12 Best Boot Dryers of 2021 [Unbiased Review & Guide]

Keeping Your Feet Dry Wearing Boots

Is there anything worse than having soaking wet feet and having absolutely no answer for it?  You’ve gone through a long, tough day only to find that your footwear no longer is feeling as good as it did when you began the day.  You take your boots off and you go to bed, hoping they will air dry.  But they don’t, and now you are in the same predicament.  Wearing socks inside boots that are wet will only make them musty, and it’s just going to feel plain uncomfortable- and disgusting.  Today, we are going to be taking a look at the best boot dryers currently on the market so that we can help you make sure that this awful process does not play out in front of your very own eyes.  We’ll be looking and all you need to know about them in our buying guide below before we look at the top ten examples of boot dryers so you can get an idea of where to begin your search.  So, let’s get it kicked off!

Top Boot Dryers Comparison Chart

ProductWorking TemperatureWarrantyPriceWhere to Buy?
1. PEET Original 2-Shoe Electric Boot Dryer25 years$$Check Price On Amazon
2. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot and Garment Dryer105º F1 year $$$Check Price On Amazon
3. PEET Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Boot Dryer2 years$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. JobSite Original Boot Dryer With Electric Warmer98-110º F2 years$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Kooder Boot Dryer70º F$Check Price On Amazon
6. Manledio Electric Boot Dryer and Warmer42C/106F 1 year $$Check Price On Amazon
7. MaxxDry Boot Dryer105º F 30 years$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Leapara Smart Version Boot Dryer With Timer104º F1 year $$Check Price On Amazon
9. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer99º F1 year $$Check Price On Amazon
10. Lavieair White Boot and Glove Dryer$Check Price On Amazon

Boot Dryers Buying Guide

Why You Want a Boot Dryer

Even if you agree that having wet boots is a big pain to deal with, you still may be on the fence about their effectiveness to get the job done.  Even if you don’t question the work they are able to do, you might feel as if it’s not that big of a deal and something you just have to deal with and get over.  If this is you and you just want to tough it out, then that’s on you.  But there are some very legitimate reasons to want to have a boot dryer.  First and foremost, you have to think about the lack of proof that air drying works on boots.  What do we know about boots?  Compared to other types of shoes, they are bulkier, hold up better, and are thicker.  This is all going to work in your favor at work and in other scenarios, but it doesn’t help you much when they get wet.  When dampness sets in on a boot, it really sets in.  It could take days to air dry them, and let’s just face it: no one has time to wait that long on their boots drying.  Secondly, this whole process can actually end up damaging the integrity of your boots.  Boots are made to last a long, long time, right?  But a wet pair of boots, that stay soaked for an extended period, along with you wearing them, can end up not working as well because the materials will begin to erode.  On top of that, bacteria is going to form after a while because of the wetness, which could well lead to a number of conditions for you to deal with in and around your feet.  If this saves you from any of this, you’ve basically paid a low price to mitigate it.  And that seems like a more than great deal to me!

Climate and Hobbies

Climate plays a major role in determining if you need to purchase a boot dryer or not.  In some parts of the world, you will not ever need to think about a boot dryer.  Or it may seem that way.  But in other places, it’s a stone cold certainty that you will need one.  If you live somewhere where it rains or snows a lot, then you need to very seriously consider getting one.  If you want to protect the integrity of your boots, that is.  You’ll also want to be very concerned about the health of your feet, too, if this is you.  If you are someone that enjoys hiking, climbing, hunting, or any number of other outdoor sports, then you also need to be seriously consider a boot dryer.  They can really come in handy, not only to making sure you are more comfortable but also to ensure you don’t spend a bunch of extra money on boots that should and could have been perfectly durable had they been treated properly.

Air Drying is a Chore

If you have ever gone to a theme park where they have water rides mixed into their ‘normal’ portion of the park that do not require you to change your clothing, you’ll know all too well about getting your shoes wet.  We’ve all been through it, and few of us liked to have our socks and shoes soaked all day as we walked around the park.  Particularly if it was the least bit cold out.  When you got back to the hotel or went back home, what did you try to do?  Most likely, if you’re like us, you attempted to air dry them out.  But air drying is only so effective if you just leave the shoes or boots sitting there.  Nope, you have to do real work in order to get them to come dry, and that includes loosening up the laces, pulling the tongue out, and then removing the insoles.  For some pairs of footwear, this is a nuisance of the highest order, and you will have rather just thrown the shoes out the window than go through all of it.  Then, you’d sit there, cross your fingers, and then just hope they got dry for the next day.  That was the old way of doing things.  A boot dryer can and will take those problems away by offering a real, new school solution to the table.

