11 Best Character Shoes in 2021: Options for Wide Feet, Beginners, & Musical Theatre

best character shoes

Character shoes are shoes worn by actors and actresses used in dance and theatrical performances.  The purpose of these shoes is that they are designed with style and construction helping the performer to be able to complete the required moves that they are supposed to perform.  These shoes are designed with flexibility and balance helping to enhance the natural ability of the performers.  Normally these shoes are designed as a soft leather heeled shoe with at least one strap across the instep to help to keep it secured to the foot, allowing the wearer to do their performance without the shoe slipping.  These shoes are designed for comfort and to give the performer the flexibility to move.  There are many different styles from the older school Mary Jane that are still popular to the fancier higher heeled and more straps to give a more elegant look.  Some shoes are great for practice while others work well for both practices and performances.  Having the proper shoes for your type of dance and performance will help to enhance your abilities.  Also knowing the type of flooring that you will be dancing on can also help you to select your perfect character shoes.

Top Character Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialHeel SizePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Stelle 2 Inch Character Dance Shoes for WomenLeather2"$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Skoex Women’s Character Dance ShoesSynthetic Leather2"$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Capezio Women’s Manhattan Character ShoeLeather2.5"$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Capezio 550 Junior FootlightSynthetic1.5"$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Danzcue Adult Canvas Elastic Strap Character Teacher ShoesCanvas1.5"$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Bloch Dance Women’s Split Flex Character ShoeLeather2"$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Bloch Dance Women’s Broadway Lo Character ShoeSynthetic Leather1.5"$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Theatrical Adult Baby Louis 1.5 Inch Character Shoes1.5"$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Joocare Women Cross Strap Character Latin Ballroom Character ShoesLeather 2.5"$Check Price On Amazon
10. Theatricals Adult EZ Flex 2 Inch Heel Character ShoesLeather 2"$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid 3800 Mary Jane Tap ShoeMan Made1"$$$$Check Price On Amazon
12. Theatricals Childs Lace Up Tap ShoesLeather1"$Check Price On Amazon
13. MSMAX Patent Character Mary Jane Flexible Dance Tap ShoesLeather1"$$Check Price On Amazon

Character Shoes Buyers Guide

When purchasing the perfect character shoes for you, there are many things to consider when making your decision.  Are you a beginner or an experienced dancer?  Most beginners do not start out learning the steps on a 2- or 3-inch heel.  There are student shoes that can be purchased in adult and larger children’s sizes that are designed for dancers that are learning the steps.  A more accomplished dancer will probably pay more attention to the taller heels and more professional styles.  The flexibility of the shoes and the type of outer soles will also be a huge consideration.  There are some dances such as ballet that require some character shoes that need flexibility in order to accomplish some of the moves.  The outer soles are not all designed to work well on all types of dancing surfaces.  Others will allow the dancer to move gracefully without slipping on most any surface.  So, making the proper selection for your type and level of dance will make all of the difference for enhancing your abilities and allowing you to properly accomplish your dance moves.


It seems that many different types of character shoes run smaller than most normal street shoes.  Some of the differences are in the length, but most appear to be in the width.  I believe that this is because it is very important for a shoe to fit snugly in order to stay in place for many of the different jumps and turns.  It is important to measure your feet and check with the manufacturers sizing charts when ordering your shoes online.  Also be sure to read all sizing suggestions, such as order this shoe ½ size larger than your normal street shoe.  I have seen that on many different descriptions.  Make sure to pay close attention when ordering your shoes for the proper size.

Girl’s Sizes

When you have are trying to find a fit for a bigger child and the best shoe for their performance comes in women’s sizes the conversion is normally quite easy.  If your child would wear a size 3 in children’s, then add 2 sizes to it in women’s sizes making your child wear a women’s size 5.  Just always remember that there are 2 sizes different between children’s sizes and women’s sizes.  It works the same way if you want to get a child’s size for a woman.  If the woman’s size is a size 5 the subtract 2 sizes and you would need to purchase a child’s size 3.


