10 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Rated & Reviewed in 2021

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

If you have wide feet, finding the right footwear can be a real pain. When it comes to finding wide basketball shoes that fit comfortably, look stylish, and provide proper support, it’s especially difficult. For many wide-footed men and women, it seems as though the shoe industry puts all of the focus into creating narrow shoes that look sleek and fashionable, rather than wide shoes that are practical.

Luckily for you, things are beginning to change. Basketball footwear manufacturers are starting to recognize this situation and are now providing basketball players with proper, wide footwear. These wide basketball shoes come with everything that you’d expect as well, from heel support, to arch support, to anti-slip sole designs, and more! Beyond that, they are still keeping aesthetic in mind, creating basketball shoes that both look good and work with wide feet!

Getting wider basketball shoes has never been easier! In this article, we’re going to go over some of the best basketball shoes for wide feet that are on the market today so that you can find the best pair for your style and use!

Top Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Nike Lebron XIVSynthetic & leather$$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Adidas Crazy ExplosiveManmade,Mesh$$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Adidas NEO Cloudfoam IlationSynthetic/Textile$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Under Armour JetLeather, Textile, Synthetic, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Rubber$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Adidas D Rose 6 PrimeknitRubber sole$$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3Synthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Nike Hyperdunk 2017Suede$$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Adidas NEO CF ExecutorTextile & Synthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Adidas D Lillard 2Manmade,Mesh$$$Check Price On Amazon
10. LI-NING YU ShuaiTextile, Leather & TPU$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Puma Clyde Court DisruptKnit$$$Check Price On Amazon
12. Under Armour FireshotMesh & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
13. Nike Overplay IXSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
14. Under Armour Curry 3Mesh$$$Check Price On Amazon
15. Reebok Royal Fashion SneakerSynthetic$$Check Price On Amazon

Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet Buying Guide


Your feet will be at the mercy of constant impact when you play basketball. From running around the court, to dunking from high up, to simply stepping up for a shot, you’re on your feet at all times. This means that you need to consider the type of cushioning that is in your shoes.

Cushioning is made to keep your feet feeling as comfortable as possible while you are playing. Shock absorption is key and helps to reduce the amount of pain you feel from impact. Some players think that too much cushion can actually be a disadvantage, and while we agree that it lessens the “feel” you get from the court beneath your feet, you don’t want to get so little that you aren’t protected. If you play with too little cushioning, you are basically shortening your longevity as a player.

Each company has their own style of cushioning. We recommend walking down to your local shoe store and trying on a few of these shoes to see what cushioning matches your preferences best.


Finding the right shoes to match with wide feet can feel like an absolute nightmare, as many basketball shoes don’t pair well with wide feet. For a long time, manufacturers didn’t even have wide feet in mind when designing their shoes. Luckily, we’ve done some work to make sure that you can get some solid fitting shoes for your game.

We recommend looking for shoes that have adjustable features on the inside so that you can mold them to your feet better. Some shoes have adjustable sock lining and laces, meaning you can adjust them as you need too. Variables change. Your feet might be swollen or your socks might be thicker than they were the day before. Having the ability to change certain variables like fit can be extremely helpful when these sorts of situations arise.

Basketball is a fast-moving game, meaning you also don’t want to get wide shoes that feel too big on your feet. If you do, you’ll feel like you are sliding all over. It’s not fun, trust us. Again, we highly recommend going to a store and trying on some shoes before you buy them to make sure that you are confident in your size choices. Some manufacturers make shoes that run a bit small while some make shoes that run a bit big. You’ll have to figure that out before you buy.


The outsole is one of the most important things to consider when you are looking for any kind of athletic shoe. Your outsole should be good for any kind of playing on any kind of court, especially if you are looking for versatility. The last thing you want is to be running around and slipping on the court because you don’t have the proper traction on your shoes. Falling badly once could put you out for a whole season.

Great outsoles typically come with patterns on the bottom that are multi-directional. Herringbone patterns are very popular these days, providing players with tons of grip and flexibility. Make sure to look closely at the outsoles of your shoes before you buy them.


Like we said before, basketball is a high-intensity sport. You’re going to need all the support you can get while you are in the game. This means that you’ll need support in the ankles, heels, midsole, and everywhere else. The more support you have, the better you will feel, and the more protection and stability that you will have.

