10 Best Breathable Shoes of 2021: Great for Sweaty Feet

Best Breathable Shoes

When most people think about the best shoes, the first thing on their minds is going to be comfort.  Comfort is essential.  Without it, you’re simply not going to wear the shoes, no matter how cool or useful they might look or seem.  Part of that comfort is breathability.  Today, we are going to be taking a look at shoes from mainly that point of view.  We’ll be breaking down the ins and outs of what it mean to be breathable, helping you find just what you need to have the best, most comfortable experience all day long.  We’ll also review some of the best and most popular pairs of breathable shoes that are currently on the market, all in a bid to help you find what you are looking for in a much more efficient way.  So, let’s get it started then!

Top Breathable Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Dry Aqua ShoesWater ShoesFabric$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Konhill Women’s Casual Slip On Walking ShoesCasual/Dress ShoesTextile$Check Price On Amazon
3. QANSI Men’s Ultra Lightweight Athletic ShoesAthletic ShoesMesh/Fabric $Check Price On Amazon
4. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ultimate Running ShoesAthletic ShoesTextile$$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. QANSI Men’s Slip On Athletic SneakersAthletic ShoesMesh $Check Price On Amazon
6. Whitin Men’s Minimalist Cross Trainer ShoesAthletic Shoes$$Check Price On Amazon
7. AXCONE Women’s Lightweight Athletic ShoesAthletic ShoesMesh $$Check Price On Amazon
8. ZZHAP Men’s Casual Oxford Fashion FlatsCasual/Dress ShoesFabric & Leather$$Check Price On Amazon
9. ESDY Men’s Steel Toed Work ShoesWork ShoesMesh $$Check Price On Amazon
10. Orthoshoes Women’s Adjustable Edema ShoesDiabetic Shoes$$Check Price On Amazon

Breathable Shoes Buying Guide

What Exactly Does Breathable Mean?

Before we can get into the weeds and break down the specifics, we first need to figure out what breathability is and what it isn’t.  ‘Breathable’ is going to be defined by Dictionary.com as something that “allows the passage of air and moisture.”  Another definition’s heading makes the point that it can take the form of “filters to make the air more breathable.”  This is kind of the case for shoes, since they are basically filters by which air can get in.  When we break it down for shoes and shoes alone, breathability is going to mean that your feet are able to get air to them.  And that water may escape from them.  This means that you are aided in a lot of different ways, which is only going to help you feel more comfortable.

Benefits of Breathable Shoes

There are plenty of benefits of a breathable pair of shoes, and this is where we are going to take a look at them.

    • Breathability in a pair of shoes means your feet are going to feel less sticky and sweaty.  Even with socks on, a pair of breathable shoes are going to drain excess sweat.  This means you will be lighter throughout whatever activity you are doing and just feel better.  No one likes to feel yucky and gross, and this is one way to keep that from accumulating all over you.
    • Breathability cuts down dramatically on the chances of you getting bacteria or developing fungus inside your shoes.  Because you won’t have as much sweat sticking around, you don’t have nearly as high of a chance of ending up with smelly feet.  Bacteria is the root cause of poor smelling feet, so shoes that are set up with a way to alleviate it all will help you stay much healthier in a real sense.
    • Breathable shoes are much cooler than their counterparts are.  This just makes good sense, doesn’t it? If there are holes located throughout the shoes, then you will get more airflow into them and will be able to see a cycle.  Some shoes just don’t have any way of getting air in and out, so you feel trapped and they become heaters.  That’s fine for the winter, but it’s a disaster in the summer months, especially if you decide you have to move around a little!
    • Breathable shoes also have the added benefit of being lighter than most of their competitors on the market.  That’s because the materials that are used are not as heavy duty, meaning you can expect them to be much easier to lug around.  So not only do you get to have the weight of sweat taken off of you, but you also have even more weight lifted off of your feet.
    • Breathable shoes mean that it’s possible for you to not have to wear flip flops anymore in order to not have smelly feet.  Some people love flip flops, so this isn’t an attack on them.  But they are not always a good fit for the occasion and are never going to be very professional in nature.  A tennis shoe isn’t, either, to be fair, but you can get away with them in more places than just one.  Flip flops are meant for the beach and relaxing.  Plus, if you have bad looking feet, breathable shoes are going to be a life saver for you.  You’ll no longer need to show your feet in order to feel (and look) cool.
    • Breathable shoes are a major help to the Diabetic community.  If you have Diabetes and have to have shoes that are comfortable, then breathability is also going to be a must.  Shoes that are breathable also have the added bonus of being flexible and easy to adjust and expand, so it just makes good sense to wear them so that you have more room and less potential for getting blisters and other heat spots as a result of poor footwear.

