10 Best Bowling Shoes Reviewed in 2021: Options for Men, Women, & Wide Feet

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If you enjoy bowling, either as a beginner or more professionally, you know there are several steps you need to take to ensure you play your best. Once you’ve chosen the best bowling ball for you, the next step to having a great game is to have the correct bowling shoes. Your shoes will make all the difference when it comes to your performance, as you won’t have to watch your step, worry about slipping, or be worried at all about your feet, which leads to a game that’s more balanced and well-played.

Bowling is the same as many other sports; you need special equipment, especially shoes, in order to play. You can’t exactly bowl in regular sneakers or street shoes, because bowling shoes come with sliding soles. These soles should accommodate either a left-handed or right-handed bowler and are known as universal soles. Your sneakers have a lot of “stick” to them, and will stop you before you get to the foul line, which will impede your game. You’ll also be at risk for injury, can leave behind scuff marks, and pick up dirt. Bowling shoes enable the gliding and sliding motion that the sport is well known for.

Luckily, finding the right pair of shoes to bowl in is easier than you may think. In this article, you’ll discover exactly what to look for in bowling shoes, the drawbacks to certain features, and exactly how much of a difference shoes that fit well and enhance your performance can make. You should consider investing in a great pair of bowling shoes, if you’re looking to play a better game. These are the best bowling shoes, and why having great ones that are adapted to your feet matter.

Top Bowling Shoes Comparison Chart

ImageProductTypePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Dexter Women’s Raquel IV Bowling ShoesWomen$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. BSI Women’s Classic Bowling ShoeWomen$$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. BSI Women’s #651 Bowling ShoesWomen$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Dexter Vicky
Women$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. BSI Women’s #460 Bowling ShoeWomen$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling ShoeMen$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling ShoesMen$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Dexter Jack Bowling ShoesMen$$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoe
Men$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Dexter Pro-AM IIMen$$$Check Price On Amazon

Bowling Shoe Buying Guide 

What Are the Different Types of Bowling Shoes?

There are three main types of bowling shoes that you should be aware of. These are:

Rental shoes

These are shoes you can get at any bowling alley and are great if you bowl every once in a while. They will be cheap, however, the fit will not be great, as many different people have worn them.

Athletic style shoes

Athletic bowling shoes are recommended for bowlers who are beginners or at the intermediate level. These shoes will fit like a regular sneaker, and look like sneakers as well, on top of having the typical sliding sole. Choose these if you bowl several times a year; it’ll give you a better game, and you’ll be more comfortable.

Performance bowling shoes

If you bowl at least once a week or more, or you participate in tournaments, you’ll want to look at performance shoes, which are designed specifically for your unique style of bowling. They can be completely customized, to adapt to your unique approach. They also have two different soles–one shoe is the “braking shoe”, and the other is the “sliding shoe.” This will help you stabilize your delivery of the ball, and have more control over traction. Intermediate and serious bowlers should get this type of shoe.


What to Consider Before You Purchase Bowling Shoes

It can be intimidating to begin your search for bowling shoes, especially if you only bowl several times a year. Keep in mind that they will help you enhance your game, and you can follow these tips as you begin looking.

Buy or Rent

If you bowl for fun and only on occasion, rentals will be all you really need. However, if you’re interested in customized comfort or want total control over your sliding and traction, you’ll want to invest in your own pair, especially if you bowl often.

Athletic or Performance Shoes

Athletic shoes are made for bowling, but they’ll have the feel and look of standard sneakers or gym shoes. They’re great for beginners. However, performance shoes are for the professionals or serious bowlers who want to achieve their best performance. Evaluate which one of these you are, and which type of shoe is best for your intentions.

Deciding on the Right Fit

Bowling shoes tend to run either small or large, so pay attention to the sizing and to what people are saying as you do research. They also come in many different widths. You don’t want to end up with a shoe that’s too tight, but you also don’t want one that’s too loose. Comfort and a snug fit are extremely important if you want to improve your game.