Support is the primary reason that basketball shoes utilize high-top designs instead of low-cut ankle designs. High-top designs give you the ability to lace your shoes up much tighter, giving you a far more reliable fit overall. Make sure to dig into the support specs on any pair of basketball shoes that you look at, as they are all very different.

For example, there are many basketball shoes that have flimsy midsoles, which is not good. If you end up jumping high and landing on the center of your feet, you could end up hurting yourself really badly. All we can say is don’t forget about support. It’s key for a solid pair of shoes.


The durability of a pair of basketball shoes is all about the materials that they are made out of. If you have a pair of shoes that are made with cheap materials, they probably aren’t very durable and they probably won’t last you a very long time. Even if they have incredible support, they will likely get damaged or fall apart over time if they aren’t made with the proper materials.

Make sure to look into the stitching and construction of the shoes that you have your eyes on. One big thing that many companies do is add leather to their basketball shoes. It helps to increase the overall durability, making them better at holding the stitching together throughout.

Stretchy Materials

The most important thing to look for when on the hunt for some good, wide-footed basketball shoes is stretchy material. Stretchy materials are there to help mold to your feet. When you run, your feet will expand even more, meaning you need shoes that will flex with you.

Look for materials like light mesh, knit, or woven synthetic. These are much better than your thicker materials


While this shouldn’t be your first consideration by any means, it is definitely an important one to make in the case that you are looking for a pair of shoes that you enjoy wearing. Obviously, it’s one of the first considerations that many people make, whether they are shopping online or in the store. With that said, you don’t want to fall into the trap of style over functionality.

For starters, don’t ever feel distracted by brands or marketing tactics. Just because some player endorses a shoe does not mean that that player actually wears them on the court or enjoys playing in them. You might find some strange, off-brand pair of shoes that just feel right when you are wearing them. If that is the case, get them! There’s no reason that you need to have a pair of Nikes or Adidas shoes. The brand won’t make you a better player.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Reviews

Nike Lebron XIV

You’ve likely seen these shoes on the court before, as they are some of the most widely worn basketball shoes out there right now. Does that mean that they’re the best shoes out there? It’s questionable, though they are pretty amazing for a number of reasons.

Nike used a mixture of foam overlays and mesh to create these shoes, while also sprinkling some leather in the mix to add to the overall aesthetic. Because the material is so soft, you get both supreme flexibility and breathability. The great thing about this is that you don’t really need to wear them a ton to break them in. They are pretty much ready to go from the second you put them on, separating them from the majority of basketball shoes on the market.

The rubber outsole is very durable and works well on all kinds of courts, indoor and outdoor. You won’t have to worry about them coming apart. This is because they are made from top-of-the-line rubber materials, providing you with the necessary “stick”. Because the soles are so durable, they give you tons of protection from big impact. Your joints are always in danger when you play basketball, so it’s nice to know that these shoes help to distribute your weight very evenly, saving you from some future joint pain.

Beyond that, they are some of the best shoes for wide feet specifically, as they stretch better than most basketball shoes. The one thing that might throw you off is the fact that they’re expensive, though other than that, they are top-notch and a serious investment for true basketball players.


  • Foam and mesh is breathable and flexible
  • Durable and versatile outer sole
  • Distribute weight very well


  • Expensive

Adidas Crazy Explosive

Adidas is known for providing athletes with some of the best and most high-quality athletic wear that is on the market. Their 2017 Crazy Explosive basketball shoes are the top contender for wide basketball shoes. Adidas utilize a unique innovation known as Boost Technology, essentially providing top-of-the-line cushioning for your feet. Their goal is to make athletes feel as comfortable as possible.This cushioning is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, a neat material that compresses better when it is put under major pressure. This means that you get solid rebound, as well as a ridiculous amount of shock absorption.

The Adidas Crazy Explosive shoes are also very breathable, perfect for those basketball players that suffer from sweaty feet. The material that they use is also very stretchable, making it great for the wide-footed. The rubber soles are extremely durable and provide an incredible amount of traction while you are on the court. Players really love them for playing on indoor courts, as they give you just the right amount of traction on wood.

Overall, you get a high-top shoe with supreme ankle support that still gives you the flexibility to move up and down the court with ease. They’re a solid choice for any basketball player.


