The Best BOC Shoes of 2021: Comfort, Style, and Support [Rated & Reviewed]

Best BOC Shoes

The world can be a tough, unforgiving place at times.  This even extends to shoes, believe it or not.  A lot of times when you go to stores or even look online at them, you’ll see that they are made for either one purpose or another.  It’s function or style.  Rarely do you see a blend of the two, such is the quandary we find ourselves in.  For so many of us, it’s a matter of compromising and picking which suits us best.  But there is another way.  BOC shoes exist for the purpose of both, fulfilling your style needs as well as performing the function of being a good all-around shoe.  Today, we are going to be taking a closer look them in our buying guide, running the rule over them to give you the ins and outs.  We’ll then be giving you a top ten list of examples to start your search with.  So, let’s get this started shall we.

Top BOC Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductTypeMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. B.O.C. Women’s Suree Slip On ShoesClogSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. B.O.C Women’s Alisha SandalsSandalSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
3. B.O.C Women’s Zita Flip FlopsSandalRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
4. B.O.C Women’s Sophina SandalsSandalRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
5. B.O.C Women’s Schirra Platform WedgeSandalLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. B.O.C Women’s Clearwater SandalsSandalSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. B.O.C Women’s Evangeline Wedge SandalsSandalSynthetic $$Check Price On Amazon
8. B.O.C. Women’s Peggy Slip On ClogsClogRubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
9. B.O.C Women’s Chyna II High Heeled WedgeSandalRubber$$Check Price On Amazon
10. B.O.C Women’s Marten Slip On ShoesClogSynthetic $$$Check Price On Amazon

BOC Shoes Buying Guide

What is BOC?

BOC shoes may not be known by everyone, so it’s worth a bit of time to explain where they derive from and what they are intended to do.  First and foremost, they are linked directly to Born shoes.  Known for being highly luxurious and stylish, Born shoes are very popular throughout the world.  However, they had a bit of a reputation for being a letdown in terms of function over the years.  What that ended up doing was seeing that BOC, an off shoot of them, was formed so that a whole new market could be serviced as a result.  BOC, thus, stands for “Born O Concept,” referring back to the original brand.  Now, you have shoes that utilize both function and style so that ladies can be made much happier with all aspects of their footwear.

Comfort is #1

A few people might have found themselves wondering what kind of ‘function’ BOC shoes were tasked with doing, and the simple and quick answer is that of comfort.  Unlike traditional Born shoes, as well as so many of their competitors that solely focused on making very stylish shoes, BOC shoes are made to be very comfortable and give their wearers a much easier time throughout the course of their day.  The goal is to have them available for not only official gatherings but also for professional work as well.  Many nurses and doctors have become wearers of these shoes due to that fact, since they can get through their days so much more manageable.


Comfort and support do go foot-in-foot, if you will, so it’s only right to bring up support right after comfort.  When your feet are not supported, you will feel uncomfortable and will not want to wear a pair of shoes for very long.  It’s a very understandable concept that we have all been through.  You can put your feet in a pair of shoes and go “ahhhh that feels great” only to end up clutching them wondering what went wrong hours later.  So, comfort isn’t always indicative that you have a great pair of shoes, contrary to what so many think and feel.  What BOC have done differently is that they have also concentrated on providing a level of support to the wearer by doing various things to the shoes to take pressure off of certain places in the foot.  This helps you to not only look good, as you would have in the past, but also to feel good and to make it all the way through your day without wanting to throw your shoes in a dumpster somewhere out back.


One of the ways that BOC shoes have done such a tremendous job at making shoes comfortable and supportive over the years is through their use of cushioning.  Cushioning is not the same thing as either of the two above concepts, but it sure can help them both (just as easily as it can hinder them).  Cushioning is going to refer to all sorts of padding that is used on what is called the ‘footbed.’  This is the place where our feet rest on top of.  Cushioning can be done by using all sorts of materials.  EVA is a popular one because it is light yet extremely supportive and comfy.  Polyurethane, or PU, is another that is very similar.  Cork and memory foam can also be used.  Sometimes you’ll see some of these used in conjunction with each other as well, so there is a way to blend them together and make them ideal for you.  A big part of the job of cushioning is not done so that you feel like you are walking on clouds.  This is, of course, not something any of us would turn down, but it’s more about providing shock absorption.  As you walk, or even as you stand as we have found out over the years, flooring causes shocks to the body.  It not only affects the feet but also the knees, hips, back, and neck.  If you wonder why your neck hurts after a long day at work, it might just be your shoes.  It may not be, but this is probably not something you had ever considered.  Having shoes that absorb shocks reduces the likelihood of developing all sorts of feet problems, such as Plantar Fasciitis and bone spurs.  BOC shoes utilize very padded insoles to help combat this, giving you support, comfort, and cushioning all wrapped into one package.