It is important for a quality dance shoe to offer good flexibility.  This includes the sides, top, and the soles.  If a sole is hard and stiff, this will hamper the ability of the performer to be able to successfully complete many of the moves that they need to perform.  It is also the same as the tops and the sides of the shoes.  A quality character shoe needs to flex with the performer.  As the performer jumps or points their toe to a certain position, it is vital that their shoe will allow them to freely move and not keep your foot from making the move smoothly and successfully.  A shoe that is too stiff and will not move freely with your foot can make the move look fake or forced, taking off many points in a competition or will not allow the flowing form that is required by many performances.

Upper Shoe Materials

There are a variety of different types of materials that the character shoes are made from.  Some are designed from materials that are close to being like a softer type of plastic, while others are a form of synthetic leathers and again some are designed from real leather, some being soft while other are more shape forming.  Depending upon your style of dance and the flexibility that is needed to go along with your style.  Selecting the proper type of materials that your character shoes are made from will depend a lot upon your requirements for the show that you are performing.  Many wear a different more comfortable shoe for practice or training than they wear for their performances.

Leather Strap and Buckle

Most character shoes are designed with ankle straps that help to hold the performer’s shoes in place.  These straps are attached to the shoe on one side and then fasten to an attached buckle on the other side.  This allows the performer to fasten the strap to the buckle as tight as they need to so that their shoe will stay in place and helps to give them the support and confidence that they need.   Some of the straps are attached with elastic allowing a bit of a stretch to keep the shoe from binding too tight and creating foot pain for the performer.  Making sure that you select a proper fitting and quality designed shoe with the strap and buckle helping you to enhance your performance is a very important choice.

Outer Sole

The outer sole is also a very important part of these character shoes.  The outer sole helps with the flexibility of the shoe, the traction and the ability to still make your dance moves no matter what type of flooring that you must perform on.  The bottom of some of these character shoes has been designed with soft leather that has been grooved, while others have been covered with suede.  Both types of outer sole bottoms have been created to give you the ability to accomplish your dance moves and to help you to keep your footing and not slipping and sliding around on most any type of surface.  Too much grip on the bottom of these shoes can cause a performer to get injured as they go to perform their move and their shoes do not move on the surface of the floor.  Not enough traction can also cause a performer to slip and fall as they slide when they go up to complete a jump.  Selecting the proper grip for your character shoes is very important for your success as a performer and for your safety.


There is a variety of different height of heels that are designed for character shoes.  The different height and styles are designed for a variety of different styles of dance and performances.  A beginner will need a shorter heel than someone that is proficient in dance.  The heel can help to lift the performer at a proper angel so that they can easily perform certain moves.  The taller heel will also show off style and experience.  Some shoes will offer additional lift around the heel, helping to make the heel sturdier and more secure.  One thing all performers are concerned about is that the heel is sturdy.  If a heel is not sturdy on your character shoes, it can cause a performer to lose their balance or even fall.  This could cause a performer to get injured.  A quality shoe with a sturdy heel is vital for the success of the performer to do their best.  Selecting the proper quality of the heel and shoe for your next performance is vital to the success of a performer.

Inside Lining

Many of these character shoes have been designed with a breathable lining.  This is a lining that has been designed with special pores that will allow the airflow to move through the pores in the lining.  These pores will also allow the moisture that builds up inside of your shoes to escape and to dry quickly.  This is important to help to keep the performer’s feet comfortable and dry.  This is also important for the confidence of the performer and to help keep your feet from sliding inside of your shoes.  A quality liner inside of your character shoes can help to prevent foul odors and bacteria from building inside of your shoes.  The bacteria that builds inside can also cause various infections and problems with your feet.   Purchasing a character shoe with a quality lining can be a benefit for the overall health of your feet.

Footbed Cushioning

The footbed cushioning and design is another important factor in selecting a proper character shoe.  The cushioning in the foot bed or insole helps to soften the blows and comfort your feet during your big jumps and other moves.  Support for the arch of the foot is also important, there are many ligaments and muscles that go through the arch.  Proper support will help to keep these muscles and ligaments from stretching and causing an injury to the performer.  The cushioning inside of a quality shoe will work well with the flexibility and balance of the design of the shoe.  Comfortable feet will help to allow you better performance with comfort and ease.

