10 Best Brooks Running Shoes Rated & Reviewed in 2021

Best Brooks Running Shoes

If you are looking for shoes made specifically for running, there are few companies out there that are as good as Brooks is.  Brooks, rather than having their attention on dozens or possibly hundreds of other projects, works so well because of their focus on running.  Their motto is pretty simple: “Run Happy.”  That’s what you will be if you choose to give them a try.  Today, we are going to take a look at all you need to know about Brooks running shoes.  From the why to the how, we’ll break out all you need to know about them in order buying guide.  We’ll then wrap it all up by reviewing some of their top pairs on the market, taking both popularity and aptitude into account.  That way, you’ll have an idea of what you need and where you can start looking for it.  So, let’s get on our marks then!

Top Brooks Running Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductSole MaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11Rubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 16Rubber$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Brooks Women’s Levitate 2Synthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Brooks Men’s Cascadia 12Rubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Brooks Women’s Launch 6Rubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Brooks Women’s BedlamSynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 10Rubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Brooks Women’s Caldera 2Rubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Brooks Women’s RicochetRubber $$$$Check Price On Amazon

Brooks Running Shoes Buying Guide

A Quick History

We all know, well many of us know at least some of the backstory for such luminaries as Adidas and Nike, but few of us, perhaps even the biggest fans of Brooks, will know about their own history.  Believe it or not, Brooks’ history dates all the way back to 1914 when it was called Brooks Sports, Inc after John Brooks Goldenberg bought a preexisting company called the Quaker Shoe Company.  They made all kinds of shoes.  It wasn’t until the 1970s, however, when Brooks really began to pick up steam with their running shoes.  They began the EVA craze in that time period- becoming the first company to utilize it in their running shoes- and thus started to be a major yet quiet player in the game.  They began their ‘Run Happy’ campaign in the late 1990s and then were bought by Berkshire Hathaway, where it has become even more of a hit on the scene since then.

Why Go With Brooks?

There are plenty of reasons for you to give Brooks a chance for your running shoe patronage.  Here is a look at some of the obvious ones, and also some of them that aren’t so apparent to you at first glance.

  • They work primarily on running shoes.  This is a big one to a lot of people, and it really should be. There are some massive companies out there that do a good job all things considered, but you do wonder sometimes just how much they have invested in running.  With so many projects going on, it’s easy to lose sight of something.  With Brooks, you don’t get that since they have one main focus.
  • They are an underdog.  Brooks is not a baby or a mom and pop setup, but they are still very much a group of workers that are underrated when compared to the resources of their competitors.  With 1000 workers in their force, it’s not huge but also isn’t small.  It’s a true American success story.  They’ve been tiny and they are expanding, but rather than going too far, they are concentrating on one thing: running.
  • They offer something for everyone.  Running shoes are not the easiest thing for you to find, and oftentimes you will see the same basic shoe from one company to the next.  They can get a little bit generic, even if they look different and claim to be the same.  Brooks has four groups of shoes with multiple shoes in those groups.  There will be a closer look below, but this fact should be a very welcome one.
  • They are a leader at forging a path for new technologies in the shoe industry.  You might think that a smaller company would be ‘leading from the rear,’ but instead they are driving the cart in many cases. They are making new developments, including sustainable ones and are doing so to help not only you but the world as a whole.  Whether you run or not, you can be positively affected by them!
  • They are trendy and different.  Thoughts on ‘hipsters’ might differ greatly from one person to the next, but sometimes it’s cool to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.  With Brooks, you can do that, and you can still be benefited, supported, and protected by it.  It’s not as if you are going with a total unknown, but at the same time you are going with a brand that is different from the big time players that everyone has heard of constantly.

Philosophical Changes

Over the years, things have changed a lot in the shoe industry.  Once upon a time, shoes were just covers for your feet.  They didn’t care much about comfort or support, and even if they had, the materials and technology simply wasn’t there to help you very much.  Moving past that, for a while Brooks would classify their shoes by the amount of stability that they had built into them.  This was a common strategy out on the marketplace that other brands also used.  Since then, however, they have gone with a shift to split their products into four categories.  Each of the categories correlates to a different type of run.  Here’s a look at the four, since it could be what makes or breaks your decision.