Bowling Shoe Soles

If you’re a competitive bowler, you want a shoe that has sole pads you can interchange, so you can adapt your slide to your style and the unique surface you’re bowling on. Performance bowling shoes will have soles that allow easy slide, and the braking shoe will have rubber or other material to provide high friction. In general, sliding and control over traction are features to think about.

Other Things to Consider

 If you tend to have sweaty feet, you’ll want bowling shoes that have breathable uppers in order to achieve coolness and comfort. If you value comfort, try shoes that have padded collars and lining, and insoles that are cushioned. Consider stability and support as well as you’re shopping.


Key Features to Bowling Shoes

So, you understand the difference between bowling shoes and regular sneakers–but which features should you keep in mind as you’re shopping, to distinguish or judge the different brands? By understanding these features, you’ll be able to find quality bowling shoes that are just right for you.

You should have an idea of the clothes you typically wear to bowl in, or what your general bowling style is. Your shoes should match this overall style. In fact, the look and style to a shoe can be one of the main components to finding the best one for yourself. You should make sure that you not only get a quality shoe, but also that you’ll look the part–that of a good bowler.

This is definitely a main factor you should consider. You don’t want to end up purchasing several shoes every year because the ones you find tend to fall apart. Keep in mind that while synthetic leather is very lightweight and flexible, it is typically used in cheaper shoes and won’t offer as much durability as real leather. Textile material may also have an impact on the durability of your shoe.

Outer Sole

Sliding is an extremely important aspect to the game of bowling, and to your technique. Typically the outer sole to a bowling shoe has rubber material, but unlike other shoes, you won’t want traction or grip. Instead, you’ll want a sole that has microfibers, so that you can get a perfect slide and put more power behind your bowling. Also, note that any material other than rubber is not recommended for the outer sole of your bowling shoe, no matter what; rubber provides the most durability possible.

Inner Sole

This is another main component and in fact is one of the most important, if not the most important, to a lot of people. The inner sole is the part of the shoe where your feet will sit, and be snug as you play. If this part isn’t made right, and isn’t comfortable for you, the shoes won’t help you with your game, at all. EVA soles are often recommended; they’re great technology for a reasonable price, and they help the soles mold to the exact shape of your feet, so you get the most comfort possible. Another option is memory foam, although this can be expensive, and is typically used only by players who suffer from foot problems or foot pain.

You need to move easily and efficiently as you’re bowling. If your shoes are too heavy, it can weigh you down and make you more tired than is necessary, which will negatively impact your ability during the later rounds. As you shop, look at the weight of the shoe. Ones that are durable and lightweight will help you achieve constant action and a steady game.

Sizing is a very important aspect to bowling that many people tend to overlook. You absolutely need a shoe that fits correctly, in order to achieve the best results possible. Many bowling shoes do tend to have sizing issues, as you will see, and run either large or small. Be careful and play close attention as you order shoes; shoes that are too big could slip off, while shoes that are too small can be painful. Typically, people prefer shoes that are too small than too large. Either could impede your game, so be aware.

Additional Features

The following features may not be as important as the ones above, however, they could still make an impact and you should keep them in mind. These extra features that you should also look for include:

Toe Protection

If you slide on your toes or put weight on your toes during your movement and this is part of your technique, you’ll need a toe that’s snubbed. It won’t be a very stylish design, but it is effective. In advanced shoes, you’ll find a bigger rim for the sole, and this can also be used to help your sliding, if necessary.

Added Heel Support

Added heels tend to make bowling shoes more stylish, however, it’s debatable as to whether they actually are effective, or positively influence your game. Many people think that an added heel just adds more weight to the shoe unnecessarily, and that it can be a burden as you slide. But shorter players may want the added height, for more power.

