10 Best Adidas Running Shoes 2021: Men’s & Women’s

Best Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas.  Easily one of the most recognizable brands in the world.  Nearly any person anywhere could tell you what the symbol of the brand is: their three stripes.  Over the years, the company has developed a following of sorts with many people due to not only their looks but also because of the substance of what it is they deliver.  Whether you love Adidas because of the looks of their various offerings, or just because they feel good, there are a ton of legitimate reasons they continue to be one of the dominant brands in the global shoe market today.

Today, we are going to take a look at a tiny sliver of Adidas’ offerings by looking at their foray into the running shoe market.  We are going to look at various models that they offer later on, but for now we are going to look at a buying guide that will help you answer any and all questions you might have about them.


Top Adidas Running Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductHeel TypeShoe CategoryPriceWhere to Buy?
Adidas Ultraboost ParleyFlatNeutral$$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Originals Swift Run WRaisedNeutral$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam PureRaisedStable$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Women’s Edge Lux WFlatNeutral$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Women’s Aerobounce WRaisedNeutral$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam UltimateRaisedRacing$$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Men’s Lite Racer BYDRaisedStable$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Men’s Supernova MRaisedRacing$$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Vs CityRaisedStable$$Check on Amazon
Adidas Men’s Energy Cloud 2FlatNeutral$$Check on Amazon


Adidas Running Shoes Buying Guide


We’ll try our best to keep things short and sweet about Adidas, but they have been in the shoe business for a long, long time.

Dating back to 1924 even, and they came from the mind of Adi Dassler in Bavaria, Germany.  Very early on, they made a big, telling impact on the sport of running, with the likes of Jesse Owens going on to wear them as he won a Gold Medal at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.  And that wasn’t even the first time they had an athlete win one!  So, to say their track record in running dates back a long way would be an understatement of sorts.  The brand continued on its way, dominating the landscape in terms of running shoes so much so that they have cornered the market in many areas.

This kept up for a few decades, but they started to lose their hold on things in the 1980s when Nike came on the scene.  Nike and others would deal them a blow, and it looked like in the 2000s that Adidas’ days as a big player in the running shoe market done and dusted.  Alas, it wasn’t meant to be because Adidas came out with something that reinvigorated people’s desire for their products, and as a result are once again one of the major players in the running shoe game.

What Was the Invention?

The invention that helped them take back a hearty share of the market was their revolutionary ‘Boost’ rubber soles.  This idea, practically all by itself, has dragged Adidas back toward the top of the list of running shoes.  So what is it, exactly?  Boost got a lot of help from fellow German company BASF- a chemical juggernaut that has its hands in a number of different industries- to create a compound that has truly shaken up the running world all over.

Boost, for the first time, gave runners the cushion they had always craved while not adding weight or degrading over time like it had previously.  No longer did you have to make a choice between one or two of those three things but instead you could literally have it all.  This Boost (which is essentially foam) has ended up sparking a move to foam by just about every company out there now, and the foam craze is still rolling right now and will do so until the next great invention rolls out.

Effectively because of the Boost being rolled out, Adidas has now come back on the scene and is a player.  As a result, even shoes that don’t have this technology are being looked at because they are not only seen as ‘cool’ but also a driving factor in the industry that is at the forefront of invention.

How Adidas Running Shoes are Different From Others

Virtually everyone that dreamed of doing a marathon pre-2013 would have had less much of a chance of actually doing it without Adidas being there.  But now, they have that opportunity because the foam technology has truly taken and give everyone a chance to succeed and feel like they won’t die out on the course!  Nonetheless, here are some of the other things that have helped make Adidas different from other brands.

One major thing that you can see in an Adidas shoe is that it almost always has a generous heel to it.  This is something that is probably overlooked by most, but if you are a runner- and especially someone that is new to it or getting back into it after a while- you will know just how big it is for you and your overall foot health.  A generous heel means that the shoe is a little bit heavier.  Yes, if you are planning on setting a record in the marathon, this might not mean it’s your all-time best bet.  But if you want to be comfortable and be able to complete a run and be relatively happy, it means the world to you to have that.

The other key difference is that many of Adidas’ competitors currently are going for shoes that are flat to the ground.  This is something that can be a plus (running is all about your personal preference, after all), but it can also be a negative to many folks as well.  By being up off the ground some, there is increased comfort.  Some people don’t like comfort, and if you don’t, that’s fine.  But by and large, today’s Adidas shoes are much more comfortable than other shoes on the market.  They may not allow as much efficiency for the truly elite, but for those that are just looking to get as many miles as they can without keeling over from exhaustion and pain, they have turned to these shoes.

