (Polyurethane) PU midsole is a special feature that comes with Haan Tali shoes. This material hardly flattens nor compresses with time, and it is highly durable. This makes it very popular for use as a sports shoe or military boots.

The cost and value

Tali Ballet flat looks a bit expensive as compared to the other less known brands in the market. However, owing to its incredible personalized comfort and long-lasting aspect, this shoe is worth every single coin since it never disappoints.

Pros and cons:


  • It comes with a PU midsole
  • It has a rubber outsole
  • It is fitted with a round toe and bow
  • The sock liner is fully padded
  • It is designed to be flexible and breathable


  • Its size is relatively small
  • The fitting is a bit uncomfortable
  1. Cole Haan Juliana

The Juliana shoe is a pointy toe pump and a refined shoe whose designers were key on its flexibility; it is mainly designed with a dual compound cushioning systems, which ensures some energy returns and traction. This shoe is both lightweight and stylish, and it reflects the best out of the brands Grand.OS Technology which ensures that comfort is not compromised. It has a three-inch heel coupled with leather sole to complete the basics in this all-time shoe.

The main features include the following:

The sole

Juliana’s ideal feature that molds your foot over time making you feel extra comfortable is the use of leather sole during construction. The rubber at the front of the sole provides the foot with a sure bet which prevents it from slipping or skidding on by providing an important grip on any ground surface.

The Nike Air Technology

This brand shoe contains some features of Nikes major innovations like Nikes Air Technology, something many are not aware of. This not being a sports shoe, The Juliana shoe ensures that you stay comfortable while on your feet the whole day without any feeling of discomfort.

The cost and value

This is a true pump which is suitable for all occasions, which includes for formal ones and can be worn with any outfit. It is easy to clean and contains all the other features of functionality, breathability, and extra comfort. The Juliana shoe is considered a bit pricey but worth that price owing to these special features.

Pros and Cons:


  • It has a fully padded sock liner
  • The outsole is buffed
  • it has a rubber forefront
  • it has a Nike Air Technology
  • It has a smooth leather upper


  • The shoe has a stiff upper
  1. Cole Haan Pinch Tassel

The Pinch Tassel bears an advantage of being sewn by hand with the use of the brand’s legendary pinch moccasin last. It is a classic slip-on shoe that has a polished look that blends with almost everything ranging from the normal to casual wear. Other special features include a combination of stacked leather heel and a stylish full leather sole together with a leather sock lining. It consists of a tassel detailing which completes the traditional loafer to make it everyone’s favorite.

The main features include the following:

The Craftsmanship

We understand that the Pinch Tassel is usually sewn using a hand on the Pinch moccasin last, this method is traditional and enjoys a longstanding tradition, which guarantees high-quality designs and all-round quality for every produced shoe.

The lining

The Pinch Tassel has a padded fully leather sock whose main aim is to add softness on the inside and used to make you very comfortable even when worn with socks. The lining helps keep your feet away from finding smells and prevents it from sweating.

Cost and value

The designers of Cole Haan Pinch Tassel took time to design this elegant shoe with comfort as their major concern. They painstakingly constructed it taking every caution not to compromise its quality. Therefore, the price tag is worth going by.

Pros and cons:


  • The upper is made of leather
  • It has a padded leather sock lining
  • Made from genuine Moccasin
  • It has a stacked leather heel
  • Possesses a Tassel detail


  • The soles are a bit slippery
  • The floors are scratched
  1. Cole Haan Abbot

Abbot is an urban ankle-high boot, which is crafted using high-quality leather, every cowgirl inspires it. It has a dual side cutout something that adds a perfect flair on the edges to ensure comfort all day long. The stacked heel is around 1.75 inches, and it comes with the usual Grand. OS Technology, which makes the brands, shoes a sense of comfort. The abbot shoe is both practical and fashionable enough to help you wrangle the American frontier.

The main features include the following:

The upper

To achieve that attractive and appealing finish, designers used a smooth leather to construct Abbot Shoe. The features on the side gores assist the wearer in achieving easy entry.  NO zips and no laces, the shoe gives the wearer an easy time while getting in or getting out.

The heel

Abbot shoe is fitted with lightweight Grand.OS Technology as well as breathable it is also fitted with a short heel, which plays a major role in adding support and stability in your every step. This shoe offers you protection from stumbling neither do you suffer the wobbly ankles or unstable movements.