The Materials Used To Aid Breathability

There are ways to make shoes breathable, and then there are ways to make them less than breathable.  The kind of materials used speak loudly about how well they are going to let air and water in and out, so here is a look at the materials that can be found in a breathable pair of shoes.  What we are concentrating on here, mostly, is the upper.  The upper is the part of the shoe that is visible as you look down.  It’s the part that makes you decide if they are ‘cool’ or not.  An upper doesn’t, and is very rarely, composed of just one type of material.  However, many shoes made with breathability in mind will have just one such material.  That material is usually going to either be mesh or will be canvas.  Mesh is the most commonly used material for breathability purposes, since it is light, flexible, easy to mold, and is cheap to use.  Mesh is great for athletic shoes of all kinds, so even if you see it used in conjunction with another form of material, you will get it doing its job.  The other material that you can find that does a great job is canvas.  This is a much less common material, to be fair, but it still does a whale of a job at letting air in and out.  When you are looking for a breathable pair of shoes, make sure to look for where the materials are located.  If breathability is the chief concern of the shoes, then they will not just be present in the area directly above the toes.  This is a very popular area, for good reason, for athletic shoes, but you also can and will see mesh and canvas placed on the tongue and the sides of the shoes.  Some even go so far as to encompass the entire shoe with the material, giving you maximum breathability at all times.  Materials that are not so good at providing you with any semblance of breathability include synthetic leathers, suede, and other thicker materials.  If you see these and then don’t see them at least attempt to use mesh or canvas with them, then you know you are getting a shoe that is not going to have breathability as a main thought in mind.

Limitations of Super Breathable Shoes

There are always going to be pluses and minuses with shoes.  You can’t have it all, and even if you could, you would have to pay quite a fortune to obtain it.  It’s no different when you consider breathable shoes.  They, too, have their own limitations that you have to be aware of.  Shoes that emphasize pure breathability are going to be doing so, in many cases, by giving up something.  What that often is going to be is durability.  Durability is something we all strive for.  We want to buy something and see it last forever.  Nobody wants to replace items time and time again, after all.  But super breathable shoes are going to run the risk of being less durable than other types of shoes.  That’s just the way it is.  Canvas is very strong and will hold up, but mesh is a material that you have to worry about.  The less thick and reinforced the mesh, the more likely it will be that it tears.  Mesh is not very strong, so this is why many of the premium pairs of athletic shoes out there only use it in moderation.  Either that or they choose to reinforce it with strong tapes or engineer it to be stronger through their scientific and research departments.  So, this is just to say that breathability and durability are on opposite sides of the fence in a ton of cases.  You can find shoes that have both, but it is tough.  You will just not be able to ride your shoes as hard if they have mesh all the way around, so take note of that and adjust as you need to.

Canvas vs Mesh

You may wonder what is separating the two materials that we discussed earlier, and there are tow main things that do.  One of them is that canvas is stronger than mesh.  Canvas is going to last longer and will also be easier to clean, since it’s just going to take a wipe or two.  Mesh is not going to last as long, all things being equal of course, but that doesn’t make it a poor choice.  The other thing that makes them stand out from one another is the looks of them.  Mesh is going to have tiny perforations running all along the shoes so that it’s clear there are vents to supply you with breathability.  Canvas and other materials that are breathable will not have this obvious feature.  This means you can really tell the difference.  Most of our products in our reviews will be used in conjunction with mesh, since it’s just so much easier to spot and they are so much cooler over the long run.

How Upper Thickness Affects Breathability

The whole point of a breathable shoe is aided by materials that are both light, flexible, and thus relatively thin.  When you see an upper that is constructed using thick materials, then, it is no surprise that it will not be all that breathable.  With that said, we do need to acknowledge that this type of shoe, or boot, or whatever it is, can still have some breathability to it.  Just not very much in all actuality.  When you are looking for a very breathable shoe, you need to look for an upper that is thin.  Yes, this does mean the shoes will usually have a shorter lifespan than their thicker counterparts, but this is a necessary trade off if you’re wanting to have extreme comfort and airflow.  Also, don’t forget about colors in this discussion.  Some choices are going to have a much wider array for you to pick from, so those might be the ones best served for you if you are looking for a certain color (or something close thereto).


