15 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support 2021 [Review & Guide]

Basketball Player Ankle Support

Do you know what the most common injuries in basketball is? 

If you guessed “sprained ankle”, you’re absolutely right! For professional players and amateur players alike, sprained ankles are one of the most common injuries out there. The worst thing about getting an ankle injury is that you may not be sure how long you’ll be out of the game.

Kobe Bryant ended up getting a sprained ankle in 2013 and he was out of the game for quite some time. It can be an incredibly sad moment when you get told you have a sprained ankle by your doctor, especially if you are someone who plays all the time. Luckily for you, there are many different basketball shoes that are made to support your ankle, therein reducing the chance of any ankle-related injuries.

You might be thinking to yourself,

“Don’t all basketball shoes that cover your ankles provide support?”

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. It’s easy to see a pair of high-top shoes and be fooled by just how safe they actually are. The good thing about all of this is that we’ve put together a high-quality list of ankle-supporting basketball shoes so that you can help to reduce your risk of ankle injuries and save yourself from being on the bench. Let’s hop in!

Top Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
1. Nike Men’s HyperdunkSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
2. Adidas Performance Crazy ExplosiveManmade,Mesh$$Check Price On Amazon
3. Nike Lebron Soldier XISynthetic$$$$Check Price On Amazon
4. Nike Flight BonafideFlyknit$$$Check Price On Amazon
5. Adidas Performance D Rose 5 BoostLeather & Synthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
6. Adidas Men’s StreetfireSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
7. Nike KwaziSynthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
8. Under Armour LockdownTextile & Synthetic$$Check Price On Amazon
9. Adidas Performance Crazy 8Synthetic & Textile$$Check Price On Amazon
10. Nike ClearoutFabric & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
11. Reebok Shaq AttaqLeather$$$Check Price On Amazon
12. Under Armour Curry 2.5Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
13. Reebok Royal Bb4500hLeather$$Check Price On Amazon
14. Under Armour Drive 4Textile & Synthetic$$$Check Price On Amazon
15. PUMA Men’s Sky IILeather$$Check Price On Amazon
16. AND1 Fantom Basketball ShoeSynthetic$Check Price On Amazon

Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support Buying Guide


There is no question that you have to move around a lot in basketball. You have to transition from one play to the next, move your feet quickly, jump high, etc. There are so many different ways that your ankles could get injured, especially if you consider yourself to be a fairly aggressive players. Always make sure to look for basketball shoes that have solid ankle support.

Your best bet when looking for ankle support is to look for a pair of shoes that have a high-top design. High-top designs help to give your ankles all the protection that you need while keeping your feet snug and secure. With that said, not everyone likes wearing high-top shoes. For those people, we would recommend at least getting a pair of mid-top shoes.

Also, do note that just because a shoe has a high-top design does not mean that it has tons of support. Just think about Converse high-tops for example. Make sure to always look into reviews to make sure you’re buying a solid pair.

Remember to that high-tops will add a bit of additional weight to your shoes. If you play in a position that requires you to be fast and to do more running, you’ll have to make sure that you find shoes with high-flexibility. You shoe-style will greatly affect your game and the way that you play.


Like we said earlier, you’ll be jumping around all over the place when you’re playing basketball. You’re going to need all the comfort you get so that when you land hard on your feet, you can protect yourself from more injuries.

Cushioning helps to provide you with the most support and comfort possible, though you also want to make sure that your shoes aren’t so comfortable that they are too tight and snug. You also want to make sure that you have cushions in both the forefoot and the heel, providing you with the most support possible. This amount of comfort can keep you safe from possible fractures of sprains.

If the shoes you want don’t have enough padding inside of them, you shouldn’t get them. You’ll hurt your arch or heel with heavy impact playing. Stress fractures are a serious thing, and the less padding you have, the more prone you will be to them.

Lace Design

High-top shoes can come in a wide variety of lace designs. Some high-top shoes have your standard lace design where you tie them up bunny-style, while some shoes have pull tabs where you can pull them or push them in to loosen or tighten them. Choosing the right lace design can help you choose the right fit and the right fit is totally up to your preference.

Laces will usually give you the best fit, as they are the most adjustable and snug. Push-tab shoes, on the other hand, are the easiest to take on and off. Remember though, this article is all about ankle support and how you can find the best basketball shoes with ankle support. If you want the best of the best, we’d recommend getting shoes with both straps and laces, as straps can give you that extra tightness that you may need.