  • Innovative Boost Technology
  • Supreme Ankle Support
  • Breathable Material


  • Slightly heavy

Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Ilation

The Cloudfoam Ilation basketball shoes are another solid release from Adidas. They are made with a hybrid of textile and synthetic materials, though come topped off with full grain leather on the top for a gorgeous aesthetic. On the front and sides, you’ll notice the ventilation system. If you wear these for longer periods, you’ll still feel dry, which is a great quality.

Players love the traction that is available on these shoes, as well as the construction, which while durable, allows for total flexibility, giving you the freedom you need in fast-paced games. The lace-up design locks your feet in place so that you don’t have to worry about your shoes coming loose mid-game, and also makes sure that your feet feel supported. Compared to the Crazy Explosive shoes, these are far lighter in weight, giving you supreme comfort while still feeling breathable.

Overall, these shoes are a great bargain when compared to the many expensive basketball shoes that are on the market. They are also available in multiple widths, giving wide-footed players the ability to choose larger sizes if need be.


  • Gorgeous leather aesthetic
  • Lace-up design for support
  • Lightweight material


  • Soles are not that strong

Under Armour Jet

No list of basketball shoes is complete without something from Under Armour. They make some of the best athletic wear on the market and just so happen to make some of the best wide-footed basketball shoes as well. These shoes are made with a combination of textile, synthetic, and leather, very similar to the NEO cloudfoam shoes from Adidas. The rubber outsoles are extremely supportive, giving your feet the comfort they need.

Under Armour has made sure to add tons of cushioning around the ankle areas to provide you with added support, making them some of the most comfortable shoes on our list. They also have a nice, lightweight feel, keeping you floating on air while you are on the court. On the bottom, you’ll find a Herringbone traction pattern. This helps to prevent your from slipping and sliding around, no matter what conditions that you are playing in. Other shoes can get pretty slippery on indoor courts with dust, though these remain very stable. You’ll be able to make sudden turns and stops without worrying about falling over.

These shoes also have a bit of extra leather that is on the front of the toe, helping you to stay safer and avoid toe injuries. This extra leather also helps to increase the overall durability of the shoe, holding the stitching together better. Lastly, you have the die-cut EVA sockliner, giving the bottom of your foot even more comfort and support. We love that they’ve provided you with multiple colors to choose from too. Overall, these shoes are great for wide-footed basketball players, as well as flat-footed basketball players.


  • Extremely supportive outsoles
  • Tons of traction
  • Durable construction


  • Take a while to break in

Adidas D Rose 6 Primeknit

In terms of aesthetic, these might be some of the coolest looking basketball shoes around. If style were king, they would be a clear winner. Like we said earlier though, style is the last thing that you should be worrying about. Luckily though, these have some pretty sweet features that are 100% functional too.

These shoes are made with a high-top design that gives you tons of support in the ankle area, an extremely important design feature for basketball players everywhere, especially those who have weaker angles or are prone to injury. The upper is made with a mixture of textile and synthetic material, meaning they are very durable and will last you for many years.

The bottom features a durable rubber sole with a solid traction pattern that gives you all the grip that you’ll need on the basketball court. Adidas has integrated a neat lace cord, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of tightness and fit on your feet. Overall, they look great and are very modestly priced for what you get. If you’re in the market for both style and functionality, these shoes are winners.


  • Solid cushioning for high-impact playing
  • Super cool design
  • Very durable rubber soul


  • Not the best grip compared to other shoes

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3

Under Armour’s ClutchFit Drive 3 shoes come with high-quality, ClutchFit technology to help give you the best experience you can have while you are on the court. Not only does the material on these shoes provide you with optimal breathability, support, and comfort, it also stretches to your feet over time. Essentially, they are shoes that mold themselves to your feet the more and more you wear them.

They come with what Under Armour calls a bear-trap lace system, meaning you can connect them to the tongue, which in turn gives you a tighter fit. You won’t have to worry about your laces getting in the way during your game

On the back of the shoes lies the Achilles pillow, giving you a bit of extra padding to bring more comfort to your heels. While that’s all gravy, we feel that the best characteristic of these shoes is the Micro G Sock Liner, which provides you with full flexibility and support on your ankles. Like the Under Armour Jet shoes, these bad boys come complete with Herringbone traction that gives you top-notch traction, no matter what type of court you find yourself playing on.