Style is a factor that we’d be remiss to look over completely.  No one wants to feel or look like a dork, and believe it or not, the two are related.  If you look good, you feel good, the old saying goes, and what that means is that the shoes you choose need to fit your style.  Maybe that style isn’t exactly what everyone wants, but the point is that you feel good about them and thus are going to feel better.  This is even going to extend to athletics.  Believe it or not, studies have shown that athletes’ performance is aided when they feel they look better.  If the shoes are considered to be ‘lame,’ they will lack a bit of confidence.  It can make for a big win or a devastating loss.  Fortunately for you, there are plenty of looks and styles that are breathable out there.  You no longer have to stick strictly to flip flops and sandals!  Here’s a look.

Athletic Shoes

The type that have to start the list are athletic shoes.  This a very broad description of a certain type of shoes, but for the purposes of this list we are just going to look at the style in describing them.  Shoes that are made for athletic use, or are made to look like them fall into this category.  The two most popular types of athletic shoes on the market are ‘running’ shoes and ‘tennis’ shoes.  The former are good for mostly running, while the latter is a type that is also just used to describe a certain look and feel.  You also can find walking shoes in this kind of style, so be on the lookout for that.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are very closely related to athletic shoes, and technically they could be for athletic use, but they do differ in some key areas.  First and foremost, they do look quite a lot different in most cases.  Not many people would call them ‘a tennis shoe’ when they saw them.  That’s because the colors are often more of an earthy tone and are not nearly as flashy.  Plus, if you get that far, you will see that the traction beneath them is greater in both tread and in the amount of rubber so that you’ll have more durability.  These shoes could also have things like toe caps and harder heel areas so that slips are much less likely to occur.

Minimalist and Water Shoes

It’s hard to separate these two types of shoes, so we will put them into one category here.  Minimalist shoes are made for a wide range of purposes.  Some of them can be made for running, while others are made for the water.  More yet, some are just made for general usage, such is their versatility.  Water shoes, as you guessed it, are made for the water.  They take on water well and they let it out easily and effectively.  A breathable shoe does not allows do so well at draining water if it’s submerged, so it is an important distinction that you have to make between the two of them.  Some minimalist shoes will be water shoes, while others will not.  It’s just a matter of which type you happen to come across.  The idea is the same, generally, though.  They are light and low to the ground and both do a very good job at taking on water.

Work Shoes

Then there are the shoes that are made for working conditions.  These types of shoes are very varied and can be steel toed boots or just super light but slip resistant shoes.  Either way, you can find options in both areas that have a lot of breathability to them.  It’s less likely that you will find them in boots, but there is a possibility that you can do so.  Work shoes can really be fun to wear if they are breathable, but a lot of people worry about their lack of durability and ultimately go with something a little bit more substantial.

Casual and Dressy Shoes

Most people would never think that you could have a so-called ‘casual’ pair of shoes or dressy ones that would be breathable.  It just seems to defy logic.  However, the explosion of shoes on the market has filled this need for many people, and there are choices available for you if you want to dress in something other than a tennis shoe.  Most feel this is their only choice to be breathable, outside of the flip flops and sandals option, but that’s simply not the case.  Canvas does a good job, and even if you don’t go with canvas, there are some dressier choices that will utilize mesh in order to get the job done.  Don’t hem yourself into one place, you can have it all- or as close to as possible at least!

Diabetic Shoes

Diabetic shoes can be any number of things.  They can be closed toe or open, and they can be either casual, athletic, or dressy.  This type of shoe is made with the purpose of making sure that no irritation or rubs can occur on the feet.  For some with Diabetes, this is a major must have.  They can’t take a chance, so the shoes are wider and there is plenty of room between the upper and the top of the foot.  Shoes can technically be anything and still do decently for those that do have Diabetes, but you just have to make sure that there is plenty of room and that there is a lot of softness built into the shoes.  Without lots of room and a soft, cushioned feel, you won’t get too far.

Remember, it’s not all just about being able to workout in your shoes.  Some of us run warmer than others.  That’s just life.  You have a valid reason to want to go through your day without overheating, and a good way to prevent that from happening is to go with a breathable shoe option.