Cost and value

The abbot shoe has a price varying between the middle and high ranges. The price depends on the material used on the upper. This stylish cowgirl shoe is the most comfortable of all times, it is both comfortable and wear and tear resistant, and this is why it considered a good investment, which is worthy of the price tag.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a full lining
  • It is constructed with a rubber outsole
  • It has a stacked heel
  • It allows easy entry
  • The upper is made of either leather or suede


  • Its heal is slippery
  • The elastic panels are not durable
  1. The Cole Haan GrandPro shoes

The main users of GrandPro Tennis Sneaker are the athletes. It is one of the company’s sneakers with a simple rule that everything you need, everything you don’t know which translates that the brand is good in removing the unnecessary weight that was previously experienced on traditional courts without necessarily eliminating its good features such as feel flexibility, The Grand.OS Technology, ergonomics and cushioning.  The shoe has special features such as the EVA outsole, the rubber pods that are suitable for traction and minimal tone stitching.

Its main features include the following:

It is a lightweight shoe

GrandPro Tennis sneaker is a relatively light shoe, which weighs only 8.8 ounces. It is ideal if what you are looking for is casual but simple wear, which comes in handy when walking long distances.

The EVA Outsole

Eva outsole is the lightest sole we have in stock.  EVA, which is also known as ethylene vinyl acetate, remains the best shock absorbing material present. This outsole is also ideal in water and corrosion resistant which provides tremendous thermal insulation.

Cost and value

Since the GrandPro Tennis Sneaker is an extremely lightweight shoe with added advantages like the minimal design as well as comfort, it, however, lacks the arch support.  This shoe is nowadays gaining price upwards, but with all the above features in mind, the shoe is worth the price tag attached to it.

Pros and cons:


  • It is a lightweight shoe which weighs only 8.8 ounces
  • It has EVA outsole
  • The footbed is covered with textile
  • It is fitted with rubber pods for traction
  • Has the Grand.OS Technology


  • It does not support the arch
  • It is not suitable for wide feet
  1. Cole Vans Grand Wedge

The Grand Wedge is a shoe that has passed through various iterations through its designing phase before reaching where it is currently which see it has a modern look and a comfortable fit.  It has a streamlined exterior, which is made of the lightest material ever while the size of the heel has been drastically reduced. The sole has been redesigned and coupled with some horizontal threads that maximize the foot agility. This shoe is elegant and worth the purchase.

The main features include the following:

The wedge heel

Grand Ledge is a relatively low shoe which a heel measuring 1.5 inches. It is a wedge heel by design that means the weight is evenly distributed on the inside thus prevents you from any possible discomfort no matter the walking that you have done.

Quilted Foot bed

Apart from the fashion feel this shoe processes, the quilted foot bed also provides a luxurious forefoot padding which is soft and gives the comfortable ride.  This shoe is not comparable to any other regarding comfort.

Cost and value

Grand Wedge shoe is stylish, is comfortable and versatile while at these qualities someone feels that it is overpriced. However, with all the features above qualities, you would not hesitate to purchase with the given price as it is worth it.

Pros and Cons:


  • It comes with a wedge heel
  • its leather upper is fitted with a bow
  • The design is elasticized
  • the sock lining is fully padded


  • It has a short toe box

Conclusion And Final Cole Haan Shoes Recommendations

After analyzing the brands above, it is clear that the Core Haan shoes come in wide selections. The different models cater for all seasons and people of walks of life, which includes different genders, occasions, seasons and ages which we have seen all are looking for faulty brands. This wide selection has been of great importance when it comes to surviving in the competitive world of the food industry. The Cole Haan has been able to evolve above demands and trends to remain on top of their competitors.

Our analysis has made us see multiple version of the same brand satisfying some customers who opt to purchase multiple shoes of the same brand since they can choose them in different colors. When settling on the best Cole Haan shoe to buy, think the color, the model, the purpose of the shoe, setting you will be wearing and above all your budget.

It is obvious that when you settle for this footwear brand, you are assured of buying only high quality and durable brands, you will never go wrong in whatever you chose since it will ensure you get utmost comfort and what you wear gets better with time without any much effort from r side.

In our analysis on the best Cole Haan shoes, you can use what the criteria that we used to come with the top 10 list of the best Cole Haan shoes are.