Cushion Running Shoes

Cushioning in a shoe does not refer to how great you feel when you put them on and feel the insoles.  That’s called comfort.  Cushioning, rather, is an experience that gives you a softer landing during the run after each step.  This can also provide you with such things as energy return, meaning you basically don’t lose as much energy as you would have with other shoes.  The thicker the cushioning is, the easier the impact is upon your body.  That being said, you do see a lack of responsiveness since you will be slower due to heavier weight.  This type is built for sustained comfort, instead of comfort at just the take off.  Shoes in this line include:

  • Ghost 11
  • Adrenaline GTS 19
  • Glycerin 17
  • Transcend 6
  • Revel 2
  • Beast 18
  • Ariel 18

Energize Running Shoes

The second subset of Brooks shoes nowadays falls under the name of ‘Energize.’  This type of shoe is going to take the cushioning and go above and beyond to provide you with more responsiveness.  It’s also going to give you more return of your energy, which is the same as saying they are not going to be as fatiguing as others.  A lot of times, a cushioned shoe will make you a lot more tired because of the extra weight, so this tries to combat that problem right away.  This type is about doing what cushioned ones do but at less weight, helping you to be faster.  Shoes in this line include:

  • Launch 6
  • Ravenna 10
  • Levitate 2
  • Ricochet
  • Bedlam

Connect Running Shoes

If you are more of a minimalist style of runner, then these are the ones for you to take a look at.  These are made to be the lightest and most flexible of the bunch, and it really does show when you get on the run.  This type is best served for people that are lighter and stronger in the legs and feet.  This is because a lack of weight naturally leads to less support and cushioning.  Even with the proliferation of great technology today, it’s difficult to overcome a massive lack of weight to give you support.  These are also good for working on your technique, since they are minimal and won’t restrict you.  Shoes in this line include:

  • PureCadence 7
  • PureFlow 7

Speed Running Shoes

As you can tell, these are made with just one thing in mind: pure speed.  This means you’ll be getting from Point A to Point B faster than you might have thought was possible for you.  If you are a super serious runner, these might just be the way to go.  Just know that you aren’t going to be getting as much of the frills and cushioning and the like, so be advised.  Shoes in this line include:

  • Asteria
  • Hyperion
  • Neuro 2

Technologies That Brooks Uses/Invented

Brooks have helped make some significant breakthroughs in the world of shoes, and those have helped runners from not only their brand but others find success and reach their goals.  Here’s a look at some of the things they have devised to make the world a better place for runners and the populace in general.


Brooks began the surge of EVA back in the 1970s when they became the first company to use it inside of a running shoe.  Everyone now uses this material since it’s lighter than what used to be available and is more cushioned, too.  It’s hard to go wrong, and this is just where they started their foray into the invention world.


This tech was released back in 2008, and it’s really quite an extraordinary piece of business by them.  The idea was to make their midsoles biodegradable.  They did just that, cutting the amount of time it takes for the foam to decompose from 1000 years all the way down to just 20.  The brilliant part, however, isn’t the invention of it.  Rather, it’s the fact that they refused to patent this in order to allow other shoe manufacturers to also utilize the technology for themselves and for all of us.

Brooks DNA

Don’t be fooled.  This isn’t the newest DNA testing kit that you can receive in the mail!  Launched in 2010, this is a cushioning piece of technology that is now used in nearly all of Brooks’ offerings in some way or another.  What it does is that it takes an ergonomic fit and goes well beyond that, helping to adapt to each strike of the foot.  So if you are someone that strikes with your heels first or your toes, then you might just find that this technology is able to make you so much more comfortable than ever before when running.

Segmented Crash Pad

This is the last bit of tech we will mention here as an example of their prowess, but this one might just be their very best.  This one is located in the midsole but instead of having one large zone, it is constructed in a bunch of sections.  This way, they can work together to absorb the blows, spreading out the pressure and giving you foot a bit of a break while doing so.  So many shoes put all of the weight on one part of the foot, so this is a welcome change up that will deliver you a more even load off your feet.

General Running Shoe Stuff

There are some things that are just going to be universal no matter what type of shoes you are talking about, and Brooks running shoes are no different.  Things like fit, materials used, and the like are all the same.  Here’s a look at how to get the most out of your Brooks running shoes.