If you play really long games and go for a long time without taking your shoes off, ventilation is really important and should be considered a key feature. Decent ventilation, or no ventilation whatsoever, will depend on the kind of materials that the shoe is made out of, so material will be an important consideration for you as well.

Supportive Inner Collar

While the collar may seem to be a very important aspect, you’ll really only need to consider this for comfort and it’s not quite as important as it would be for other kinds of shoes. When it comes to bowling, you’ll need a good inner collar only as you start bowling, and to avoid abrasions that might occur as you’re breaking in your new shoe. The inner collar should also provide moisture-wicking properties, to help with the overall breathability of the shoe and reduce sweat buildup.

Additional features, and great features, will probably mean that you will end up buying a more expensive shoe. However, if you think of yourself as a serious bowler, or having a great shoe that’s comfortable, durable, and breathable is very important to you, these extra features will make a difference. Overall, you can go over your options, and figure out the features that are important to you, so you can enhance your game.


Bowling Shoe Benefits

By now, you probably understand that there are many benefits to getting your own personal bowling shoes, especially as they can dramatically–and positively–impact your style and your game. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience:

Improved Gliding

Gliding as you bowl is key to ensuring accuracy, and to getting more power behind the ball. With the right shoes, you’ll be able to glide completely gracefully, and will find shoes that adapt to your technique and traction preference. This’ll give you a lot of advantage during your game, and may help you win.

No Damage or Marking in the Floor

In general, it’s important to bowlers that the floor is kept clean and protected. Decent bowling shoes will keep the floor smooth, and allow everyone to have a great game. Many bowling alleys or clubs will not even allow you to play with any other kinds of shoes, which will mark up the floor.

Customized Options

The best bowling shoes should be able to be customized, completely to your preferences. You should be able to customize features such as the outer sole. Inner soles can also be removed, and replaced with more comfortable ones or one from a high-end brand. Many shoes also come with EVA midsoles, and EVA is a great technology that helps adapt the shoe to the shape of your specific feet, so you’ll achieve the ultimate fit and comfort.


If it’s a great bowling shoe, it should come with a great warranty, as you may damage it as you bowl, and you should be able to make returns if the sizing isn’t right. Bowling shoes are known for having warranties attached to them, and are easier to manage than typical other shoes.


Things to Look Out For

As with any product, keep in mind that there are drawbacks to bowling shoes. As long as you’re expecting this, you’ll be fine. Here are a few drawbacks:

Low Durability

In general, no matter which brand you purchase from, bowling shoes do lack durability. This can become a problem if you bowl a lot, as you don’t want your shoes to break down when they’re in the middle of a game. They probably won’t hold up as well as sneakers or other sports shoes, so expect to have to buy many pairs over time.

Clunky Look

You should keep in mind that bowling shoes can look weird and clunky. They’re not known to be very fashionable, as they’re made to be effective and to aid your performance, not your look. However, there are some brands that have taken this into account, and who try to create shoes that are stylish or look more like regular shoes, to please their customers.

Too Slippery

Akin to ski boots or snowboard boots, it may take a while for you to break in your bowling shoes and get used to walking around in them, as well as playing in them. This is especially due to the slide they provide. While this isn’t necessarily a negative aspect that will impact your game, it’s important to keep in mind that you will have to adapt to your new shoes and get used to the specific sliding that they provide.



Best Bowling Shoe Reviews

Now that you’re aware of the advantages and disadvantages to purchasing your own bowling shoes over renting, you’re probably wondering how to begin to find the best ones for you. The following are the top 10 bowling shoes currently on Amazon.  


Dexter Women’s Raquel IV Bowling Shoes

Dexter has put time and effort into the design of these shoes, which feature a pink line along a white color to look feminine. Made from materials that are synthetic, this is a traditional bowler shoe with updated features. It contains universal soles and a rubber outsole that’s non-marking so you don’t have to worry about leaving any marks behind as you bowl, and it has a unique horseshoe-shaped heel. They’re very comfortable, and also durable, with an upper that’s soft and man-made. A lace pattern on the front protects your toes and ensures the fit is custom. The 58-microfiber soles give you great sliding.