You can rest assured that BOC shoes are made very well.  Craftsmanship and attention to details are a staple of the brand, just like they are with Born, but even with that said, the materials used can alter the shoes greatly.  A pair of high heeled shoes aren’t going to have the same materials as a pair of tennis shoes, and if they were the same, wouldn’t you be concerned a little?  So, the type of material is something to look for with your BOC shoes.  If you are looking for pure durability, then you will want the strongest of materials.  This does, so often, make you sacrifice some, though.  You won’t be able to have a super duper lightweight choice, since the materials used to construct the shoes will need to be more heavy duty.  But if you don’t have a hugely demanding job or won’t be wearing your shoes a ton, then you may be able to go with something less durable that doesn’t have to have such a ‘strained’ look to it.  Again, all of BOC’s shoes are made very well (of course there will be a dud here and there but that’s with all shoes) but some of the mare going to have materials that are better suited for one task rather than another, so just keep fact that in mind.


Another awesome feature of BOC shoes is the how so many of them are versatile in nature.  Many of the pairs are able to be worn in a number of situations, leading you to be able to wear them to work and for ‘play time.’  Going out on a date, going shopping, out on the town with the girlfriends, or just wearing them to a more formal outing can all be doable with many pairs.  Some of them can do an awesome job, as discussed before, as a work shoe, while some of them can be used for exercise, too.  Maybe it will just be good for walking or light jogging, but that’s still quite a win-win considering just how comfy they are relative to oh so many out there that just don’t give any comfort or support despite looking pretty good.

Types of Shoes Offered

Our list may not cover all of the shoe types that BOC offer to you, but here is a quick look at the types of shoes they have in their lines and what they are good for and also not so good at, too!


This is the bread and butter of BOC in all actuality, as they are well known for making very functional and stylish sandals.  These are made to wick away moisture beneath, enhancing the comfort level that bit much more and have goring to hold them in place perfectly.  They come in a number of different style inside of the subset of sandals, with wedges, slides, thongs, and slip ons being some of them available.

Casual Wear

While more casual wear is not as popular as the sandals from BOC, they still do have a few on offer.  Ranging from tennis shoes to other types of slip ons, these can be worn in all sorts of work environments and while running errands so that you can look fairly nice and simple yet still be comfy while doing so.


Clogs are a great option for someone that finds themselves constantly up and about on their feet and are one of the most versatile shoe types out there.  You can go from working inside to working outside in a flash and you can even look halfway decent in a professional environment with the right pair of them on as well.  This look is not for everyone, mind you, but if it is then you have a great choice in these.


Boots are going to give you the utmost in protection from the elements when the weather gets to be a bit too much.  Whether it’s raining out, or you just want to keep warmer than usual, boots are going to help you stand out from the next person very well.  They have all types, too, from knee-highs to ones that just come up to the ankles as well.


Everyone loves flats, let’s just face it.  But not all flats are good, at all, for you feet, so it’s rare when you get to meet cute and functional together.  That’s what BOC brings to the table, however, with theirs.  They are supportive and come in a variety of styles, from slip ons to ballerinas and more.


When the day calls for a bit more fashion to be brought to the fore, then heels are the way to go.  Whether you want to look super professional or it’s a formal event, heels are an excellent way to dress.  Unlike most, BOC heels are made with a very chunky heel to help give you a much more stable base, helping you to experience comfort you never have before while wearing high heels!

General Sizing

When it comes to any pair of shoes, you have to get the sizes right in order to get the utmost out of them.  Failure to size yourself appropriately can lead to discomfort, injuries, and general unhappiness with the product.  One of the things that would be wisest to do, if at all possible, is to go and try on a pair of BOC shoes if you have never owned a pair.  A lot of people are caught off guard when they try on shoes from a company that they have never bought from before because they can run differently than others do with their sizes.  The only way to know is to go and find out how they run.  Contrary to popular belief, there are no true standard sizes.  You might believe you are a 9 but you could be an 8.5 in ‘Brand X’ and a 9.5 in ‘Brand Y,’ so make sure to take a careful examination.  If you can’t do this, then you should definitely try them on first thing when you do get them delivered to make sure they fit.  If they do not, you should not hesitate to send the back.  Getting a few blisters should be avoided at all costs, even at the cost of shipping and handling!