  • Without the proper fit, you can forget getting the best performance and feel from your shoes.  You will end up injured, or you’ll be in pain, and you’ll eventually be wishing you had never put them on to begin with.  Here’s some tips and tricks to get the best fit you can.
  • Don’t go into it cold.  If you decide to go into looking for shoes when you aren’t prepared, you can’t expect to have the best results.  For instance, you should always be going into a tryout session after you have worked all day or worked out.  This way, you will have ankles and feet that are swollen.  This will ensure you have the best fit when you are getting toward the end of your workout, not just in the beginning of it.  Also, wearing the same socks, or as close as possible, is very helpful as well.  Failure to do so is going to put you off some, too.
  • Give yourself some wiggle room.  There are plenty of people out there that don’t do this, and they end up blaming the shoes for their discomfort when in reality it is their own fault.  Wiggle room is not just about giving yourself a half of a thumb or so of space between your toes and the ends of the shoes, but it’s also about the width as well.  If you are binded in, you need to look at maybe going up half a size or changing to a different pair entirely.
  • Size yourself every couple of years.  This one is something few of us do enough, but it’s really important.  Our bodies do change over time, even when we are older, so this is vital for us to do.  It’s also nice to do because not all brands are going to go right by the ‘standard’ sizes.
  • Try on multiple pairs in a store if possible.  This is just good common sense stuff.  Unless you have worn Brooks’ gear before, you may not have a clue about how they translate to your Nikes or Adidas shoes, or whatever else you may have.  By trying on a few pairs of them, you can start to see how they generally feel on you and how to size yourself.  If you don’t get the chance to do this and buy online instead, you need to try them on right away when they arrive.  If they don’t feel good on, then a return is going to be necessary.  It may well be a hassle, but it is one that you’ll ultimately be thankful for.
  • Breaking in shoes is not something that is easy to do, either.  Breaking a shoe in requires some patience at times, while at other times it is a breeze.  Please make sure that you don’t assume that an ill-fitting shoe will get better when they are broke in.  This is not the case, and in fact, it can get much, much worse if you persist at wearing them.

Remember, getting the fit right is absolutely massive to your success and comfort.  Shoes that are too small will give you blisters and other heat spots that just hurt.  You’ll want to stop running and won’t be able to do it nearly as well when you do because you will constantly be thinking all about it.  Shoes that are too big are also a menace because you can slide inside of the shoes and could slip with them coming out from beneath you.  This also causes your body to correct itself, which can lead to problems arising in the knees, hips, back, and even neck if you just keep at it.  So, getting the right fit, that takes swelling into account, is the best policy moving forward for you!

The Parts of the Shoe

The parts of the shoe are always valuable to know, so here is a quick breakdown of what you need to know in order to be more informed about purchasing the right pair for you.

The Upper 

The upper part of the shoe is the first thing you see when you look down from your own point of view.  This area is responsible for covering up your feet and is tasked with locking them in so you don’t slip and slide around.  This area is also where the laces are and is tasked with providing you breathability in many cases.

The Soles

The soles are the very bottoms of the shoes and they are going to be given the job of providing you grip and traction to the ground.  Without good soles, you will end up falling down and slipping, so this is an area that is far from negotiable.  A lot of shoes today are being made with rubber that is laced with materials that make them more resistant to abrasions and tears.

The Midsoles

The midsoles are an interesting part of the shoes that too often go overlooked.  This truly where the magic is worked, even if you don’t realize it at the time.  The midsoles are located in the middle of the soles and the upper, and they are partly covered and partly exposed.  This area is responsible for giving you the cushion that you need for your run.  The thicker the midsole is, the more cushioning you will get.  This rule is also applied to the width.  If you have a shoe that is wider, this is because there is additional cushioning being supplied to you.  That’s why it’s half of the way invisible and half visible.  Even if it can’t be seen, it does not mean it’s no less paramount to your cause and your goals!


There is more to the shoe than just the upper, soles, and midsole, but we don’t want to go too far.  You also need to take a look at the closure system and the heel counter.  Both of them can cause great annoyance and discomfort if you don’t get them right, but they each can work wonders for you if you have them just right.  A nice insole is also a really good thing to have.  If you have issues with your feet, you could also choose a pair that has insoles that can be removed.  Keep that in mind as you move forward on your search since not all pairs have this specific feature.