Finding The Right Fit

There are just some things that are going to be universal with all shoes, and finding your true and proper fit is one of them.  This is especially important when it comes to breathable shoes.  Breathable shoes are very flexible, as we have discussed, so what this means is that they can easily be adjusted and give you more room.  This, though, is not such a good thing if your fit is too big, since it will put an incredible amount of strain upon the material and contribute to it.  This ramps up the need to have a properly fitted pair of shoes.  Here are some tips to get the best fit you can out of them:

  • Check sizing charts before ordering.  This is a very big one, particularly when you are looking at shoes that are not easy to find in stores.  Sizes could be totally different from one to the next, since standard sizes are rarely actually standardized.  Relying on research and reviews is a good way to help as well, but some of the manufacturers will flat out tell you that their stuff runs smaller or larger than ordinary sizes, so that’s why sizing charts are useful.
  • When you do try on your shoes, whether it’s in store or at home when they have arrived, make sure to try them on in similar conditions to when you will be wearing them mostly.  If you will spend most of your time on your feet, then you need to make sure that you stand up for a while and then put them on. This will help you account for the swelling that is sure to occur in your feet as the day progresses.  That way you’re not hurting when you need the shoes to be there for you in the later stretches of the day.  If the shoes are to be worn with socks, you should also do that.  This will help you make sure there is ample room and won’t throw you off.
  • Give yourself some wiggle room.  Check to see if you have room between the toes and the ends of the shoes, but don’t go overboard here.  You don’t want to have to ‘shuffle’ your feet as you walk just to keep them on you, as this can cause you to fall or even lose your shoes.  You’ve also got to keep an eye on the width of the shoes.  Some shoes are awful for those of us with wide feet, while some do a good job for them.  It all just depends on what you are looking for.  You have to keep in mind that you have to balance the width and length out.  If you feel you need something wider, sizing up is an option.  This will give you more shoe, but it sometimes will throw off the length tremendously.  If this is the case, you are better off choosing a different shoe altogether.
  • When breaking in a pair of shoes, be prepared to take a bit of time to do so.  If you are unable to break them in quickly, it’s ‘OK.’  They will eventually come around.  A word of caution, though, is to not avoid thinking that a poorly fitted shoe or an uncomfortable one will eventually break in.  Just waiting a certain amount of time is very unlikely to help them feel better.  And in fact, they could get much worse over time.

Price and Value

What this list does here is emphasize breathable shoes out there without putting too much stock into the company that they come from.  What this has done has given you a lot of very accessible options for you to buy.  By prioritizing breathability over everything else, you are able to find something that gets the most air possible in and wicks away moisture with the greatest of ease.  Most of the items in our reviews are relatively inexpensive, then, compared to the others that you find on the market.  This is because they are not only coming from brands that are lesser known in most cases but also because the use of materials doesn’t add up to be as much as with others on the market.  By putting breathability at the top of your list of desires, you are able to save some money and make your search just a little bit easier.  Plus, you get to be a little bit different from the usual that you see out there, so that’s never a bad sign!

Top Breathable Shoes Reviews

  1. Zhuanglin Men’s Quick Dry Aqua Shoes

Our list begins with a pair of shoes that are good for various purposes. First off, these are great if you are going to be going through any type of water. Whether it’s the water produced by your very own feet or a lake or ocean, these will help you handle whatever life throws at you. All the while, you get a ton of colors to pick from, too.  There is mesh all the way around these, ensuring you get a ton of breathability.  The sheer number of holes also helps to drain water out, as does the sockliner which is made to be comfortable and to dry quickly.  The midsole is surprisingly responsive and durable, all the while being light, allowing you to get through constant shocks with aplomb.  These aren’t going to be the best bet for hardcore athletic use, but they should be great for anything short of that.  The main issue to be had with them will be converting your proper size.


  • Great on land and in water
  • Very quick drainage
  • Responsive midsole


  • Slight sizing concerns
  1. Konhill Women’s Casual Slip On Walking Shoes

If you’re looking for something that is light, flexible, and is going to be easy to get on and off, then you can’t really go wrong with these breathable walking shoes. These slip ons are also quite affordable, too, meaning you can own a pair or two for relatively very little money. They are made out of mesh and knit fabric all over, making them super flexible, even compared to many others on this very list.  This increases comfort, since you literally have no hard surfaces other than the soles in which you sit on.  The midsoles even have surprising thickness to them, leading you to believe they will be more than decent at holding up and absorbing tough blows to the feet and ankles.  With a plethora of colors to choose from, these are hard to go wrong by.  Just be ready to go up a size or so since they do run small.