Some General Shoe Tips to Be Aware Of

Now that we have some information about Adidas down, let’s look at buying a running shoe and just why it is different from buying ordinary shoes.  Remember, running is a stressful venture, especially on pavement and hard grounds.  It takes a toll on your joints and muscles, and as such, you should treat it seriously enough to protect yourself with an adequate pair of running shoes.

Fit, Gender, and Equipping Comfort

Fitting yourself is a very simple step, yet so many people fall into a trap right here.  If you don’t get the proper fit, you are setting yourself up for failure, plain and simple.  No matter how great- or awful- the shoe might be, the wrong fit is going to make your experience a very bad one.  Right out of the gate, you need to measure your foot and figure out what size you need.  After that, you can go about looking and trying on shoes.

I recommend this because you never know how something feels until you try it out.  After you do this, you can shop online until your heart’s content.  Before you try your shoes on, though, you need to keep in mind that while you where them you will be exercising.  Exercise causes our heart to pump, therefore our veins swell after a while.  This right here is the cause of most comfort issues.  This.  Not the shoe, not the insert, not your gait.  So, to mitigate this factor, I would encourage you to buy a half a size up.  This is because you should have a thumb or two or wiggle room anyway.  Without that, you will feel cramped, particularly if you are running long distances.

Then, the last step would be to research and make double sure the shoe does not run large or small (this is if you are online and have not tried them on).  If you can do all of these things, you should be fairly happy with how your new shoes end up fitting you.

Also, along the same lines, please make sure you stick to your gender.  Men’s shoes are meant to take on the challenges of men’s feet.  They are heavier than women’s shoes.  That is for a reason.  Men are generally larger.  Women’s shoes oftentimes have different compounds, so it would be unwise, even if they do look ‘cool,’ to go with a shoe that isn’t made for your gender.  Yes, the people that make them do know what they are doing.

Lastly, to stay comfortable you need to keep your equipment to a minimum.  I’d never tell someone not to wear socks, they keep you from slipping, they keep your shoes from smelling bad, and they just look cool sometimes.  But please, don’t wear two pairs or anything like that.  That can cause you issues, and it could be just what is making you uncomfortable while you run.


Synthetic or Leather?

If you are reading this in the year 2018 or sometime in the near future afterward, you are most likely to encounter synthetic material.  However, leather is still used in some shoes today, but it’s popularity has waned.  This is in regard to the outside of the shoe, and the materials that are used, after all, so it’s important to note what you are getting.

Synthetics are becoming en vogue due to their relative lack of cost, as well as the fact that they are moldable and offer nearly as much as leather does.  While leather is by no means bad, you might decide that is what you want, it is no question a ‘premium’ option in most cases.  And like most things, a premium option just isn’t going to stand up to the test of time and to the elements quite as well as a man made substance will.

Shock Absorption

When you are running, your feet come under immense levels of stress, so you need something that will help alleviate as much of that as possible.  That is why it is so important for you to find a pair of running shoes that will take the sting out of all those impacts with the ground.  It is so easy to get an ankle or foot injury while running without wearing the proper shoes- this includes ones deemed to be ‘running shoes.’

The area of the shoe that does most of the work in this area is the midsole.  The midsole’s effectiveness can be influenced by a number of things, including what it is made from, he height, and how much it can be compressed.  Chiefly, the material is what we will be discussing in our reviews to see how they hold up.  And for many shoes made by Adidas today, the insole is all based on the new-ish Boost technology that is adored by many all people all over the globe for obvious reasons.

Cushioning, Comfort, and Padding

These are three concepts that all sound very similar, but in reality they are much different.  They may have some overlap, but there are some things that make each important in their own right.  As far as comfort goes, this can be about anything to do with your shoe to make you feel better.  Anyone would tell you they’d rather purchase a shoe that is soft to the touch than one that is rough and coarse, right?  Of course they would.  However, true comfort goes beyond that or a fancy insole.  Instead, you have to rely upon your cushioning and padding.