Materials Used

The materials that are used to make a pair of shoes will speak volumes about how long they last, how much they cost, and how good they will feel on you.  The soles, of course, are going to be made out of rubber.  Anything else would be a major disaster for running shoes, after all.  The midsoles can be made out of different sorts of materials, but EVA foam is pretty much standard for today’s purposes.  Companies have started to tweak the formula there, though, so you can see the EVA made to be even lighter and yet more springy than in the past.  The place where materials really kick in the most is going to be in the upper.  You can see a few different things used, though the standard for modern use is going to almost always be a combination of synthetic leather and mesh.  Synthetic leather is a reaction to the use of leather, and it is an invention that’s been brought about in order to be more sustainable and cheaper.  It’s very flexible yet still durable, at least nowadays, and you save a lot of money with it, so it’s a winner all the way around for you.  Mesh is great as well because it brings breathability into the picture.  Without breathability, you’ll have sweat puddling up inside your shoes and you’ll feel heavier and just plain out disgusting.  On top of that, you see bacteria forming as a result of that.  So breathability is a must.  In today’s market, a lot of mesh has been constructed in such a way that it will be more durable and long lasting without the risk of tearing.  It does depend on the type of shoes, but this can help make up your mind one way or another in certain situations.

Price and Style

The price you pay is always going to play a role in your ultimate purchase decision, and that’s not likely to change in the years to come, either.  The thing to remember is that shoes generally are going to cost you more if they are either more durable or better at performance measures.  It’s easy to say that durability comes with a higher price, but a lot of people forget that sheer performance is going to cost you as well.  As we talked about above, Brooks does offer shoes that are made to be super quick and agile.  This might not be that durable, but it will cost you more because of the performance edge you get and the construction used to put the materials together to make that shoe so aptly.

Another thing to look at is the style.  Style and fashion are valuable to us as humans.  No one wants to look bad, after all.  On top of that, studies have shown that performance is aided when you feel that you look good.  Look good, feel good is the old adage, and that has rang true for many.  With that said, though, you have to make sure that a pair of shoes is right for you first, and then you can move to the style.  Pick out what you need, either by yourself or with an expert, and then you can narrow in on what looks best for you!

The Top Ten Brooks Running Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. Brooks Women’s Ghost 11

Kicking off our list here is one of the smoothest rides you will see in Brooks or any other pair of shoes out there. These Ghost 11s are made to be very cushioned and great for anyone that is fairly new to running, older, heavier, or those that have had issues with their feet or ankles in the past. Coming in an array of colors with a nice style all their own, these will also stand out in that sense as well.  The new piece of tech in these is the DNA Loft that is used in the heel, which is a crash pad that allows for much softer landings.  This is conducive to someone that has either a medium or high arch, so those types would be best for them.  On top of being cushioned, these are also very soft to the couch, increasing your comfort level greatly.  One thing to make note of, apart from them not being for flat feet, is that they are a bit heavier than most.  So you do pay a little for that extra built in cushioning for sure.


  • Cushioned and soft
  • Much softer in the heel
  • Very smooth ride


  • Heavier than many
  1. Brooks Women’s Glycerin 16

Like the Ghost above, the Glycerin is another example of a pair of shoes that are made to be smooth and cushioned very well for each and every blow during the run. These, though, have additional flexibility and responsiveness in them, helping to accentuate those two things a bit more. This frees you up to a be a bit more natural over the course of your run, which is never a bad thing to experience.  The use of what they call ‘softer plush transition zones’ and the use of Super DNA tech- which is extending beyond the original DNA discussed earlier- makes them very comfy and able to get through some many challenges ahead.  These are lighter than they were in previous iterations and fit much better thanks to the use of 3D printed materials that are still just as strong but more supportive and flexible.  However, these shoes, which are also meant for high and medium arches, are still fairly heavy and are heavier than the Ghost.


  • Very flexible yet strong
  • Smooth and cushioned
  • Comfortable and supportive


  • Still relatively heavy
  1. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 19

This model has been around a long, long time, but Brooks don’t just keep going to the same well for the same water each time. Instead, they seek to improve, and they have done that by making this version of the Adrenaline more streamlined than ever before. These shoes, which are made to fit those that are flat footed or have medium arches, offer not only the DNA heel crash pad in the back for shock absorption there but also feature their new guiderails tech.  This gives you more support all the way around the foot, rather than in just one or two places, giving you the chance to have the immense pressure placed upon you more evenly distributed.  The use of mesh makes them breathable, but you don’t see a lack of durability from them due to the use of 3D printing to reinforce them in the upper region.  There is so little wasted movement with these and cushion that you will feel efficient and comfortable while begin supportive all the way home in them.