Best Character Shoes Reviews

  1. Stelle 2 Inch Character Dance Shoes for Women

This women’s character dance shoe has been rated as an Amazon # 1 Best Seller in women’s uniform dress shoes.  The heel on this shoe measures 2 inches.  The shoe itself is designed from genuine imitation leather uppers.   The shoe has an attached ankle strap that is enclosed by a pin buckle.   The interior has been designed with a soft breathable lining that will help to prevent moisture from building inside of the shoe and helping to keep your feet comfortable and dry.  The foot bed of this shoe is designed from memory foam to offer more comfort and cushioning.  This shoe has been designed to be supportive and flexible and is great for use with dance, theatrical performances and comfortable dress type wearing.  This shoe comes in black and tan so either or both pair can be ordered to match your outfits for your favorite performance.  This women’s character shoe is worth its price for the comfort and style that it gives to its performers.


  • Designed with a 2-inch heel
  • Foot bed made from memory foam
  • Offers support, comfort and flexibility


  • Sole seems to be sticky and makes it hard to do some moves
  • The strap has broken on some for some wearers
  • Shoe seems to run small for some wearers
  1. Skoex Women’s Character Dance Shoes

This women’s character dance shoe has been styled with the classic Mary Jane look.  It has been created with synthetic leather so that it can offer durability and makes them easy to keep clean.  The shoe has a 2-inch chunky Cuban heel to offer stability and style.  The ankle strap attaches to a buckle that is attached to the shoe with elastic allowing some stretch to keep the top from being too tight during your moves.  The inside offers a memory foam foot bed allowing your feet comfort and support during a long day of theatrical performance.  The inside lining is made of microfiber allowing the air to flow through helping to keep the moisture dry on the inside of your shoes.  The design and comfort of this shoe was created to allow long days on your feet between practices and performances.  The colors available are tan and black, allowing a choice to enhance your dance costume.  This style will go well with most any dance attire and works well on any dance stage or theatrical performances making this shoe well worth its price.


  • Quality constructed
  • Classic design
  • Memory foam inserts for comfort and support


  • Memory foam can lose its support but can be replaced
  • Sizing may be a bit tight for some wearers
  1. Capezio Women’s Manhattan Character Shoe

This women’s character shoe has been selected as an Amazon Choice for leather dance shoes for women.  This means that they feel this shoe is reasonably priced, highly rated and is ready for shipment.  The design measures up to Capezio quality and comfort.  This shoe has been designed with a soft leather upper with a smooth folded edge topline to add to the comfort.  A scored leather sole has been combined with a heel that measures 2.5 inches tall and leather top lift that helps to create a greater strike zone and balance.  The inside has a full leather lined foot bed and a cushioned insole comfort and support.  The microfiber lining has been added to help make this shoe more breathable and helping to allow the moisture from the inside to escape, keeping your feet dry and comfortable during your practices and performances.  This shoe is designed so that several of the quality taps can be installed to your heels and toes of your shoes.  This shoe can be ordered in black, caramel or tan so that you can perform in style.  This shoe is worth its price, allowing you to be comfortable and classy.


  • Quality constructed
  • Microfiber breathable lining
  • Cushioned insole for quality support


  • Some customers complain that the quality is not normal, and the leather is too thin
  • The sizing seemed to be off for some customers
  • Some felt that these shoes did not offer the Capezio normal comfort
  1. Capezio 550 Junior Footlight