The types of material that your basketball shoes are made out of can greatly affect your game. The cheaper the materials on your shoes, the more often you will have to buy new ones. Why buy a cheap pair that won’t last you long when you can spend a bit of extra dough and get a pair of shoes with longevity? We all know that basketball shoes aren’t very cheap, though durability can go a long way.

For starters, we recommend looking for rubber outsoles, as you can play with them on almost any court. You should also look for some shoes that have a bit of added leather on the upper. Leather not only looks great, but it also helps to keep materials together really nicely, so that you don’t have to worry about as much wear and tear.

If you are playing in hotter environments, we recommend looking for some mesh. Mesh is a great material that adds breathability to your shoes. If you can find some shoes that have mesh material on them as well, that’s even better.


Aesthetic isn’t the most important consideration when it comes to basketball shoes, especially if we’re considering support, though you do want to feel confident and happy with the shoes you are wearing. Who knows, it could actually up your game if you are wearing shoes that make you happy to wear. Luckily for you, there are many different kinds of basketball shoes out there with different colors and designs. You can pick the design and color that you love and that fits your style best.

We have some serious design choices on this list whether you are a fan of Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, or whatever else. Having pride in your shoes is really important in our opinion, though we recommend it as the last priority under all of the considerations that we have mentioned prior.

Best Shoes for Ankle Support Reviews

Nike Men’s Hyperdunk

When it comes to Nike Hyperdunks, there are a large variety of shoes to choose from. There are a wide range of colors and combinations patterns to choose from too so that you can get the right aesthetic for your style. Hyperdunks are made with unique Nike responsive cushioning in the forefoot and in the heel, providing you with the ultimate in comfort.

These shoes have a sleek, high-top design, giving your ankles all the support they’ll ever need without feeling rigid or non-flexible. Not only will your feet feel comfortable and free, but your ankles will feel protected and safe from any strains. Do note, however, that the shoes may take a bit to break in, as most Nikes do, though once they do, you’ll have support like you’ve never felt before.

In terms of construction, these shoes are made with a gorgeous Hyperfuse material that is breathable and lightweight. You can use them in the summer or on outdoor courts without feeling hot or weighed down. Overall, they are some of the best-looking basketball shoes out there right now for ankle support. They’re durable, comfortable, stylish, and more.


  • Supportive midsole for added comfort
  • Lightweight construction
  • Sleek and modern aesthetic


  • Narrow build; not that great for wide feet

Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

The Adidas Crazy Explosive shoes are some of the most highly-responsive basketball shoes on the market. They are made from a mixture of textile and synthetic material that is incredibly lightweight and gives you tons of ankle support. The cushioning is very responsive, making them comfortable to wear during aggressive games. You can jump high and transition in the game without ever feeling discomfort.

One of our favorite features on the Adidas Crazy Explosive shoes is the unique lacing system that takes a bit of pressure off the feet, giving you a far more comfortable fit altogether. These shoes have a very modern aesthetic too that will have you feeling confident on the basketball court. They come in a few different colors as well, meaning you can pick the shoes that best fit your overall style.

Even with the overall sturdiness and durability of these shoes, they are very lightweight, giving you all of the flexibility that you need to move across the court with ease. Unfortunately, the laces might wear out a bit the more you wear them, which will in turn reduce the snug fit, though it’s a small price to pay for shoes that are this awesome.


  • Stylish and modern-looking aesthetic
  • Unique lacing for a great fit
  • Lightweight construction for easy transitions


  • They run pretty small in terms of sizing

Nike Lebron Soldier XI

The Nike Lebron Soldier XI shoes are made with the ultimate ankle support. While the lock in on the ankles aren’t the best in the world, they give tons of flexibility and a world of support that keeps you safe on the court. The design is one of our favorites on this list too. They look unlike most basketball shoes that we’ve seen out there and they are available in red, black, and white, giving you a stand-out aesthetic. If this were a “most stylish basketball shoes” list, they’d probably be at the top.

In terms of comfort, the Nike Lebron Soldier XI shoes are some of the most comfortable on the market with serious cushioning in both the forefoot and the heels. The cushioning does make them a bit heavier unfortunately, though even still, they are very responsive and are great for aggressive players.