Versatile Uses

On top of getting you away from having to painstakingly air dry your boots out, there are other uses for boot dryers.  One of those is being able to also dry out your shoes.  Since boots are more heavy duty than normal shoes are, you can bet they will easily be able to work for regular shoes.  Though shoes are easier to air dry than boots are, it’s still a good thing to be able to call upon if you just don’t want to go through the tedium of that entire process.  On top of that, boot dryers can also be perfect for you if you want to dry out gloves or sorts of materials as well.  Some of them will not be capable of such things, as their size or possibly even instructions will tell you not to do that, but it’s still worth looking into.  Versatility is never a bad thing, and with boot dryers you do get a bit of it for sure!

Types of Boot Dryers

There are two main ways that you will see boots dried out.  No matter which direction you go with, each is going to be using hot air to flow over them and then ventilate them.  One of them is through the use of what is called a stationary boot dryer.  This type is going to have typically have four ‘pipes’ through which air is blown into the boots.  This type of dryer is going to be set into one place, so it will require you to map out some space for it.  However, it’s not going to take up a whole lot of space in doing so.  They usually will have a range of temperatures that you can set them to, that way you don’t ruin certain types of shoes- like leather.  Then you also have what is known as the portable boot dryers.  This type is going to take up less space and will be able to be taken with you from one place to another.  This way you can stay dry no matter where you find yourself at.  They are less functional, however, than their counterparts because they don’t usually get up to the same high temperatures as stationary models will.  This might be just fine with you and you can make the wait, but if you need something right away the stationary is the way go.

Two or Four Boots

The majority of models that you see out on the market are going to be made with the individual in mind, so that means you are most likely to see boot dryers that are made with the capability of handling just two boots.  But that is not always the case, so if you have family, or you just happen to have multiple pairs of boots, then you can find dryers that have four drying tubes on them as well.  This way, you don’t have to wait turns, as frequently at least, and can get them all dry in a relatively short amount of time.

Considering Materials

As you should know, boots and shoes are all about their materials.  The price you pay for them, the quality they are, and the length of time you can reasonably expect them to last are all determined in large part by the materials that are used.  Brand names are also helpful with this, but even within certain brands materials can range.  When you go to use a boot dryer, you have to be cognizant of what it is you are drying.  Most boots are going to be perfectly fine to use a boot dryer on.  But this is not always the case.  It’s definitely not the case 100% of the time when it comes to shoes, either.  Always check to make sure your shoes are able to handle heat.  They may not be able to handle it directly, and if that’s the case then you are in for disappointment if and when you shoes end up tearing up quicker than you expected.  Just be mindful of this and you’ll be good to go!

Type of Heat Used

Believe it or not, the kind of heat used by a boot dryer can also vary a little bit as well.  There are two main choices to look at in this area of our topic.  One of them is going to be that of forced air.  Forced air dryers are going to use a fan to circulate air so that the boots dry faster than with our other type.  That type is called convection drying.  This type have no motor and thus end up taking longer than the forced air dryers, but they do have their own benefit to them.  They are quieter, due to the lack of the aforementioned motor, which makes them ideal if you don’t want to hear any noise.  On top of that, a lot less can go wrong with them since there aren’t any moving parts and pieces to worry about or spaz out on you.  It’s well worth a think about going with this type, especially if you can bare to wait a while longer!

Portable or Not?

We talked earlier about how you can have units that are either stationary or portable, but this topic needs a little bit more in-depth explaining to help you out.  If you are someone that is going to be on the go a lot, then the portable option is very much going to be preferable to you.  You’ll be able to carry it with you to your hotel room so that you and your guests will be able to use it.  You might even find yourself being able to use it while you are on a hunt, depending on how much technology and thought you put into it all.  Many of the portable choices will fit into a car with absolutely no issues, but some of them go above and beyond just this level of ease of access.  These models end up fitting in your luggage, in fact, which makes them more than ideal when you just never know you’ll need to use them.  If you are just working in one place and you go to and from work in a relatively short span of time, then having a stationary unit is going to be more than enough for you to use.