Since this is a shoe designed for women, who typically have smaller feet, this shoe tends to run small. For individuals who are larger, these shoes may feel too tight and be more narrow. Since they’re made from soft materials, however, the material should push out and widen easily, so you can bowl in comfort. Unfortunately, another issue that many people have with this shoe is its durability, so you should keep this in mind if you’re considering these shoes to game in.



  • Extremely comfortable
  • Pretty colors
  • Great arch support
  • Lots of room for the toes
  • Easy to break in



  • Very narrow; not comfortable for people with wide feet
  • Some people dislike the fact that they look more like regular sneakers than bowling shoes
  • Tend to run small
  • Some orders have errors in sizing
  • Don’t grip very well



BSI Women’s Classic Bowling Shoe

BSI Women’s Classic Bowling shoe is a favorite among many and has a design that’s traditional, while it also offers quality and a great fit. It’s made from synthetic leather, which gives it durability for long-term use, and has ventilation and breathability that relieves your sweaty feet. The tongue and collar are padded for comfort, and the footbed was created from EVA material, so it will mold well to your feet and their shape. Due to added microfibers, the outer sole has decent sliding. Overall, these bowling shoes are a nice investment for people who are looking for an advanced yet casual look.


Unfortunately, they do have a downside to their sizing, and instead of running big, these ones do typically run small, as well as narrow. They’re not ideal for people who have wide feet, and when you order, you should order a size bigger than normal. If you need a flatter shoe, these will also not be ideal, as they don’t easily stretch out.



  • Very affordable
  • Has an EVA midsole
  • Very stylish; many people love the look and color
  • Great side because of felt along the bottom
  • Very roomy, toes won’t be squished



  • Tend to run small
  • May rub at the ankle; may need to wear a bandaid on your heels or ankles at first, or high socks
  • No stitches at the sole; the sole is glued instead
  • Some people think the shoes look plastic and cheap
  • Can be very stiff at first



BSI Women’s #651 Bowling Shoes

BSI has delivered with another women’s bowling shoe that is affordable and looks professional. Designed with synthetic leather, you get great breathability to get rid of any sweat, and there’s also a padded tongue and collar for comfort. There’s additional padding along the inside of the sole, to help with any potential rubbing or injury that could happen, as well as to help you break in the shoes and reduce pain from this. One of the things that people enjoy about this shoe is that it’s very lightweight, and has a midsole made from EVA material that adapts to your feet. The shoes are also very durable, and should last a couple of bowling seasons.


One of the downsides is that this shoe actually runs big, so when you order, get a size smaller than what you normally would to ensure that it fits to your foot securely. Shoes that are too loose could make you stumble as you bowl, and could mess up your game, and to some people, shoes that are too big are worse than shoes that are too small. Keep this in mind as you shop.



  • Uppers are made from leather
  • Has an EVA midsole
  • Many people enjoy the cute and cool look; very unique look
  • Great shoe for beginner bowlers
  • Bottom works very well for sliding



  • Sizes tend to run very large
  • Take a while to break in; very stiff at first
  • Very wide width
  • Pictures show the color to be hot pink, but the pink is not actually that bright
  • Can be very tight around the front and back (around the heels and toes)



Dexter Vicky

Dexter Vicky is a great choice of shoe for bowlers who are interested in something that’s high quality, but who also take durability and breathability into account, as well as value a product that’s very lightweight. Dexter is a very reputable brand that’s well known among bowlers, so you’re sure to look expert and stylish in these shoes. You can also rely on this pair to be very comfortable and soft, from your heel to your toe. It also has an EVA foam midsole, which was put in to give you extra shock absorption and cushioning so you get ample comfort, no matter how long you bowl for.