The soles have a durable rubber compound that gives you solid traction and they are even durable enough to be used on courts that are outside. Having solid traction is key when you are in the game and you’ll love how tough the outsoles are. The upper is made from a high-quality mesh foam that gives you flexibility and breathability. Overall, if you are in the market for a pair of basketball shoes that are comfortable and cool looking, these are some of the best around.


  • Some of the most aesthetically pleasing shoes around
  • Incredibly durable traction for all kinds of courts
  • Tons of support for the ankles


  • A bit bulky and heavy in weight

Nike Flight Bonafide

If you are looking for the basketball shoes of the future, you might want to consider sticking your foot into a pair of Nike Flight Bonafide basketball shoes. They have tremendous ankle support and a design unlike anything that we have ever seen before. The high-top design is very cool and flexible, allowing you to fly down the court while still providing you with proper protection.

The upper portion of the shoe is made with a knit material that is very light in weight. They come complete with a dual-zipper closure too, which makes them very easy to take on and off. Even so, that flexible, high-top ankle design gives you all the support you’ll need. These shoes utilize an air foam midsole that is very responsive and gives you the perfect amount of cushioning without feeling too heavy or bulky. You’ll be able to jump and cutback with ease.

Beyond all that, these shoes are available in a wide variety of unique, knit colors, each with a separate high-quality look.


  • Easy-to-use zippered heel design
  • Tons of awesome color combos
  • Lightweight midsole and flexible material


  • The zipper can be difficult to replace if broken

Adidas Performance D Rose 5 Boost

Traction is a very important feature when it comes to basketball shoes. Adidas has top-of-the-line sole technology that helps give the D Rose 5 Boosts a bit of extra edge when compared to other basketball shoes on the market. The sole has a tight traction pattern that gives you some of the best grip around, though also provides supreme durability.

The shoes are made from a mixture of different synthetic materials that help to keep the shoes both lightweight and durable. The leather is there to hold the shoes together and make them very strong while the mesh works to keep them very breathable as well, perfect for if you are playing in hot weather.

The serious support comes from the fact that the front shaft is four inches from the arch of your foot, giving you all the support you’ll need in the most aggressive of games. The ShockWeb overlay, which is unique to Adidas, helps to reinforce your shoes as well, providing you with even more strength across the entire shoe. You won’t have to stress about your shoes busting up in the middle of your game or getting damaged from playing on a non-standard court.


  • Have some of the best traction on our list
  • Extra layer of cushioning to reduce shock
  • Mixture of mesh and synthetic for versatility


  • The lace eyelets make it difficult to loosen the shoe

Adidas Men’s Streetfire

Adidas Men’s Streetfire shoes are some of the most popular basketball shoes on the market, and for good reason. They are incredibly stylish and can be worn on the court or off the court depending on your preference. They are very versatile too, meaning you can use them on both inside and outside courts. The upper portions are made from breathable mesh material, giving you the best in terms of ventilation, while the padding gives you feet total protection from nasty impact.

If we had to pick one feature that really set these shoes apart from most of the shoes on our list, it would have to be the Achilles comfort feature. They have solid padding in the Achilles region, helping to provide a better fit overall. They come complete with OrthoLite sock liner that adds to the overall comfort as well, meaning you can practice for hours on end without wearing out your feet. The cloudfoam midsole, which is very popular in a variety of Adidas shoes, adds to that comfort even more.


  • Very protective in the Achilles region
  • High-top design for serious ankle support
  • Rounded mesh toe for better ventilation


  • The shoes run big in size

Nike Kwazi

The Nike Kwazi basketball shoes are another great pair from Nike that provide your ankles with all of the support that you need for prime playability. While the Kwazi shoes are very unique in design, they actually offer some of the best support on our list. The outsoles are made with a high-quality, synthetic rubber that is ribbed in design, giving you serious grip no matter what kind of court you are playing on. It has somewhat of an egg crate design on the bottom to help better catch your foot when you pivot quickly or make aggressive stops

The collars of the shoes are very padded, giving you tons of cushion along the tongue so that you can better secure your shoes to your ankles. Typically, the more cushion on a pair of shoes, the tighter they are, and these shoes just so happen to give you all the cushion you need. The midsole is definitely on the wider end of things when you compared it to the other midsoles on our list, and it helps to give you a bit more foot contact with the ground. In all, you’ll feel much more grounded overall.