Cushioning is vital, not just in running, not just for walking but for everyday life.  Imagine if your bones had no cushioning between them and muscles.  That would be an alarming sight.  This is much the same.  The cushion provided to you is brought on by how well the shoe supports you.  You can test this out in any shoe by simply pressing down with your fingers into the insole and checking out how much give, or take, there is.  If it is very stiff, you might not get a lot of support.  In that case, you either could go with your own orthotic, live with it, or just move on.

Padding, finally, is anything that helps to support you from the inside.  It is not cushioning, but it is very close.  It’s most referring to the things that are around your foot but not underneath.  Think about the tongue of the shoe.  Some do a great job of keeping your foot locked in, while others fail to do so.  True comfort comes when cushioning and padding are working jointly and in an efficient manner.


Another comfort issue that can make a big, big difference for you as you run is breathability.  Simply put, breathability is the level to which something always you to be aired out.  In this case, it’s a test for your shoe’s ability to prevent you from overheating.  While your feet won’t cause you to literally overheat from exhaustion, it can definitely feel like you are on fire when running if there aren’t adequate amounts of vents.

The way that most modern shoes are composed to do this is by using mesh.  Mesh is a very versatile material.  While it can be waterproofed or even composed in such away to wick materials or prevent you from getting cold, the vast majority of mesh is used to simply air out your feet.  Not only does this help you keep from feeling trapped, but it also allows your shoes to keep from smelling as bad as they might otherwise would.

Over time, if you are running and can’t get ventilated, you’re going to become uncomfortable.  And getting ‘heated’ is one of the biggest reasons why somebody chooses to stop doing an activity- no matter what that might be.  You might really want to run on the treadmill inside, but if the air conditioner is not working, you will probably soon find yourself stopping.  Lastly, if you do run in the cold, don’t worry too much about the mesh making you cool.  While I have found it to do a great job at cooling me down in the heat, it doesn’t keep you cold just because the temperature is low.  So no worries.  Adidas has a lot of options with mesh included, and we’ll be seeing that later on.


Best Adidas Running Shoes Reviews 

1. Adidas Ultraboost Parley

For the most serious of runners, this is a pair of shoes that has to be very seriously considered. The Ultraboost not only looks good, but it also feels good and performs very well. While it is going to be the most expensive pair of shoes on the women’s list, it gives you something that you will be very happy to have.

These shoes are very much what you want in nearly every area.  They are cushioned extremely well due to the compound we talked about earlier, and on top of that they have a Torsion system- something only Adidas has- that allows your foot to move around while also remaining stable, too.  Some of the draw backs to the shoe are include the way they fit.

These shoes tend to run both narrow and they also run larger than expected.  So if you are going to spend the money, you really need to make sure to try them on first before purchasing online.  The other thing the shoe lacks is heel support.  While it does do an excellent job at absorbing shocks and allowing you freedom, it does lack a little in that department.



  • Very lightweight
  • Excellent cushioning
  • Traction for both wet and dry



  • Can be expensive for many
  • Sizing runs narrow and large
  • Lacking as far as heel support goes


2. Adidas Originals Swift Run W

Coming in a range of beautiful colors that only Adidas could bring to you, this shoe just pops off the screen at you. Aside from that, one of the first things you notice is the amount of knitting included. It is all around the shoe, from the tongue, to the back, and then to the forefront.  Speaking of the forefront it has a bit of a toe guard on it, which isn’t something commonly seen among ‘road’ running shoes, so that could be a major plus to you.

Another major thumbs up that ladies will love is the ‘sock-like’ feel and construction that it uses to bring you a snug fit.  Note, this is a snug fit, not one that binds you and holds you prisoner for long stretches.  Like the Ultraboost above, this pair of shoes also brings the Torsion system into effect, allowing you to have freedom while also being locked in and secure, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and security.

Another major factor that could drive you to buy them is that they are great for people who need a wide toe box.  Whether they have blisters or some other issue going on, you get plenty of room with them.  The narrow heel area is very conducive to people with a narrow one as well.

One possible negative is the lack of a true tongue, but it appears that most only think of it as a momentary hassle.  The colors are a bit darker than the appear, too, so that could be a potential annoyance.  They do run big, even for people that say they never order smaller sizes.



  • Sock-like feel is like a glove for the fit with torsion
  • Wide foot can be a big help to many
  • Also has a narrow heel



  • Runs large
  • Colors are darker than they appear on screen
  • Doesn’t have a traditional tongue


3. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure

The biggest advantage and advancement of the Cloudfoam line is the fact that with it comes not only the feeling of the foam but also the memory aspect to it. These shoes will essentially remember your feet from time-to-time, helping you to have the same eel from day to day as you run, which is a huge aspect to running. It can be a turn off for runners- or any athletes- to experience anything different, and these shoes help prevent just that.