With that said, these shoes are made primarily for outdoor courts, as they collect dust really easily, and you won’t want to have to clean them all the time. In all, they are extremely comfortable shoes with a solid amount of support, perfect for any wide-footed player.


  • Mold to your feet the more they are worn
  • Reliable bear-trap lace system
  • Flexible G Sock Liner


  • They collect dust very easily

Nike Hyperdunk 2017

If you are really looking to soar, you need to get your feet into a pair of Nike Hyperdunks. They are great for basketball players who like to jump thanks to the Nike React cushioning that is on the inside. These shoes are both very comfortable and extremely responsive, giving you rebound and protection.

Like the other Nikes on our list, these have an upper that is made with mesh material, allowing your feet to stay cool while air circulates through them. It makes them great for playing outdoors in hotter conditions. The outsoles are probably the most unique portion of these shoes. They have wonderful underfoot traction, which is absolutely key if you are someone that plays really fast.

In terms of aesthetic, Nike always seems to do things right. This shoe comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, meaning you can find the one that is best suited to your personal style. Overall, these shoes have a very sturdy and durable construction, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling unstable or out of touch during your basketball games.


  • Very comfortable and nicely cushioned
  • Cool and breathable material
  • Come in a wide variety of colors and designs


  • They take a bit of time to break in

Adidas NEO CF Executor

Let’s hop back into some more high-quality Adidas kicks. The NEO CF Executor shoes are another beautiful release from Adidas that you’ll love for sure. They are very similar to the Ilation shoes that we mentioned earlier in terms of cushioning, as they offer the same Cloudfoam material that gives your feet support. They’re also very breathable and comfortable, great for players who suffer from sweaty feet.

In terms of fit, they are made with a lace-up closure that keeps them locked on to your feet, while the ankle and arch support is there to keep you upright and comfortable while you are maneuvering on the court. There is a synthetic heel overlay that provides you with a bit of extra stability too, keeping you nice and upright. The tongue and collar are padded too, which most players will boast about, as they are extremely comfortable to wear.

Because of their street-like aesthetic, these are great shoes for wearing both on and off the court. You can easily use them for different forms of training as well, as they are very durable. Wide-footed players love the fact that they have a bit of extra toe space at the front, making them great for longer games and sessions.


  • Comfortable Cloudfoam support
  • Lace-Up closure for security
  • Perfect for hybrid training


  • Not the most protective shoes

Adidas D Lillard 2

If you aren’t the biggest fan of high-top shoes, or you just want a pair of shoes that will work better with your fast playing style, you might want to look into the D Lillard 2 shoes from Adidas. Even though they don’t close around your ankles like most of the shoes that are on our list, they still provide you with a surprising amount of support in the game.

They are made with synthetic upper materials that are incredibly durable. There’s no doubt that these shoes will last you throughout many seasons. The durable material is also great in making sure that you have as much protection for your feet as possible. They are completely abrasion-resistant as well, making them great for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts.

Even though they are very durable and protective, they are also very breathable. Your feet will love the air circulation that you get throughout your game. They come with your standard-style lacing, meaning you can adjust the fit of the shoe like you would with any other sneaker, providing a nice, secure fit. The tongue is seamless, adding to the overall comfort of the D Lillard 2s too. Overally, they are a very durable and comfortable pair of shoes for both indoor and outdoor players.


  • The seamless tongue is very comfortable
  • Torsion system makes for a pain-free fit
  • Snug and comfortable sock lining


  • Traction isn’t the highest quality


The LI-NING YU Shuai shoes are easily the most funky shoes on our list, though they are excellent for pro players who want to show off their wild, eye-catching aesthetic. Seriously, we haven’t seen any basketball shoes that look quite like this. Beyond them having eye-catching colors, they offer a beautiful amount of ankle support that helps you to perform on the court with ease.

In terms of the materials, they utilize what is known as “whole-woven technology”. This means that they are both comfortable and breathable. They are made with cloud-style cushioning that gives you serious performance and helps to cut down the risk of injury from playing high-impact games. They have also introduced synchro-adjust technology that helps to better stabilize your heel, forefoot, and midsole, essentially working to support any part of the foot that is working at that moment.

Check out CJ McCollum from the Portland Trailblazers rocking these bad boys. It just goes to show that they are a very serious pair of basketball shoes for the best players in the game.