  • Tons of ankle support with a quick break-in
  • Lightweight and breathable material
  • Solid amount of traction on the outsole


  • Narrow build can make them hard to take on and off

Under Armour Lockdown

If you’re looking for a pair of basketball shoes that are both cost-effective and protective, we highly recommend the Under Armour Lockdowns. They give you all the nakle support that you’ll ever need at a price that you won’t believe. They are also wildly comfortable. Under Armour has a patented EVA sock liner that is available in most of their shoes, including the Lockdowns. The cushioning and support will help give you an extra couple of hours with every game that you play.

The traction on these shoes is pretty unbelievable as well. Thanks to the multi-directional traction pattern that is present on the rubber of the outsole, you’ll be running up and down the court with ease, no matter what type of court that you are playing on. In terms of construction, the shoes are made out of a mixture of lightweight leather materials and synthetic materials. The beauty is, they won’t weigh you down if you are a quick player.

Yes we know, the shoes might look a little bulky on the outside, though you might actually be surprised as to how much quality is in these shoes. They might not be the stars of the basketball court, but they will provide you with tons of stability for a steal of a price.


  • Very durable materials
  • Breathable mesh tongue for sweaty feet
  • EVA sock liner for extra cushioning


  • A little bit bulky

Adidas Performance Crazy 8

The Crazy 8 basketball shoes from Adidas are some of the best-rated Adidas shoes on the market, and for very good reason. They reign supreme in terms of ankle support and they look absolutely spectacular. The shoe has a very nice torsion system that allows the middle of your foot to remain stable throughout your game to reduce the risk of serious injury. The middle of the shoe pairs really nicely with the fact that the ankle portion is so secure too, giving you the ability to play with perfect confidence in knowing that your shoes are as secure as they could be.

No matter what your playing style is, it is always important to have a shoe base that is verys stable. This is especially true if you play defense a lot, as you’ll always be able to stay one step ahead of your opponent. The outside tread design is one of our favorite features on these shoes, as they help to grab hold of the court no matter how light or heavy your steps are. They maintain traction on almost any surface, perfect for players who like to pivot hard and play aggressively. Besides all that, they come in a variety of wacky designs that don’t look anything like the shoes we’ve seen before.


  • Naturally stabilized midsole design
  • Synthetic leather for ultimate durability
  • Torsion system for added jump


  • The ribs along the base can get scuffed up pretty easily

Nike Clearout

The Nike Clearout basketball shoes are great for players who are looking for shoes that are a bit more eye-catching. These shoes come in a wide range of colors that fit almost any style. They are made with a high-quality rubber sole and a shaft that measures about 3.5” from the arch of the shoe, giving you plenty of support. Beyond having tons of arch support, they are also made from a mesh material, giving you supreme breathability and a lightweight feel that will have you flyingh up and down the court.

These Clearout shoes are made to provide completely balance support throughout the entirety. They have support on all of the critical pressure points to give you optimal balance and stability no matter what type of player you are. The beauty is, they are made with more of a casual aesthetic, meaning you can either use them for playing high-energy pickup games or hanging out with your crew. We highly recommend these shoes for beginner basketball players overall, as they have more of a juvenile build. You also don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes only to find out that basketball isn’t really your thing.


  • Tons of support throughout the shoes
  • Mesh material is very breathable
  • Come in a wide variety of colors


  • Not the most comfortable shoes on our list

Reebok Shaq Attaq

Not only do the Reebok Shaq Attaq shoes give you tons of ankle support, but they also look absolutely incredible. They are made with a mixture of imported and synthetic materials, making them very durable. The rubber sole is strong too, perfect for almost any court out there.

The insoles are made to be removable, meaning you can swap them out if you are looking for a bit of extra comfort. You can also clean them with ease, perfect for if you deal with sweaty feet. The upper is made from a mixture of mesh and leather, meaning you get a lightweight pair of shoes with a bit of added stability that helps hold together the stitching over time. If you’re looking for durability, this leather really helps take the shoes to the next level.

The midsole is made from an EVA material that helps to ensure both comfort and support. They are available in a few different colors and materials, meaning you can find one that fits your style best. Uniquely enough, you can even pump them up a bit if you are looking for even more support! Overall, these are some of the most comfortable and reliable shoes around. Just know that they are a bit narrow in design, meaning they might not be that great if you have wider feet.