This character shoe has been designed for comfort and durability.  The heel is 1.5 inch and wrapped in leather to add stability and to offer a non-skid surface, so your dance moves go smoothly.  Upper is designed with a 1 mm polyurethane with smooth folded edge topline.  The ankle strap goes across the foot and holds the shoe in place while you are performing.   The upper has been designed with a 1 mm polyurethane with a smooth folded edge topline.  The inside has been cushioned with a padded arch cookie support, helping to keep your feet energized and not tired and achy.  The moisture-absorbing brushed microfiber lining has been designed to allow the moisture on the inside to dry quickly helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  An Achilles notch has been added to help to keep this shoe from digging into your heel while you are doing special moves like the point.  These shoes are designed to help you perform while keeping you comfortable and dry.  They offer quality design, style and comfort whether you are on the dance floor, performing in the theater or tapping the night away.  This shoe is styled to be compatible with several quality taps that you can have installed onto these shoes.  These shoes can be ordered in a variety of different colors so that they will match any of your costumes.  They work well with dresses, skirts and pants and support your feet no matter what performance you are doing.  These shoes are worth the price because of all its comfort and quality that it provides.


  • Lined with a brushed microfiber lining
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Padded insoles for added comfort and support


  • Strap has broken for some wearers
  • Size seemed to run a bit small for some wearers
  • The buckle broke for some wearers
  1. Danzcue Adult Canvas Elastic Strap Character Teacher Shoes

These character shoes are designed to be soft and flexible.  They work well for practice and performances, allowing the performer to spend hours with these on their feet.  The upper body has been designed from black canvas with an elastic ankle strap to help to hold them in place.  The elastic strap and the canvas materials allow the stretch and flex that most dancers from beginners to pros to have the flexibility and comfort that they need.  The outer sole is also flexible and made from leather giving the performer the ability to do their slides and jumps that is required, but also giving them the grip that they need for a variety of surfaces that they encounter on different dance floors and stages.  The 1.5-inch elevated heel allows them to have the poise and balance that they need during their performance or practice.  It is recommended to order 1 size larger than your normal street shoes when you order this product.   This character shoe starts at a women’s 3.5 and will even work well for your younger ones who are taking classes.  This shoe seems well worth the price for most events.


  • Great comfort for hours on your feet
  • Offers the flexibility for most moves
  • Outer sole offers the ability to move smooth and still have some grip


  • Stiff midsole makes it hard to make a pointe in ballet
  • Shoe seems to run narrow for some wearers
  1. Bloch Dance Women’s Split Flex Character Shoe

This split flex women’s shoe has been designed to offer versatility on the dance floor or in your theatrical performance.  The top of the shoe is made from leather and the inside lining has also been designed from leather.  It offers a strap that has been attached to the shoe with elastic that goes up the front of the foot and around the ankle to help hold the shoe in place during your performance.   The outer sole has been designed from synthetic materials.  The forefront of the sole has been designed with suede to help the dancer to be able to turn smoothly but still allows some grip, so they do not slip or slide.   A contoured 2.5-inch heel that has been enhanced with an external shank, allowing reinforcement for the heels but not compromising the flexibility that is needed by the performer.  It is recommended to order this shoe .05 size larger than you would normally purchase your normal street shoes.  This shoe is available in tan and black.  This flex strap appears to be a dressier style and is worth the money for all the benefits that it offers to the wearer.


  • Designed with a non-slip but flexible outer sole
  • A leather lined padded inside for comfort and support
  • A split Flex design for a more elegant style


  • The straps broke immediately for some wearers
  • The stability of this shoe is not very good for some wearers
  • The shoe started coming apart at the seams for some wearers
  1. Bloch Dance Women’s Broadway Lo Character Shoe

These shoes are an Amazon Choice for women’s Bloch character shoes.  The Amazon Choice products have been selected because of their high ratings, quality priced and ready to ship when the customer’s order them.  This shoe has been designed as an entry level character shoe and has been created from a soft synthetic leather.  The design at the top has a subtle curve to highlight your leg line.  An ankle strap has been added that fastens with a tongue buckle to allow you to tighten or loosen the strap as needed for each wearer.   The outer sole has been created from fine grain leather with the toe area being designed with a fine grid leather allowing the shoe to be suitable for a variety of different dance floors and stages.  The 1.5-inch heel has been created to be strong with a reinforced shank allowing quality stability.  The interior of the shoe has added a plush cushion lining helping the shoe to offer additional comfort and support for hours on the dance floor.  This shoe may be purchased in black, tan and cocoa, allowing you to match these with your favorite outfit or costume that you will need for your performance.