We’d all love for every single item we buy to last forever, but unfortunately that is just not the case.  There are ton of factors that influence how long something lasts, but the things you should most be looking for are the brand’s reputation at hand and the way that the dryer is constructed.  Brands that have a strong reputation in the industry are very likely to be a top grade choice.  While there are always a few duds, even with the best of brands, you will be able to generally find an exceptional boot dryer.  And with that, you can just about rest assured you’ll get supreme durability.  The other thing to look for is the way that the dryer is constructed, namely the tubing.  If the tubes present don’t look to be up to par, then you’re probably going to experience some issues down the line.  These could come sooner or later, it’s hard to tell which.  The price at which you pay is also going to play a role.  Though some items are going to end up being a bargain, generally the more you pay, the better you can assume you’ll be getting.  Lastly, the way you treat the product is going to have a massive say over its durability.  It can be built using the latest, greatest features but if you fail to use it in the way that’s suggested or if you treat it harshly, then it will not hold up.  You have as big of a part, if not bigger, to play in making sure your stuff lasts as long as possible.

Features to Look For

There are more than couple of features that you should be looking out for on a boot dryer, so here is a quick look at some of them that you should consider!

Drip Tray

A drip tray sounds pretty simple, and it is!  This is a part of the dryer that will simply allow the wetness to drip down into a tray.  This way, you don’t have a mess pile up on the floor as a result of drying your boots.

Low Heat Usage

Not all boot dryers have this feature, but if you have various types of shoes that uses different materials, then you will want a dryer that has the capability to run at low heat.  This way, you can protect the integrity of all of your shoes, even the more fragile ones.

Auto Shut Off

If you are forgetful and often find yourself getting busy in the throws of your day, then you keep this feature.  Believe it or not, too much drying can have damaging, lasting effects on boots, just as too much dampness could.  An auto shut off will ensure that you don’t have to be there to cut it off, protecting your investment and saving you some cash in a couple of ways.


While the crux of the job of boot dryers is to dry your boots, some of them will go above and beyond by actively offering a way to make your shoes or boots smell better.  If you are someone that just so happens to have poor smelling feet, then this could be the way you want to go.


This isn’t a feature physically on the dryer itself, but it’s still one that you might feel is super useful to you.  If you are concerned that the dryer isn’t going to last very long, or if you just want to be protective of your money, then you might look for a warranty.  Warranties do differ in terms of the number of years they are good for and for what parts they cover, so be sure to look long and hard at that information.  Also, some companies will offer money back guarantees so that you can send the product back within a certain window if you don’t like it.  This is just as good as a warranty in many respects, so that should be something to think about and potentially desire.


The price of a boot dryer is going to be determined by a myriad of factors.  For one, the reputation at which the brand is known is going to have a big say in it.  If you know of a big brand, they will probably position themselves at the higher end of the spectrum than others.  Unless, of course, they are choosing to lower their prices down so that they can beat the rest of the competition.  This is a tactic you might see.  Some brands, though, will employ a different tactic.  They will offer a couple of different types of boot dryers, rather than just one.  They might have a ‘premium’ choice at the upper end of the scale, while offering a medium one, too.  With that said, the good news about boot dryers is that they are all relatively inexpensive pieces of machinery.  You can find just about all of them for less than three digits, making it a great investment that can definitely improve the lifespan of your boots and shoes due to keeping them dry.  While some people will want to stay on the lower end of the price spectrum, it should be known that this is likely to get you less durability and overall quality.

The Best Boot Dryers of 2019 Reviews

  1. PEET Original 2-Shoe Electric Boot Dryer

When it comes to boot dryers, it’s very difficult, if not impossible to defeat this one. This offering from PEET is a simple two shoe dryer that works with convection to get rid of both sweat, dampness, and odors from your footwear. Since it does use convection, it’s going to be super quiet, allowing you to get on with your day in peace.  It does take longer due to this, but it’s a small price to pay for that in reality.  If you don’t need them right away, these are superb and ideal for use.  All materials are safe for use in conjunction with this machine, making sure there is no damage done all the while working to extend their lives greatly.  Another big plus with this dryer is that you get a ridiculously long 25-year warranty.  There’s hardly going to be any topping that, no matter what kind of industry it is.