  • Very affordable choice
  • Extreme comfort
  • Surprisingly thick midsole


  • Runs a little small
  1. QANSI Men’s Ultra Lightweight Athletic Shoes

If you are a little bit more sporty, then this could be the pick for you to go with. These aren’t made by a highly reputable company, so they won’t be made for just one specific activity, but they are good nonetheless at breathing and allowing you an avenue to get airflow into the system. Not only are the outsides of them laced with mesh throughout but you also get the use of breathable materials on the inner linings to help you dispel even more warm air.  On top of that, the insoles are cushioned so that you are supported and more comfortable.  The midsoles are made to be flexible, which is going to give you a more natural range of motion over others out there.  For anyone that might be going to a park and walking a lot, these are a good pick, due to their price and their quality.  They just aren’t great at one thing, so keep that fact in mind.


  • Super affordable price
  • Breathable inside and out
  • Made to be more flexible than other tennis shoes


  • Not great at any one activity
  1. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ultimate Running Shoes

Adidas are, obviously, one of the heavy hitters in the world of shoes, and they make the list here with a pair of shoes that are awesome for running. That, though, does not mean that is their only use. Because of their immense breathability, they are on this list after all, and their Cloudfoam technology, they are cushioned very well and can sustain you throughout a day of tough walking and hard standing.  The insert they have used inside is going to increase your comfort over many of their competitors, giving you a plush feeling inside that few can give while you run.  They are easy to get on, using a pull tab and laces, and you get their brilliant stylish looks as well.  Those are never to be overlooked, and that’s only going to increase your likelihood of loving these shoes.  They can be expensive, so that’s one strike against them here.


  • Awesome Adidas looks
  • Good for running and more
  • Comfy and supportive


  • Can be too expensive for many
  1. QANSI Men’s Slip On Athletic Sneakers

QANSI makes it a double listing here with these, a version of sneakers that are made to be slipped to wear. Unlike the other slip ons we saw earlier, though, these are made to be used for a little bit heavier duty things, only they don’t have as much of a binding effect on the feet. This ratchets up your comfort even more than it would already have been thanks to the flexibility of the materials that are used.  By using knit and mesh, these can and will be able to flex easily all the while being super breathable and plush.  The outsole is made to be very flexible as well, emphasizing your natural movement of motion, something you typically only see in minimalist shoes. These are relatively inexpensive as well, though these are not going to be for use over the long term and are better served for occasional use.


  • Easy to get on and off
  • Flexible and super comfy
  • Very inexpensive


  • Not best for consistent usage
  1. Whitin Men’s Minimalist Cross Trainer Shoes

If you want an inexpensive pair of shoes that can be used for a ton of different activities, then it will be hard to beat these cross trainers. On top of that, these are minimalist shoes, which means the materials used will be as small as they can be, leading you to great flexibility and breathability as a result. This also means they have zero drop to them, which means your feet are flat to the ground.  This promotes the strength of the feet and also makes for a more natural stride, at least in theory.  The toes even have added pads to them and are made to be like gloves, individually fitting them, contrary to what the vast majority of shoes do.  These are not the best at going through water, but they could even do that if you chose.  They are just that versatile.  They do run large, so you will have to take that into account and adjust for them.


  • Promotes natural motion
  • Great for all sorts of activities
  • Gloves like fit on the toes


  • Runs large
  1. AXCONE Women’s Lightweight Athletic Shoes

At first glance, you might think these are Nikes or a bigger brand due to their design, such is the attention to detail they have. The rear of the foot has gel pods to help absorb blows as you walk and even run, possibly. Unlike many other athletic shoes, however, these have a ton of breathability, utilizing mesh all over the upper to give you plenty of airflow.  There is some thickness to the soles, though, and also on the toes, so you won’t be getting a poorly built piece of equipment with this choice.  They are super affordable and have five colors that all look nice to pick from.  The concern here is going to be there ability to hold up as they don’t have a sterling reputation like others out there.


  • Gel pods for cushioning
  • Mesh all over the upper
  • Easily affordable


  • Durability is a concern
  1. ZZHAP Men’s Casual Oxford Fashion Flats

If you would like something that is a little bit more dressy than casual and not so athletic, then this is a good way to go. These Oxford flats not only look nice but they also will leave your feet thanking you if you are need to air them out. In the rear of the upper, they have a more conventional look to them, but on the front of them they have holes to let the air in and keep you going longer and more comfortable.  They’re also flat to the ground, which is preferable for some people because it does maximize range of motion and minimizes weight.  The things to watch for here are going to be related to durability, which is just not the greatest with these. You’ve also got the use of faux leather in the back, which isn’t the best for breathability.