  • Unique design and stylish aesthetic
  • Really solid midsole for added comfort
  • Breathable and comfortable materials


  • A bit snug for players with wide feet

Under Armour Curry 2.5

The Under Armour Curry 2.5 shoes have some of the best support on our list. They are made with a PU shell, providing you with the best in terms of support and stability so you can have the most confidence possible in your game. The shoes are made with an external shank and a heel counter that helps to give you full support throughout the entire shoe, from the heel to the arch to the forefoot. The overall design is very unique and it will help your foot to stay very snug. You’ll never feel like your feet are loose or sliding around on the inside.

The uppers are made with a synthetic upper that is ultra-durable, giving you a solid fit no matter how you play. There is some seriously longevity with these shoes too, giving you the best in feel over the years. The traction on the bottom is solid too, preventing you from slipping no matter what kind of court that you are playing on. They are very narrow in terms of the construction, so unfortunately if you have wide feet, these might not be the best fit for you.

While the narrow design isn’t great for small feet, it does give you solid lock-in that helps to provide the best support possible on the top. You can play in these bad boys for hours at a time and feel great at the end.


  • Designed for the ultimate support
  • Strong upper with supreme durability
  • Supreme traction for playing on any court


  • They run a little too narrow for some

Reebok Royal Bb4500h

These Reebok Royal basketball shoes offer some of the best protection around. They are made with a mixture of synthetic and imported materials that will live long and live strong. The soles are made out of a durable rubber material that will get you through the most aggressive of games for a long time to come. They come with removable ortholite sock liner that is very comfortable and gets rid of nasty moisture.

The outsole is made from a high-abrasion rubber that’ll give you ultimate stability. You’ll need it to transition and move fast. You can continue to wear these for many games and they won’t wear out anytime soon. We love the mid-cut support that gives you plenty of flexibility without sacrificing any support.

On the upper, you’ll notice a more lightweight mesh material that gives the shoes far better breathability. Whether you play on indoor courts or outdoor courts during the summer, you’ll be good to go. They are very full-fitting too and you’ll definitely appreciate the firmness that keeps them feeling brand new. Yes, they aren’t exactly the lightest shoes on our list, and may be a bit too heavy for fast players, though the overall durability makes up for it.


  • Very comfortable fit
  • Tough and durable outsole with tons of traction
  • Optimal ankle protection for support


  • They are a bit too bulky for some players

Under Armour Drive 4

The Under Armour Drive 4 shoes are some of the most professional-looking basketball shoes in the game. The shoes have a unique design that will allow you to look the best you can while you are playing. They are available in a wide variety of colors too, meaning you can find the shoes that best suit your style.

Beyond the shoes looking really great, they also have an unreal construction. The micro-thread technology allows then to dry really quickly too, meaning even if you have sweaty feet, they will dry before you have to put them on again the next day. The moisture wicking technology helps to get rid of sweat as fast as possible so that your feet stay cool over the course of your game too. This is perfect for those who are playing on outdoor courts or during the summer.

If you are someone who struggles with athlete’s foot or sweat in general, you’ll love the fact that they have anti-odor technology. In terms of design, these are made with a four-way stretch on the inside so that you can transition easily. They are made with a mixture of synthetic and textile materials and have a durable rubber sole, giving you the best that there is in durability. Overall, if you are in the market for comfortable and stylish shoes that won’t let you down with ankle support, these are some of the best shoes around.


  • Very lightweight and comfortable
  • Attractive aesthetic for confidence
  • Moisture-wicking technology


  • A bit narrow for wide-footed men

PUMA Men’s Sky II

While these may not be the best shoes for guys who are looking to go fast and play aggressively, they are incredibly fashionable and provide tons of support. With that said, there is no reason that they can’t be used amateur players on the court. They are made with full-grain leather material that helps to ensure their overall durability. You can use them for years on end without having to worry about them wearing out.

The rubber sole provides you with tons of durability and grip as well. The shaft build gives you a serious high-top arch that gives you the best in terms of ankle protection. We love the dual hook-and-loop shaft too, which allows to adjust the overall fit and add optimal ankle support. The Velcro addition makes the hold very strong, meaning you’ll never have to bend over to try and re-adjust the tightness of your shoes in the middle of the game. They are very easy to take on and off, unlike many basketball shoes that are on the market too. Overall, if you are in the market for some shoes that are a bit more casual and affordable, the PUMA Sky Men’s II shoes are some of the best around. Plus, they work great as daily driver shoes for those who just want something a bit more fashionable.