Criteria we used for evaluation

  1. Collection and inclusion

Apart from the custom trends and fashion forwards, Haan designs are not the only factor that kept this noble company afloat rather the brand is tirelessly working on the quality, are innovative and are tirelessly working towards discovering new methods as well engineering solution tone ahead and able to satisfy their consumers.

The company’s constant development and aspirations had seen several collections being born to enable them to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive world. Here below, we have analyzed them to assist you chose only what is best for you.

The Grand

When analyzing the best shoes in our list, the term Grand.OS technology has been mentioned very many times. According to the brand, this operating system has been designed to offer the lasting comfort to the wearer, and it comes based on some three-core principal:

  • The adaptive flexibility

Grand OS’s main aim is to imitate the natural movement of the foot, and it offers the kind of flexibility that works well with fewer parts as well seams, that in return offers the natural, relaxed body of the shoes that almost does not exist.

  • Amazingly lightweight

The Grand OS is designed with perforations. The perforations allow water drainage that could have accumulates as a result of long walks especially along the sodden bogs of Scotland. Its lightweight aspect helps rival the footwear that was used for long distance runners.

  • Responsive cushioning

The Grand.OS has a responsive cushioning which rebounds with every step made an aspect that ensures you experience a pain-free foot making you feel satisfied from the beginning to the end. They are many varieties of the grand collection, which includes GrandPro, Grandmaison, OriginalGrand, Grandevolution, the famous newest ZeroGrand, and the most updated 2.ZeroGrand.

The full collection stocks include sneakers, boots and modern oxfords that well equipped with Grand.OS technology for maximum comfort all day long

  1. The Pinch

Unlike the Grand collections which main focus is the structure, particle, and overall shoe engineering, the Pinch collection focuses of luxe living and is a nod to heritage. A good example of a pinch collection is the famous moccasin which has been crafted perfectly and has been seen bringing forth some new models that are sophisticated yet very casual. The pinch moccasin comes in different sizes and shapes and is available for all ages and genders. It is well handcrafted and sewn carefully on the brand’s trademark pinch lasts. This guarantees its comfort and features the Grand OS for the durability and class.

  • Stitch like

Stitch like involves the construction of the upper of the shoe using the engineered knit to add the underfoot cushioning for comfort issues. It has a lightweight knit upper which goes along well with the Grand OS energy form which helps maintains the lightness around the foot; it is also constructed in zones to support the feet and allow maximum airflow is leaving your foot free of sweat yet feeling of coolness while eliminating the bad odors.

Stitch like shoes are light and can be portable to any destination since it does not occupy much space, they are easy to clean and care for.

  1. Materials

Apart from the original designs and construction, all the Cole Haan are known for the kind of the material used on the products, which are of utmost high quality. No shoe in the Haan collection is made up of synthetic material. The designers have chosen each fabric for its specific purposes.

It is important to familiarize yourself with the materials that make your shoe, get the one that is suitable before choosing which shoe will work well with your footwear.

  • Leather

Leather has been the ultimate material for a long time. It is the most natural material that produces durable and flexible shoes that shape your foot and are resistant to wear and tear. Leather together with suede (which is a napped leather finish) is important for adding the proper finish to shoe appearance that synthetic leather can hardly achieve.

  • EVA

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is commonly used in outsoles and insoles of sports shoes, midsoles of shoe parts and flip-flops soles and slippers. It has a high absorbing shock absorbing material, and it is water and corrosion resistant. Being an anti-vibrant, EVA facilitates manufacturing with ease, is vibrant, and is a good source of insulation against extreme temperatures. It is ideal for making all types of outsoles.

  • PU (Polyurethane)

This is a material ideal for making upper cushioning, foot beds, midsoles and is ideal for making boots and hiking shoes owing to its heavy-duty material. It is almost similar to EVA though more elastic and easily bendable. The only downside is that it is a bit weighty.

  • Rubber

Rubber is another material that is commonly used for midsoles. It is ideal for making sports shoes since it has good traction for prevention of skidding and slipping. It is very sturdy and stiff. The only downside with rubber is that it wears off very easily.

Cole Haan shoes are not only designed with a professional sports mind only, but the shoes are also available for all occasions. Before you purchase any shoes, it is important to know for what purposes you are buying it, whether standing, running, sporting or dancing the right shoe with the right material is always available for at Cole Haan.

Frequently asked questions

Q:  Which of Cole Haan shoes have a Nike Air Technology?