This pair is top of the line, and with that comes a top of the line kind of price as well, but you get so much more than just the cloudfoam.  You also get a really great, distinctive looking shoe.  At first glance, you notice the very high heel at the back.  You won’t be stepping out of these anytime soon.

Once again, a couple of issues do arise.  They shoes seem to consistently run at least a half size to a whole size big, so you might want to order down after trying some on.  A noticeable difference from these and the Swift’s above is that you can tell these are more narrow up front, so if that suits you then this could be just your shoe.



  • Tons of great styles and colors
  • Cloudfoam excellent for comfort
  • High heel adds support



  • Can be pricey
  • Also runs big


4. Adidas Women’s Edge Lux W

Just when you thought Adidas couldn’t possibly get any flashier, they come out with the Edge Lux women’s shoes. This pair can light up you world with a multitude of crazy colors, but it can also be understated and look classy as well, if you choose. The next obvious thing you notice is the fact that these shoes do NOT have traditional shoestrings.  Instead, they just have large, thick strings running across to give you appearances of them.

Along with it is a lack of a traditional tongue as well.  It’s all in one for this shoe, making it something you will either love or hate simply out of principle.  Along with the tongue is a way to pull your shoes on, a simple yet very useful invention to help you out on your run.  These do a very good job of staying on your foot, despite their looks, and they are very flexible and lightweight as well.

There are some issues, though.  It is more of a casual running shoe than for the hardcore runner, so longer trips should be ruled out.  They also don’t have the best traction out there, either.  And finally, a final detriment is that they are narrow in the foot box, and of course they do have a tendency of running big as well.



  • Very flashy designs
  • Lack of normal strings and such increase comfort
  • Extremely flexible



  • Not best for long distances
  • Traction not among Adidas’ best
  • Narrow in the toe area


5. Adidas Women’s Aerobounce W

Coming in at a more affordable price and with a lot less pizzazz than some of the earlier counterparts is the Aerobounce line from Adidas. With that said, most of the colors still look great with the styling that they have designed to go along with it, and you should be very happy with them as a result.

As far as the shoes themselves go, they are just a good overall shoe for the neutral runner.  If you are someone new starting out, these would be a good introductory pair to you because they have the Bounce cushioning built into give you both comfort and flexibility.  The mesh upper also makes it very breathable and keeps you lightweight as well, so it won’t feel like you have had to carry someone on your back when you are starting out for the first few times.  Like most of the shoes we’ve already seen, Adidas have also included a sock-like fit to this one, so you will not have to worry much about being uncomfortable while you are on your run with these.

Some of the common issues is that these have a toe area that stretches a little and is thin.  Others have cited that the tops of them can be a little painful after a while as well, but considering the price it’s still a very viable option. One final annoyance is that though they have shoelaces, they appear to be rather short, so you might have to either buy your own or just live with that if you decide to purchase these.



  • Very reasonable price
  • Good all-around shoe
  • Use of mesh makes them breathable and lightweight



  • Little thin and stretchy
  • Tops of toes can be an issue
  • Shorter laces


6. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Ultimate

One of the most popular running shoes that Adidas has at the moment is the Cloudfoam Ultimate, and the chief reason for that is due to the relative lack of cost in comparison to others that we will see later on in the list. Another contributing factor to the rise of this pair of shoes is the fact that they are super comfortable due to the Cloudfoam technology. When you couple that with a low price, you are going to get a lot of positive feedback from people because this is seen as an entry way to activities and even more expensive products down the line.

A big plus for these shoes is the way that they look and the amount of colors that you can choose from.  While there are no wild or wacky looks, they all look classy and will impress you in that regard.  As far as the makeup goes, it utilizes a lot of mesh to keep your foot breathable.  Another major plus is that this shoe is good in a lot of different areas.  While it might not the be the best for a true hardcore runner, it is good at various activities and sports.

Some of the negatives in this particular shoe include a lack of ankle support given due to the mesh lining.  Others have complained about arch support, while it also must be said that adjusting the shoelaces can be a pain both during and before going for a run.