As always, just slipping on a pair of shoes without putting much thought into it isn’t encouraged.  Before trying on a shoe for the first time, you should make sure to test them out when you are ‘warm.’  This is especially the case for anyone that will be working in the shoes.  This is because as the day progresses your feet will swell.  Those who don’t factor in this swelling might just find that their feet feel like they are much too big for their shoes, leading you to a ton of discomfort.  This will happen in the latter parts of the day most of the time, so taking time to make sure you are in the same general condition that you will be then is a wise move.  If the shoes in question are to be worn with socks, it’s also smart to have a pair of similar, if not the exact same kind, with you so that you don’t get thrown for a loop.

Also, something to look out for is the balance between having shoes that are long enough and wide enough as well.  A lot of shoes out there will be great for some and not so good for others.  Some assume that they can simply go up a size or maybe half a size if the shoes are too narrow for them, but this sometimes can get you into trouble.  With BOC shoes, some models will run narrower than others.  If this is the case, and you have tried to size up, but the balance just isn’t there, then you should look to a different model.  There are plenty of great looks on offer for you to go with that will not force you into any bad habits or allow any blistering to take place.

The Ten Best BOC Shoes of 2019 Reviews

  1. B.O.C. Women’s Suree Slip On Shoes

Kicking off our list here is a great choice for a more professional look in the workplace. With an all synthetic makeup, they are both flexible and rigid enough to last a long time, all the while looking like real leather and making you look like a pro. They slip on and off super easy, so that’s a big bonus to have, all the while featuring a ¾ inch heel in the back to take some pressure off the heels a bit without going overboard with it.  The linings are nice and smooth inside and it has the traditional padded footbed that will keep you coming back to them over and over again.  With four different colors, these can be very versatile and work for you in a number of scenarios.


  • Extreme versatility
  • Great work shoes
  • Very durable
  1. B.O.C Women’s Alisha Sandals

Our first of a few sandals comes into the list here with the Alisha, a very classy looking pair of slides that are easy to manage. With a loop over the big toe, they will lock you into place, making sure you won’t have to worry about losing them. With a one and a quarter inch heel to them, they are deceivingly raised, helping to fit the contours of the foot a bit better and thus taking pressure off parts of the foot.  With an EVA cushioned footbed, these are going to feel good on your feet all the while being light and looking great, too.  With five colors to pick from, these can be worn in a number of places and will keep you looking great all without sacrificing the health of your feet.  If you don’t want much fuss, this is the way to go for sure!


  • Very classy looking slide
  • Lightweight and cushioned
  • Takes pressure off heels
  1. B.O.C Women’s Zita Flip Flops

The Zita is a more traditional thong style flip flop, and with that, it’s going to appeal to a much more ‘casual’ sort of crowd. While these wouldn’t be good for a business meeting, they are just great for going out on the town or running errands as anything. With a contoured footbed that arches down in the middle of the foot and then back up toward the toes, you don’t just have a flat piece of material that puts all of the shocks in your feet and knees.  This gives you a bit of a ‘break’ and means you can have a much more enjoyable day than what you previously would have had.  They come in an array of colors to keep everyone happy and are composed primarily of rubber, meaning they are going to hold up for quite a while for you.  They might not be to everyone’s tastes, but these are still well worth your time and effort.


  • Good for casual wear
  • Lots of colors
  • Rubber means durability
  1. B.O.C Women’s Sophina Sandals

If it’s a more sophisticated sandal look that you are going for, then the Sophina is a good shout to be looked at. These sandals have a strap in the back to help keep you locked in, equipped with a buckle to help you adjust them to your liking, while the front has a thong-like set up between the big toe and the second toe. The footbed is very plush and cushioned, as you’d imagine, but they use fabric on top to increase the feeling a bit here, helping you to enjoy it a bit more. With a one and a quarter inch heel in the back, they are raised up a bit to take pressure off of the heels and help those with flat feet out a great deal.  Because of the way they look, they could conceivably be used for professional and more casual wear, so if versatility is your thing this is a very good, comfortable way to lean.