While you’ll definitely appreciate the ample cushioning and support to the arch that this shoe provides, and you can enjoy the fact that you’re wearing a well-known brand, there are some downsides to this shoe. They tend to run small and be tight along the heel, and unfortunately, they are completely unavailable in wider sizes. If you have wide feet, you may be out of luck for this shoe.



  • Have an EVA midsole
  • Very durable
  • Rubber outsole that won’t leave marks on the floor
  • Very comfortable
  • Great support for high arches



  • Run small in size
  • Not available in wider sizes (not ideal for people who have very wide feet)
  • Odd/off arch support
  • Heel is not a sliding heel
  • Tend to be very tight in the heel



BSI Women’s #460 Bowling Shoe

BSI’s 460 Bowling Shoe for women is a comfortable, lightweight, and especially plush choice for people who are looking for universal bowling shoes that deliver what you need, no matter what your foot preference is–this brand will work for you, whether you’re left handed or right handed. It also comes with very unique sport temperature managing features, meaning it’s a one of a kind shoe. It also has a plush insole, which will be very soft and gentle for your feet. With effective shock absorbers, the shoe can also prevent any pain along your back, knees, or hips that you may experience after you’re done bowling.


The BSI 460 is a great option for bowling beginners. It also has ventilating perforations that are built in, so the airflow is great within the shoe. However, many people have found that the sole detaches very easily, and it takes a long amount of time to break the shoes in, so you may have to wear them for a few games before you feel they’ve adapted to your feet. This shoe is also known to have a lot of grip and can be sticky, which may impede your game.



  • Has extra plush in the insole
  • Very lightweight
  • Great for both beginners and league bowlers
  • Comfortable for wider feet
  • Excellent performance



  • The sole may detach from the rest of the shoe easily
  • The shoe may have too much grip for some people
  • Heel tends to stick
  • Toes crease easily
  • Long break in period



Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoe

Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoe is a very stylish bowling shoe that comes in many different colors, so you can find your preference and match your personal style. The shoe is made from synthetic leather and is very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting tired as you play multiple games or bowl many rounds. The shoe also boasts revolutionary and new FlexSlide technology, which provides the most optimal sliding experience possible, so you have the greatest comfort as you slide and perform your best. Its outer sole is more soft than typical shoes, and this, together with the soft inner cushioning, will provide you with optimal comfort so you can game all day.


Overall, these shoes are recommended for beginners. They probably will not have the durability that professional players hope to find, however they will provide great comfort and will help you enhance your game as much as possible. Many people also felt as if this shoe is too wide, which can lead to discomfort and can impede performance as your shoe slips around. Players who bowl often will also want to search for shoes that are made from more durable materials. If you play a few games a year and are comfortable with breaking them in, these shoes may be great for you.



  • Short break in period
  • Known to be very comfortable
  • Excellent for people who have wide feet
  • Shoes slide easily
  • Can help you enhance your game



  • Sizing runs wide
  • Are a bit heavy; may weigh down your foot
  • Don’t have great durability (especially for professional players)
  • Recommended more for beginners only
  • Can cause discomfort



BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes

BSI Men’s #521 is a great, basic bowling shoe, especially for beginners. Its lightweight and rubber outsole provides great durability, and synthetic leather means that it has great durability and won’t fall apart very easily.  The soles are made of multiple materials, and are both microfiber sliding soles, and common sliding soles. The outer sole contains microfiber, which makes sliding much easier and more efficient as you bowl. Extra linings and plush along the inside gives you extra comfort and cushioning. BSI #521 are also very lightweight, so you can play in the utmost comfort, and won’t be worried at all about your shoes.


While BSI Men’s #521 bowling shoes are stylish and go with any outfit due to their sneaker-like design, the downside to them is that there is a lot of inconsistency with the sizing; they run large, and ideally should be great for larger feet, but bowlers who have smaller feet will be out of luck. This can lead to some problems, because feet can slip out of larger shoes, which can negatively impact your game. Many people prefer to have shoes that are a little too tight, rather than a little too large. These shoes are also not recommended for more advanced, or professional, bowlers.