  • Absurd 25 year warranty
  • Very quiet machine
  • All materials welcome


  • Takes a while to dry
  1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot and Garment Dryer

If you’ve got a need for more than just one pair of boots, and you still don’t want to pay a ton of money for it, then this is a great way to turn to. This dryer is a typical stationary dryer that uses forced air. This, however, does not make it a loud endeavor, instead it’s pretty quiet while getting all the way up to 105 degrees.  Coming with two extension tubes as well, you’ll be able to dry just about any boots you have in only about an hour or two in most cases.  It will run on a three hour timer, so you don’t have to sit around by it, and it also has options for heat or no heat as well to give you even more of a choice.  If you want the job done quickly and you have a lot to get dry, then this is definitely the way for you to go!


  • Four boots at a time
  • Extension tubes help a lot
  • Quick and helpful
  1. PEET Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Boot Dryer

PEET reenters the list already here with a different sort of get-up than their ‘original’ model. This one is a four shoe dryer that is made to get the drying done as efficiently as possible. With heated and unheated drying, a dryer that not only dry but also deodorizes to make your stuff smell good, and a run time of between one and four hours, you get the job accomplished much quicker than with their original model.  On top of that, you’re able to get all sorts of materials dry without harming them, and you can do so with a two year warranty.  The warranty doesn’t seem that great compared to the other, but it’s adequate and to be expected since the convection units don’t have any parts, leading to the longer one above.  The only strike against this model is its high price, which is pretty close to triple digits.


  • Deodorizes and dries
  • Faster drying time
  • More room for extras


  • Relatively high price
  1. JobSite Original Boot Dryer With Electric Warmer

Next up is another model that runs on convection and thus is going to be quiet while getting the work done slowly and methodically, all at a very good price as well. This two shoe dryer is going to deodorizes and make sure odors don’t become prevalent in your shoes, and it has three modes to help alleviate this. You can run it for 30 minutes, 8 hours, or overnight to combat odors, so even a ‘dry’ shoe will see major benefits.  The base it uses is super sturdy in its construction, so even if the price scares you a bit, you can have confidence that it will hold them up well.  It has a two year warranty included, so that might be found to be helpful but a slight letdown for some given the warranty of the PEET at #1 and the convection process it goes through.


  • Three run modes
  • Very quiet and helpful
  • Sturdy base


  • Warranty might not be great for some
  1. Kooder Boot Dryer

This model is totally different from those we have seen so far, as this is one that will go inside the shoes, rather than the shoes fitting over the dryer. This is helpful because it has all around heat, going from one side of the wand to the other and evenly distributing it so that the shoes get completely true from inside to out. With a cable, it does have to be plugged in mind you, that’s super strong and resilient to being pulled, you won’t have to worry about it failing you.  The price here is also exceptionally low, among the lowest you will see, so it’s going to be seen as ideal and worth a try for some solely based on that alone.  The worry we see with it is that it’s made more for the flat part of the shoe, so the upper part of the boots and the ‘rim’ might not get as dry, since you’d have to finagle it at an angle and hope it stays.  So that’s something to keep an eye on and think about.


  • Holes blow vertically and horizontally
  • Very low price
  • Strong cable


  • Might not dry top part of boots
  1. Manledio Electric Boot Dryer and Warmer

If you want a lower priced option but you don’t want to go to the extremes of the Kooder above, then this is one way to go. This offering is a two boot dryer that can also double for gloves, socks, helmets, and other gear as well. This standing dryer gets up to temperatures around 106 degrees and will allow you to set different drying times for various shoes, ensuring you don’t have to wait around all day for them to finish up.  This one is super portable, as it’s easy to fold up and then light enough to carry on the go, making it ideal for anybody that is constantly moving.  With adjustable brackets, you can extend the unit out to account for various sizes easily.  And it dries pretty quickly, too!  So, if you’re willing to go with a brand that’s not super well known and want to save some money while getting some portability out of it, this is the choice for you.


  • Light and foldable
  • Adjustable to the T
  • Very inexpensive


  • Durability is a slight worry
  1. MaxxDry Boot Dryer

If a gentle convection drying is what you need and you aren’t in a hurry, then this boot dryer from MaxxDry is a very nice way to go. With heats getting up to 105 degrees, it will steadily get to work while you go about your business. It has two racks for shoes to fit onto and is great for removing odors while you are getting those pesky boots and shoes finally dry.  It’s safe to use on just about all types of materials, both modern and old school ones, so this is going to be ideal for you to turn to.  It’s very quiet and even has been known to double as storing room for shoes when it’s not in use.  The big disappointment you’ll likely not approve of is a minuscule 30-day warranty, which doesn’t compare very well with others we have seen from this sort of unit.