  • Upper has been created from a soft synthetic leather
  • Outer sole offers the ability to allow you to dance of different floor surfaces
  • Inside has a cushioned lining to help to protect and comfort your feet


  • Strap seems to break for some wearers
  • The outer coating tends to peel off
  • The size on these shoes seem to run small
  1. Theatrical Adult Baby Louis 1.5 Inch Character Shoes

This shoe was designed from genuine imitation leather in a classic Mary Jane style.  An ankle strap is also designed to fasten to an adjustable buckle fastener, allowing the wearer to tighten the strap for their comfort and to give them a proper fit.   The outer sole is also made from a scored synthetic, helping to hold the traction while you are on the stage or dance floor.  The heel is 1.5 inches high and the shoes also offer a heel lift allowing more stability, giving you more control.   These character shoes have been designed to use with various taps that you can have added and to help enhance your performance on the theatrical stage.  The color for these shoes can be selected in black and caramel or get one of each allowing you to have the proper color to complete your dance or performance wardrobe.  It has been recommended for these shoes to order a size .05 larger than your normal street shoes.  This shoe seems to be worth the price according to its reviews and ratings.


  • Quality design
  • Offers comfort and flexibility
  • Adjustable buckle and strap fastener


  • Came with a horrible chemical smell
  • Some wearers say that .05 larger than normal may not be enough
  • Shoe is stiff and may not be flexible enough
  1. Joocare Women Cross Strap Character Latin Ballroom Character Shoes

These women’s character shoes have the upper that is made with supple leather.  It is designed with adjustable crisscrossing straps with double straps over the vamp area holding the shoes in place on your feet.  This allows your shoes to stay in place while you are doing your dance moves and helping you to enhance your performance while keeping you safe from a sliding shoe.   The inside is lined with a moisture absorbing brushed material and a cushioned insole, allowing support and airflow helping to keep your feet dry and comfortable.  These shoes are designed to be lightweight and comfortable for a professional dancing shoe.  These shoes are worth their cost for most any dancer or performer wanting to make a good impression.


  • Cushioned comfort insoles
  • Double straps on the top to help with support
  • Moisture absorbing lining to help keep your feet dry


  • The heels do not feel sturdy enough for some wearers
  • Some of this designed had a strong chemical smell
  • Some wearers do not feel that the quality is good enough to perform
  1. Theatricals Adult EZ Flex 2 Inch Heel Character Shoes

This shoe has been designed to be professional and flexible, allowing you to be comfortable while you are making your moves on stage or the dance floor.  The upper has been designed from a breathable soft like leather upper allowing your feet to stay cool while you are performing.  The side inserts that are designed to stretch as you flex your foot are made from neoprene giving you the comfort to complete your steps.  The heel of the shoe measures 2 inches giving you the ability to have the elevation to complete some moves.  The sole is covered with a soft suede allowing you control on a variety of different flooring but still giving you the traction to keep your from slipping.  These can be ordered in tan or black to complete your wardrobe.  These EZ Flex character shoes are worth the price for many dancers of all levels.


  • Breathable upper
  • Flexible sole and sides
  • Sole will work well on a variety of surfaces but keeps you from losing your grip


  • Size of these shoes seem to run small for some wearers
  • Strap broke after little use
  • Traction on soles are slippery on wooden surfaces
  1. Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid 3800 Mary Jane Tap Shoe

These tap shoes are designed for the little to bigger kids.  They are styled as the classic Mary Jane shoes.  The Capezio shoe has been created from 100% man made materials for the upper and the outer sole has been designed from rubber.  The heel is 1 inch in height helping the little ones learn to maneuver their moves in the classroom.  The strap over the top of the foot attaches to the buckle allowing adjustment for a proper fit.  This tap shoe has attached taps at the toe and heel ready for your little ones to tap away with their routines.  This design also offers a removable clip on bow for the toes of these shoes.  The insole of these shoes has offered a shock absorbing foam to help protect their feet and joints as they learn their new moves.  When making this purchase there are a choice of 5 different colors to choose from.  This shoe is worth the price for many customers, allowing their child comfort as they learn.