  • Has great sliding
  • Decent durability
  • Sleek and modern design that’s very stylish
  • Don’t pinch the toes
  • Short break in time



  • Shoes tend to run big when it comes to sizing
  • Look like generic black tennis shoes (which may be a downside according to your preference)
  • Width is average; not recommended for those who need a wider shoe
  • Feel and look cheap to some people
  • Can break down quickly



Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes

Dexter Jack’s Bowling Shoes provide you with shoes that are very stylishly designed. They’re also made from synthetic leather that’s of top quality, and which has been treated so it molds very well and comfortably to your feet and is very soft. The upper part of the shoe is man-made, and the stitching it has gives the shoe excellent durability. Dexter Jack’s rubber outsoles provide you with even more comfort, along with a padded tongue and collar so you can avoid abrasions and don’t have to worry about blisters along your ankles. Overall, this shoe aims for optimal comfort.


The Dexter brand is most suited for casual or beginner bowlers. While the shoes are extremely comfortable and very stylish, the toe can be very sticky. If you like to drag your toe and be able to slide the whole way along your shoe, this brand is not the best option. Sticky toes could possibly impede your game and the quality of your performance, depending on how you play.



  • Fits as expected
  • Has great sliding
  • Offers great durability
  • Styling is very nice, with contrasting colors (black and white); modern look
  • Very comfortable



  • Toe can be a little sticky
  • Are extremely stiff at first, and long break in period
  • Were made for people with very narrow feet (not recommended for wider feet)
  • Can cramp feet every easily
  • Slide, up until the toes, as the felt along the bottom of the shoe doesn’t extend to the toe



Strikeforce Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoe

This amazing-looking shoe is a great choice for many bowlers, for multiple reasons. Due to the synthetic materials it’s made from and its Komfort-fit construction, it’s very comfortable and soft. Komfort-fit construction is a new, revolutionary method of creation that provides you with absolute comfort as the shoe conforms to your individual foot. The outsole is non-marking and is a great addition, especially for people who are worried about leaving behind marks as they bowl. As you wear these, you can keep the lanes clean, and don’t have to be concerned about picking up any debris or dirt.


Strikeforce Flyers were designed to make you feel as if you’re wearing your regular, comfortable sneakers, and they are a great choice for bowlers who are looking for universal, athletic shoes that feel good as they also allow maximum performance. However, the shoe tends to run very small, and even when people are able to find the correct fit, they discover that the shoe is still tight, sometimes too tight for comfort. They also have a lot of traction and don’t provide very good sliding.



  • Made with FlexSlide Technology
  • Has a non-marking outsole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Komfort-fit construction
  • Very durable and comfortable



  • Run small
  • Even when people are able to find the right size, shoe still tends to be very tight
  • Have too much traction
  • Sliding isn’t great; bowlers who pick their feet up even a little bit may have trouble
  • Very heavy; can weigh down the foot


 Dexter Pro-AM II

Dexter’s Pro-AM II shoe was absolutely created for professionals; it’s one of the few shoes on this list that is not recommended for beginners and works best for those who bowl often. As a professional shoe, it actually comes with two separate soles–one for braking, and one for sliding. This allows you to have more control over your bowling. The right shoe has an outsole that’s made from rubber, which provides easy breaking and great traction, while the left shoe has felt and provides great sliding. The 58 microfiber slide sole is one of the best soles that are available on the market. The shoes also feature a Blucher upper pattern lacing system, so that you can customize your fit and make sure your shoe is on perfectly.


While Dexter’s shoes are very comfortable, stylish, and professional, they are designed only for right-handed bowlers; left-handed bowlers, or people who are interested in purchasing universal shoes, are out of luck. It is also not a great choice for beginners, given that one shoe is for braking and the other is for sliding; for professional bowlers who want great features for performance, this is a great investment.