  • Great versatile choice
  • Adjustable strap helps you lock in
  • Fabric adds to comfort level
  1. B.O.C Women’s Schirra Platform Wedge

If it’s something that goes above and beyond that you want, then these are going to surely do the trick for you. These wedges come with a big, chunky, wooden heel so that your stability is increased. Coupled with that is the fact that they are very comfortable and supportive, thanks to the padded footbed.  This is very rarely seen in this type of shoes, as most are quite uncomfortable.  On top of that, they are about as cute as you can find out there and will be able to match your ensemble.  You can go with a plain black look or a more frilly floral look.  This will change whether you can wear them more formally or not, but either way they are super great if you need a boost up!


  • Height boost while looking great
  • Super fashionable
  • Very comfy
  1. B.O.C Women’s Clearwater Sandals

A flatter, lower profile sandal will be ideal for many, and that’s what the Clearwater represents. These sandals are just ¾ of an inch high, so they do take a little pressure off of the heel without going to such extremes like a wedge would. On top of that, they are made stylish by the strap they used that also works to secure you in place with a buckle.  The toes have a thong to separate your two biggest toes, while a strap runs across the top of the midfoot with designs in the middle of it.  Made from EVA in the footbed for cushioning and PU for the outsole, these are going to be lightweight and offer exquisite support, too.  These are so nice looking and would make for great shoes for more casual and some formal circumstances.


  • Flat and light
  • Very light yet cushioned
  • Extremely stylish
  1. B.O.C Women’s Evangeline Wedge Sandals

If you love a nice wedge sandal but you can’t go with something as pronounced as the Schirra was, then the Evangeline is a nice middle ground to turn to. These wedges are going to come up part of the way, all the while still looking great with a chunky heel that is able to give you a solid base of support. With a smooth synthetic lining inside and a cushioned footbed, you get a ton of comfort and support to make you feel plush, all the while looking like a hit out on the town or wherever it is you are going. There is a strap in the back, though it still allows the bottom of the foot to be shown, and an adjustable strap across the forefoot, too, to help you get the perfect fit for you.


  • Not as extremely high
  • Very steady base
  • Plush and cushioned
  1. B.O.C. Women’s Peggy Slip On Clogs

These clogs, first and foremost, are not for everyone’s tastes, but with that said, these are some of the finest on the market at providing functionality. With a raised heel in the back, you have plenty of pressure taken off the heels, while the footbed is contoured so that you get excellent shock absorption. This makes them ideal work shoes or good for anyone on their feet for sustained periods of time.  They are easy to slip on and off, making it possible to get up and go in a flash, and they are fairly lightweight compared to other you’ll see on the market.  Coming in a wide range of colors, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your wants and needs.


  • Great work shoes
  • Slip ons make life easier
  • Lighter than most


  • Lacks some pizzazz
  1. B.O.C Women’s Chyna II High Heeled Wedge

If you want a fashionable and flashy looking wedge, then there are few that can do that and provide you with function and comfort like the Chyna II has been able to do. These wedges are made with a wide, chunky heel to keep you on your feet, all the while using the EVA footbed to increase your comfort. The outsole is light and is made to absorb blows of constantly walking.  The straps used make them look marvelous, using a strap at the top and then utilizing the rest for purely show purposes.  With a toe that is raised up off the ground, you won’t even have to worry as much about your toes taking the brunt of the pressure and damage any longer in heels.


  • Pressure taken off toes
  • Very fashionable
  • Light and absorbent
  1. B.O.C Women’s Marten Slip On Shoes

Rounding out our list here is a good general, casual shoe for wear around all sorts of place. Though these wouldn’t be best for formal gatherings, these are great for walking around in and working as well. They are flat to the ground, so not heel in them at all but do have an ever so slightly raised toe area to keep them from feeling a ton of pain.  Through the use of synthetics, the uppers are made to be flexible and soft, helping you to stretch out and feel very natural while wearing them.  The footbed is padded, to, as you would expect but it’s not done so aggressively so as to throw you off and discomfort you.  These are simple slip on shoes that won’t wow with their looks but will meet dress codes and get your through the day rather painless!


  • Good for causal wear
  • Flexible and soft
  • Slip on and off with ease

Conclusion And Final BOC Shoes Recommendations

Shopping for shoes in 2019 isn’t the most effortless experience in the world.  It can take lot of time, money, confusion, or a combination of the three.  Some people, with the sheer size of choices available to them, just get caught up in a dizzying state and just throw in the towel, unable to make a choice.  Instead of serving to add to that, however, we’ve brought you a guide that is paired with a list so that you’ll have an idea of where to go and why you should go there.  There won’t be constant searching and researching.  Instead, you can just use our guide to begin, or possibly end, your search, freeing you up to get to wearing those stylish, comfortable new shoes of yours quicker than you thought was possible!

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