  • Quality constructed
  • Shock absorbing insole
  • Taps attached to the rubber sole at the toe and the heel


  • The outside peels off for some customers
  • Strong chemical smell on some orders
  • The removable bows are sewn on clips and are only hanging by a few threads on some
  1. Theatricals Childs Lace Up Tap Shoes

This child’s lace up tap shoe has been selected as an Amazon Choice.  This means that it has good ratings, price is good, and it is ready to ship.   This PU leather tap shoe has been designed for little kids and toddlers.  The style is designed as an oxford style with a full string lace up to hold in place while your little one learns.  The outer sole features a heel counter and a nonskid rubber patch for safety to keep your child from slipping.  The heel on the outer sole measures 1 inch in height.  The inside offers a cushioned lining to help give your child support and comfort as they learn to tap in their class.  The screw on taps with sound board offers them the ability to tap away with the beat.  It is recommended to order the same size your child wears with their normal street shoes.  These shoes are worth the price for the hours of wear as your little one learns their new tap routines.


  • Oxford style quality design
  • Full lace up enclosure
  • Screw on taps with sound board


  • Strong chemical smell
  • Some customers ordered from size chart and shoes did not fit
  • Taps seem to come off on some and the holes where they go are stripped out
  1. MSMAX Patent Character Mary Jane Flexible Dance Tap Shoes

These flexible character dance shoes have been designed for little kids, bigger kids and women.  The style has been designed in the classic Mary Jane to fit most tap dance classes.  This shoe has been designed from a patent leather upper and a rubber sole.  The ankle strap fastens to the buckle allowing them to give an adjustable fit helping to keep the shoe on your foot while you are performing.  This shoe has been designed to be flexible and durable for many hours on the stage or in practice.  The heel measures only 1 inch in height and allows sturdiness to any dance performance or routine.  This shoe has been designed to anyone from a small child to and adult woman can find comfort and can make the dance moves that they need to perform.  Comes in black so that it will match most any costume or practice attire.  This shoe seems worth the price for anyone starting out and helps with comfort and support on the dance floor.


  • Quality design
  • Flexible for performing most any moves
  • Designed to fit from the youngest to the adult performer


  • Shoe seems to run small
  • Wrong size customer had to pay for return shipping

Conclusion And Final Character Shoes Recommendations

Finding the perfect character shoe that you need either for practice or for your performance is something that all performers will go through.  One important factor is to know if you want a shoe for a beginner or for someone that is a seasoned performer.  Selecting a character shoe that is the perfect fit and style for your practice or performance makes the best shoe for you.  The shoe must also be comfortable and must also have the proper flexibility and grip for the type of flooring that you are either dancing or performing on.   Your budget is also a factor to consider when making your selection.  Some performers require multiple pair of shoes between their practices and their performances.  Make sure to select the ones you need the worst in the beginning and then as you can afford them, slowly add the additional pairs that you will need to complete your wardrobe.   If I was looking for a shoe for someone who is a beginner or newer to performing, I would consider the Bloch Dance Woman’s Broadway Lo Character Shoe.  These shoes have been selected as an Amazon Choice making them a popular shoe by many different performers.  They offer a lower 1.5-inch heel that seems to be sturdy allowing a quality performance without the concern of the performer feeling unsteady or having a fear of falling because of their wobbly heel.  It offers a quality lining and cushioning to help cushion and comfort your feet.   The traction that this shoe offers seems to be of quality and allows the performer to dance on a variety of different surfaces.  This shoe will also work well for students that are learning the steps and how to perform.  Choosing the right shoe for you as you are learning and becoming a quality performer, can make your transition easier.