  • Has a raised, horseshoe-shaped heel
  • Slide sole made from 58 microfibers
  • Soft fabric lining
  • Adjustable fit, provided by a Blucher upper pattern
  • Rubber outsole is classic and non-marking



  • Made only for bowlers who are right-handed; not a universal bowling shoe
  • Shoe tends to wear down and fall apart very quickly
  • Stitching tends to rip easily and quickly
  • Sticky heel; no type of slide provided at the heel part of the shoe
  • Look and feel cheap to some people




Conclusion & Final Shoe Recommendations

If you’re looking to up your bowling game, shoes are among the most effective tools in the arsenal of any serious or professional bowler. If you’re able to find great bowling shoes that not only look good but that also aid your performance, it’s possible to significantly improve your game. The investment is worth it if you’re serious about bowling, and with the information about all the shoes above, you should be able to find the best one for you.

Take into consideration all of your needs and preferences. Are you a right-handed bowler, or do you need a universal shoe? Is padding and comfort important to you? What about an EVA midsole? How does the ability to slide affect your game? Does the time length for breaking the shoe in make an impact? All of these are great questions to ask, and will help you find the perfect bowling shoe.



Frequently Asked Questions About Bowling Shoes

There are a few questions that are asked quite frequently about bowling shoes. These are some of the top ones, and have been answered from personal user experience, as well as from expert advice.


Can’t I Bowl In Regular Sneakers?

While bowling in the shoes you walk in with is completely possible, it’s definitely not recommended. A big problem with street shoes is that the outer sole won’t be soft enough to allow you to glide, and this will greatly impact your game. You should also know that sneakers and street shoes are often not even allowed at bowling alleys, which is why they have bowling shoes–ones that have been made specifically for the game–available to rent.


Why Are Bowling Shoes Important?

This type of shoe will be most effective as you play in bowling alleys; they’ll provide slide and won’t leave marks along the floor. They will also stay clean, and won’t pick up as much dirt as your typical shoes. Due to felt along the bottom, bowling shoes (whether individually owned, or rented) will help you achieve your best performance, as you glide along the lanes in a very smooth motion.


Is It Better To Own, Or Rent, Bowling Shoes?

As a rule of thumb, you should rent bowling shoes if you play the game every once in a while. Maybe it’s a family tradition to bowl every Thanksgiving, or your workplace sponsors bowling nights once a year. In this case, you can just rent shoes from the bowling alley you’re at, typically for less than $5. The downsides to this is that the shoe won’t fit comfortably and won’t bring you optimal performance, as hundreds of other people use the same exact shoes. If you’d like a more tailored experience, you should invest in buying your own bowling shoes. Buying may also be better financially in the long term; if you bowl often, it’ll save you money in the end if you just buy a pair for yourself, for $35-40. Think about it: if you bowl more than five times a year, it may be cheaper to just own shoes and pack them in your bag every time you play.


Why Are Bowling Lanes Slippery in the First Place?

A special product is applied to the bowling lane (also known as the approach) to increase the performance of both you and your ball, so you achieve the most optimal performance possible. After the special product is applied, bowling lanes are further oiled so your ball can spin quickly as it speeds down the lane as fast as possible. Overall, slippery lanes give you great game.


Is it Necessary to Clean Bowling Shoes? How Do I Do So?

Unlike your casual sneakers or other sporting shoes, it is not a choice when it comes to cleaning your bowling shoes; you have to clean them, and clean them often. Upkeep of the outsole of the shoe is especially necessary. This will make them as smooth as possible, which will help your slide and your game. Clean with a decent shoe-cleaning product, and a soft cloth. Whatever you do, don’t put your bowling shoes in the washer and dryer; this will ruin them. It may require money and time, but you should always clean your shoes by hand.

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