A: Nike once owned Cole Haan for several years, during this time the sports footwear company also had in their athletic footwear the woven technology. They such shoes as the LunarGrand, he airs Rhone Boot, the Dorian waterproof boot and the Franklin wingtip shoes.

Nike has since sold their Cole Haan unit and has started separating their Nike Technology away from this brand. It is not possible to tell for now whether Nike will continue featuring in these brands and in which ones in particular or may it will remove their technology in full.

Q:  What exactly is made in Maine?

A: This limited edition represents a homecoming to these shoes. All shoes from this collection are handcrafted in Lewiston and ME, and a pair goes for a long but careful production process. About five artisans are required to work on one shoe alone, with each having his unique skills.  A pair can take a maximum of 30 hours for production, which ends with overnight drying to achieve the desired shape and structure.

Every process, from cutting to brushing, sees each step being geared towards meeting the brand highest standards.

Q:  Do Cole Haan shoes run true to the size?

A:  This question needs a little more debate. The shoes used to be right on size in the past where you could get one model in one size, which means another model of the same brand for would fit perfectly. However, until recently, the price has been a bit compromised, and the same rule is no longer applicable. The best solution to the size problem is to measure your foot and find out the kind of measurements that correspond to the brand’s size. This will prevent one from accidentally getting the wrong fit.

Q:  How is Cole Haan shoes cleaned?

A:  Cleaning depends on the material the shoe is made of. It can be leather, stitch line, or suede. There is a wide range of cleaning products, which are suitable for each material that can be found on the company’s website. It is best to check on them to choose the right cleaning materials, which ranges from creams, brushes, or even chemicals that is best for your shoe.

Q:  When I order online, how will I know that my order is successfully placed?

A:  Once your order is placed, you will get a confirmation email from Cole Haan sent in the email address that you provided. The email will contain your order number and summary. If no confirmation is sent, you can contact us at the contacts provided.

Q:  Is it possible to cancel or modify my online order?

A: It is not possible to change or cancel any order placed due to our processing time or our orders.

Q:  What are the payment options for my online purchases?

A:  There are several methods of payments that are accepted at Cole Haan. They are American Express, Affirm, Discover, Amazon payment, PayPal, Visa, and Master Cards. In case you wish to place an international order using other currencies, you can use the International Checkout.

Q:  When ordering online, is it possible to pay tax?

A:  It is mandatory for Cole Haan to charge sales tax on all its purchases, which are any state where their retail stores are.

In some states, tax-shipping charges are charged as well as the purchase total. The sales tax is not refundable on any returned merchandise. However, it is good to note that order total reflects the estimated tax, so the actual charges reflect on your credit card in all applicable states where local tax is then calculated at the time your goods are shipped.

Q: A foreign bank issues my credit card, is it possible to use it for website orders?

A:  No. Cole Haan accepts billing address or credit cards from the customer based in the United States and Canada only. However, if you wish to make a payment but you are not in any of these countries, the best option is to use International Checkout.

Q:  What happens to in case my account was charged while the order was not processed? Can the charge be removed?

A:  The charge you see on your debit or credit card is not actual, it is a pre-authorization hold. It is a temporary electronic authorization. Your card would not be the charge if the order were not shipped. The hold drops off your account automatically according to your credit card/bank policy. You can contact your bank to inquire when the temporary hold is released.

If you are using PayPal, the charge you see is just a temporary pre-transaction notification. The notification then drops off your PayPal within 30 days. For any query, you can contact PayPal to find out when the hold will be released.

Q:  Do the prices shown online compared with the prices at the stores?

A:  All our prices displayed at the Cole Haan online stores are the same as the ones at the retail stores.

Q: Where the Cole Haan products manufactured?

A: Cole Haan manufactures its products in the world’s finest factories by using high-level artisans and craftsmanship using very superior materials. They have many handcrafted products using high techniques, presently, Cole Haan products and material are crafted at the united states, Italy, China, Brazil, India, and Vietnam.

Q: What happens when the material I want is no longer available online?

A:  Our popular brands are sold online from time to time. You can find if the brand you are looking for in available at a store nearby clicking the “find in store” button down at the products page. You can select the item you want, and if its and then enter your zip code, you can also visit the listed stores then, and you will be able to make a purchase.

Q: At what point can my order be canceled?

A:  In case you receive a notification indicating that your order had been canceled, it means the cancellation occurred due to certain reasons. For more information, you can contact our customer service to enquire the reasons why.

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