  • Eye-catching aesthetic
  • Breathable and comfortable fit
  • Support for high-impact games


  • May be a little too flashy for some players

Puma Clyde Court Disrupt

Puma is not a name that we see often when it comes to basketball, as this is their first basketball shoe that they made in 20 years. Fortunately, they came out strong and crafted a beautifully designed shoe. The main thing to look at with the Puma Clyde Disrupt shoes is the traction. It was inspired by the original Puma Clyde shoes. While the traction takes a bit to break in, it is incredibly consistent and works well for fast-paced players.

The cushioning is foam-based, providing you with a mix of comfort and responsiveness, great for players who like to jump a lot. You’ll be totally protected, even when you are playing high-impact games. The upper is made from a knit material, which we have to say is easily the most standout feature on these shoes when you first take a look at them. From top to bottom, these shoes are some of the coolest shoes that Puma has put out in the last decade. They’ve brought life into the basketball arena.


  • Breathable, stretchy knit upper
  • Comfortable and supportive foam-based cushioning
  • Great traction


  • Not very much ankle support

Under Armour Fireshot

The Fireshot basketball shoes from Under Armour provide players with some of the best support on the market. They’re also great for those with wide feet. One of the best features in these shoes is the UA Micro-G Technology. Micro-G is a foam that is manufactured specifically by the team over at Under Armour. It’s what gives players that rebound feeling when they are jumping on the court, all while providing comfort and responsiveness.

The great thing about this Micro-G foam is that it is also much thinner than a lot of other foam technologies that are out there, meaning these shoes weigh less than the shoes of many competitors. You’ll be flying up and down the court in these bad boys. Essentially, if you are looking for that bounce that helps you to turn quicker with ease and jump higher to dunk, these are the shoes that will help get you there.

The outer material on the Fireshot is very pliable and flexible, allowing your feet a bit of added breathing room, which is especially important for wide-footed players. Compared to other Under Armour shoes on our list, these are some of the widest. The traction is also outstanding and the durability is solid. If anything, the Under Armour Fireshot shoes will last you for many years to come.


  • Astounding support
  • Solid amount of traction
  • Very wide build


  • Some say there is not enough cushioning

Nike Overplay IX

The Nike Overplay IXs are some of the widest shoes on our list. Nike actually deemed these as one of their widest shoes when they began manufacturing shoes for the wide-footed market. We love the Air Overplay IXs for many reasons. These high-top shoes provide you with all the support and stability that you would ever need, allowing fast, aggressive players to really optimize their games. In terms of materials, these shoes are made with a mixture of synthetics and mesh.

The upper is very stretchable and the tongue spreads the overlay to create a much wider basin for you to slip your foot into. That tongue also helps to lock your foot down so that the shoes stay secure throughout your game. They are made with side-by-side extensions that are wrapped around the sides of the ankles, helping to stabilize you better and give you more support in your midsole.

Unlike many other Nike shoes that we run into, these ones break in quite fast, allowing you to play right when you pull them out of the box.


  • Have tons of support and stability
  • Very wide build
  • A great amount of cushioning for added protection


  • Not the most durable shoes on our list

Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Curry 3 shoes are made for absolute comfort. If you want to feel like you’re walking on air, then these are the shoes for you. In terms of style, there is a huge variety to pick from. No matter what your style is, you’ll be able to find a pair to match it. These shoes are made from high-quality mesh materials, allowing your feet to stay cool as air circulates through them. This is especially helpful in the hotter months, or if you have sweaty feet.

There is a carbon fiber shank that is built into the shoes, providing you with tons of stability as well. They have also included cushioning technology that is charged, helping your feet to stay protected during your more high-impact games. You get both shock absorption and rebound that is perfect for quick and aggressive players.

The outsole is made out of a durable rubber material and, thanks to the innovative multi-directional pattern on the rubber, you get an insane amount of traction. There’s no need to worry about slipping and falling on the court when you’re on the move. Overall, these are great shoes for getting rid of added pressure on your joints, and for Nike lovers, are the best choice if you are in the market for very wide shoes.