  • Much different than most breathable shoes
  • Minimal weight
  • Great for work or play


  • Durability is not the best
  • Faux leather in the rear of the upper doesn’t’ breathe well
  1. ESDY Men’s Steel Toed Work Shoes

This is an outside of the box choice for a work shoe, but it’s one you might just want to try. In addition to being shoes that have steel toes, you also get a ton of mesh built into help you when you are working somewhere that heat just doesn’t ever seem to go away at. Because of the use of mesh, they are able to be much lighter than most work shoes and boots are by a long, long distance.  This enhances you and takes away some of that fatigue factor.  They’ve even got some decent cushioning built into them via an EVA midsole and have rubber that is water resistant.  This will help with some slips and make sure you are not getting injured on the job.  They are cheap for a steel toed product, too, which doesn’t hurt.  The problem with them it seems is that the laces are not consistently good, so that’s something to look for and weigh in your mind.


  • Has a steel toe
  • Super breathable and light
  • Cheaper than most work shoes


  • Laces don’t hold up too well
  1. Orthoshoes Women’s Adjustable Edema Shoes

Rounding out our list is a pick for those that have Diabetes. So many shoes you see out there for this condition are not made with breathability in mind, so it is refreshing to say the least to see that these have plenty of holes to allow air to flow easily.  On top of that, they are light due to that very thing, as well as being comfortable due to the materials used.  With the use of Velcro for the closure, it’s easy to seal them up and make adjustments as the day goes on, which is of paramount importance for a Diabetic.  Swelling is a beast that is tough to challenge, and these will fight that while keeping you cool and breathable.  Even those that don’t have Diabetes might just enjoy these, since they do such a superb job.  It takes a while to arrive and they can be a bit narrow, so that’s a small problem to worry about.


  • Super breathable and light
  • Great for swollen feet
  • Nice color choices


  • Shipping takes a while
  • Can run narrow

Conclusion And Final Breathable Shoes Recommendations

Breathable shoes are not always the easiest things to find.  All shoes, nearly at least, claim to be breathable and have some way to let air in and out.  Because of this, it can get confusing to you.  If comfort is the main thing, and you don’t have to worry as much with other factors, then this is not nearly as complicated as it may seem.  You don’t have to spend tons of money on a pair of shoes that are going to be worn mainly for comfort reasons.  And you also don’t have to settle for just one type.  In fact, as you can tell by our reviews, there many types of shoes that you can wear and find comfort and breathability.  Now, you’re in a place where you can begin your search for shoe bliss!

FAQ’s About Breathable Shoes

Which Brands Are Best For Breathable Shoes?

While there are a couple of brands that focus mainly on breathable shoes, there are a ton of companies that have shoes that qualify as breathable shoes.  Because of this, you should widen your range and look at all kinds of companies instead of going for the big ones that you are very familiar with in this case.  If you are looking for breathability plus something else, then you will want to start easing into a more well known brand’s territory.

Is Breathability Worth Giving Up Durability For?

This question is one that only you can give an answer for.  Breathability is a must have for many shoe wearers, but for others it may not be a big concern.  Chances are, though, that if you are here, then you value breathability quite highly, so that means you should be willing to give up just a bit of durability so that you can have plenty of comfort and breathability, and all of the benefits that come along with it.

What Causes Sweaty Feet?

One question you may have is about what the root cause of sweaty feet is.  There are a few things that it could possibly be.  One of them is anxiety.  Sweating is just a natural reaction to that.  The type of socks you wear is also really important and could be causing it.  This is often overlooked when you are talking about footwear, so it is nice to take a step back and understand that it’s also a decisive player.  Exercise is another, of course, since you have to work hard and are already sweating elsewhere.  It’s a normal consequence that you’d be sweating down there.  What you eat and drink is another factor of it, so that is something else that you could possibly change to eradicate it.

What Else Can I Do Besides Going With Breathable Shoes?

If you want stop sweaty feet and poor odors from following you around, then breathable shoes are a good option.  Beyond that, though, there are other things that can be done.  One of them is to try a shoe deodorizer.  There are a few different types, but you can pick from ones that just work to make your shoes smell better and then also look for ones that reduce bacteria and fungi from forming.  Then there are antiperspirants for your feet, too, in which you can go with.  These are meant to fit sweat, just like the sweat under the armpits.  It’s harder to block just due to the way we are built as humans, but there are products available that attempt to do just this.

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