Frequently Asked Questions About Character Shoes

Is there a better time to try on shoes to pick the ones that are best for your feet?

Performer spends many hours on their feet performing and with all these hours on their feet come tired achy feet.  Some will say that this is one of the best times to try on new shoes.  When your feet are already tired and achy, and you try on a new pair of shoes and they feel good on your achy feet that this is a good indicator that these shoes are a good match for you.  Put your new shoes on and walk around for a bit, seeing if they support and help your feet or if they make your feet hurt worse.    This will let you know if your feet can handle wearing these shoes for the 5 to 6 hours a day that seems to be normal for many performers.

How can some performers dance so well in taller heels?

Heels are not always known to be the most comfortable shoes.  They are known more for their sex appeal and dressier look than a comfortable shoe.  Many of the quality character shoes have been designed to offer more comfort for a variety of different styles of dance.  When a performer has reached the stage that they can dance and perform in taller heels, they have had many hours of practice and conditioning to their feet to be able to handle the heels.  There are exercises that can be done to help to make and keep your feet flexible such as yoga and ballet moves.  When you can keep your feet more flexible and can purchase the quality shoes that are designed for performance, with practice and talent they make it look easy.  All of us know that when we put on a pair of heels, it isn’t easy, and they have worked hard to reach this performance level.

Can dancing in heels cause damage to your feet?

Most character heels that I have seen are not taller than 3.5 inches.  When women choose to wear heels that are taller than 3.5 inches and do not exercise their feet to keep them flexible that is when there can be some serious problems with your feet.  Heels can make you walk with poor posture, especially if you insist on wearing a 6-inch heel.   Poor posture can cause your spine to be improperly aligned.  If you are into performance and have taken lessons in dance, you have been taught about the proper way to wear heels and probably foot exercises to help to keep your feet flexible.  When someone can perform in high heels, they have also had lessons in making selections that are good for their feet and how to care for their shoes and their feet.

What makes character shoes different than everyday high heels?

Character shoes have been designed for actresses and performers that perform in the theatre or on stage.  The heels of these shoes are mainly designed in a square style heel and not in a stiletto style.  The heels of character shoes are designed and constructed to be sturdier helping the performer to keep their balance.  The character shoes are designed to be more flexible and supportive.  The bottom of the sole is sometimes wrapped with a soft leather giving the performer the grip that they need for the flooring of the stage or theater and are not designed to wear outdoors and on the streets and sidewalks.  The softer style leather soles help the performer to keep their footing and balance.   Many of the character shoes are designed with a stronger toe area.  The design also allows the performer to add taps to the toe area and the heel if the performer chooses.  Many of the character shoes come in black, tan, white and Carmel colors and not as many of the bold colors that women wear every day with their dressier attire.

Why do some people choose to use character shoes for various dance such as hip hop?

One of the main reasons that I have found is that the character shoes are designed with balance, making it easier to do the dance moves.  A couple that had been named for women to offer a good center balance for this type of dance is the Bloch brands and the Capezio.  For men, a good center balance favorite is the Rumph.   These shoes along with the center balance also offer the ability to slide across the floor with certain moves.  The style and designs of these shoes also offer the look and the comfort that the dancers are looking for.  The rounded heel and toes of some of these shoes helped to learn and smoothly perform some of the harder moves that helped to put their routines together.  Finding the character shoes that fit properly and offer the right balance and design has made many different dances and routines easier to learn and perform.

What is the best way to care for character shoes?

Like all shoes, try to keep them clean and leave them to where they can air out, which will help them to stay dry on the inside.   Check them after each practice or performance for any type of damage or wearing that could create an issue.  On some of the character shoes, there is apparently a lot of stress on the strap that helps to hold the shoes in place.  Noticing that if one of the straps are starting to split or to come to lose fixing it or replacing your shoes could prevent an injury or an embarrassing moment.  Since the character shoes have soles that are made from soft leather and some that are coated with suede, do not wear your character shoes outdoors and always keep them dry.  These simple steps should help your shoes to last longer and to maintain their usefulness for many more practices and performances.

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