  • Mesh Overlay for breathability and flex
  • Tons of heel support
  • Very wide build


  • Some feel that the side-by-side extensions are a bit too flexible

Reebok Royal Fashion Sneaker

The Reebok Royals are considered a fashion sneaker for their design, though can actually function quite well on the court thanks to their long list of high-quality features. Plus, they have a very wide fit, probably one of the widest on our list. The entire shoe is made out of synthetic materials, meaning it is a bit heavy, though has a load of reinforcement so that you don’t have to worry about it breaking. There a side-by-side supports in the midfoot that give you a solid amount of lockdown. You won’t have to stress about landing on your foot the wrong way and injuring yourself.

The flat outsole helps to create a bit more consistency for wide-footed players, evening out the bottom of the feet so that they don’t feel squished. This added flatness helps to create a bit more push so that you can pop off the feet with ease and dunk like you were meant to. The wide mesh tongue rest right on the top of the foot, providing you with a supreme and secure fit. Whether you are on the court or hanging out with the crew, these are great shoes. They are also much cheaper than the majority of the shoes on our list, perfect for those who are on a budget.


  • Tons of reinforcement for added durability
  • Flat outsole for solid push
  • Side-by-side support


  • Very heavy compared to other shoes on our list

Frequently Asked Questions About Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

How Can My Wide Feet Affect My Life?

While finding proper shoes might be one of the most obvious consequences of wide feet, there are other things to consider as well.

Bunions are very common with wide feet

People with wide feet who have a bad habit of wearing shoes seem to suffer from bunions more than anyone else. If you wear shoes that are too tight for you, bunions will begin to appear. Not only do they look really gross, but they can also end being extremely painful. Some bunions get so big that the only way to get rid of them is to have them removed through surgery. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a wide pair of shoes if you have wide feet so that you can avoid bunions at all costs.

Wide-footed people develop corns very easily

Corns aren’t the most painful things, though they don’t look great either. The way that people get corns is by wearing shoes that are far too tight. You can avoid developing corns by making sure that you find shoes that fit you nicely. If you continue to wear tight shoes and your corns rub even more, they can grow much bigger. If you’re anything like us, you want to be able to walk around without shoes and feel confident.

Wide-footed people typically have flat feet

These two attributes correlate more often than you might think. Flat-footed people are constantly complaining about foot pain, as many shoe manufacturers don’t make proper shoes to deal with the problem. If you don’t wear the right kinds of shoes and you are flat-footed, you’ll be in pain more often than not.

Make sure that you look for good insoles when you are playing in your basketball shoes. If you can’t find the right pair that feel comfortable, get some third-party insoles and have them installed in your shoes.

Does My Playing Style Affect the Type of Shoe I Should Buy?

Yes, it absolutely does. Let’s dive into the type of player that you are to help you find the best shoes, as not all shoes are created equal. Different players move differently, requiring that they get different types of shoes to best suit them.

Power Players

If you consider yourself a power player, you’re going to want to look for the best cushioning that you can get. This is because you are often shooting while bouncing, meaning you’ll need the maximum amount of stability and cushioning that you can get. Yes, these kinds of shoes might be a bit heavier, though you will have all you need to make sure that your feet are nice and protected.

Fast Players

If you consider yourself to be a faster player, you might want to look for a shoe that is lighter in weight. You’ll still need some support and cushioning, though flexibility will be your best friend in this instance. You’ll be able to stay light on your feet with ease. Faster players usually aim for getting shoes that are cut a bit shorter as the ankle to provide fuller ranges of movement.

All-Around Players

All-around players should look for shoes that have a solid amount of support, though also enough cushion to the point where it is not overwhelming or weighing you down. All-around players are going to have a wider variety of choices to make, as most manufacturers make their shoes out to be the most versatile possible.

Conclusion And Final Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Recommendations

So after going through all the shoes on our list, we can’t ignore the fact that the Nike Lebron XIV run superior to the others. They are made to help you excel on the court, as they are incredibly responsive, very form-fitting, totally comfortable, and are designed to work well with wide feet.

It’s hard to shop for shoes when you have wide feet, and when it comes to basketball shoes, it can seem almost impossible. We hope that this list was able to help you in finding some good options so that you can get out on the court with comfort, style, and total functionality.

Make sure to keep all the considerations that we mentioned in mind when you are shopping, and make sure to look deep into the features and specs of each pair of shoes so that you know exactly what you are buying. A bad choice can create lots of pain for your feet while a good one can optimize your game and last you for years to come. Thanks for reading and keep ballin’.

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