  • No noises
  • Won’t tear materials
  • Storage and drying


  • Warranty falls short
  1. Leapara Smart Version Boot Dryer With Timer

This is another rather inexpensive choice, and it comes in the form of a two shoe boot dryer. This one comes with 200 watts of power at its highest but can be toned down to allow for a less aggressive process. With a temperature of up to 104, it will get the job done quickly and effectively.  With that said, it’s a pretty quiet machine nonetheless, working without noise so you aren’t distracted.  Coming equipped with a timer means you won’t be sitting around pondering when it’s complete.  It’s also portable and capable of being folded, too, making it great to put in luggage and carry to all kinds of places.  The durability of this product has to be in question due to the price, but other than that it’s a decent shout for sure.


  • Quick and quiet dry
  • Inexpensive price
  • Portable and foldable


  • Durability not the best
  1. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer

If you are on the go and you want to go with something a bit different, then the DryGuy has a means to accomplish your goal of drying your boots with this ‘wand’ setup. This one is not going to have your boots sitting on it, rather the wand will sit inside and dry out your boots. Some people just don’t have the space, even for a foldable option so this is seen as the best choice for them.  It can be used in the car or at home due to the AC/DC power adapter it comes with, helping you to easily get your shoes dry in a hurry.  Heating up to 99 degrees will make it much quicker than most in this sector of the industry, too, which is a real bonus to be made aware of.  The worry is going to be getting the boot fully dry and the fact that it’s expensive for this kind of dryer.


  • Use in car or at home
  • Very small and easy to use
  • Dries quicker than most ‘wands’


  • Might not get all the way dry
  • Cost is higher than similar units
  1. Lavieair White Boot and Glove Dryer

Rounding out our list here is this offering from Lavieair, which comes at a very good price considering what you get, which is a four shoe dryer. This comes with a 250 watt coil and motor, meaning that most, if not all, of your stuff will be dry within a couple of hours. The air used is warm but not too hot, helping to protect the life of your shoes and boots just that little bit more, and thus meaning it is suitable for all sorts of materials.  The timer can be set between zero and 180 minutes, giving you a lot of versatility to make sure the work is done.  The price is great, but you also have to worry slightly that it won’t hold up as well since you get four brackets for the price of most brand’s offering for two.


  • Warm but not too hot
  • Dries quickly
  • Four brackets for low price


  • Durability has to be a concern

Conclusion And Final Boot Dryers Recommendations

Boots are made to be rugged, tough, and durable.  They give off an aura of invincibility, and that’s a feeling that passes onto you as you wear them.  No one expects anything to last forever, and you know that there will be a chink in the armor, so to speak, every now and then.  But what you don’t want to settle for, and won’t settle for, is a wet pair of boots that just make the day a long, awful grind that is unbearable.  Through the use of a boot dryer, however, this does not have to be the case.  Air drying boots is a huge hassle, and one that very rarely works out in truth.  But using a boot dryer is your ticket to success, and after today you’ll be much closer to being happy with your boots on a consistent basis!

FAQ’s About Boot Dryers

Is Weight A Concern For Boot Dryers?

In truth, this should not be too big of a concern for you to deal with.  Boot dryers, at the larger end of the scale, can handle up to 20 pounds, which is more than enough to cover your pair of boots.  Even the smaller ones that are made to fit inside the boots will be able to get the job done, so this effectively negates any debate you may have over the weight of them.

Will A Boot Dryer Make My Boots Last Longer?

Directly, the answer here is a clear ‘no.’  A boot dryer is not a magic wand that will just instantly force your boots to last longer.  However, they can go a long way to making sure they last as long as possible, if you get them soaked a lot.  The fact that wetness makes the materials inside your boots deteriorate means that it’s paramount to get them dry as soon as you can.  If you find yourself frequently in this sort of situation, then they definitely can indirectly make them last longer.  But it should also be known that there is a whole lot more to taking good care of your boots, and failure to do that will wash away any benefit you got from drying them really well.

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