  • Comfort as soon as you put them on
  • Very competitive price
  • Good all-around shoe



  • Lack of arch support
  • Ankle support a little lacking
  • Shoelaces aren’t the easiest to get ready


7. Adidas Men’s Lite Racer BYD

If you’re looking for a less flashy, more refined kind of look in a pair of Adidas shoes, then these here will fit the bill. The Lite Racer BYD comes in a few different colors options, with none of them jumping at you. But they still each look very good and will impress you and those around you if taken care of.

Like many Adidas shoes now, they have Cloudfoam for the midsole and outsole to give you comfort and cushioning step-by-step.  That, combined with the knit material on the outside making it very lightweight, has made it an awesome pair of shoes and all the more popular with runners all over.

One of the most prevalent features include in this pair is the high heel in the back.  You will not have to worry about rolling over your ankles all that much with these, which can be a big deal for those that are prone to doing that.  The OrthoLite sockliner is also a big savior, allowing you even more comfort while not forcing you to sacrifice any of your performance.  This sockliner hugs your foot, like most Adidas offerings, locking you in place throughout your trek.

Some issues do pop up, though, with the biggest worry being that the sole is squishy and easy to compress.  This typically happens after prolonged use, so that is something to keep an eye on for those that need more forgiveness.  Arch support also appears to be a little lacking and they have some concerns in the area of traction.



  • Not as dull looking as they might appear at first
  • Cloudfoam continues to work a charm
  • High heel to protect yourself



  • Squishy sole not suited for ‘bigger’ wearers
  • Lack of arch support
  • Not the best traction


8. Adidas Men’s Supernova M

A little bit flashier option comes to us at #3 via the Supernova, and it had better be given than name, right?

Besides the stylish looks and various colors that are offered up by this pair of shoes, one of its calling cards is the molded heel cups that will lock your foot in place. The Torsion system gives you a stable run, and when you take that and add to it the padded tongue as well, you have a very comfortable and supporting part of the shoe to lock you in tight. But that doesn’t mean your feet are stuck in one place because of the ‘Stretchweb’ rubber outsole that stretches underneath the foot to give you more freedom as well as relaxation that you are protected whilst running.

The mesh used in it keeps them lightweight and breathable as well, allowing you to be at your most comfortable even when you are pushing your limits.  At 11.5 ounces, some people will balk a little thinking that it is too heavy, but in reality this is about average for an Adidas shoe.  If you prefer lightweight, you might want to look elsewhere, because you would have to be giving up a lot of comfort and support in order to get that lighter weight.

Another potential problem could be that the toe bed is fairly wide.  This isn’t a bad thing, unless you just happen to have a narrow foot or just don’t want the extra room due to preference.  The last difference between this and a more advanced unit is that while it still has Boost, it doesn’t have as much as some models, so that could derail you from this selection if you are a more avid runner.



  • Stretchweb offers plenty of freedom of movement
  • Wide toe box for those that need it
  • Molded heel cups differentiate it from others



  • Might have too much toe room for some
  • Begins to be less responsive after extreme wear
  • A little heavier than others


9. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Vs City

Another men’s shoe that comes in at a very reasonable price no matter where you look, the Cloudfoam Vs City has become a favorite of many. The style is a little subdued compared to many others produced by Adidas, but with the price you’d come to expect that and welcome it a little.

The first thing that has to be said after that is that this is a good general shoe. While it is not quite as good as the more expensive options in terms of hardcore and serious running, it is an all-around shoe that can do a number of jobs and activities very well for you. Running is still doable, you just probably shouldn’t put 10 miles on them everyday.

A big plus in this particular pair is its benefits for those that have flat feet.  Flat-footed runners have a hard time and need special protection, and these shoes appear to do that, surprisingly at the cost, which is a major bonus. The Cloudfoam technology also works its wonders to minimize other concerns, like Plantar fasciitis, due to just how good it cushions and comforts the wearer.  It also has amazing shock absorption for the money, saving your knees and your back as well, something you will be very thankful for.

Another negative to it is the insoles aren’t well-received, with many people choosing to replace them with their own.  It also doesn’t have a lot of arch support or control for you in motion (side-to-side), but that has to be expected given the price of it.