  • Guiderails lock you in evenly
  • 3D printing to reinforce
  • Improved on past models
  1. Brooks Women’s Levitate 2

The Levitate line is known for giving you cushioning but doing so at less weight, and that’s exactly what these do. One thing you’ll notice is that the heel counter is different. Rather than hard backing, it has a knitted wall, which will make them lighter and more soft to the touch.  But what these are really made for is energy return, and that’s what they do so well. These shoes are made to give energy back to runners with high or medium arches, and it does so through it DNA Amp, which is going to help you tire much less quickly.  The flexibility on show also helps with this endeavor, helping you push off and waste no energy at all from one stride to the next. They even have an Achilles guard that softly and gently protects the tendon, a crucial part of the runner’s body with foam.  These are comfy and freeing, just what you need if you want to keep going at a peak level for longer distances.


  • Knit collar is awesome
  • Flexible and adjustable
  • High energy return and little wasted movement
  1. Brooks Men’s Cascadia 12

The Cascadia is a divergence from the norm we have seen so far because it is made primarily for the trails. Trail running has its own set of challenges and it requires you to have a stronger piece of footwear beneath you in order to succeed. These certainly do that.  They have a strong toe cap to help your durability in that area and are overall just made tougher than usual road shoes.  On the soles, you have lugs and patterns to help you grip all kinds of surfaces, from the rough to the soft and wet.  They have the segmented crash pad in with them, helping to disperse all of the impact when you inevitably hit a big, hard rock, and they have a pivoting system to help you get more stability out of them when you are turning on diverse surfaces.  Even with the additional weight of them, you can still count on an above average level of flexibility to help you get through your run comfortably.


  • Made for the trails
  • Crash pad helps ease hard landings
  • Very stable yet flexible


  • Does weigh quite a lot compared to road shoes
  1. Brooks Women’s Launch 6

The Launch is another of the ‘Energize’ grouping of shoes that seek to give you both responsiveness and support throughout the course of your run. This line has been around a while, but they have upgraded it with the use of foam under the forefoot to give you a more energetic experience. It’s almost as if you have springs beneath you, helping you as you stride and push off and then go about the motion all over again.  With an internal bootie to sit your feet into, they will feel like an extension of your socks.  The upper is made out of one piece, meaning its more flexible and freeing to you, making this a good choice for pure speed training.  Though these are primarily running shoes for the road, they have shown to be good for cross training, good on the track, and also nice for the treadmill thanks to the push off and explosiveness.


  • Upgraded forefoot area
  • Flexible and light
  • Very versatile choice
  1. Brooks Women’s Bedlam

Another one that falls into the ‘Energize’ column, the Bedlam is bold and brash with its looks and incredibly supportive and freeing. It has the knit collar, which is becoming a fast favorite of ours because it’s just so comfortable and unobtrusive to your ankles. The upper hugs and fits the specific contours of your own foot, miraculously, and that gives you even more comfort and freedom.  With the use of the DNA Amp, they are responsive and cushioned, giving you a nice blend of each and keeping you from feeling bogged down while wearing them.  They even have the guiderail tech, which is awesome for ensuring that the rotation (over rotation in so many cases) of the foot and ankles is stopped in its tracks.  Much like the previous model, these are also very springy.  Unlike so many, though, these have been proven to be a strong choice for the cooler months thanks to the way they keep warmth in.  So breathability is a little down, but that can be a positive!


  • Great for the winter
  • Stops over rotation of the foot
  • Knit collar adds to comfort


  • Not super breathable
  1. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 10

The Ravenna is very similar to the Bedlam and the Launch 6, but it does have some differences to it. One of them is the abundance of breathability that is engineered to be a part of it. It’s literally all over the place to help you get a much better hold on your sweat for those long, hard summer months.  This is part of the comfort factor, but that’s not all there is to it.  With a lightweight makeup and the use of a bootie, these are going to be great, like the Launch over the long haul because they are called the ‘sister’ of that shoe.  With the guiderail technology, they keep the lower body from rotating as heavily, ensuring you are going to have reduced pain in the process.  They also have that springiness to them that will make you push off better and more efficiently, leading you to find them to be great over long distances.  The heel does slip a bit, so that’s a negative aspect of them.