  • Inexpensive; great for players on a budget
  • Comfortable to wear for hours on end
  • Adjustable tightness for optimal fit


  • Not as cushioned as your standard basketball shoes

AND1 Fantom Basketball Shoe

AND1 Fantom Basketball shoes are made with synthetic materials that provide players with a unique style and build. They are incredibly durable thanks to the rubber sole as well. Some basketball players are looking for ankle support, yet don’t like the full high-top design, which is totally understandable. Luckily for you, their mid-top arch is more than enough to give you tons of ankle coverage while also providing you with protection.

The AND1 Fantom Basketball Shoes are made with a reinforced heel that’ll keep you comfortable, even if you’ve been playing for hours on end. The toe area is made with a no-sew fusion that is meant to give your shoe a bit of extra durability as well. You’ll be able to use these for years to come without having to worry about them coming apart. The vents are laser cut to help provide you with a bit of extra air circulation, excellent for those who suffer from sweaty feet. You won’t feel uncomfortable after those long, sweaty summer games.

These bad boys are available in a wide range of colors so that you can pick the best possible pair to go with your style. The cushioning is pretty solid, keeping them soft on your feet even if you are a very aggressive player. With that said, they aren’t the most protective elsewhere, so if you do play on courts that aren’t as standard, we might recommend some shoes with a bit more protection.


  • Very durable in design
  • Lots of breathability thanks to the vent design
  • Reinforced heel for extra comfort


  • Mid-cut offers a bit less ankle support

Frequently Asked Questions About Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

What are some of the most common ankle injuries?

Even after reading this article, you might be asking yourself,

“What am I trying to protect my ankles from?”

Because basketball can be a pretty aggressive game with tons of foot transitions and maneuvers, you end up putting yourself in a bit of a dangerous predicament. Let’s consider some of the most common ankle injuries that happen because of basketball and the reason that you need a pair of good shoes.


Sprains are one of the most popular ankle injuries in basketball and happen often because basketball players aren’t wearing the right types of shoes. They happen because of wrong movements in shoes that don’t provide any support.

Sprained ankles aren’t fun in the least. They can swell up big time, making it difficult for players to continue to play, or even walk on them. You definitely won’t be able to get on the court and play in a game when you have a sprained ankle.


Tears are painful injuries that happen with the ligaments. A ligament tear can easily lead to a sprained ankle. Sometimes ligament tears can be so intense that you won’t even be able to walk when you have one. Sometimes, ligament tears aren’t really that noticeable if they are small, though you shouldn’t underestimate how much of a problem that they can be.

The amount of pain that you feel can have a lot to do with where the tear is and how big it is.


Fractures are easily the worst type of ankle injury. You’d be surprised as to how easy it is to fracture an ankle if you land on it wrong. Even landing improperly from a big dunk can be high-impact, giving your ankle the biggest brunt of the landing. If you don’t wear the proper shoes with enough soles or padding, you could easily fracture your ankle.

Stress fractures are even more common in basketball. They are caused by small bone cracks that spread because they are not being treated properly. These small stress fractures may not be noticeable at first, though they can worsen greatly with time.

Conclusion And Final Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support Recommendations

A great pair of basketball shoes will provide you with all of the support that you need to avoid any of the injuries listed above. Who in the world wants to have to sit out for a season because they wore the wrong shoes that didn’t give them proper support? Nobody. If you still don’t know which shoe is the best for you, we recommend going to your local sporting goods store and trying a few on until you get one that feels right.

Obviously, you’ll want to look for a pair of basketball shoes that have proper support, though you don’t want to find some that lack in the protection of the ankles. While there are many other things to consider, ankle support should be at the top of your list.

While there are many amazing basketball shoes with ankle support on our list, we highly recommend grabbing a pair of the Nike Men’s Hyperdunk shoes. The give you proper support and style, all wrapped up in a serious package. We hope that our list has inspired you to get some better basketball shoes for this season. Make sure to take into consideration all of the things we mentioned in our buying guide so that you can find the best shoes for your needs. Good luck and keep ballin’ for us.

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