  • Very reasonable price
  • Cloudfoam helps you feel good
  • Great for flat feet



  • Not for the most serious of runners
  • Looks are a little less than you’d expect
  • Not much arch support


10. Adidas Men’s Energy Cloud 2

For whatever reason, the Men’s category has much more reasonably priced shoes in it, and the fifth option on the list is no different, coming in at a very reasonable price like a couple of its predecessors on the list. The Energy Cloud 2 doesn’t have a ton of frills about it. It’s a straight-to-the-point kind of shoe, with few color choices or flashy designs.  Instead, the product prides itself on the construction of the shoe instead.  That by no means is said to indicate that it looks bad, though.

The Energy Cloud 2 looks just fine, and more importantly fits well and feels great on after an extended amount of time.  The break-in time is very minimal, something that is not all that common with most shoes, so that is a major plus that has to be weighed if you are looking for a lower-priced option.  The calling card of the shoe is the Cloudfoam, of course, but it also draws upon mesh to keep you cool and a very soft collar to help your ankle have less pressure on you.  Some shoes do crank up the pressure, so if you are averse to that, this could be just the answer you are seeking to the problem.

They do tend to run narrow, one potential problem.  Another is midfoot plastic can get uncomfortable for some due to limited movements being able to be made.  The tongue is also a little rough, which can be an issue for some of the more ‘sensitive’ wearers out there.



  • Very affordable price
  • Cloudfoam keeps you in the game
  • Soft ankle collar



  • Tends to run narrow
  • Midfoot can become uncomfortable
  • Rough tongue


Conclusion and Final Adidas Running Shoes Recommendations

So, what are the takeaways today?

Well, for one, we can see that for whatever reason the women’s Adidas offerings just don’t seem to run to size like the men’s.  This makes my plea from earlier to try on a pair before buying all the more important to you!  Other than that, you see many of the same features across the board from Adidas in this, the more casual running shoe department.

Whether you want a pair of shoes that will be good for running long distances or just some that will allow you to run smaller distances while also wearing some casually, there is something for you on the list above.  That’s all because, as you can tell, Adidas has done a lot over the years to stay involved in the shoe industry, especially in the running portion of the market.  The nearly 100 year old company had looked to be out of it entirely until they burst back on to the scene with a game-changing idea, and it has now caused their popularity to surge again.

While the business world remains cyclical and you can expect them to have a down time at some point, it just goes to show their lasting power.  With the Cloudfoam technology, as well as the OrthoLite and other performance boosters out there, you can safely expect Adidas to remain a driving force in the market for a long while yet.  Until the next idea comes out, though, you better believe that Adidas will be working hard to be the ones to break it out and showcase before the rest catches on like they did.


Frequently Asked Questions About Adidas Running Shoes 

Is it OK to wear my running shoes for other purposes?

While there isn’t anything illegal about wearing running shoes casually or to work out in, it is not encouraged.  Many people don’t realize that going to the gym and lifting weights with running shoes actually damages them, so that might surprise you.  Also, if you are working all day on your feet, you should realize that running shoes aren’t made for that.  They are made for running, which unless you are Forrest Gump, has to stop at some time.  Standing might not for you, therefore you should look elsewhere to save your feet and health as much as you can.

How long will they last and should I replace mine?

Running shoes will come and go, and some will last longer than others.  Generally, unless you are someone that is an absolutely avid runner, you should reevaluate your shoes every six months.  If you are noticing support dwindling, or you are just not as comfortable as you once were, you should replace them.  Every shoe has only a certain number of miles that can be put on it before trouble lurks for you.  Another factor is is you wear them for other things.  If you do, then you might have to evaluate replacing them earlier on.

Is there something for everyone regarding price?

Yes, Adidas does a good job in having a number of different levels in their pricing across a number of different sports and activities, and in running that is no different.  While the greatest stuff is more expensive, you can rest assured that there is still something reasonable and affordable for you to purchase.  Many of the ‘cheaper’ shoes have the technology that has been used in the previous years’ models, so it’s not like you are getting hand-me-downs that have no real upside to them.

It is my shoes or something else?

If you are experiencing pain while or after running, it could be totally normal.  In fact, it probably is.  But if you are in excruciating pain, then please take time to consider what is going on.  It could well be your shoes, but it could be a number of things.  For example, if you have just started running, don’t be so quick to blame the shoes.  It could just simply be the shock of you taking up running.  Maybe you ran on a different surface than you are used to, or maybe you ran over a rock and ended up with a bruised foot.  Shoes aren’t always going to save you, and they aren’t always going to condemn you, either, so give your shoes time to be broke in before you react too harshly!

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