  • Comfy and light
  • Very breathable
  • Springy for long distance runs


  • Slippage in the heel
  1. Brooks Women’s Caldera 2

If you want something a little bit less aggressive for use on the trails, then this is the way to go. The Caldera is a lighter wight option when compared to the Cascadia above, and it’s one that will still keep you supported and protected. The toe cap is present but it is less obtrusive, so that can be seen as either a plus or a minus, depending on who you are.  With a padded heel and tongue, two layers of mesh to make sure they don’t tear, and a strategic stretch mechanism to them, they will be both comfortable and flexible for your runs.  The geometry in the midsole even helps supply you with more energy during your run and helps increase stability when the going gets tough. There are very sticky lugs on the bottom to give you great grip for both uphill and downhill climbs, so that’s going to ensure you get to where you are going safely.  These do run small, so make adjustments based on that fact.


  • Very light trail runners
  • Midsole returns energy
  • Comfy but not too much


  • Runs a little small
  1. Brooks Women’s Ricochet

Rounding out our list is a return to the road running shoes we are used to in the form of the Ricochet, which is another of the ‘energized’ line of thinking. These shoes take a varied approach to it, as all of Brooks’ do, with the insole being an area of particular importance to us. They stand out because they are made with the intention of causing you little to no irritations, all the while the outsoles are springy and return your energy to give you a very well rounded experience on the road. The upper has a the knit to it as well, which means they will be super comfortable and flexible, helping to meet your needs much easier than many of the harder based ones out there that causes irritation.  The DNA Amp is utilized by this pair, wrapping up your foot and ensuring that the energy is not lost elsewhere.  The soles even have an arrow pointed pattern that helps aid in this endeavor.  They do run a little bit small, so that is one concern that you might have.  They are also fairly new, so you can expect them to have a kink or two in them to begin with.


  • Leaves no room for irritation
  • Energy is returned multiple ways
  • Supportive and comfy


  • Runs a little bit small

Conclusion And Final Brooks Running Shoes Recommendations

Running shoes are far from the easiest things you can find and buy on the open market.  There’s just an immense amount of them available to use, especially when you use the internet, that it can get downright confusing and overwhelming.  A lot of times, this ends up shoehorning us into believing that there are only a few players in the game.  Nike and Adidas are great, Under Armour are huge, too, but there is life outside of the massive brands that don’t really specialize in only running shoes.  Brooks does, and that’s one of the main reasons why you should really give them a chance to impress you.  Today, we looked at everything you could want to know about them, and you now have an idea of where to begin your search for the best, happiest run you can have.  So get to it then!

FAQ’s About Brooks Running Shoes

How Often Should I Replace My Brooks Running Shoes?

All running shoes, even the best of the best from Brooks, will meet their maker at some point.  You have to replace them if you don’t want them to cause you injuries.  There are a number of ways for you to tell when you need to make a change.  The first thing to look for is a lack of support.  If you have started to hurt and have more soreness than you initially did, it could either be an injury or you could be seeing the shoes degrade.  Tracking mileage is also one way to do it, with most shoes running at a recommended rate of between 400 and 600 miles.  It’s not a perfect way, but it’s a possibility.  The amount of time is another, but this isn’t a good one in our opinion since you don’t have any factoring in of how many miles you actively put on them.  Any tearing of the upper is also not good, while the rubber traction compound on the bottom also is a good indicator that you need to make a replacement.  The lighter the shoes are, the less wear and tear they will be able to go through.

Should I Keep A Couple of Pairs of Shoes?

This would be a wise thing to do if you are a serious runner, but it might be considered a little overkill if you are someone that is just running for pure fitness and/or fun.  You can be very serious about your health but not exactly looking to break records and run in races, so one pair can be enough.  But if you do routinely run races and also rack up a lot of miles on your shoes, having two or more pairs is smart.  You’ll want more cushioning and support for your practice shoes, while your race shoes can be lighter and made to go faster.  Having pairs that you swap out will make your shoes last longer, so that is an additional bonus to be aware of.

Why Should I Consider Brooks?

Brooks should be on your list to consider because this is a company that concentrates solely on the needs of the runner.  Many of their team members are runners themselves, so that means they truly understand and know what they need.  That translates to the shoes, and it helps you to reach your goals.  So many other companies have other concerns in addition to running shoes, so it is refreshing to see this placed as their first and only goal.

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